OMG Indeed! achievement in Dance Central 3

OMG Indeed!

Earn 5 stars on "OMG" on Hard difficulty.

OMG Indeed!+1.9
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This achievement may unlock before the requirements are met.

How to unlock the OMG Indeed! achievement

  • Chad and JessieChad and Jessie1,559,314
    16 Oct 2012 16 Oct 2012 06 Apr 2013
    17 0 22
    EDIT 10/17/2012: I've been told this has been unlocking for some after completing 'rehearsal' mode. This was not my experience, so no guarantees that it will work for you, but you might as well give it a shot. Stat from a friend when it unlocked in rehearsal mode:
    5 flawless, 51 nice.
    Moves passed 56/56 100%
    Moves passed 72/80 90%

    Overall score: 95%

    Original Solution: I'm not going to lie, this is a tough one that most people will NOT be able to obtain, but there is a bit of room for error. You're wanting about 2,000,000 points for the 5*, but there isn't a cut off number to 5* a song. When I got this my ending score was 2,216,565, which was only 88% on hard, and the fifth star filled around the last 8 or so moves. There are NOT many dance phrases that repeat, so you're pretty much learning the song start to finish with a new move every 4, 8, or fewer counts.

    My advice is to play the song on hard once. Attempt to 'keep up', but don't worry about how you do, just get a feel for the song, the moves, the tempo, but pay CLOSE attention to which moves are 'gold' as you'll want to 'Flawless' or at least 'Nice' those.

    After playing through the song once, do 'Rehearsal'. Use and abuse the repeat phrase and the slow down functions in rehearsal mode. You're wanting to get A LOT more comfortable with the moves so they start to feel like one move connects right into the next move. My stats after the 'final recap' for rehearsal said I had hit 95% of all moves and only 'missed' 4. Rehearsal of this song will take you 30 minutes or longer. Plan on at least an hour for JUST the rehearsal.

    After rehearsing, attempt the song again and see how you do. You should see improvement (I went up 200,000 points just after the rehearsal). While the moves are fresh in your mind, try again, and again and again. You're trying to build some muscle memory for these moves, so repetition is very important. After 5, or more attempts (this includes the first and rehearsal), do something else, unless you were ALMOST there. Next time you're trying for it, try the song, see how you do, go through rehearsal again to work on those 'Miss' moves or work on the entire song. This will take work a lot of work and repetition for MOST people.

    1. Rehearsal mode is your friend. Unlike most other dance games, in Dance Central you are learning Choreography, not steps. Learning the transitions, as well as the 'moves' in 'rehearsal' mode will help you know what is coming next.

    2. Listen to the lyrics of the song. Some of the moves are dancing out the lyrics (i.e. 'From her head to her toes' is a body roll with a finger point to your head and rolling down to the toe). If you know what is being sung next in the song, you'll have a heads up on most of the moves.

    3. Watch the dancers, and, for the most part, ignore the cards. Moves are fast, too fast to keep looking to the cards and back to see what you're doing wrong. If you've got a move that repeats right then left check the card, otherwise watch what you need to work on (the dancer will have red outlines on their body on what you're doing wrong).

    Good Luck!!!

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    DmA 5800First of all, thumbs up for the solution and to everyone participated in the comments.

    First time in rehearsals: I got the exact stats but with more flawless and less nice but no achievement.

    However, I went for perform it and got it first try with the score of 1.877Mil (35 flawless, 42 nice).

    good luck to everyone who hasn't got it yet :+)
    Posted by DmA 5800 On 07 Apr 13 at 05:15
    I just kept trying here is my final stats, 26 Flawless, 58 nice 94% with a score of 3218454. Its hard no doubt but just keep trying. It took me one run of practice and about 20 attempts, most of which had my 1 year old in the way.
    Posted on 28 Jan 14 at 06:58
    WynterMiyukiIs there anybody else who's experiencing the glitch of getting the 5 stars on this on hard and the achievement doesn't pop?
    Posted by WynterMiyuki On 01 Jun 14 at 04:02
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  • KanchanaburiKanchanaburi1,328,205
    15 Nov 2013 15 Nov 2013
    7 1 1
    I think this might be one of my best solutions. Here is what I suggest.

    (background) glitches didn't work for me. I gave up after two rehearsals. Although the rehearsal obviously helps. What I found difficult during the rehearsals was that they were too fast for this song, even when slowed down.

    So I went further.... I went to this Youtube page and spent less than an hour watching this and mimicing this guy. Using the pause button it was so much easier to see where some of the difficult body positions were. Constant pausing motion helped so much and i was able to see why the camera was missing some of my (once thought of) perfect moments.

    But here is where I really help... for some who have a partner... you can get 5 stars with a partner playing on easy.... yeah! You play hard, they play easy and as long as you get 5 stars as a team.... the achievement is yours....

    Of course, you need a partner who does very well, the more they get the less you have to. But don't get me wrong.... you still have to sweat....

    Good luck!

    And Thank you RiffraffDC
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    ZumbiLineDemais. Maravilhoso. Uau!!!!!
    Posted by ZumbiLine On 04 Apr 18 at 21:09
  • BennieficialBennieficial633,215
    11 Jan 2013 11 Jan 2013
    6 0 8
    I don't know if this is a glitch or not, but I unlocked this in my first rehearsal mode on hard (never even performed this song on hard before)! At the end of my rehearsal, I had 7 flawless (diamonds) and 45 nices (checkmarks). For recaps, I had Moves Passed 59/80 (73%). And my overall score is 82%. Good luck! You will definitely need it for this achievement!
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    Sgt Malarkey BrWorked for me !!!
    Posted by Sgt Malarkey Br On 02 Mar 13 at 02:29
    I Argonaut II wonder if clearing cache and doing this offline without an update will make it work...
    Posted by I Argonaut I On 24 Mar 13 at 16:50
    lifebringer23Worked for me. Said xbox skip to every move, on the recaps got 30/80 moves, only got 4 nices and still got the achievement. But however this was the second attempt I tried it this way, first attempt I tried properly, second attempt I just said fuck and flew through it not trying, so I think it is very possible but very random, before I attempted it I did just play a song in perform on easy and 5 starred it so, might be worth doing a song on easy before hand 5 star it and then hit practise and see if you can replicate that
    Posted by lifebringer23 On 01 Sep 21 at 22:34
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