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Gold Medal Winner achievement in Spider-Man 3

Gold Medal Winner

Get Gold on all trick races.

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How to unlock the Gold Medal Winner achievement

  • Dollar JuniorDollar Junior294,585
    28 Dec 2010 31 May 2013 03 Jun 2013
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    CrysisWarXX3I got that one years ago when they weren't any videos out there it was a nightmare this game is hard even without those racing achievements, anyway thanks for the guide that will help a lot peoples.
    Posted by CrysisWarXX3 on 21 Jan 20 at 01:14
    British LegendsJust number 39 left! Damn race is driving me nuts.
    Posted by British Legends on 06 Apr 20 at 15:11
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  • TheBlackDragonXTheBlackDragonX471,489
    31 May 2008 04 Jan 2009 24 Apr 2015
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    This achievement is extremely hard to achieve. Unfortunately there is no easy way around this achievement and you cannot do it with the Goblin DLC.

    There are 48 races in total and the breakdown is as follows:

    Easy: Races 1-10
    Medium: Races 11-30
    Hard: Races 31-48

    You unlock the medium races after medaling appxroimately 8 easy races and the hard races unlock after medalling all easy races and medalling approximately 14-18 medium races (This needs clarification, but this is when they unlocked for me on both the red and black suited spiderman).

    These are a handfull of tips I posted on a thread in another forum.

    There is no difference in terms of speed/balance between suits, only combat differences, which is not required for races. So it does not matter which suit you use.

    Many people say always use the mega web zip to go from checkpoint to checkpoint, I find that this can be very inaccurate to get into checkpoints and should only be used when checkpoints are more then 80m away. For checkpoints which are closer together I tapped LT twice to make me web a little faster and more accurately get to into the checkpoint. Start off just trying to gold all the easy races, races 1-7 are really easy, races 8-10 are a little more challenging. These races are simple and only utilise fast web zipping between checkpoints and landing.

    Once you have done these you should have mastered the basics of webbing really fast from checkpoint to checkpoint. Then start work on the medium races, races 11-21 are not that hard to gold with a little practice, races 22-30 are far more challenging in general.

    The medium races bring in more tricks into the races such as: wall running, wall crawling and wall jumping. Races that require wall running here is a neat trick: to keep momentum hold LT and with your fingers hold A and B and move up the wall (I it is much easier to do this with fingers rather than your thumb). As you run up the wall keep hold of LT and B while pushing forward with your left joystick, then let go of the A button. This will cause you to jump up the wall. Once you are back on the wall, hold the A button again and keep repeating. This will not only stop you losing momentum on wall running, but also allow you to wall run much faster. If a wall jump is required press the A button as usual, but then let go of the B just afterwards. This will jump you off the wall and stop you going back onto it.

    Wall crawling is a simple technique. Make sure you press B at the wall first before holding LT. This will put you into a wall crawl, once you are in a wall crawl, hold LT and move ith the joystick to crawl faster. Also jumping by pressing A up the wall allows you to scale buildings even faster (same as wall running).

    Race 24 is really hard, you will have to perfect web zipping through the park without any mistakes, it will take a long time so you will have to be persistent. The hardest medium race is race 28 it was the third to last race I got on gold and was really annoying, to get gold you have to get 45 secs (I once got 45.008, I was not very happy) I would leave this to one of the last races you do. The best tip I can give for this race is when you need to get on top of the buildings really quickly, while doing a normal web swing hold LT to make you go faster and hold A, then when you get near the building let go of A this will make you jump really high in the air to get on top of the building, this will save you about 4 secs of time as you don't have to wall run or wall crawl up the buildings.

    Then you have 18 hard races to do, not much I can do here to give you any help except tell you to practice, a lot. Its best to start with the easier races first and work up to the harder ones. The easier races are definitely race 31, 36, 37 and 48 so try these first and whatever you do leave these races to last 32, 33, 39, 40, 44 and 47. These are by far the hardest races in the game, race 39 was the last race I did and was horrible.

    The hard trick races have two lovely tricks called loops and orbits in some of the races, these are hard to pull off and are really time wasting, it is due to these that make race 39 the hardest race in the game by a long way. The trick to pulling of successful loops and orbits is to web as close as you can to the pole/object that you are required to loop or orbit round. This makes it easier to web to the correct object and reduces the distance of the loop/orbit, because of the shorter web. The shorter the distance that you travel whilst doing the orbit will allow you to get more speed as you release your web from the loop/orbit. Make sure you hold/tap LT whilst performing the loop/orbit to travel round faster.

    Besides that I cant really offer any advice except make sure you have web swing speed 7 ( max swing speed) and make sure you practice and have a shit load of patience. Listen to some relaxing music while trying these, it helps relieve some of the stress.

    Do not attempt this achievement until you have every other achievement. You will need several hours of practice with Spidey to be able to pull these off.

    Stuck on a race? Post in the comments or send me an xbox live message for any specific questions and I will try my best to answer them as soon as possible. Happy swinging.

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    DarkHeart PLIs there a video solution for this in the net?
    Can someone upload videos for the hardest ones?
    Posted by DarkHeart PL on 22 Mar 11 at 18:25
    TheBlackDragonXThere has been no videos I know of. I thought about doing it a while back but they are so damn difficult I couldn't bring myself to do them again. Would have recorded it the first time, but I never expected to actually gold them when I started.
    Posted by TheBlackDragonX on 22 Mar 11 at 23:07
    Holy Murderer5man race 22 iss kicking my ass - i dont see how its possible
    Posted by Holy Murderer5 on 21 Aug 11 at 13:49
    21 Jul 2010 23 Jul 2010 06 Aug 2010
    15 0 17
    If you really want to do these races then my advice to you from personal experience is to first do all the mary jane thrill rides there are three of them. After doing all three you will unlock webswing 7 a passive ability which will let you webswing faster and is crucial for the races.

    You must learn and master all of the controls and learn how the camera works and readjusts itself. The main moves you will need to master are webzip boosting and and webswinging. To webzip press right trigger now to webzip boost press left trigger right after right trigger this is the fastest way to get from point a to point b but it is not going to be used in every situation.

    Some times you will need to brake when webziping and webzip
    boosting this takes time to master but will come with time the races teach you how to control your distances. Webswinging and webswing boosting is very important to master press and hold right trigger to begin your swing and then press left trigger and various points in your swing to get different results.

    Example to quickly desend immediatly webswing boost when you begin your swing and let go this will drop you like a rock. Boost at the top of your swing to gain height,if you need even more height start holding a as soon as you go into your swing and webswing boost at the top and let go of a and you will soar into the sky,lastly to shoot forward quickly webswing boost in the middle of your swing no a button.

    Wall running and wall run jumping is the hardest thing to learn and will take time to get used to. The biggest thing is to stop your momentem by pressing a and then hold left trigger and b and hold towards wall to start wall running. The camera will go insane if you mess with spiderman to much during wall running so this takes time to get used to.

    Wall run jumping is the hardest checkpoints besides loops and orbits to trigger (more on that later) you must start your wall run and then start spamming the a button while within the checkpoint so fustrating to get this sometimes again practice practice practice.

    Loops are a nightmare they require you to attach your web within the checkpoint and loop vertically as straight as possible then launching yourself from the loop into the next general direction of the next checkpoint.Absolutly critical for race 39 and 47. Gold wont happen unless you master the loops or get luckly with a insane run.

    Orbits are hard as well but not as picky as the loops you have to get used to the camera catching up with you as you go around this things again no advice except practice you will see these on race 39 for the first time.

    The reason people find these races scary is because there are no real videos on the net yet and the paths the developers want you to take isnt always clear therefore people just quit because they dont know how to do them. There is a set path to take and moves to do that make the races possible. You must memorize the path first then you will start knocking your times down then it comes down to executing as perfectly as possible.

    More tips which are critcal to success. When wall running you will lose speed eventually when this happens start pressing the a button while wall running this will make you go at top speed critical for some races. Charge wall jumping you will need this to gold race 15 i think its 15. You will hold a from a webcrawl and not press anything else you will shoot in the opposite direction quickly. It takes time to learn how the camera auto adjusts and is really important to learn how to deal with.

    You must always make mini adjustments to spiderman as you are moving through the air example you do a webzip boost and you will notice that you will pull in one direction or the other you must contantly readjust while moving in the air again practice.Always jump after webziping or boosting if you need to get somewhere fast again this all depends and the situation.

    People debate which suit to use i think the red suit is the best for the races as its more stable that the black i have heard. For races like 33 which you must be extremely accurate this is important.

    If you need help with a particular race let me know and i will try to help although everything i learned i learned from the best spiderman 3 player in the world which im not sure if he wants his name mentioned or not so i wont so but might edit later if he doesnt mind. Videos might be made in the future. Dont give up and persist and you will do these races try to go in order and dont stop its nice to unlock all three acheivements in one go like i did dont move to the next race till you gold the previous one.

    Good luck again this achievement isnt impossible just very hard.
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    EarthboundXWait, Webswing 7?

    How come I only have 5, even though I've done all the missions?
    Posted by EarthboundX on 18 Apr 14 at 06:25
    EarthboundXOh wait, looks like I have 6 now, how do I get 7?
    Posted by EarthboundX on 18 Apr 14 at 06:27
    EarthboundXOK, seems I have to just keep doing the races, and that will level up my speed.

    Guess I'll have to come back to some races.
    Posted by EarthboundX on 18 Apr 14 at 06:27
  • Scratch WScratch W143,533
    27 Oct 2009 14 Jan 2011 09 Apr 2013
    13 2 4
    Spider-Man 3

    I wanna’ say a few things first. As the guy who put the Spider-Man 3 Token Maps that used to be up on Flickr back up on MySpace (www.myspace.com/spider-man3tokenmaps), as someone who has posted information about this game all over the Spider-Man 3 forums on www.xbox.com, as one of the less than 300 souls - a number that continues to grow (and who knows how many of them are legit? When I started the Trick Races in early 2008, there were only 50) on www.mygamercard.net with a 1,000 on this game, I have something to say: nothing is perfect.

    Everybody says this game isn’t great, this game is this, this game is that. This game sucks. Well, this game has a fully built map of Manhattan, a handful of buildings that you can go inside of (Grand Central Station being the biggest, to name one) while still on the map AND a full on subway system underneath it all. This game has 42 Story Missions, 48 Trick Races, 11 Combat Tours, 8 Bomb Tours, 5 Skydives, 3 Endurance Arenas and 11 Timed Arenas. The developers went off. What more do you want, a lollipop?

    Now, to be fair to all the naysayers, there were three things that the developers overlooked when they green lighted this game for release. The first major flaw would be the Skydives. They don’t work it seems, there is no actual way to move Spider-Man anywhere without causing him to fall faster, I don’t know. Anyway, if you’re going for 100% Game Completion, you only need to Bronze on the 5 of them which isn’t that hard to pull off. In fact, that’s really all the 100% is - a 950 Gamer Score, all the forgotten Arenas passed and 5 Bronze Skydives… 100%.

    The second major flaw is the Trick Race times. They’re ridiculous. I always tell people these Races were clocked at 'developer speed' - meaning the devs made the times so tight that only they could pass them. Well, with enough knowledge of the Web Swing Engine, that doesn’t have to be the case. If you know how to control Spider-Man, the 1,000 is yours.

    Which brings us to the third flaw, THE major flaw with Spider-Man 3 - why make a Web Swing Engine so perfect, so sensitive, so complex and then not bother to tell people how to use it? Why developers, why? Thankfully, that is where I come in. I’ve broken down the mechanics of the Web Swing Engine that was designed for speed and handling and, yet, never explained to the public.

    This rant is your chance. I’m going to share with you what my fellow Spider-Man 3 alum friends and I discussed at great length when we were going for our 1,000 in this massive game that everyone says sucks so much. Our trial and error becomes your walkthrough. At this point, the ball is in your court. So, now that this information is in your hands, you have to ask yourself: “Does the game suck, or do I?”

    Lastly, this doesn't cover all 48 Trick Races or any one Race in particular. This only arms you with the knowledge to take them on. If I were to do a Walkthrough for each Trick Race (and, believe me, I could I just don't have the time), I'd still be writing it. I'm not gonna' hold your hands through all 48 Trick Races but I will say this: if you always try something different, if you learn the Tricks of the Race - what the developers had in mind, if you can make this game your bitch, then you will prevail. If you have a Trick Race question, just message me on Xbox Live or send a friend request, all right?

    Good luck to you all,

    Scratch W

    The Web Swing Engine
    Web Swing (Pull and Hold RT) and Web Swing Boost (Pull and Hold to Swing, then Pull LT to Boost) - Boost at the beginning of your swing to propel yourself downward (essential for Race 28); Boost at the end of your swing to propel yourself upward; Boost in the middle of your swing to propel yourself forward - the fastest way to travel in the game. You must have something above you or in front of you to Web Swing.

    Web Zip (Tap RT) and Web Zip Boost (Tap RT to Zip, then Pull LT to Boost) - very useful and Web Zip Boost is almost as fast as Web Swing Boost but is, for the record, slightly slower. What it’s good for is getting from one Checkpoint to another when they are spaced close enough together and roughly the same height off the ground. Web Zip is also for perfect for getting through the trees in Central Park (like in Bomb Tour 7 and Race 24) because, unlike Web Swing, you don’t get snagged in them. It is important to note that if you do this right, you will slingshot forward. If you’re traveling via Web Zip Boost and using it repeatedly, you must wait a second or so before using it again or you won’t slingshot as far as your initial Web Zip Boost. Waiting that half a second longer to Web Zip Boost again propels you twice as far and twice as fast - remember that. Also, you must have something below you or in front of you to Web Zip.

    Jump (Press A) - understand that Jump is the most sensitive control in the Web Swing Engine and there is a lot you can do with it depending on how long you Hold A before you Release A. You also get an extra jump out of every single Swing, Zip or Jump that you do. Save your Jumps. They will save you.

    Quick Jump (Tap A) – you can use this to break your momentum if you're traveling too fast. You can also use it to get off the ground for that first Checkpoint, you can use it to steady yourself coming out of a Checkpoint and you can use it to keep yourself in the air while you aim your camera with RS for the next Checkpoint.

    Charged Jump (Hold A) - did you know you can charge your Jump during a late Web Swing Boost (upward) and release it at the end of your swing? Well, you can and it shoots you up into the sky like a rocket. This is useful for going from a low checkpoint (on or near the ground) to a high checkpoint (on or near a rooftop) very quickly.

    Double Jump (Tap A while in mid-Jump) - all it is, is the second jump. Your Double Jump cannot be charged.

    Fine Tuning in Mid Air (LS) - you can actually fine tune your speed in mid air after a Swing, Zip or Jump by simply pushing forward or pulling back on the LS to extend your motion or slow your speed as needed.

    Blind Web Swing, Blind Web Zip, Blind Web Swing Boost, Blind Web Zip Boost - there will be times in the Trick Races (if you choose to endure them) when you will be moving one way but you need to be moving the other way fast. To do a complete 180 at 90 m.p.h., simply initiate a Web Swing, Web Zip, Web Swing Boost or Web Zip Boost (depending on the situation) over your shoulder. Then, straighten out your camera to match your trajectory (so you're no longer blind) on the fly - literally. These four moves are not guaranteed to save you (nothing is, save for you) but you will find yourself at some point using some variation of at least one of them out of necessity...

    The Trick Race Checkpoints
    Anything (Get through Checkpoint any way possible) - self explanatory.

    Land (Touch the ground) - self explanatory.

    Wall Crawl (Hold B while pushing into the Wall) and Wall Crawl Boost (Hold B and Hold LT) - to grab the wall, hit B. Use LS to crawl, Hold LT to crawl faster. There are some Races that end with a Wall Crawl. If you grab the wall outside just outside the Checkpoint, Wall Crawl Boost might get you in there under the Gold time. Laugh all you want but every fraction of a second helps. I forget what Race it was but I’ll never forget that I missed its Gold time by .042 seconds, then by .024 seconds, and then by .012 seconds and, mind you, you only get that perfect run maybe one in ten times if you’re lucky.

    Web Swing (Pull RT) - you don’t necessarily have to Swing through this Checkpoint and you can Zip through it. The only thing that matters is that you Pull RT while you’re inside it.

    Wall Sprint (Pull and Hold LT and Press B while pushing into the wall) - you can aim Wall Sprint with LS but it is important to note that letting go of LS and RS and simply holding LT and B is Wall Sprint neutral. In other words, once you’ve aimed, landed and begun Wall Sprinting in the right direction, let go of LS and RS to Wall Sprint straight. This is imperative when you are required to Wall Sprint around the corner of a building (Race 35.) If you try to aim with LS while turning the corner, you’re likely to shoot off the wall completely. Wall Sprint is the touchiest part of the Web Swing Engine (more so than Wall Jump, I think) for that reason and this one: how you hit the wall heading into a Wall Sprint can make or break your Race. Hit it right, and you’re set. Hit it wrong, and you must restart.

    Wall Jump (Press A while Wall Sprinting) - sounds easy right? Yes and no. The Wall Jump only registers after you Release A. You can also do a Quick Wall Jump (while Holding LT and B, Tap A) and a Charged Wall Jump (while Holding LT and B, Hold and Release A). So, depending on where your next Checkpoint is, you can do a Quick Wall Jump to hop for that close one or you can do a Charged Wall Jump to leap for that far one.

    Poleswing (Hold B while near a pole) - the faster you hit the Poleswing, the faster you can do your two to eight Revolutions required to pass the Checkpoint. In other words, if you can hit it coming out of a Swing, Zip or Jump, you’ll pass it quickly. If you can hit it coming out of Swing Boost, Zip Boost or Charged Jump you’ll pass it quickly and fly out of it to boot. You can also Poleswing Boost (while Poleswinging, rapidly tap LT to Boost.) It is important to note that, if you let go LS and RS while Poleswinging, you will Poleswing neutral. Releasing B out of Poleswing neutral or Poleswing Boost neutral shoots you straight up into the air. That is the secret to Race 48, by the way.

    Orbit (Attach a webline within the Checkpoint and Orbit around the Checkpoint) and Orbit Boost (While Holding RT, Press LT) - it is important to Boost in mid-Orbit so as to launch out this Checkpoint and thus towards the next one.

    Loop (Attach a webline within the Checkpoint and Loop around the Checkpoint) and Loop Boost (While Holding RT, Press LT) - it is important to Boost in mid-Loop so as to launch out this Checkpoint and thus towards the next one.

    Thank you all for reading.

    Always have fun gaming,

    Scratch W
  • IAmThatchIAmThatch#8279635,604
    31 Oct 2012 06 Nov 2012
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