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How to unlock the Master Flicker achievement

  • z0rrofoxz0rrofox274,069
    21 Nov 2007 29 Aug 2008 05 Sep 2008
    20 2 8
    A fairly hard achievement, just check the sidekick. At the top there is your book where you can check all the milestones you need.

    If you've finished the game then there is a good chance you've done most of them. The hardest one I encountered was "Break All Bones 10 Times". If like me you can't break your pelvis, then go to the top of the hill that goes by the art gallery and just skate into cars.

    Another good place for the other bones is the mega ramp, just bail.

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    GammyGreenGiantpelvis and upper leg throw your self of a roof or something high. go to pencil position and land feet first but leaning v.far to either left or right works a treat for me
    Posted by GammyGreenGiant on 22 Jan 11 at 19:06
    NJDuke007Agreed, femur (upper leg bone) was hardest to break. Also agree that pelvis was a bitch, second longest one for me. Both were much easier at the X Games Megaramp. Anyway, I'm posting a comment for help, please read the following:

    4 Glitched achievements HELP
    Posted by NJDuke007 on 29 Sep 11 at 14:07
    DomESpliTTeR13Yep, all milestones complete, but no achiv popped.
    Posted by DomESpliTTeR13 on 09 Feb 12 at 01:21
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  • MC0REBEMC0REBE510,738
    19 May 2015 16 Jul 2011 29 Jan 2012
    18 1 6
    There are 27 fairly easy milestones. With the help of this guide you should get everything in at least 12 hours. After completing this guide, you should have unlocked 420 gamepoints. Good luck!

    1. Complete all challenges

    Simple for those who played skate. for a long time: Complete & win every race, contest, photo session, pro challenge, follow me and own all spots. After you completed everything, this will unlock along with several other milestones: "Owned a spot", "Owned all spots", "Complete every pro challenge", "Won all photo challenges", "Won all film challenges", "First in all contests" & "First in all races". After finishing everything, you'll gain the "Keep Playing" achievement.

    skate.Keep PlayingThe Keep Playing achievement in skate. worth 200 pointsBeat all Challenges

    Note: I'm sure you won't unlock this as the first milestone, but when you completed your first milestone; you earn your first achievement. The achievement will come during the career pretty soon, so you shouldn't be bothered about this one.
    skate.On Your Way...The On Your Way... achievement in skate. worth 5 pointsEarn 1 Milestone

    2. Cause a chase
    See "Cause 50 Chases (PEST)"

    3. Cause 5 chases
    See "Cause 50 chases (PEST)"

    4. Cause 25 chases
    See "Cause 50 chases (PEST)"

    5. Cause 50 chases (PEST)
    To cause a chase, skate in a "No-Skate"-zone until the security guy starts following you. You'll notice he follows you when a red arrow is visible on your screen. For these milestones, you don't have to escape but I do recommend it for other milestones as "Escape from a chase", "Escape from 5 chases", "Escape from 25 chases" & "Escape from 50 chases (HOUDINI)".

    6. Escape from a chase
    See "Escape from 50 chases (HOUDINI)"

    7. Escape from 5 chases
    See "Escape from 50 chases (HOUDINI)"

    8. Escape from 25 chases
    See "Escape from 50 chases (HOUDINI)"

    9. Escape from 50 chases (HOUDINI)
    To cause a chase, skate in a "No-Skate"-zone until the security guy starts following you. You'll notice he follows you when a red arrow is visible on your screen. Escape to make it count. A really good place to trigger & escape is going to the Library, the spot where the Pro-challenge is from Jerry Hsu, where you get the chance to get sponsored by Enjoi. There are 2 small red zones (one on your left & one on your right), which can easily trigger the guards to chase you. Just skate from left to right unlock you unlock this milestone.

    10. Spent 1 hour in No-Skate Zones
    See "Spent 3 hours in No-Skate Zones"

    11. Spent 3 hours in No-Skate Zones
    An easy way to get this is go to the back of the big building in the plaza (where the security dude doesn't walk) and stay they put for at least 3 hours. You can leave your console running while you go eating, sleeping, ... and this will still count because it says 'spent' and not 'skated'. Make sure your controller doesn't fall away, because that will pause the game.

    12. Played skate. for 12 hours
    If you didn't get it while completing career, you can use the same method as described in "Spent 3 hours in No-Skate Zones". Just make sure your controller doesn't fall away. If you use this method, you'll get the "Afternoon Freeskater" achievement.
    skate.Afternoon FreeskaterThe Afternoon Freeskater achievement in skate. worth 9 pointsSpent 5 hours Freeskating in Career Mode

    13. Break 100 bones
    See "Break each bone 10 times"

    14. Break each bone 10 times
    An easy way to do this is going to the X-Games park & take the elevator to big ramp. Set a session marker, go down, bail out & repeat. Another easy way to get this is going downhill and skating into cars. After you get milestone #13 & #14, the achievement "Uninsurable" will unlock.
    skate.UninsurableThe Uninsurable achievement in skate. worth 58 pointsComplete all Medical Milestones

    Note: Beating 14 milestones means that you are halfway the milestones. As a reward, you'll get another achievement. This should come during regular gameplay.
    skate.Halfway ThereThe Halfway There achievement in skate. worth 44 pointsComplete 50% of all Milestones

    15. A minute of air time
    This shouldn't be to hard since everything counts when you are of the ground. One flip trick mostly counts as 0.5 seconds. Do 120 of them to get this milestone. When you are of a ramp, the normal air time is about 2-3 seconds (although you can get a lot more by building speed). This will come during the story, so don't worry

    16. Owned a spot
    See "Owned all the spots"

    17. Owned all the spots
    There are a total of 20 spots in this game. When you discover a spot, you'll see on the right "Beat ... points". Just beat the score & the spot is owned. After completing all spots, the "Urban Legend" achievement will unlock. See the video below for the correct locations. Credit goes out to Jonathanl5660 for uploading this video.

    skate.Urban LegendThe Urban Legend achievement in skate. worth 70 pointsOwn all the Spots

    18. Do every flip trick
    See "Do every trick"

    19. Do every trick
    Do every trick possible to earn this. You have 3 sort of tricks: flips, grabs & grinds. These tricks are divided in basic, medium & advanced. Please note that all tricks can be done goofy & regular. When you decided to let your skater skate regular & you stand switch after performing a 180, flick it in the goofy directions.
    NOTE: ollie, manual & nose manual need to be done as well! After doing every trick, the "Tricked Out"-achievement will unlock.
    skate.Tricked OutThe Tricked Out achievement in skate. worth 51 pointsPerformed all Tricks in the Trick Book in Career Mode

    Note: While completing your trickbook, you'll need to do a Rocket Air. If you tweaked it long enough, another achievement will pop up whether you bail or not. The best place to do this, is skating down the big vert in the X-Games area.
    skate.RocketmanThe Rocketman achievement in skate. worth 8 pointsPerform a Rocket Air in Career Mode

    20. Complete every pro challange
    To do this, you need to beat every challenge that is marked blue on the map. The most difficult one for me was the "Rob & Big"-challenge where you have to do the 360 Flip FS Crooked while Big Black is walking around. You have to beat each pro on a game of S.K.A.T.E as well to get this, but this is very simple using 540 spins. After beating the first pro, you'll get your first achievement (see above since it's story related) & after beating the crap out of the pros, the achievement "Fanboy" will pop up.
    skate.FanboyThe Fanboy achievement in skate. worth 105 pointsBeat all the Pros

    21. Complete all photo challenges
    To do this you need to beat all challenges for Skateboard Mag. & Trasher. If you get on the both covers, the most things are done. Afterwards clean up & beat all photo challenges left on your map. "Photogenic"-achievement unlocked.
    skate.PhotogenicThe Photogenic achievement in skate. worth 40 pointsBeat all Photo Challenges

    22. Won all film challlenges
    To do this you need to beat all film challenges for Skateboard Mag. & Trasher. After you complete the sponsor films, the most things are done. Afterwards clean up until the "Without Footage it's Fiction" achievement pops up.

    23. Skated 10,000 meter
    See "Skate 100,000 meter"

    24. Skate 100,000 meter
    This is cumulative. If you really skate towards each challenge, you should get this in no time. 'Deathraces' & 'Follow Me'-assignments count towards this milestone!

    25. First in all contest
    Just finish each street contest, tranny contest or jam in first place to earn this. After winning everything, the "Contest Pro" unlocks. The X-Games do count in this milestone as well as for the achievement.
    skate.Contest ProThe Contest Pro achievement in skate. worth 41 pointsBeat all Contests

    26. First in all races
    Just finish each race in first place to earn this. After winning each race, the "King of the Highway" achievement unlocks.
    skate.King of the HighwayThe King of the Highway achievement in skate. worth 39 pointsBeat all Races

    27. Grind an accumulated 1,000 meter
    As it says, it's cumulative. Just grind long & many to get this fast.

    After getting this 27 milestones, you'll gain your final milestone-related achievement.
    skate.Master FlickerThe Master Flicker achievement in skate. worth 299 pointsEarn all Milestones

    Edited on 2011.01.29, included the TA-links for corresponding achievements. This solution will be readable in the skate.-guide as well.
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    MC0REBESome tricks don't register (quite irritating). Maybe you can start all over again until it pops. I recommend starting with grinds since those are the one that don't register from time to time
    Posted by MC0REBE on 11 Nov 11 at 13:04
    Dropkick Hope86Why would they register in the trick book but not for the mile stones ?
    Posted by Dropkick Hope86 on 11 Nov 11 at 16:01
    MC0REBEI don't really know, maybe some kind of glitch in the game. Anyway, the only thing you can do is start all over again. Maybe you missed one somewhere, I can't really help but I can say the glitch caught me too when I was completing my milestones..
    Posted by MC0REBE on 11 Nov 11 at 18:39
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