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Reach 20 reviews on a single uploaded photo or piece of footage

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Achievement Guide for Skate Celebrity

  • Kung Fu RikiKung Fu Riki202,907
    13 Feb 2010 22 Feb 2010 29 Nov 2017
    22 4 8
    The servers went down March 1st, 2010 but when they were up you could have post your links here: Rate My Skate Video. Or you could have tried these other methods:

    1. Self Help - Remember that you can vote for yourself. Do this first and you will only need 19 votes for the achievement.

    2. Post your links more places - Get your links out to the voters. Ask your friends, family and neighbors to vote. Try Facebook or post at the Xbox forums:

    3. Brute Force - It is possible to get all the votes that you need by creating a bunch of silver accounts. Try the following steps to help you out:

    Step 1: Create a silver account with information that is easy to input (you can use false emails or location information). Send a friend request to the achievement account.

    Step 2: Repeat Step 1 nineteen times.

    Step 3: Load up the game and sign in as the achievement account and accept all of your friend requests. (Remove old friends to make room if your friends list is full)

    Step 4: Go to the media page, sign out of an account and back in as a silver account. Press Y and select the achievement account to vote your media.

    Step 5: Repeat Step 4 nineteen times. Then load up the game as your achievement account and Skate Celebrity should pop after signing into the EA servers.

    Tips: Make typing information easier while inputing account information by using a USB keyboard.

    Thanks to, Diahazart and Steve Redman for information and collaboration.
  • Jonny the HuttJonny the Hutt59,540
    07 Jan 2009 10 Jan 2009
    18 4 26
    Alright, alright, alright. That's it. I'm sure most of you guys are real bored with asking people so this is a much easier way but boring.

    All you do is make yourself a silver account on XBL and add yourself to the newly made account. It takes about 1 minute every account so it's really not that hard. Just time consuming.
  • Alan StealthAlan Stealth177,115
    18 May 2009 30 Mar 2010 30 Mar 2010
    13 2 13
    there is a way of doing this one as there was a glitch when this game first came out that gave you a bunch of the achievements.
    I presume if you somehow reverse all the updates for the game, and then repeat the steps required ( i think i was trying to do all the tricks in the logbook and it unlocked) that's how I managed to get a bunch of achievements...which sucked at the time, as I hadn't long had the game, but for achievements like this that are technically now unobtainable it's worth a try.

    Below is a youtube link for a way of doing it...but not the way I did it a different way.
    30 Jul 2011 30 Mar 2017
    9 1 8
    To anyone who is trying to get this achievement before the August 11 shutdown, it is practically unattainable, the votes do not stack up for some reason therefore you cannot get this achievement legitly, the only way to get this one is to find a way to glitch it which i do not know how.

    Update: so from what Ive heard this one is still attainable, you must be online but not logged into the EA nation, then play single player and when you get an achievement hit the guide button and it should trigger some kind glitch which will give you this achievement, you will be signed into xbox LIVE so the achievement will not be attained offline, if you already have all single player achievements then unfortunately the achievement is unattainable for you and it is also known that not all achievements trigger the glitch only certain ones, and one that im sure of is the "Tricked Out" achievement so as soon as you pop a story mode achievement hit the guide button and if is one of the achievements that trigger the glitch it should give you the Skate Celebrity achievement. I'm not sure that this method 100% works but it does not hurt to try.

    Credit to "BLAZING 1121" for giving me a heads up on this method.
  • YoungSpicyBoyYoungSpicyBoy175,896
    28 Jan 2009 18 Mar 2009
    9 3 0
    I got this by after doing a few online matches, I would send a voice message to all of my recently played, and explain to them the situation. This isn't the best method, but there are some nice people who would be happy to oblige.
  • o0Evan0oo0Evan0oThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    04 Jul 2010
    1 4 3
    Use the glitch! Just delete any saved Skate. caches from your hard drive. Go to planB warehouse and attempt to perform all tricks from the trick book. Your game should freeze. Switch your Xbox on and you should now have this achievement along with around 20 others.
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