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Release the Kraken!

Kill 20 enemies during the boat exfil in Rip Current

Release the Kraken!0
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  • Maka91Maka91989,712
    24 Oct 2012 24 Oct 2012
    28 7 10
    During the Mission "Rip Current" you will come to a part where you are put into a boat with a grenade launcher for exfiltration. At this point you must kill 20 total enemies before you get to the end of the mission. Just use LT to aim, and RT to fire, killing as many people as possible. If you come to the part where the boat starts reversing to avoid damage and have not unlocked the achievement, just restart the checkpoint.

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  • SSCPSSCP796,620
    28 Oct 2012 28 Oct 2012
    15 3 4
    Here we are again - This is one of the more frustrating Level specific achievements so far in Medal Of Honor - We need to kill 20 enemies whilst ex-filtrating in Mission 6 : Rip Current - This was on Hard difficulty , but i would probably suggest trying a lower difficulty - Hopefully the video may help someone, somehow... enjoy!

    - You have unlimited ammo, so keep firing

    - When the Red triangle disappears you have killed all the enemies in that particular part

    - Aim lower than you would expect to hit the targets, and adjust accordingly

    - You will attempt this a few times, so try to remember the next locations, and begin firing there before they come into view

    - I wish you the best of luck with this one, i spent nearly an hour on it!
  • The NexThe Nex176,981
    25 Oct 2012 25 Oct 2012 05 Nov 2012
    7 2 1
    Here are a few tips, hope they help:

    - You should use LT to aim (that reduces the shaking and keeps your sight in the direction you want even if the boat is moving somewhere else)
    - Use rapid fire with RT, you have unlimited ammo

    More specific:
    - Don't try to aim perfectly. It's almost impossible to shoot every single enemy. It's more effective to move on quick, so you can get more kills in the next area.
    - The red markers highlight enemy AREAS, there are mostly 2-4 enemies in one spot.
    - A marker disappears if you kill all the enemies in the specific area. When you recognize that an arrow is gone, move on to the next one.
    - If the boat reverses and the achievement didn't pop, restart your checkpoint.

    Edit: If you're unhappy with my tips, feel free to comment or write me a message :)
  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV138,550
    25 Oct 2012 25 Oct 2012
    7 2 1
    Hi Guys

    Here is my Solution for this Achievement. At the End from Mission 6 Rip Current you must Kill 20 from 26 Enemies with the Grenadelauncher.

    The Launcher has no Target Aim but infinitely ammo. There is no "Trick" to earn this Achievement, simple stupid Try and Error because the Chopper kill Enemies too when you to slow.

    If you reach the Point where the Boat drive reverse and you have no Achievement, reload the Checkpoint for a new Try otherwise you must play the whole Mission again for a new Try.

  • De4thM4chin3De4thM4chin3391,068
    28 Oct 2012 27 Oct 2012
    7 3 6
    For anyone having trouble with this I just wanted to add that I'm pretty sure this achievement is damn near impossible on hard. I've run through it at least 200 times with no luck. Anyway, I was just told by a friend going through the same trouble that once he lowered the difficulty it popped on the second run.
  • deathmuledeathmule389,614
    23 Oct 2012 23 Oct 2012 23 Oct 2012
    5 2 0
    during the mission Rip Current there will be a boat sequence. During this sequence you will have to kill 20 enemies with the grenade launcher on the boat. If you reach the sequence when the boat is in reverse and you have not gotten the achievement restart from check point and try again
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