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rene keijzers

31 Oct 12
rene keijzers

How D'ya Like Them Apples achievement in Assassin's Creed III

How D'ya Like Them Apples

Complete Sequence 3.

How D'ya Like Them Apples0
01 November 2012 - 3 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

How to unlock the How D'ya Like Them Apples achievement

  • DuBear61DuBear61404,427
    02 Nov 2012 31 Oct 2012 01 May 2015
    29 8 5
    This achievement is story related and can't be missed.

    ** Unfortunately Dragonsss, pulled down, the guide they posted, so I've updated solution with new videos.

    The Part 1 video synchronizes four viewpoints before he starts 1st mission, so you can safely skip all the way to 15:25 minute point in video for 1st mission.

    Necessary actions are:

    Mission 1: Unconvinced
    (1) Health limit lose < 50% (video 19:00)
    (2) Use breakable objects 2 x during the bar fight (video 24:50)

    A few explanations:
    (a) You'll find the Indian Maiden quicker if you stay on her path in snow.
    (b) Need to mention the quicktime sequence with wolves (20:19). It always starts with "B" and then a second button (X, Y, or A). They must be hit exactly as they appear. If you hit "B" too late, you'll get >50% damage immediately from wolf. However, thanks to David Do0M for pointing out that there is no penalty for hitting B too early, as a matter of fact, it speeds the process. You can hit B before it even appears of screen and it will merely flash and go straight to your second button press. It is the same with wolves, cougars, bobcats, elk and bears. Timing wise, hit buttions as soon as they apear on screen (just like quick time in Resident Evil & other games, but timing is LESS forgiving). Also, neeker75 adds that you can also simply shoot the wolves before they jump and forget about the QTE laugh.
    (c) Don't run ahead of your NPC when they have the blue (follow) symbol. Doing so will cause you to unsync.
    (d) For the bar fight scene, ensure you use combos using "A" to break defense and "X" and "B" to counter followed by "X" to make sure you throw at least two soldiers on breakable objects (most likely table).

    Video credit to: Centerstrain01

    Mission 2: Execution is Everything
    (1) Do not kill any guards (2:48)
    (2) Sabotage 2x cannons (6:01)
    ** NOTE: Calex dEUS suggests entering the fort from the back right gate as you look at the fort. It is much easier, taking out the guards silently / non lethal on the way and any in your path inside the fort.

    The Part 2 video starts with getting to where you start 2nd mission, so you can safely skip to 2:17 minute point in video for 2nd mission. Also,Mission 2 ends at 9:30 and the next Mission doesn't start until Part 3 video so you can skip everything in Part 2 after 9:00 minutes.

    Video credit to: Centerstrain01

    Mission 3: The Braddock Expedition
    (1) Kill two Militia without triggering open conflict (3:00)
    (2) Destroy three powder carts (6:24) [You're on a horse, Starts with -- Press cn_Y prompt for necessary action of highlighted area]. Mission action is over at 7:00-achievement pops at 15:58 after linear story line and cut scenes.
    SPOILER ALERT - MAJOR PLOT TWIST AT END OF VIDEO - Watch to end at your own peril!

    (video credit to Centerstrain01)

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    neeker75The easiest way to deal with the wolves is to simply shoot them before they jump at you. There's no need to do the cumbersome QTE if you shoot them.
    Posted by neeker75 on 04 Nov 12 at 23:24
    DuBear61@neeker75 - yes that works too, but I like to have undamaged pelts to max out trade money (Stats tell me I'm currently top 1% for clean kills smile. Knife or bow gives a clean kill!
    Posted by DuBear61 on 05 Nov 12 at 15:19
    UnsungGhostLeft a note about being stuck, turns out I just had to steal the map. For some reason the video doesn't have that. I might have skipped it as well.
    Posted by UnsungGhost on 23 Mar 16 at 07:17
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  • SashamorningSashamorning1,950,820
    02 Nov 2012 28 Jul 2017
    8 0 0
    Story-related. You can't miss it.

    So why am I posting Here? Because it's probably the most appropriately perfect achievement name in any game without "Portal" in its name.
  • II Dragonsss IIII Dragonsss II69,077
    31 Oct 2012
    8 6 3
    Spanish Videoguide Walkthrough to complete the Sequence 3 at 100% sync.


    Videoguia en español en la que enseño como completar la secuencia 3 al 100% de sincronización.
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    DuBear61Dragonsss, Tu que realmente debe dar crédito por el propietario del vídeo. A juzgar por el hecho de que parecen haber publicado antes de que usted ganó?

    You really should give credit for the video owner. Judging by the fact that they seem to have posted before you won achievement?
    Posted by DuBear61 on 31 Oct 12 at 17:44
    II Dragonsss IIEste vídeo es mio, al igual que todos los que puse, el motivo de que con esta cuenta no tenga el logro es porque el vídeo fue grabado con mi cuenta con la que hago los vídeos para evitar que aparezcan los mensajes de "X se ha conectado" y esa cuenta no la tengo registrada en TA porque no tiene acceso a Xbox Live.
    Posted by II Dragonsss II on 01 Nov 12 at 01:27
    DuBear61Muy bueno! El video está bien hecho y habilidad magnífica! Yo soy corregida.
    Posted by DuBear61 on 01 Nov 12 at 13:19
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