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31 Oct 12
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Two if by Sea achievement in Assassin's Creed III

Two if by Sea

Complete Sequence 9.

Two if by Sea0
05 November 2012 - 2 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerMain Storyline

How to unlock the Two if by Sea achievement

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    For this achievement all you have to do is beat sequence 9 in the animus. This achievement you shouldn't really miss unless you quit playing the game.
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  • WayensWayens125,799
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    May want to try it first before reading.
    And I've noted the 100% completion requirements as well.
    If you fail one of them, you can restart from checkpoint to retry.

    I really love this sequence for the interactions between Haytham and Connor.

    You get to team up with Haytham in this sequence as you hunt for Benjamin Church who has stolen supplies for his own shady ventures.

    You will start out at Valley Forge and get the mission from George Washington. Follow mission marker to the empty church (fitting?) and get jumped on by Haytham.

    You will then track the supplies together (find clues) to a broken down cart and accost the man there who would try to run. Tackle the man and Haytham will take care of the rest, leaving you to follow the trail.

    For completionists, you will need to follow the rest of the carts without hiding in the haystack. Take the high ground through rocks and trees to accomplish this and keep in range of the eavesdrop circle.

    Success would skip to you being in the hay and you can take care of a guard when he tries to investigate.
    You then follow Church's men through the camp, taking out any men you come across so as to meet the optional objective.

    You'll see Haytham dragged in and beaten. As a dutiful son (achem), you as Connor will have to help defeat all the men there, but not before Haytham leaves in the middle, telling Connor to meet him in New York.

    The battle itself is mainly annoying for the axe wielders. You might want to bring out your own axe for this. But ultimately it will be a run and hit affair, where a few axe hits may put you low on health and you have to run around to slowly regain enough health to try again. Be patient and you'll get through this.

    Go to New York after the battle and follow the story mission marker to meet Haytham near the docks.

    Follow Haytham to a warehouse where you will need to get a set of clothes to blend in. Follow the marker to a dock watchman and take him out without being spotted (for optional objective) by the British soldiers nearby.
    Best way is to follow him to a corner before taking him out.
    Loot the watchman to get his clothes and you will skip back to the warehouse where Haytham will bring you in as his +1 (a touching moment).

    Church turns out to be an impostor acting as bait and you are ambushed.
    Take out the men with a priority on helping Haytham to keep his health above 50% to keep your 100% completion rate.
    Another group of men will then firebomb you and you will have to keep away from the flames as you follow Haytham up to a window...
    Well, sort of a window.
    The game will take over as Connor and Haytham save themselves.

    Next, take the Aquila out to sea and chase after Church's ship which you find abandoned. Turns out he switched ships and you'll have to give chase anew.

    Use your knowledge of sail settings to keep your ship manageable as you chase. Optional objectives are to keep the ship's health above 20% and to keep your distance within 500m. So basically keep close and don't crash.
    There will be some opportunities to cut through areas to get you closer so keep an eye on the ship's heading.
    Also, there will be some rogue winds that will try to blow you off-course. Turn the ship's wheel against them - and lower sails if needed - to keep your direction true.

    Once you catch up, a fleet of 5 smaller ships will attack.
    Your goal is to destroy the small ships but only disable the larger target ship.
    So press RB and change your cannonballs to chain shots so that you only take out the masts.
    You should already know how to handle ship combat by now, so I won't go into those details.
    Just take out the five small ships and then take out the masts of the big one.
    Then board.

    Once on the ship, go for the enemy sailors first.
    Use hidden blade to allow you to chain kill 3 victims (kill, move L to next victim, press X, next victim, press X) to meet the optional objective.
    Then go after the 3 officers.

    Go down into the hold to follow Haytham's voice to where he's beating up Church.
    Interrogate Church with an X press when prompted and you'll get the info you need.

    Congratulations on finishing your father and son outing and the sequence!
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