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31 Oct 12
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An Extraordinary Man achievement in Assassin's Creed III

An Extraordinary Man

Complete the Encyclopedia of the Common Man.

An Extraordinary Man0
10 November 2012 - 8 guidesOffline Game ModeSingle PlayerCollectable

How to unlock the An Extraordinary Man achievement

  • SolidCoolGuySolidCoolGuy206,730
    10 Nov 2012 02 Nov 2012 25 Nov 2012
    144 20 133
    This has been patched so if you are going to start the game now make sure you download the patch and just skip to the action list.

    You must do all the homestead missions in order to unlock every worker. After you have done that, go to the homestead and each of them will be doing something different. From there point your cursor at them and hold LT and it will let you know if you recorded the action or if it is invalid.
    If they are doing something that you have already recorded, simply use fast travel and come back.
    Another note is that they DO NOT come out at night. You can either wait for daylight or finish the game which grants you the Animus weather hack where you can change the day.

    EDIT: From what Pinkie Pie 91 and Mr Stoat are saying is that there are many more actions than the ones I listed so you do not NEED to see these specific actions i listed. Meaning when you go and check on the people, if they are doing something different then scan it!

    EDIT 2: Press START and go under the ANIMUS DATABASE and go under ITEMS and click Encyclopedia. Everyone that is listed on there, you already have recorded. Wife of one of the lumbers' churns butter.

    EDIT 3: Ubisoft is releasing a HUGE patch next week and here are the fixes they will attend to INCLUDING this achievement

    Also if you wish to wait until end game you can obtain the animus hack "Sun and Moon". This will keep it daytime permanently and it will not AFFECT your save progress or achievements.

    UPDATE 2: Good news everyone! I found a way to get the achievement without it glitching out! The bad news is you have to start the game over.

    So what I did was the homestead missions as they came out but here's the catch. You should scan an artisan right when you get them.

    Here's the order in which they came in


    The first three after the huntress are incredibly important! After completing the huntress, you should complete the woodworker before you start anyone else. Then simply move to the lumberers,
    The best part about the first four is that you do NOT need to do any of their missions in order to unlock more actions as they have 3 base actions to start with. Complete them and continue the story until the homestead mission for the farmers show up in the frontier.

    Also I didn't record the lumberer's wife churning the butter so you might want to avoid that to be safe.

    After every mission check the frontier for the farmers to show up. Right when you get the farmers, go back to the homestead and SCAN them until it is complete. Do not wait or their homestead missions might show up and it might glitch out.

    After you scan the farmers, woodworker, lumberers, and huntress. You are basically home free because from there the miner, doctor, innkeeper, tailor, and blacksmith does not glitch out. But to be safe as soon as you get another artisan try scanning them and complete them as soon as you can.

    To make it day time, simply start a naval mission and exit out of the memory.

    Some people have their woodworker 2/3 but instead they needed to get the lumbers scanned to complete it.

    The other problem is the farmers that are 3/3 even after scanning every available action, there is no completed entry and that's probably the glitch that no one can seem to figure out and I haven't found a solution..

    This is the full list
    (credit Morbious17 for the actions)

    Tailor- Across the blacksmith, bottom south west house of the map ( El )

    Measuring dress shirt
    Sewing in chair
    Washing clothes
    Checking out the chair

    Innkeeper- North of tailor's house ( Ol & Co )

    Pitching hay
    Rotating food on spit
    Watching livestock grind wheat
    tending bar
    crushing berries
    Butchering meat

    Doctor- west of lumbers, north of innkeeper ( Ly )

    Tending to herbs behind his house
    Reading a book under a tree in front of his house
    Playing a game of Bowls
    Tending to man in chair

    Blacksmith-Bottom south east house, across tailor's house ( Da )

    Nailing shoes on horse
    Constructing wagon wheel
    Sharpening axe
    Hammering metal

    Miner- West of the bottom river, his mine is directly south of his house ( No )

    Lighting lantern at mine entrance
    Getting pickaxe from shed/mining with pickaxe (considered one task)
    Sifting by the river

    Farmer- southwest from the manor ( Pr & Wa )

    Milking cow
    Plowing field
    Cutting wheat
    tending the vegetable garden
    watering the garden
    collecting honey from the bee farm
    feeding chickens

    Lumberers South of the manor, Can't miss it ( Te & Jo )

    Putting wood in wagon
    Chopping wood
    Using two-man saw

    Huntress- Lone house, North of the top river ( My )

    Cleaning musket
    Rotating food on spit
    Firing musket at an animal
    setting traps
    Firing the musket at game
    Skinning the deer hanging at her camp

    Woodworker- Across innkeepers and south of lumberers ( La )

    Cleaning a chair
    Sanding a piece of wood
    Examining wheel barrow contents while writing in a book
    Checking the fence

    Thanks to all the great comments which have different scenarios/locations.

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    D34dBodyManat what point in time can you start scanning for it to record. I have 4 settlers (just got the this part of the game) and they dont glow gold and non of them register anything...
    Posted by D34dBodyMan on 18 Jun 17 at 15:41
    bjoeboomer@D34dBodyMan not sure if you figured it out since it's been a year, but you have to talk to Achilles and get the quest.
    Posted by bjoeboomer on 18 May at 02:23
    ClassierPompanoYou must have a weapon equipped in your melee slot for it to register.
    Posted by ClassierPompano on 16 Jul at 23:17
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  • DevolaDevola383,675
    04 Nov 2012 06 Nov 2012 07 Nov 2012
    47 1 48
    Someone on the site asked for my help with this and they told me my response should be a guide so here it is. Hopefully it will help someone out. You need to go up to the members of your homestead and look at them with LT while they are doing certain actions. For example look at Norris while he is mining or Myriam while she is cleaning her gun. You need to do 3 for each. You will find yourself fast traveling to the homestead quite a bit to refresh everyone in hopes they will be performing a new action to scan. Obviously this requires all the members of the homestead. The Preacher does not count towards this.

    Current Glitches:

    A heads up on some glitches with this - the woodworker Lance will probably end up saying 2/3 but that he is finished and that his entry is unlocked. Although when Lance says 2/3 and his entry is unlocked you do not have to worry about him.

    For the lumberers it said 3/3 but when I looked at the encyclopedia their entry was not unlocked. The problem seems to come from the fact that there are 2 lumberers, Terry and Godfrey. I noticed that I would scan Terry and it would say I could no longer scan him, but for Godfrey it would say invalid action. So eventually I caught Godfrey performing an action I had not seen, scanned him, and the achievement unlocked. It would be cool if someone could scan only Terry or only Godfrey from the beginning to see if that avoids any issues.

    David Do0m claims that the reason some people end up with 3/3 for lumberers without an entry and 2/3 for the woodworker with an entry is because one of the actions involves all 3 of them and when you scan the action, it puts the tally mark towards lumberers yet counts as a woodworker action. So your woodworker is complete yet says 2/3 because the tally went to the lumberers count and your lumberers aren't actually complete but it reads 3/3 because of the extra tally mark that should have went to the woodworker. This is why scanning another lumberer action completes them and updates the logbook entry.

    Maybe someone could avoid scanning that action and seeing if they avoid any issues. It is not a huge deal since scanning another lumberer action will still unlock the entry.

    The biggest problem seems to be with the farmers Warren and Prudence. People have reported scanning over 10 actions and having it say 3/3 but still no entry. This issue seems to be random and I currently have no idea what causes it to effect some people. So unfortunately I also have no idea how to avoid this problem. Any information on this would be greatly appreciated.

    On a side not you can find the encyclopedia in the animus database under items.

    Here are some of the actions to scan:

    Lumberer Entry - Terry (Te) & Godfrey (Jo):

    Chopping wood
    Using the saw
    Hauling wood to the wagon

    *Someone has also told me they received the lumberer entry and their achievement after scanning one of the lumberer's wives.

    Woodworker Entry - Lance (La):

    Checking the fence
    Sanding a chair
    Sanding wood
    Writing in a logbook while taking stock

    Innkeeper Entry - Oliver (Ol) & Corrine (Co):

    Cutting meat
    Whipping the bull
    Turning meat on a spit
    Pitching hay
    Watching animals grinding wheat

    Miner Entry - Norris (No):

    Mining with the pickaxe
    Panning for gold
    Lighting a mine lantern

    Farmer Entry - Warren (Wa) & Prudence (Pr):

    Pouring grain
    Plowing the field (Wa)
    Feeding chickens (Wa)
    Inspecting farm (Wa)
    Collecting honey from bees (Wa)
    Pitching a bale of hay (Wa)
    Inspecting field (Pr)
    Watering field (Pr)
    Baking bread (Pr)
    Milking cow (Pr)
    Cutting wheat (Pr)

    Huntress Entry - Myriam (My):

    Maintaining her musket
    Firing the musket at game
    Cooking food on a spit

    Blacksmith Entry - Big Dave (Da)

    Hammering metal
    Sharpening an axe
    Building / repairing a wagon’s wheel
    Nailing on horseshoes

    Tailor Entry - Ellen (El):

    Checking out the chair
    Taking measurements for a shirt
    Sewing while sitting
    Washing clothes

    Doctor Entry - Dr. White (Ly):

    Tending to the garden’s herbs behind his house
    Playing the Bowls game
    Reading on a tree stump

    Thanks to WifelikeDrip, C0oK13 MoNsTa, and FondestGnome3 for contributions to the action list.
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    N4rvickI got my achievement to pop on my last action for Norris the Miner, but it's not mentioned here: He was in his tunnel with Lance. Norris was holding the lantern up for Lance while Lance repaired some of the wood holding up the tunnel.
    Posted by N4rvick on 14 Mar 13 at 20:31
    ARCHER MIKE@ N4rvick

    isnt that the 'lantern action' for Norris or did Ubi add a new action with the last update?
    Posted by ARCHER MIKE on 14 Mar 13 at 21:40
    N4rvickI'm not sure, I saw him lighting his lantern by the mine entrance literally dozens of times trying to get this achievement. The reason I think it may be different is because the three actions I scanned were: Norris mining in the back of the mine, lighting his lantern at the front of the mine, and finally this third action holding the lantern for Lance. I never saw Norris pan for gold even after following some advice on here.
    Posted by N4rvick on 20 Mar 13 at 12:21
  • XxXxS8TNxXxXXxXxS8TNxXxX378,337
    04 Jan 2013 04 Jan 2013 05 Jan 2013
    30 0 5
    Some inhabitants performed different recordable jobs in the WINTER (animus hack - season changer req.) compared to the summer like:

    DOCTOR treating the tailor at her home with a horn that acted as a stethoscope for a cold I'm supposing (last doctor recording I needed other than him sitting/reading and gardening)

    LUMBERERS loading wagon together near their houses (which is the only thing other than terry splitting wood with the blacksmith and the wife Catherine churning butter, both infront of their homes not the lumber mill, DURING THE SUMMERTIME, that I ever ever found for them - I seriously wanted to kill them for just walking around fishing smoking and literally walking to NO WHERE to check wagon f'n wheels)

    All other jobs by common man were plentiful in the summertime EXCEPT the MINER which was a total fluke, I have never ever seen him pan for gold but had just been staring at him with LT triggered watching him use his pickaxe from the entrance of his mine while he was down the shaft and the third entry just triggered as he started to walk towards me. Being my last recording for him I was surprised, relieved and convinced this achievement is so frustratingly boring and long it deserves the title of glitched.

    Also found that using the animus hack for constant daytime just caused them to start their day to day routine as soon as I saw them every time, meaning both after I fast traveled and when I ran from one repeatably boring routine to another on the other side of the map for other recordings then returned. Found starting the hack then turning it off caused it to be morning and the day would still progress and therefore their seemingly monotonous routines...
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    Iceberg082006all they do in the winter for me is inspect wood or chop wood, both of which already were scanned. they never load the wagon :(
    Posted by Iceberg082006 on 28 Jul 13 at 08:01
    Lukaztrothank you! the snow hack worked. i finally got the 3rd doctor one. One i hadn't seen described. He's talking to Norris and Myral right in front of where he sits on a stump.
    He had a piece of paper and was telling Norris that he struck iron ore in his mine. Both Norris and Myral were raising their arms and celebrating. thought i'd share for anyone else still working on these like me. thanks again XxXxS8TNxXxX
    Posted by Lukaztro on 23 Dec 14 at 05:37
    III JMcH IIIMassive thanks for the tip regarding changing the weather for the doctor. I spent 2 hours hoping he would do something other than tend to his plants or read. I changed the weather and he spawns talking to Norris straight away. On another note, my achievement popped without having to change the weather back. This was my final encyclopedia entry.
    Posted by III JMcH III on 23 Apr 18 at 21:53
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