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Head in the Cloud

Find all pivots and sync the Animus to the Cloud.

Head in the Cloud0
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Pivots may spawn in impossible locations and the workaround may not work causing this achievement to be unobtainable.

Achievement Guide for Secret Achievement

  • Doctor B SamsonDoctor B Samson173,502
    03 Nov 2012 04 Nov 2012 09 Jan 2013
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    Head in the Cloud
    Find all pivots and sync the Animus to the Cloud. (Secret)

    Basically after you finish the main story you need to find these shiny blue swans (Pivots) all over the maps. Once you find one, you will unlock a cheat (many of them will block achievements when active, including this one. So don't turn them on in the process).

    How do you find a pivot?
    Check the Animus Sync link in the menu, it has two sub-pages: Map and Pivots.
    Pivots will tell you how many you have and where are the ones you don't.
    You move to the city, and then start placing your pivots around the map (you have 3 in the beginning. You must move to a point in the map, access the Animus Sync Map and select Connor's icon to place the pivot).
    They will triangulate a green area: the pivot you're looking for is inside that area.
    So you move inside and try to reduce it (by recollecting a pivot from the Animus Sync Map - you don't need to go back in that position, just pick it from the map- and placing it in your new position).

    Soon or later you'll have a very little green area to search and find the pivot will be like finding a feather (it even appears on the minimap, it has a symbol of a square target or someting).

    When you have all 12 of them, just access again the Animus Sync Pivots page to unlock the cheevo,

    - You must be connected to Live cause
    - Pivots are not random: Animus will scan in real time Pivots placed by other players who are looking for them as well, so if they pick it back, you'll lose it and you'll have to wait for a new one
  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV138,677
    02 Nov 2012 02 Nov 2012 02 Nov 2012
    46 13 6
    Hi Guys,

    here is my Solution. You can searching this Pivots after beating the Game.

    First, in my oppinion is any Location Video useless. Why? Because you searching the Pivots from other AC3 Players. Example, when you use / set a Pivots in your AC3 on the Map, a other Player must find the Pivots in his Game.

    This brings me to the second Point you must be ONLINE, constantly! for this Achievement.

    Offline you cant searching the Pivots. No Change.

    In the Beginning you have 3 Pivots to find another Pivot. Use the "Triangle" Methode to find this Pivot. After this, you have 4 Pivots to find another Pivots, then 5, 6 etc pp. I Show you in my Video the first Search with 3 Pivots.

    Pivots unlocks Animushacks. There Hacks are:

    Made of Steel: Invincibility
    Infinite Ammunition: Infinite ammunition for pistols and bow
    Season Changer: Player can switch seasons between summer and winter
    Weather Man: Change the weather conditions
    Thunder Kill: Thunder and lightning follows every kill in the game
    Sun and Moon: layer can switch between day or night
    Semi-Automatic: Ranged weapons have no reload time between each shot
    Killing Spree: Enemies can be assassinated even while player is not in stealth
    Recruit: Obtain infinite recruit tokens
    Ninja: Enemies completely ignore you no matter what

  • SirKaneOfNodSirKaneOfNod55,059
    04 Dec 2012 05 Dec 2012 08 Apr 2013
    32 3 9
    You have to be connected to Live in order to complete this achievement. You can begin after you've completed the main story - mine started when I fast-traveled into Boston.

    You'll be tasked with collecting tokens called Pivots from Boston, New York, and the Frontier, and you use the pivots you already have to locate more. The general principle is to triangulate a signal from the next pivot. Once the game marks a pivot for you, there is a timer before it will mark the next one.

    There is also a bonus component that is somehow related to your friends having played the game. I received a 40% speed boost to the timer for having two friends who had played ACIII online, but only one of them had this achievement. I had other friends who had played the game and who didn't show up in the list. Ace Chewie reported in comments below that a 220% boost was possible with no friends online at the time. Worhammer reported 7 friends for 140% boost, and noted there was an additional friend who had not yet completed the game who didn't count. It seems that the bonus most likely consists of a 20% speed boost per Xbox Live friend who has beaten the game, regardless of whether they are currently online or whether they have this achievement.

    When interacting with the Animus Sync map, you can always pick up a pivot that you have placed, but you can only place a new pivot at Connor's current location. You cannot place a pivot while on horseback or swimming.

    Once two pivots are on the map, the region will be divided by the line between them and you know which side to search on. The objective is to narrow down the green search field on the map to a small enough area that you can successfully locate the pivot.

    Actually triangulating a pivot is difficult because you could end up placing your third pivot in such a way that the one you're searching for lies outside the triangle. In that case, simply keep moving the pivots around eachother until you actually enclose the area to search.

    Once you've got the search area enclosed, just keep moving the existing pivots or placing new ones to narrow it down. Once it gets reasonably small, you can simply search on foot for the pivot.

    In the world, a pivot looks like a blue origami crane, and has the sparkly "this is important" effect. On the minimap, they show up as a dotted square, something like [+].

    If a pivot is not actually contributing to narrowing down your search, there will not be a line from it to the green area, meaning it is safe to remove. When you have a limited number to work with, you'll probably want to either keep moving the most recent or the one furthest from your current location - both are decent strategies for the first couple pivots.

    Once you have collected all 12 pivots (meaning you locate 9 once you start the search) you can return to the Pivot Info screen to sync your data up to the cloud and unlock the achievement.

    Some general tips:
    Fast Travel is your friend. There's no punishment for using it. You can jump from point to point and drop a pivot to quickly start closing in on the new one.

    It would be worth it to liberate all the forts before going after this achievement - they give you additional Fast Travel points.

    If you're lucky, the pivot will be at a fast travel point - 3 of mine were. If you end up landing right on top of the pivot, simply walk a few feet away and then run back into it to collect it.

    When you find a pivot in the Frontier, leave one of them behind in that area - you'll want the extra point when you have to find another out there, and unless you've run around to all the forts you have very limited Fast Travel options.

    When you get to a new area, you can drop 3 pivots in an L shape only a few feet apart - this will cut the map into quarters right away, significantly narrowing your search.

    As you collect pivots, you unlock Animus Hacks - cheats for the game. Do not enable them while searching, or going after any other achievements, as they will prevent you from earning the achievement.

    If there's anything I can make clearer or if you have more data about how the friend boost scales up or down, let me know and I'll be happy to edit the solution.
  • Car56Car56393,665
    26 Mar 2014 26 Mar 2014 16 Nov 2017
    28 3 27
    A solution for those that have an unobtainable Pivot in a building/ rock, etc. (Credit goes to Darsh D on Youtube, playing on a PS3, using a solution developed by Adam Gulch) (THIS WORKS FOR 360!).

    I unluckily had a Pivot (my last one) stuck in a building (no way in) in southern New York. For days I tried everything until I saw a video on Youtube of a guy playing AC3 on PS3 solving the problem of the unobtainable Pivot and adapted his solution to this one:

    Here are the steps to re-sync that problem Pivot to a different (obtainable) one that worked for me moments ago.
    1. Place all remaining pivots (11) in a circle around unobtainable Pivot, making sure every line intersects problem Pivot (on your map there should be no set pivots without a line through them).
    2. MOST IMPORTANT: Go into Pivot info screen and HIGHLIGHT problem Pivot with your cursor and LEAVE it there! (for me is was pivot Sigma). STAY IN THIS PIVOT INFO MENU! Do NOT do anything else except the rest of this solution OR this will NOT work!
    3. UNPLUG the power to your modem/ router or Ethernet cable (I unplugged modem). (to disconnect with UBISOFT servers).
    4. In a few seconds a warning box (disconnected from UBISOFT servers) will pop up. Reconnect internet signal. (I powered back up modem). (forces a resynchronization with UBISOFT servers).
    5. You should have the option to hit the Y button to reconnect. Push Y and sign back into your profile.
    6. Immediately when you get control of your cursor back, highlight problem Pivot again.
    7. This resynchronization should now have rescanned a NEW Pivot for you to find in a new location! (Frontier for me). If this doesn't work the first time keep trying. (This worked for me on the FIRST try).
    8. If you followed these steps very carefully you can now go collect your newly scanned last Pivot, Sync To The Cloud, and enjoy your achievement!

    I hope this truly helps someone as I have probably never been more mad/happy/relieved all at the same time, which, in turn, prompted me to write this solution. Good luck.
  • UnEscUnEsc65,984
    04 Nov 2012 04 Nov 2012
    21 6 4
    ATTENTION!!!: If you do all the pivots while you have one of the pivot hacks activated, you might glitch the game to where you will not get the achievement after syncing to the animus cloud.
    Just be aware of this.
  • OtakuPaulOtakuPaul884,046
    01 Nov 2012 02 Nov 2012
    23 8 9
    So this achievement is called Head In The Cloud and it is earned by grabing all the pivots in the game. This can only be done online cause the pivots won't appear offline i tried but i made i quick video on how to search for them i think they are random for every person seeing as you have to be online just to know where they are.
  • The LahaarlThe Lahaarl76,673
    18 Apr 2013 18 Apr 2013
    13 1 1
    If I may advise something:
    As pivots are in fact those placed by other players to triangulate their own pivots, use fast travel points to place yours and chech them in priority, as well as ports and city entrances: they are just doing the same so when you reach your destination you will often find the pivot right in front of you
  • segagamersegagamer412,679 412,679 GamerScore
    21 Oct 2018 21 Oct 2018 02 Nov 2018
    4 0 0
    Okay I had a hell of a time just trying to get the damn pivot system to actually work and information seems to be pretty scarce out there about this, but I eventually managed to figure it out thankfully.

    Some back story, during the pivot tutorial the game informed me that it could not access the Ubisoft servers, and as a result I was unable to place any. After quitting the game, checking my connection and loading my save again, I found that I just was not able to access the pivot system.

    Here is my broken Pivot screen - the pivot screen shows that there are 0 pivots to find and 0 to place (screenshot below). Looking at the three pivots you can search for, it says that their location is "Undefined".

    External image

    Since then, I noticed that whilst being unable to access the pivot system, I couldn't view any of the leaderboards either (I was treated to a spinning circle that never gave results). Access to multiplayer, uPlay and such continue to function as normal. Attempts at a later date do not suddenly cause it to work (I waited four months of attempting on and off, no success). No amount of console reboots, reinstallations or new saves were causing the pivot system or the leader boards to ever work.

    If you're experiencing the above issues, even when selecting a new game on a new save slot, before attempting to delete everything (which I very nearly did...), I found a number of methods across the net which cause it to start working again. Unfortunately I didn't find a specific fix, but I at least got it working once more. If someone with more patience wants to attempt each solution individually, then you're welcome to leave a comment below to help someone else.

    - I logged in to a 360 Backwards Compatible game, or an Xbox 360, and reduced the number of friends on my friends list down to <40 - at least until I got this achievement out the way. I got mine to down to 19 as I was desperate, but I'm seeing around the 'net that anything more than 45 friends causes problems.

    - As I play this on Xbox One via BC, again, I ensured that my friends list was <40.

    - On a web browser, I visited the uPlay website and logged in to the uPlay account my gamertag is linked to. Through there, I unlinked every account that my uPlay account was linked to (Facebook and Xbox Live).

    - As I'm playing on Xbox One, I uninstalled the game, went into the system settings and selected the "Delete local Xbox 360 Storage" option. If you're playing on 360, then go into settings and clear the system cache.

    After doing all of this, I installed and booted up AC3 again, then selected the uPlay option on the main menu to confirm that my account was 'unlinked'. It asked me to sign in or create an account, so this confirmed it. I then loaded my save and checked the leaderboards - suddenly working, and checked the Pivot system - also suddenly working. Relieved, I did all the pivots in one sitting (it's not very difficult and only takes about an hour if you've found all the fast travel points on the map).

    I really hope this helps someone with a similar problem I really don't know if this solution will work for you, but it worked for me.
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