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Complete mission 5 on any difficulty.

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Achievement Guide for Reclaimer

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    To get this achievement, you have to beat Mission 5, Reclaimer on either Easy, Normal, Heroic or Legendary difficulty.

    Here are some tips on how to beat Reclaimer:

    ~ This mission isn't that bad, but there are some tricky parts. When you reach the first area, using your jet pack you can ignore a lot of the combat. Get the Target Designator and then follow the current objective.

    ~ At the end of the mission when you get into your scorpion, shoot out all the wraiths, but be careful not to get hit by them. I recommend doing the mission specific achievement on Heroic, as it is difficult to do on Legendary.

    Here are some general tips if you are having trouble beating a level:

    ~ 1. Know how to kill the enemy the most effective way

    Grunts: Best option is to shoot in the head with a DMR, BR, Magnum or Light Rifle

    Jackals: Use a long range weapon, and shoot where their hand is holding the shield. If you are up close, I recommend using a assault rifle and just spray the enemy, but just be careful not to waste ammo.

    Hunters: Best choice for a hunter is to either stick them with a sticky, shoot them with a shotgun in the back, or fuel rod/rocket launcher them. It will take several fuel rod or rocket launcher shots to kill them.

    Elites - If you have the plasma pistol, charge it up and shoot it at an elite. This will take away its shield, and you can just headshot them with a DMR or BR. If you don't have a plasam pistol, you can use a needler or headshot them with a DMR or BR.

    Promethean Crawlers - Crawlers aren't too bad to take out, just try and headshot them with any long range weapon. They sometimes come in packs, so be sure to dispose of them quickly.

    Promethean Watchers - Promethean watchers can revive knights. Be sure to dispose of them quickly, as you do not want to have to take out knights again and again. Any long range weapon will suffice.

    Promethean Knights - Promethean Knights are fairly difficult to take down. You can really take them down with a lot of weapons, but I recommend the rail gun, or the assault rifle. You can also take them out with a turret effectively and the suppressor. Once their blue shield goes down, keep firing until they perish. Knights are the one of trickiest enemies in the game.

    ~ 2. Don't waste ammo!

    Ammo is scarce on the battlefield. Make sure not to burn up two clips for one Promethean Crawler. Use your ammo wisely, and always know where you can get ammo if you run out. Also, don't use weapons like the rail gun on Promethean Crawlers, save it for the Knights.

    ~ 3. Use your abilities in the campaign

    The best of the new armor abilities in my opinion is the Auto Sentry. The Auto Sentry is great because it provides a great distraction, and also can take out enemy's. All the other armor abilities I don't find to be as effective as the Auto Sentry. I found the Active Camo, Promethean Vision and the Hologram to be pretty ineffective, except Promethean Vision helped in mission 4. The Hardlight Shield is pretty ineffective, only works a bit on Mission 2.

    I will post these tips for each of the mission achievements.

    Here is a video on Mission 5: Reclaimer

    *Video Credit to VesperAzure
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