Lone Wolf Legend achievement in Halo 4

Lone Wolf Legend

Complete the Campaign solo on Legendary difficulty.

Lone Wolf Legend+0.5
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How to unlock the Lone Wolf Legend achievement

  • MythzMythz130,543
    06 Dec 2012 14 Dec 2012
    198 26 67
    For those of you looking for the easiest solution

    1. Complete the game on Co-op Legendary
    2. Play solo on Legendary and just go to the last checkpoint on each mission.

    If you don't believe me just try it on ONE level and once you complete it you will see that it will give you credit for completing it under the mission selection screen. "Highest Difficulty Completed" it WILL show Solo Legendary.

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    Harbringernight^^ No one cares about this comment.
    Posted by Harbringernight on 11 Apr 18 at 23:10
    FuzzedUpCookiedo you have to do a level on easy and do last checkpoint on legendary straight after or just have it all done on easy and go to the last checkpoint on legendary whenever you want?
    Posted by FuzzedUpCookie on 18 May 19 at 15:28
    MisterSledgeDid this today. Can confirm it still works and I didn’t have to beat the level on Legendary Co-op first. I had some that I had beaten on Easy or Heroic. Loading up last checkpoint worked for all. Thanks for this tip!
    Posted by MisterSledge on 16 May 20 at 22:49
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  • jshurmjshurm137,955
    18 Nov 2012 13 Nov 2012 17 Nov 2012
    113 4 14
    All credit goes to Nak3d eli and his amazingly helpful videos. Although I currently have not completed the campaign on legendary difficulty I am breezing through it with this guy's help.
    I also first completed the campaign on heroic to help me get a feel for both the game and the enemies.
    This is for those of you who have already completed the game but really want to do it on legendary both quickly and effectively.
    Subscribe to Nak3d Eli's halo channel here:http://www.youtube.com/user/Nak3dHalo?feature=watch
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    AnemonemanThanks, brilliant guides! Didn't follow many, I mainly used them as reference to see how far I was, but the parts I used were very good indeed.
    Posted by Anemoneman on 29 Jan 14 at 15:58
    Lazy with StyleOne additional note to shorten the first mission Dawn even more: Before reaching the part where you get to the outer hull of the spaceship kill the Elite guarding the final door and pick up the Concussion Rifle. When you get outside run past the enemies landing on the left and at the end of the area turn left to the structure where you have to activate the button. You should now stand on the other side of it facing some rubble and broken steel girders. Jump through the debris and you should be right under the open room standing on a horizontal girder. If you jump from here, you can't reach the platform above you but it is very close. Instead jump and shoot the Concussion Rifle 2 times down to get an extra jump boost. Do it on the left side of the girder facing and shooting the vertical one crossing it. Then you are up without killing one single enemy outside. Quickly activate the button. There will be an Elite shooting you in this room but even on legendary you have enough shields to endure that if you are fast. After this part run to the next button jumping out of the open window like it is shown in the mission video above. Sorry for my English but I am not a native speaker and this part of Dawn is difficult to describe.
    Posted by Lazy with Style on 05 Oct 15 at 12:29
    Crater BobFinally got this achievement tonight, and the last video for Midnight REALLY helped me plan things out. I didn't speedrun it like the video publisher did, I started from Charlie without the Incineration Cannon, and stayed back on the upper levels to shoot the Crawlers, Watchers, and Knights, which REALLY helped out. I forgot to grab the Incineration Cannon ammo on the second to last platform before losing Cortana at the last console, so I ended up close-ranging the last three Knights with the Scattershot, took a few tries, but I got it.

    Just a heads-up, if you use the speedrunners method, BE AWARE that on the second platform which you can completely skip altogether, YOU WILL GET FRUSTRATED!!! angry It took me like forty tries to get across from landing to jump-boost spot. Once you make it across, MAKE SURE YOU LAND ALL YOUR INCINERATION CANNON SHOTS, THERE IS NO CHECKPOINT UNTIL YOU REACH THE SECOND FLOOR ON THE THIRD PLATFORM!!!

    Other than that, take it slowly and one step at a time, I can confirm 100% that these methods work! claptoast
    Posted by Crater Bob on 03 Oct 17 at 00:36
  • theEchnesstheEchness182,244
    08 Nov 2012 08 Nov 2012 18 Nov 2012
    84 17 42
    This is my first guide so I hope you can get some help out of my tips.

    First off, in my opinion, I thought this was the hardest halo of any yet. Ammo is really scarce and it doesn't go far. Try to play thru the game to get a feel and layout of the levels. Legendary doens't change the levels at all, it just give you WAAAY more bad guys. For the first 6 levels I would play it on Normal to understand it, then play it immediatly after on Legendary so I knew what to expect.

    1. Noob Combo - I know it seems like a no-brainer but really. Use it. DMR or Covenant Carbine paired with a plama pistol. Keep it and pair it anytime you can.

    2. Patience....Patience. - I found myself playing this like multiplayer during the first few levels, running and gunning, and all that did was get me respawning. Slow down. Play from a distance. I found many times I would get a promethean knights shields down(you'll see a blue pop) only to have to retreat since I had no shield left. I know you'll have to start over, but it's better than respawing.

    3. Headshots are a must - Grunts in one, Jackals in two(one on their weapon arm, then one in the head) and so on. Turn on Grunt Birthday party to help you tell if you're getting headshots. It really helped me. That's why you want to use tip #1. KEEP A RANGED WEAPON AT ALL TIMES!!

    4. Stay back - Play from a distance and if possible let them come to you. Legendary difficulty has most of the AI searching you out, so you don't have to find them, they will find you. Peek over corners and around edges. DON'T CHARGE....they will kill you. While you're at a distance, take out the smallest first. Grunts, Jackal Snipers and any of the small Prometheans. In later levels take out the promethian watchers first. Nothing worse than having a knights shields gone only to have a watcher put up a shild for him.

    5. Get comfortable with ditching weapons - Your noob combo won't last long, so find something else. Use whatever you can find. Often times I backtracked a couple of minutes to get the DMR ammo or needler i passed on the ground. Search and search and search. Ammo boxes are in the smallest and weirdest of spots so look around. The needler is REALLY powerful so take advantage of it. Use your grenades and armor ablilites as well, that's why you got them. I found myself most of the time using hologram and promethian shield. Make good use of it. The AI is overly aggressive so throw out or hologram and hit them in the back.

    6. Run - Don't be afraid to run. If all else fails and you've tried different methods, then just run. Many times I would throw out the hologram in the opposite direction and run the other way. In the level midnight, I did it a couple of times to get in the portals. Really helped me get past some crappy checkpoints.

    7. Edit - Some of the comments make great suggestions. Anytime you know you have a pair of hunters coming save a Fuel Rod/Rocket Launcher. Most of the time thru my Legendary playthrough an Elite would be right in front of a pair of Hunters with a Fuel Rod or Rocket Launcher. Get it and save it. Very Useful. Also make good use of turrets. Take one with you for the road ahead. Saves ammo and knocks out Elites fast!

    Some general level tips(minor spoilers here):

    Requiem - While searching the crashed ships, climb all the way to the top on the outside of the 1st UNSC ship. Up there is a battle rifle and Sniper rifle. You can make good use out of that.

    Forerunner - Noob Combo and hologram. I found it really useful on the Knights. Later in the level you'll have to knock out 3 forerunner generators with some banshees fling over head. As soon as you exit a big door to the left you'll see an Elite running for a banshee, kill him but leave the banshee. They will kill you fast if you try it. Here is where hologram comes in handy. Work your way around the outside and be patient. This part took me a while with many deaths.

    Infinity - One of the harderst levels in the game, I thought. Towards the middle of the level you'll come to 3 or 4 marines at the bottom of the hill and a few weapons next to them. Leave those weapons there. You're going to need the ammo for the Promethean assault. Go all the way over to the right side of the screen and you'll see a big tree you can get behind. Use it for cover. Now since you left the weapons from before, you have extra ammo right below you. Don't worry about them coming from behind you, none ever did for me. They all climbed the hill and came at me head on.

    Edit: Reclaimer - During the various assaults on the mammoth, get the Gauss warthog. I think it will be driving around while you ride in the mammoth. If you use it at all, bring it back and park it in the bottom, you're going to need it later. An A.I. will automatically jump in and run the cannon for you, as long as you drive. If you can manage to keep him alive, center him and the hog in the doorway and he will do all the work on the wraiths and ghosts that will come your way. I seem to remember the mammoth parks several times and one time in particular, it parks sideways(for whatever reason). Put the warthog and marine right over the open doorway, and just sit back and allow the A.I. to actually help. If he dies, just restart the checkpoint, but it should get you thru the various assault parts of the level. I only had to restart twice on this level, with this method.

    Shutdown - Noob combo again. I also played this level from a distance and went slow.

    Midnight - Hologram was a must for me. Towards the middle of the level you'll get to a Promethean Armory where you can pick any weapons. I took a Scattershot and an Incineration Cannon. A scattershot will kill a Knight in 3 hits and the Cannon is a instant kill. Save the cannon for the last part of the level when you are around the Didact with the knights, this is very helpful. As for the knights throw the hologram out then run behind them.

    Hopefully any of these tips will help you. Again this is my first guide, so if have any tips let me know in the comments.
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    xTHx DiSToRTioNIf you're having problems with knights I found the assault rifle takes down their shields pretty well.
    Posted by xTHx DiSToRTioN on 15 Feb 13 at 03:24
    EGA BlackfireThank you a ton for this guide! It certainly made it a lot easier to trudge through Legendary.
    Posted by EGA Blackfire on 16 Feb 13 at 20:02
    Shadow XBLFYI, a scattershot will kill a knight in two hits if you're close to them. Shoot once, then once in the head/stomach. Done.
    Posted by Shadow XBL on 04 Jul 14 at 16:30
  • Seraphim17Seraphim17897,871
    07 Nov 2012 10 Nov 2012
  • iSoaring FlameiSoaring Flame48,895
    10 Nov 2012 10 Nov 2012 11 Nov 2012
    28 6 7
    Like what theEchness said, but I want to give my own tips.

    I played on easy first just to get the storyline down before I put time into legendary difficulty. What I noticed on easy was that incinerate cannon or w/e... will kill you regardless. And the Binary Rifle. Both of those will kill you if you take a hit.
    My solution to this problem is play with the skull: Catch. Enemies ALWAYS stand still while they toss grenades. They also tend to use grenade over their one-hit wonders. I'm the kind of person who's fine with enemies tossing grenades as it is easy to dodge.

    When using this strategy, make sure you have a lot of open spaces, kill jackals, crawlers, and watchers because they don't throw grenades. Be sure you stay at least medium range for your target, that's when they go crazy with grenades and forget their weapons. If you stay around long range, they won't throw grenades but instead shoot you.

    Not recommended for players that does not like to keep moving. You'll need a lot of patience. Also not recommended in vehicle-heavy levels.

    - Beam rifle does not one shot you.
    - Elites do not one hit you on melee
    - Binary rifle will insta-kill you (be on the move and the enemy wil lnot shoot, or miss if they do. DON'T run TOWARDS them)
    - Prioritize snipers before others, but priortize other enemies if they continuously kill you.
    - Aim for the crawler's mouth, not the head.
    - If you are going to engage the knights in melee range, make sure you have dealt damage so that you see a little blue on them. Or else they'll survive and kill you.
    - Knights' melees one shot you. (Most of the time, at least the regular melee move)
    - NEEDLER, BEST WEAPON if you don't have any other weapons to use in medium range. (1 explosion for blue elites and other weak enemies, 2 explosions for gold elites and knights)
    - and ALWAYS, slow and steady. Unless you have a shotgun/scattershot and 5 knights with light rifle, then by all means charge in and 2 shot them.
    - Halo 4 is very kind with the amount of grenades enemies drop, feel free to throw them at enemies. Just be sure to utilize them fully and kill watchers or keep them distracted so your grenades do what you want them to.
    - Average about one hour per level. Even the vehicle map... especially the vehicle map.. man -.-

    For those who played Reach on legendary AND completed it, you'll find Halo 4's legendary to be MUCH MUCH easier.
    Enjoy the Spartan armor after you finish legendary :D
    (My first tips, feel free to tell me the goods and wrongs. I like to help other with their achievements too.)
  • G3N3R4L R41D3NG3N3R4L R41D3N131,595
    10 Nov 2012 12 Nov 2012
    20 6 0
    The previous solutions should be more than enough to assist you in completing your solo legendary play through, but I'd still like to offer my own take on the matter. Firstly, I consider this is to be by far the easiest Halo to complete compared to the previous instalments so if you've completed previous Halo games on legendary solo, you shouldn't have any trouble completing this one. For those of you who are new to the Halo franchise or have never attempted a solo legendary play through; you may find this to be somewhat challenging, but nothing that you can't overcome with patience.

    You'll find rifles (DMR, battle rifle, covenant carbine and lightrifle) to be your greatest ally on the battlefield. They offer the accuracy, distance and power required to defeat the various enemies you will encounter. Because of this fact, you should always be sure to have one of these weapons in your possession. Other weapons that may prove useful to you include: boltshot, plasma pistol, scatter/shotgun and the various launchers such as the rocket launcher. The boltshot can take down the shields of Knights and Elites, allowing you to easily dispose of them with a melee or headshot. Plasma pistols are useful for disabling vehicles so that you can approach and board or destroy them. The scattergun and shotgun offer a similar usefulness as the boltshot while offering more range and power. Launchers are useful because well, they go boom. Every weapon has its uses so see what poses to be the most efficient and effective for you and go with it.

    As for a play style, you'll want to maintain distance from your enemies. This is why I've recommended the use of a rifle seeing as rushing into mobs of enemies will generally result in your death. By keeping your distance from enemies, you will be able to keep all or at least most of them in your sights while also being able to retreat to cover more easily when necessary. This brings me to mention my next point. Cover. Be sure to take cover whenever your shields are red because you are very susceptible to death at this point in time. To insure your safety try to keep near objects that can offer you a decent amount of cover from enemy fire when the situation calls for it. As for armour abilities, I did not find much use for them. Every once in a while I'd make use of the hologram to give me a few seconds to move in closer to enemies to use my scatter/shotgun or boltshot. I also found the hardlight shield to be useful to move to cover while reflecting enemy fire. Besides that I did not make much use of armour abilities. Furthermore you should aim to eliminate weaker enemies before setting your sights on the larger enemies. This is because larger enemies generally do not pose as much of a threat alone or even in pairs or small groups, but with the additional fire power of smaller enemies; the situation changes drastically. Smaller enemies are extremely easy to dispose of even on legendary difficulty with a single headshot. Approaching and disposing of the larger enemies will be quite the simple task once the smaller enemies are dealt with.

    Completing this game on legendary difficulty will be a walk in the park for Halo veterans, but may prove challenging to any newcomers. However, this challenge can be overcome by applying the above mentioned suggestions. Be sure to use weapons that prove to be the most efficient and effective for you. Take cover from enemy fire whenever your health is in danger. Focus on disposing of smaller enemies before setting your sights on the larger enemies in each location. All in all, Halo 4’s campaign is enjoyable so don’t forget about having fun during your legendary play through!
  • PanesthesiaPanesthesia80,403
    11 Nov 2012 11 Nov 2012
    20 6 4
    Just finished Halo 4 on solo Legendary and like those above I've a few tips which others may find useful.

    Running is your best friend in the earlier levels. On later levels I found that the more I tried to skip a mob, I'd either just get mauled to death or in one instance I managed to sequence break the game (leading to me having to restart the level from roughly the half way point) so you do need to be careful later on. This tactic did save my bacon on several occasions in levels 2-5 though so don't feel obliged to kill everything.

    Unlike Bungie's Halo games, when you die in a vehicle the game does NOT save the vehicle damage you've taken to that point. Essentially meaning you can take a massive beating, hit a checkpoint, get yourself killed and then have a completely restored vehicle upon respawning. This works with all vehicles in the game including the Mantis. Traditionally, I've always found Halo's vehicle sections to be the most challenging and this turned those levels into a walk in the park for me.

    Lastly, instead of using Hologram on the last level, I found it more achievable using Auto Sentry. Not only does the Auto Sentry draw fire as Hologram does but it also aids you in conserving Light Rifle ammo (fuck I'd HATE to have to do the last 3 islands with just a Boltshot), the only drawback is that the recharge time on Auto Sentry is fairly long so you'll have to employ plenty of patience, which you should have anyway if you are playing the game on solo legendary.

    That's all I can think of for now, but I'll add more if anything does spring to mind.
  • Krows GraveyardKrows Graveyard610,717
    15 Jan 2013 23 Jan 2013 23 Jan 2013
    17 6 0
    Lone Wolf Legend - 90G (Original Achievement)

    Difficulty: 5/10

    To get this Achievement, you must complete the entire Campaign on Legendary difficulty while playing alone.

    There is a big glitch in this Achievement at the moment, and its a positive one.

    If you have beaten the game once before, you can now select whichever mission you want, set it to Legendary, and go to the last Rally Point in that mission.

    This will skip over half of the mission and it will still count as completing the level on Legendary. Of course this means you will still have to complete that small portion on legendary, but it's much easier than the whole thing.


    1. The Noob Combo is still MASSIVELY helpful against Elites. Using the Plasma Pistol at full charge to take out their shields, and then quickly switching to a precision weapon to get the head shot and finish them off is highly recommended. Be careful though, some Elites can be really mad, causing them to pull out their Energy Swords and charge you.

    2. Jackals. These guys are usually covering themselves with a shield. You will notice a small hole in the left hand side, if you are accurate you can shoot them there with a precision weapon to make them lower their shield, and then get the head shot with the second shot.

    3. Grunts. A simple head shot with a precision weapon can wipe these out in seconds.

    4. Hunters. There are a few points in the game where you will have to deal with these walking tanks. Always remember they travel in pairs so if you see one, there must be another nearby. The best way to get at them is by throwing Plasma Grenades and sticking them, bombing them with Rockets/Fuel Rod Cannon, Sticky Detonator, or the Shotgun/Scattershot. You should be able to find one of these weapons near each set of hunters you come across.

    5. Crawlers. These annoying enemies are very fast and can use multiple weapons. A single head shot can destroy them instantly though. Be careful as one or two in the game tend to have the Binary Rifle which can instant kill you.

    6. Watchers. If you see these with flying over other Promethean's, I suggest killing them first as they will bring Knights back to life, and on Legendary, you don't want that. I suggest assaulting them with Precision weapons.

    7. Knights. These are the real enemy in the Legendary run. They are best take out with close range Shattershots, Needlers, Incendiary Cannons, or by shooting them with a Precision weapon from afar. The precision weapons will take a toll on your ammo to kill a Knight but its worth it for each kill, just make sure there are no Watchers in the area before fighting. Knights tend to teleport to another location when under fire so keep yourself in cover. Knights also like to fling grenades at you and these can instant kill too if you stay inside their sphere. Knights can hold Binary Rifles and in the last mission Incendiary Cannons, so be very cautious.

    8. Know the terrain, you really need to know where your going and what fights you can skip all together by running straight past them.

    9. Don't rush, take your time and move slowly, if you come across an enemy sniper, you will die instantly if you aren't careful.

    10. Vehicles. When using vehicles on Legendary you need to be careful. Ghosts are usually instant death, so don't use them. Warthogs can be useful with Marines as gunners (they seem to be good shots in this game). The Scorpion/Wraith tanks are very helpful in clearing out some areas of the game and are highly recommended to fight as far from the enemy as possible. The Mantis is a must when you find one. Never get close to the enemy and always keep an eye on the skies for Banshees, unload everything you have and stay in cover when you can. Banshees are your best friends, switch to the fuel rod cannon with the Y button and bomb everything that moves. Just don't get too close to the ground as an Elite may try to skyjack you or an enemy with a plasma pistol can take you out (usually into a bottomless pit). Lastly as said above, Plasma Pistols can paralyze ANY vehicle for a shot time, this can be massively useful against Ghosts as you can quickly stun them, run up to them, hijack them, and use them to kill their driver.

    Lastly I suggest turning on the Grunt Birthday Party skull, this way you can tell if you are getting head shots on grunts. Its not essential, but it helps.
  • ToxiicXDucky831ToxiicXDucky831318,230
    29 Mar 2013 15 Mar 2013
    11 7 0
    Here is my guide for Halo 4 All Achievements Walkthrough on Legendary Mode This guide shows all terminals and all level specific achievements. Hope this helps everyone.
  • Mr B BrabbelMr B Brabbel189,763
    24 Feb 2013 25 Feb 2013
    6 6 3
    Just play the campaign co-op.
    After playing it co-op go solo and start the missions at there last checkpoints. It doesn't matter if you don't play the whole mission, as long as you finish it its enough and it safes you alot of time skipping the first parts!
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