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Digging up the Past

In mission 1, find and access Chief's record.

Digging up the Past+0.2
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Achievement Guide for Digging up the Past

  • Dat Boi TreezyDat Boi Treezy618,280
    03 Nov 2012 04 Nov 2012 02 Jun 2017
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    In Mission 1 "Dawn", once you gain control of Master Chief, walk out into the next room and instead of going straight on, look to the left of the walkway to see a flight of stairs. Go down these stairs and turn right to the control panel underneath a spotlight containing the Chief's records. Simply hold cn_X on the panel and the 20g is all yours.

    Here's a quick video on where exactly the records are held.

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  • Mr Mp5Mr Mp5135,317
    09 Nov 2012 09 Nov 2012
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    Tip for those having trouble getting this achievement.
    There's like 8 solutions already so read them to find where it's located...
    BUT to those who the achievement will not pop for...

    If it does not pop when you first hold X on the terminal, simple restart the mission from the start menu, walk past the set of stairs that leads to the "Records Terminal", hold X on the terminal that reads "Review Weapon System." Now turn around and go to the "Records Terminal" and try it.

    This worked for me and I can only hope that it will work for everyone else.

    If you add this to your guide please give credit.
    I hope this helps.
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    In the first mission, dawn, theres a terminal like screen beneath you, by holding x. please coment, rate, and subscribe to my Chanel for more videos.
  • Toslowguard6Toslowguard6306,649
    07 Nov 2012 07 Nov 2012
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    Here is my guide from my channel, Toslow Gaming. On the mission 'Dawn', you start out in a chamber. Go forward until your in a room that has sides for you to jump down. Go down and you'll see a computer. Hold 'X' on it and you will see John's records.
  • Wickes96Wickes9618,659
    23 Nov 2012 26 Nov 2012
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    For this achievement, all you have to do is play the first mission, open the capsule at the beginning of the level , walk straight and when you see a stairway go downwards toward your left, go down there. Then there is a computer where you press X to view your career records and the achievement pops up
  • Plue13Plue13122,177
    06 Nov 2012 06 Nov 2012
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    A very simple achievement. This video literally tells it step by step.

    Step 1: Go to Mission 1. Then after you get out of your pod, and Cortana is finished speaking with you, go to the room directly in front of you. On your left hand side will be a flight of stairs. Go down them. Turn around about 180 degrees and go down the corridor. Go up to the little computer and hold X.
  • EvocativeMichEvocativeMich18,489
    08 Nov 2012 11 Nov 2012
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    follow this a easy video that will help you go on watch it it works(: Halo 4: Digging Up The Past 20G - Achievement Guide
  • RvB Steezy018RvB Steezy018102,641
    07 Nov 2012 09 Nov 2012 14 Nov 2014
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    Simply put, when you start the mission on Dawn and get Cortana, you head towards where the orange glow of Infinity is located, take the stairs to the left and head down them, turn, and there is a terminal at the very end of the hall, hold X to activate, and bam, achievement.
  • SD Major TomSD Major Tom627,877
    11 Nov 2012 23 Nov 2012
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    This achievement takes place in the 1st level of the game and is really simple to miss if your not paying attention. Shortly after exiting the first room you should see a stair case on your left. head down the stair case and you should find the terminal. When you hit the terminal by pressing X the achievement will unlock. The terminal pretty much gives you a background about what Master Chief has been doing throughout the series of the Halo games. So its good to listen to the whole service record to get a nice recap, especially if your new to the Halo series.
  • OtakuPaulOtakuPaul929,006
    09 Nov 2012 15 Nov 2012
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    Here's my short little video on how to get this achievement. The achievement can be found right at the beginning of the campaign in mission 1.
  • Glasgow GhostGlasgow Ghost184,896
    06 Nov 2012 12 Nov 2012
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    This terminal is found at the very beginning of the first mission, Forward Unto Dawn as you come out of the Cryo chamber. Here's a nice video I found.
  • SSCPSSCP819,522
    27 Oct 2012 06 Nov 2012
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    Welcome this is the first level specific achievement - This is found during Mission 1 - Right at the start of the mission!

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  • ToxiicXDucky831ToxiicXDucky831310,498
    14 Mar 2013 15 Mar 2013
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    Here is my guide for Halo 4 All Achievements Walkthrough on Legendary Mode This guide shows all terminals and all level specific achievements. Hope this helps everyone.
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    This is probably one of the easiest achievements in any game. Exiting the cryo chamber, grab Cortana and immediately head down the stairs when walking out of the room, turn around, and hold x on the console for the achievement.
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