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In mission 5, steal a Wraith and use it to kill at least four enemy Wraiths on Heroic or harder.

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Achievement Guide for Mortardom

  • Dat Boi TreezyDat Boi Treezy593,888
    05 Nov 2012 05 Nov 2012 22 Sep 2014
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    Little did I know before trying for this achievement, that actually stealing a Wraith is hard as hell! Personally, this was the first time I'd needed to board and steal one and I found it really difficult. I've put together a video in which I finally and successfully manage to actually steal the first one I came across in Mission 5.

    Dependant on what situation you're in once the closest checkpoint kicks in before the Wraith spawns, trying to steal the Wraith can be very awkward. Take down all the enemies in the area first of all, and wipe out the huge Covenant spaceship Cortana advices you to target which is flying over the water asking to be nailed by the Mammoth's massive cannon. Shortly after this, the Wraith tank is dropped in.

    You may need to take out your friendlies if they have brought out the Warthog from the Mammoth as a lot of time, they can be a bit too efficient with the Warthog's turret, even in a 1 v 1 situation against the Wraith. Once it's down to just you and the Wraith in the area, your first job here is to take out the enemy who is exposed in the Wraith using the turret. The Sniper is the best weapon for this and can be found on the Mammoth near the two turrets on its top. I tried to scavenge the battlefield for one of the Covenant Plasma Pistols which you can fire a burst of Plasma at enemy vehicles and temporarily disable them. Unfortunately for me, these weapons were no where to be seen.

    Once the Plasma Cannon operator is taken out, you need to gently land on the Tank's small plasma cannon itself and occupy this space. Simply getting within range of the tank and pressing cn_X to board won't do the trick here as there's no way to actually hijack the Wraith from this position. Once the turret is taken over, the driver of the tank will get out. Take him out quickly, get back out of the tank and then get back into the main driver's seat.

    Moving onwards with the Mammoth, a deadly river lies up ahead in which the Mammoth will use it's vehicles ramps and main body to serve as a bridge for your vehicle. I'm not sure if the Wraith can go through this river on its own but when I tried this with Warthog's and Ghost, it didn't work. Fitting the Wraith into the Mammoth itself can be really awkward but it does go in, eventually. Once out on the other side, your first (of four) enemy Wraiths will be waiting for you near the third generator you need to destroy. The other three spawn near the "unidentified covenant vehicle" that spawns later on in the mission.

    Please note that if you do manage to steal the Wraith, and it's not in top condition, dying in the vehicle respawns it with full health for some reason. I only found this out during my try for this achievement, so with this knowledge, don't be afraid to wreak havoc on the enemy once you acquire the Wraith.

    Please note: I didn't notice this the first time round, but there's actually a Plasma Pistol you can pick up in one of the caves around this area. Charge up a shot with the pistol and fire at the Wraith to disable it for a few seconds allowing you to get some easy shots in against the Plasma Cannon operator. Once he's dealt with, fire another shot to give you a chance at boarding the Wraith easily and forcing the other Elite to get out. (Cheers Tomblyboo117)

    Check out this video for more help and guidance on this achievement:
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    This takes place at the very end of Mission 5. I found the easiest way to get the wraith was to kill the turret elite, then to shoot the cockpit (just below the turret on the wraith shell) and headshot the elite in there as well. Then make sure you kill your fellow marines, as the ones in the tank will steal your wraith kills.

    There are plenty of wraiths to kill to get the achievement after that.
  • PoisonXDynastyPoisonXDynasty23,750
    23 Nov 2012 23 Nov 2012
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    For those that want a simple guide text guide, I'll give you one.

    TL:DR Sum-up:

    Start at Rally Point Bravo, Grab Plasma Pistol from a Grunt, Get to structure, make your way through it, when back out side use Plasma Pistol to jack Wraith, Killy Killy.

    Detailed Version:

    Start the mission from Rally Point Bravo on heroic difficulty.

    There will be a bunch of Grunts and Jackals you have to kill, make sure to grab a fully charged Plasma Pistol from one of the grunts.

    Continue your way toward the Forerunner Structure killing everything that needs deadening.

    One inside, run through all the hall ways and watch or skip the pretty cut scene. Again kill things until you exit the structure.

    Now that you are back outside you will see a Wraith on the raised open area in front of you. Simply run closer and shoot the wraith with a few fully charged Plasma Pistol shots until the Elite gets out. Simply kill the bugger and take your prize!

    Now that you have a Wraith its just a matter of killing all the Wraiths that will appear a little further ahead. Keep a medium distance away from them so that you can still hit them while being able to dodge their shots. Get too close and you could soon find yourself without the all important Wraith.

    I got this today without any issues, took me about 15 minutes (I'm a very cautious spartan, if you are more aggressive than me and can stay alive doing so I bet you could have this done in under 10 minutes.

    Good Luck.
  • Yuanda Zhu SanYuanda Zhu San230,856
    11 Nov 2012 12 Nov 2012
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    Not really a guide but a real advice: there is one VERY VERY VERY SIMPLE way to steal a Wraith. Just neutralize it with a plasma pisol 2 times and the driver will go out, it's scripted. Shoot the wraith, let it restart, shoot again... the driver is out, kill him and the wraith is yours!
    You can steal the first wraith you meet in the level and keep it until the end... There is a plasma pistol hidden behind/inside the rocks just in front of the Mamoth in the first area! First, clean the area. Then, shoot the gunner. Then take the plasma pistol and a needler to kill the driver quickly. VERY EASY!
  • LifeExpectancyLifeExpectancy1,260,998
    06 Nov 2012 07 Nov 2012
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    This time the mission-specific achievement can be nabbed for up to three players in a single playthrough, without even reloading checkpoints.

    You don't have to kick the driver out with a traditional "hijack". Just shoot the gunner out, then EMP shot the wraith with a plasma pistol. While it's stationary, climb up onto the front until you can hit 'X' to get into the turret. When you do, the driver will hop out allowing you to jump out of the turret and back into the driver's seat.

    If you hijack the first wraith you see and kill the other wraith in that area, you can actually knock the 4 "wings" off the 4 corners of the wraith and fit it into the lower hold of the elephant, taking it with you to the second area to kill more wraiths. This saves you from having to hijack a wraith there. Then toward the end of the mission the final area has LOTS of wraiths. You can only take the wraith from the first area to the second area, but if you're solo you'll have your achievement before leaving the second area.

    There are 16 wraiths in the mission (at least there were when I played solo Legendary), so if you hijack one wraith in each of the 3 areas with them, you can destroy a total of 13 wraiths. Taking the first one with you on the elephant to area 2 means you can get 14 in one go. So if you're playing 4-player co-op you could just reload checkpoint after the third person pops his achievement in the last area for the 4th person to get it.
  • wrogwrog633,952
    25 Oct 2012 06 Nov 2012
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    The hardest part is to steal Wraith. Use plasma pistol and sniper rifle as shown on the video below.

    - play on Heroic difficulty;
    - Sniper Rifle is available on Mammoth;
    - kill as many enemies as you can before Wraith show up (especially Ghosts);
    - destroy Warthogs controlled by AI marines;
    - there are more Wraiths in the second part of this mission, but it might be hard to steal one;
    - be slow and patient.
  • Toslowguard6Toslowguard6299,183
    13 Nov 2012 13 Nov 2012 13 Nov 2012
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    Here is my guide from my channel, Toslow Gaming. My method may be more difficult, yet easier then others. I went to rally point Bravo, then battled my way to a certain point. There are tons of wraiths. Wraith + Achievement= Happy Gamer!
  • SD Major TomSD Major Tom610,504
    18 Nov 2012 02 Dec 2012
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    This is a solo guide on how to obtain the Mortardom achievement on the 5th level(Heroic or Legendary) of the campaign. You are required to steal a Wraith and kill 4 other Wraiths, no this does not have to be done with the same Wraith. The easiest way I found to hijack a Wraith is to first, kill the gunner, next use a charged plasma pistol shot to freeze the Wraith, and last jump into the gunner seat which will make the pilot instantly jump out. If you have any further questions feel free to ask, hope this video helps you out
  • Warzone GuidesWarzone Guides4,419
    25 Nov 2012 30 Nov 2012 30 Nov 2012
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    *The Video Guide provided below shows you how to easily unlock the "Mortardom" Achievement in about 16-18 minutes from starting the level. If you are having trouble seeing the explanations in the video from this website, then you could either watch the Achievement Guide on Youtube, or simply watch the video in full screen.*

    Additional information: When attempting to unlock this Achievement, I would HIGHLY recommend that you do this on Heroic difficulty, and not Legendary. It's much easier that way.

    The following Achievement Guide is some-what long, but it's detailed. It gives you important tips on how to easily hijack a Wraith without really damaging it. It also shows you how you can transport the first Wraith you can hijack, safely across the river to the next area.

    If the Achievement Guide has helped you, please let me know by clicking 'Like' if you're watching this video on Youtube, or simply thumbs up this solution. I appreciate the support =)

    I hope the Achievement Guide helps you. Good luck, and enjoy!

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  • ToxiicXDucky831ToxiicXDucky831303,755
    29 Mar 2013 01 Apr 2013
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    Here is my guide for Halo 4 All Achievements Walkthrough on Legendary Mode This guide shows all terminals and all level specific achievements. Hope this helps everyone.
  • xTimJobxxTimJobx20,962
    16 Feb 2013 16 Feb 2013
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    Did not see the in here so I just figure I would put this in.

    If you wasted all of your sniper ammo like me and do not want to start over, you can shoot the Wraith with the Plasma Pistol and run and jump on it and melee it untill the hatch comes off. Keep hitting it to kill the driver and then get in and kill.

    Note: Sometimes the Wraith will spin widly trying to kill you but for me the second time it just sat there.
  • MeiHem68MeiHem682,790
    01 Feb 2013 01 Feb 2013 01 Feb 2013
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    Easy, Easy Easy to get once you know the key trick!

    This achievement can be gotten collectively meaning you don't have to get all the wraiths in the same spot.

    Start at the beginning of the mission get the Sniper rifle and, here is the key... The plasma pistol, yeah that's it, that weak covenant weapon nobody ever uses. They are all around and the Grunts use them all the time.

    Ok so you come to a couple of wraiths in the beginning, clear the area of all the ground forces, the grunts on the ghosts, elitesm jackels and yes even your own friendly's because those knuckleheads will destroy the wraith if in the warthog.

    Next using your Sniper Rifle kill the Elite that sits gunner seat of the Wraith, here is the tricky part, next switch to the Plasma pistol and walk toward the Wraith just walk and doge its attack, hold the trigger to charge a shot on the Plasma Pistol, and shoot the Wraith when close enough, this will totally disable not destroy the Wraith, you may have to do it again, then hop, (don't do the "X" thing) up onto the Wraith and wait to you see the "X" to get into the gunner seat, this will cause the Elite driver to get out, just kill him and take control of the Wraith now just go and destroy the other Wraiths in that area.

    I got 3 wraiths right in the beginning and the last one at the end of the mission and "bing" the achievement popped up!

    Yeah its that easy!!
  • SSCPSSCP797,705
    31 Oct 2012 06 Nov 2012
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    Welcome again, Here is a video detailing exactly what to do and how to go about it, With commentary to make the whole process alot easier for you!

    For more Halo 4 guides please check out our playlist here
  • AHGregAHGreg696,482
    16 Feb 2013 16 Feb 2013
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    Geoff and Gav are in need of a little kip, but they still manage to show you how to to take out 4 wraiths with wraiths in mission 5.

    Credit to: Gavin Free and Geoff Ramsey
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