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Explore the Floor

In mission 6, trick or force a Hunter to fall to his demise.

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  • Dat Boi TreezyDat Boi Treezy594,108
    04 Nov 2012 05 Nov 2012 09 Mar 2013
    113 9 16
    There's many different ways to trick or force Hunters into falling off the ledges of Mission 6. I've managed to do this once, unintentionally, on Legendary difficulty in co-op, and the other two times where intentionally on easy riding solo.

    The first time in co-op, I was positioned a platform away from the Hunters and my co-op partner was idol & away back at the first platform facepalm I'd honestly forgotten about this achievement at the time and as the Hunters tried to attack me from a platform away, I was just hurling grenades and firing away at them with my Battle Rifle. One of them got a little too close to the edge and as I started firing my Needler in its direction, the Hunter simply tried to evade by dashing to its right, and then fell to his demise. Achievement Unlocked - 20G

    Revisiting the mission (from rally point delta), I put together a video this time recorded on Easy. The achievement doesn't specifiy which difficulty the mission needs to be on so I'd recommend sticking it on easy too. The Chief comes equipped with a Jetpack for the mission which comes in handy against the Hunters.

    Once you reach the platform where the Hunters are, take one of them out first so you can focus soley on just the one. The Hunters don't always react the way you may want them to when using gun fire against them, so the best bet here is to use their melee attack against them. Constantly put yourself in danger by staying close to the Hunter until you can get it close to an edge. You'll find that the Hunter likes to back away from YOU (strangely) so once it is close to an edge, quickly switch sides with the Hunter so then its next melee attack will result in the Hunter falling off the edge.

    This can seem a little bit tricky to do but it's really not that bad. With the difficulty being set to Easy, the damage taken from the Hunters Melee is light. Make sure you use your Jetpack to get back onto the platform should the Hunter melee you clean off of it. If you die, either when the Hunter does too or just by accident, the checkpoint will restart you at the point where the Hunters spawn in. Dust yourself off and try again.

    Be sure to take a look at the comments section of this solution for some more tips & tricks on how to make these Hunters drop to their death.

    Check out this video for more details and help on how to get these big guys to fall to their death:
  • Maka91Maka91993,964
    06 Nov 2012 06 Nov 2012
    49 1 0
    Hunter are large armored enemies. There are two ways to do this achievement. The easier way involves having a jetpack when you get to the section with the two Hunters in mission 6. I recommend killing one of the hunters as fast as you can. Now you'll have to get the hunter to fall off the ledge. As seen in the video, what I did was stand at the edge, and then have him charge at you. As he begins charging, use your jetpack to get to safety, and watch as the hunter keeps going over the edge. Another method involves trying to make the hunter back up off the corner by looking at him and moving back and forth to try and have him step off the edge, although I found that method difficult.
  • R3LAPZER3LAPZE136,370
    07 Nov 2012 07 Nov 2012 31 Oct 2014
    26 4 4
    Near the end of mission 6 you will encounter the 2 hunters and just back up and wait for them to come at you. Make them try to melee you wile you are on the bridge and if your lucky one will fall off. This is a different way to do it if you dont have the jetpack.
  • Mike PitchMike Pitch709,983
    08 Nov 2012 08 Nov 2012
    17 2 2
    What I did was take the Fuel Rod Cannon from the Elite I killed before this platform and used it against the Hunters when they are near the edge. 2 or 3 hits and they each fell right off the platform and Achievement Unlocked!
  • RhyoliticRhyolitic378,982
    17 Nov 2012 16 Nov 2012
    13 1 2
    For this, you don't even really need to try. When the Hunters show up (right after Cortana says you need to be in the Control Room yesterday), just wait on the platform that the Hunters aren't on. Allow the Hunters to see you and to fire at you. They will jostle between themselves by the edge of the platform. One will most likely push the other off the platform.

    I just did this (on Heroic) tonight without really needing to do anything.
  • SSCPSSCP797,787
    01 Nov 2012 06 Nov 2012 06 Nov 2012
    15 3 0
    Here we go again, Another level specific achievement - We need to trick one of the hunters to fall off the platform. All you need is for one of you ( If playing in co-op) to successfully make one fall off the platform and you will all get the achievement!

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  • SD Major TomSD Major Tom610,552
    18 Nov 2012 01 Dec 2012
    11 0 1
    This Achievement takes place on the 6th mission and can be done on any difficultly(Co-op or solo). You are required to make a Hunter fall of the cliff, there's a couple things you can try. The first is throwing at grenade at the hunters feet this sometimes causes them to jump backwards, which may lead to them falling of the cliff. The easiest way I found tho is to use the Jet-Pack and just keep hovering over the edge and eventually the hunter will try to charge at you and fall of the cliff. Hope this video helps you out and if you have any further questions feel free to ask.
    06 Nov 2012 09 Nov 2012
    11 1 0
    Make a hunter fall off the map. It helps to have jetpack while going for this but it isn't necessary. This can be done on any difficulty so I suggest going for it on easy for obvious reasons. Heres my video showing how to get this one.
  • GrimRetributi0nGrimRetributi0n265,782
    07 Nov 2012 07 Nov 2012
    14 4 0
    I have a much simpler way. Unfortunately I don’t have a video.

    When the hunters first drop down, one runs to the right hand side. All you need to do is throw a grenade at his feet. It blows up and he bounces off the edge. I found frag the most useful but plasma will also work.
  • Toslowguard6Toslowguard6301,158
    11 Nov 2012 12 Nov 2012
    10 1 0
    Here is my guide from my channel, Toslow Gaming. Load up Rally Point Delta, on Shutdown. Make your way all the way till you find two hunters. Yo want to either trick them off the edge or shoot them off. You get a fuel rod cannon form the Elite before them.
  • HiddenPrecisionHiddenPrecision861,855
    08 Nov 2012 09 Nov 2012
    11 3 0
    Towards the end of mission 6 you will come across 2 hunters before a gravity lift. Try to get them on the light bridge and charge at you. Its ok if you die at the same time they fall. You will still get the achievement like the video.
  • oG BloodRavenoG BloodRaven127,644
    18 Dec 2012 18 Dec 2012
    7 0 0
    Maybe its late at night or maybe I am just clumsy. But this achievement gave me hell. Half the time I would evade to late. The other half I would just walk off the edge trying to keep my eye on the hunter. Finally after a good 20 minutes I found a fairly simple way to combat my clumsiness. Stand as close to the edge as you feel safe. First time he comes at you dodge and unload on him with the fuel rod cannon (be sure to grab it earlier in the map) 3 to 5 shots and he is off the edge. I know there is about 12 other solutions. But I figured i would throw my 2 cents in as this was much easier for me to do.
    12 Oct 2013 12 Oct 2013
    5 0 0

    I actually found this method in one the previous solutions comments section. However I felt that it needed to stand out as a solution as it worked first time for me after trying for around half an hour.
    First and foremost, full credit goes to StoneAgeMachine as it was his comment. Simply lure the Hunter onto the Light bridge and toss a prometheon grenade onto it, this will cause the Hunter to jump sideways and viola, achievement popped!
  • ToxiicXDucky831ToxiicXDucky831303,797
    29 Mar 2013 01 Apr 2013
    4 0 0
    Here is my guide for Halo 4 All Achievements Walkthrough on Legendary Mode This guide shows all terminals and all level specific achievements. Hope this helps everyone.
  • VelvetPresleyVelvetPresley89,728
    10 Jan 2013 11 Jan 2013
    6 2 1
    I got this one totally by accident. I'd set up the gun turret armour equipment to harass the last hunter and apparently its little pew-pew gun was enough to knock it off!
  • SnezdoggSnezdogg93,277
    13 Aug 2013 14 Aug 2013
    3 0 0
    Just wanted to add my method on here as well which i found super easy.

    I was playing on normal alone and i had the Incineration Cannon from the last enemy of the previous area, all you should need is one shot.

    Grab the Fuel Rod Cannon from the Elite just before the Hunter platform and take one of them down. Then switch to the incineration cannon, one hit from this knocks them flying but doesnt kill them. It will however, kill you if you stand too close. Jostle with the hunter until he is fairly close to the edge and shoot him in the face. Achievement pop.
  • FuzzyWhiteLionFuzzyWhiteLion75,797
    07 Apr 2013 11 Apr 2013
    3 0 0
    1) Pick up a pulse grenade from one of the forerunner ammo bins earlier in the area
    2) Lure at least one of the hunters over to the explosive barrels on the same platform where they spawn
    3) throw a pulse grenade on the barrels
    4) watch the hunter(s) vault through the air in a giant explosion

    I did this once by accident, restarted and once again to confirm that pulse grenades + barrels = flying hunters. Or you can duel it out with them using a jet pack (much more fun but takes longer and may not be good for your health)
  • 7 6 0
    A lot easier than it sounds, make sure you have a jet pack when heading to the hunters at the end of the level, and keep both of them alive so you have two chances. Get them both into one corner and have them both charge at you while you are standing on the edge, and use your jet pack to fly up while they run at you. They should fall off the edge, and give you the achievement.
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