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Hanging on the Combat Deck

Win 20 War Games matchmaking matches.

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Achievement Guide for Hanging on the Combat Deck

  • Tomblyboo117Tomblyboo117171,097
    08 Nov 2012 08 Nov 2012 12 Nov 2012
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    To unlock this achievement, you must win 20 matches, the gametypes you can unlock this through are;

    Infinity slayer- Team gets 60 kills overall to win

    Big team infinity slayer- Team gets 100 kills overall to win

    Dominion- Capture 3 control points and eliminate enemies

    Regicide- Come in first, first place also has a bounty when killed

    Flood- Infection flood kills spartans, they turn to flood

    CTF- Capture the flag, capture 5 flags to win

    Oddball- Get the most score when holding the ball to win, team game

    KOTH- Get the most score as a team to win

    Team slayer pro- Standard 4v4 no radar 60 kills to win

    SWAT- One shot headshot, 60 kills to win

    You must join from the beginning or it won't count, but will add to your total, thanks General Joury for confirming this

    You must be first place in a free for all game as well

    Good luck- if you spot any holes in the guide either send me a PM or drop a comment below :)

    You can check wins at;

    Under war games: matchmaking
  • olanmillsolanmills110,624
    08 Nov 2012 12 Nov 2012
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    Tomblyboo117's guide is very useful for most players, but this guide is for those of you who don't really play multiplayer, or for those of you who do, but you really suck. (BTW, I'm not claiming to be any sort of expert)

    Stick to Big Team Infinity Slayer, Dominion, and less preferably, CTF. The team sizes for these playlists are 8v8, 6v6, and 5v5, respectively.

    The larger team sizes of these playlists means that your lack of skill won't be as big of a weight on the team, and you're bound to on the winning side every now and then. On the other playlists, even with the team games, your lack of skill will have a much more significant effect on your team's ability to win the match, which will make it harder for you to get the Achievement.

    In addition, because of the larger maps and team sizes, you can still help out your team without screwing up too much and contributing to the opponent's success.

    Hang back at your base and try to shoot opponents from afar with the Battle Rifle, DMR, or Light Rifle when you see those opponents engage your teammates. Even if you don't get many kills, it will still help out your teammates a lot, and it's good practice.

    In Dominion, you can hang either at your starting base, as described above, or hang out at the capturable base closest to your starting base (either Alpha or Charlie). You can construct turrets, try to fight off intruders, and recapture the base node if an opponent manages to initiate a capture. Again, try picking off guys from afar.

    One thing you should not do, is continually charge into battle every time you spawn and get killed over and over. Especially in Big Team Infinity Slayer, this will hurt your team a lot because the other team will get a lot of points and ordanance drops. Also, don't take vehicles and power weapons if you're terrible with them. If for example, you take the wraith (purple tank) and get blown up five seconds later, the other team will be able to wreak havoc with their wraith, and your team will be much worse off than if you let another teammate take it. The cost is more than just you dying. Your team needs vehicles and power weapons to match and outmatch the opponent's vehicles and power weapons, or else your team will quickly fall behind. If you're decent with certain vehicles and power weapons, take them, and practice with them, but remember, if you make it easy for the other team, you're going to be that much farther away from earning this Achievement.

    Now, you might be thinking that you could also join these big team games and just find a place to hide. That's true. Do that enough times, and you'll eventually get 20 wins, but honestly, that's no fun, and if you at least play some, you can practice and start to get better.

    The most important thing is to recognize when something is not working and to stop doing it; try something different. If you run out into the open and try to spray your gun at the first guy you see, and it gets you killed nine times out of ten, stop doing that! It obviously doesn't work and you're hurting your team. Playing more like a coward is good in the beginning. Let the better teammates do the Rambo, you stay at the edges of the fight and help out that way.
  • RecentRealityRecentReality224,183
    24 Dec 2012 24 Dec 2012
    5 2 0
    The easiest and most time efficient method for me was to play SWAT. Like Tomblyboo117 said in his descriptions for each type of game mode, SWAT is a one shot against your enemies if you shoot them in the head and the score goes up to only 600 instead of 1000.

    The only drawback is that it's only 4v4 on SWAT and so games may not be as fast-paced or intense as Big Team game modes. Since it's also easier to kill opponents on SWAT since shields are non-existent, it is also a bit easier to win a game in that aspect. I did run into a few SWAT games where I lost, albeit only by a few points.

    I recommend playing SWAT for this achievement because it doesn't take as much time as Big Team would, and it is also easier to kill people in this game mode. Happy hunting!
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