Dedicated to Crimson achievement in Halo 4

Dedicated to Crimson

Complete all chapters in any 5 episodes of Spartan Ops on any difficulty.

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How to unlock the Dedicated to Crimson achievement

  • ShiftaDebandShiftaDeband116,780
    03 Dec 2012 03 Dec 2012
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    Pretty self explanatory. Play Spartan Ops on any difficulty. You can do this solo or co-op, or a combination of the two.

    If, for whatever reason, the achievement doesn't unlock after the 5th mission, simply play an episode of Spartan Ops on ANY level, any difficulty, solo, and it should unlock.
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  • BlaZiNaNGeLxBlaZiNaNGeLx745,262
    14 Jan 2022 14 Jan 2022 16 Jan 2022
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    Not really a solution but a statement and general advice on how to go about unlocking this achievement AFTER the Jan, 13 Halo 4 online server closures.

    One thing to note is they erased my previous stat tracking and erased all played Spartan Ops Episodes/Missions. I have heard others experienced the same.

    I played all 25 original missions in order on casual in one sitting and that took 5-6 hours to do. I didn't want to play and stop due to the current glitch issues people are experiencing. I didn't want to risk not being able to obtain the achievement. It could go quicker depending on if your brain doesn't melt doing the same thing over and over on the same 3 maps for that amount of time.

    There is no specific detail run through method because on casual it's a breeze even solo just time consuming. Use the guns you have and occasionally restocking on ammo with the ammo crates laying around the map. Do grab power weapons for bigger enemies, use Ghost to smash into groups and it's unlimited blaster to mow enemies down.

    Originally I was going to do it on the Xbox 360 but it wouldn't let me join the Spartan Ops game or search for Spartan Ops Co-op. Testing it on the XONE backwards compatibility, it did allow me to play solo or in Co-op but no one was found during my attempt. Another thing to note about the cloud save, it took over 5 minutes for it to pull. Hopefully no one runs into issues with it. Maybe others can test Xbox 360 Spartan Ops but after completing on the XONE, I did not go back to check Xbox 360. I was just glad to be done with the grind.

    Good luck to all and fingers crossed glitches don't hold your completion back 👍
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    Cdw01Just attempted doing this in one sitting, as now required, and the servers shat out after I was 17 missions deep. Warning to anyone else. It's a very repetitive slog that might get abruptly cut short with all progress lost, given the state of the servers now.
    Posted by Cdw01 on 17 Jan at 06:13
    BlaZiNaNGeLxTotality I was in the same boat. I was 4 chapters away in the last episode before Jan 13th. The one run grind was for sure terribly grulling but had to do it because we can't take any chances with these glitches now.

    DigiMark that sounds terrible, sorry to hear that. Hopefully you can muster through the single sitting after just having gone through all that.

    Cdw01 yeah, the servers going down have really bugged this game out. Having the game glitch out on you 17 missions is terrible man. Hopefully the next run will be smooth for you.
    Posted by BlaZiNaNGeLx on 19 Jan at 19:10
    Donblairleone06I can confirm that the achievement still works. Was able to get it before anything bad happened. Did it in one sitting on easy if that helps out anyone.
    Posted by Donblairleone06 on 14 Jul at 04:40
  • TheSierra11705TheSierra11705184,082
    15 Oct 2021 14 Oct 2021 15 Oct 2021
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    Just adding a guide for anyone doing this before December 18, 2021. The achievement very well may be unobtainable after then.

    For this achievement, you need to play a total of 25 spartan ops missions across 5 episodes. I'm not certain if they have to be done consecutively, in order etc. Because of this I recommend you start at chapter 1 episode 1, and go from there, not skipping any missions. YOU CAN DO THIS ON EASY! Estimated time for completion on solo - easy - episode 1-5, was 6 hours.

    This is in no way a hard achievement, but it is very time consuming sadly :(
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    PompeyoGattusoHow do you know it's 25 missions? What's your source to that?
    Posted by PompeyoGattuso on 02 Jan at 14:19
    TheSierra11705PompeyoGattuso Every episode has 5 chapters, and there are 5 episodes for this cheevo.

    10 episodes total, but you only need 5.
    Posted by TheSierra11705 on 02 Jan at 19:09
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