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Roses vs Violets

Find one of the RvB Easter Eggs in Episodes 1 to 5 of Spartan Ops.

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Achievement Guide for Roses vs Violets

  • GD Great HealerGD Great Healer980,313
    05 Nov 2012 06 Nov 2012 05 Jan 2020
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    First up go to Spartan Ops and chose the first Episode (Departure) and the fifth Chapter (Core). You can put the difficult to easy just to get it faster but you can also gain the achievement on any other difficulty.

    Now play to the point where you need to push the first button in this mission. Now standing right in front of it, like you want to push it, go near the lower wall to your right and look down to the lava. There you should see a little box on a rock. You can't jump down so just shoot it. Because it's hard to see a photo will do better at this place :)

    A really big thanks to Carl Corny for showing me this thing!
    (Anybody in the game should get the achievement if just one shoot it. If you find any mistake pleas comment. I don't own the video.)
  • Neurotoxin35Neurotoxin35365,455
    07 Nov 2012 14 Nov 2012
    33 1 3
    Here is the solution for the Episode 2, Chapter 5 easter egg.

    Once the mission starts take the ramp on the left into the forest. On the left hand side you'll see a tree with glowing orbs. Next to that glowing tree is a radio, shoot it (just like episode 1).

    If done correctly you'll hear the RvB theme song.

    I've included the video guide from the RvB guys.
  • MunchingsMunchings86,317
    10 Jan 2013 20 Jan 2013 26 Feb 2013
    18 0 2
    There are 5 Easters Eggs in the first half of Season 1. Just finding one will earn you the achievement.
    They can be found on:
    Ep. 1 Ch. 5 Core
    Ep. 2 Ch. 5 Gagarin
    Ep. 3 Ch. 4 Shootout in Valhalla
    Ep. 4 Ch. 2 Rally Point
    Ep. 5 Ch. 5 Spartan Thorne

    5 more Easter Eggs can be found in the second half of Season 1.
    These can be found on:
    Ep. 6 Ch. 4 Search and Destroy
    Ep. 7 Ch. 3 Engine of Destruction
    Ep. 8 Ch. 2 Majestic Rescue
    Ep. 9 Ch. 5 The Hammer
    Ep. 10 Ch. 3 Seize the Power

    These videos from RoosterTeeth/AchievementHunter will show you the exact location of each Easter Egg
  • Maka91Maka911,050,602
    07 Nov 2012 07 Nov 2012 21 Mar 2013
    21 7 3
    The best place to get this achievement is on Episode 1, Chapter 5 of Spartan Ops. After the first major battle, you will reach the top of the structure near the first objective. At this point, follow the wall that lines this area, until you find a small break in the wall that you can look out of. If you jump on the ledge, and look down into the rocks, you will find a small chest sitting on the rocks. Shoot this chest with any weapon to hear the Red Vs. Blue sound and unlock the achievement. View the video for more information.
  • Glasgow GhostGlasgow Ghost185,064
    11 Nov 2012 13 Nov 2012
    8 2 0
    This can be achieved on any difficulty. Go on to Spartan Ops Episode 1 Chapter 5, clear the very first area of Covenant and follow the video guide.
  • OtakuPaulOtakuPaul929,822
    09 Nov 2012 15 Nov 2012
    7 2 1
    In my video i show you where a box is from red vs blue in spartan ops ep 1 chapter 5 for this achievement you must shoot the box for it to pop. my video does have commentary.
  • SycomaniaaSycomaniaa246,581
    08 Nov 2012 08 Nov 2012
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    I did this in about 2 minutes on Easy difficulty. Just go to Spartan Ops and select Mission 1 chapter 5 (CORE The Calldron). After you kill the first group of enemies you will come to a door which you need to push a button to open it. Don't push the button. Face the botton and then turn to the right and jump onto the railing. From here you can see a small box on a rock in the lava. Once you shoot it the achievement will unlock.
  • SSCPSSCP820,100
    06 Nov 2012 06 Nov 2012 06 Nov 2012
    13 9 0
    So myself and Plasma and put in countless hours searching all of the Spartan Missions and found how to get out of some of the maps and graphical glitches but thanks to a community member we have now found an easter egg. Enjoy!!

    For more Halo 4 guides please check out our playlist here
  • R3LAPZER3LAPZE138,961
    06 Nov 2012 06 Nov 2012 06 Nov 2012
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    In Spartan Ops Episode 1 Chapter 5 (Core) near the starting of the mission look over the bridge after killing all of the enemies and shoot the rooster teeth box!!!!!!!
  • Toslowguard6Toslowguard6306,701
    11 Nov 2012 11 Nov 2012
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    Here is my guide form my channel, Toslow Gaming. The only available RvB Easter egg is in Episode 1, Chapter 5. Right in the beginning where you kill enemies. Before you do the first objective, look over the cliff to see lava. By the lava, near a rock, is a box. Shoot it!
    06 Nov 2012 06 Nov 2012
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    Hey check out this video that I made to help with getting the Roses Vs. Violets achievement in Halo 4 "Spartan Ops". I hope this will help XD
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