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What Power Outage?

Complete Chapter 4, Episode 5 of Spartan Ops without losing a generator on Heroic or harder.

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    I did this achievement solo on heroic. It is easier solo than with a friend *IN MY OPINION*. Take a mantis at the very beginning. If you die in it, that's okay. You should spawn right near new ones and they keep respawning so you can use as many as you need to. For me, the generators didn't even go down that much. Be sure to activate the turrets also. The achievement should pop up once Roland starts to speak at the end of the final wave. If you have any questions, don't hesitate to comment below I will try to answer them as soon as possible.

    ALSO something to note. Not 100% sure about this but pretty sure. On solo, you can only use mantises while on co-op you can only use warthogs. Just thought I would mention it to people who are wondering.
  • MetroidkillahMetroidkillah145,131
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    First off, it's much, much easier to do this with multiple people. I suggest getting it this week (Dec 3-9), while Episode 5 is in Matchmaking.

    In the beginning of the mission, there are a couple Warthogs (Chain & Gauss). Take them and park them in front of the generators. There are also a couple more near the generators, so you can create a small blockade. Get into the gunner seats and shoot anything that moves.

    There are multiple waves of varying difficulty (including Hunters and Elite Officers), coming from both drop pods and Phantoms; but with a little teamwork, this achievement should not be a problem.
  • wrogwrog634,212
    03 Dec 2012 03 Dec 2012
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    It is a quite easy achievement to get when you play with 2 or 3 other people. Just remember to use Gauss Warthogs, activate turrets and kill enemies as soon as they jump out from the Phantoms/Pods. Check video.
  • Judge FishJudge Fish53,488
    04 Dec 2012 04 Dec 2012 05 Dec 2012
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    I did this solo on heroic and did not know about the achievement until it popped. I used the mantis on a raised area inbetween the two generators and just blasted away. I had to drop down a few times to grab another mantis from behind me when it started smoking heavily, switch on the turrets and deal with a couple of elites who got right up to the generators.
  • SparticusEpicusSparticusEpicus203,729
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    Just did this Solo on Legendary. Just utilize the fact there are 4 Mantis' on this level. 2 at the start and 2 right by the generators. I died once right at the beginning thanks to getting jumped by a grunt with a plasma pistol charge and 2 elites with fuel rods. Once you get to the generators just make sure you activate the turrets as soon as you can. It seemed like the multiple waves of elites and hunters pretty much ignored me most of the time and focused on the turrets and generators. The grunts were no issue because I could kill them before they got close enough to do anything. Just remember to jump out of your mantis once it's badly damaged and grab a new one.
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    04 Dec 2012 06 Dec 2012
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    For this achievement the Mantis and the Gauss hogs are your key tools. the generators are really close to each other and there's only so many places they can be attacked from, so just stay in between them and lay down all the fire you have. One of the most important things to remember is to keep your eyes peeled for hunters, and to grab their attention and just lay them out. This achievement is a lot easier than it sounds due to all the resources available. good luck!!
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    Some friends and I did it, we just parked a 2 warthogs in front of each generator, neither generator suffered any damage at all, when the guns come online just activate them as well, pretty easy achievement really
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