MP - World War II Victory Medal achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne

MP - World War II Victory Medal

Come in first place on every map in any game mode in ranked matches

MP - World War II Victory Medal0
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How to unlock the MP - World War II Victory Medal achievement

    02 Nov 2015 04 Nov 2015 21 Oct 2017
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    [UPDATE]OCTOBER 2017 - Fixes are still possible





    This achievement has known issues, that can potentitally cause it to become unobtainable for some. However, do not despair. All hope is NOT lost.

    #1 - IF you already know your achievement is glitched skip to #2 for potential fix.

    First off, go for this achievement first and try to unlock it at the same time with American Campaign Medal. At this point literally no one plays this game so you will need a boosting group of 4 xboxes / players as this is the minimum amount for a match to start. Work out who will go first, second, third, etc. in your group. Anyone who is not going first should have a secondary account setup ahead of time to use until it is there turn to go.

    When it is your turn to go, run through the 6 maps in Objective Airborne game mode. Select ranked matches and custom and input in the map you are going for. Complete the match ensuring the first placer gets flags 1 & 3 and co-caps flag 2 with teammate. This should take less than 2 minutes per map with load screens. Complete 2 rounds in this manner for your first win. DO NOT press the 'B' button upon match completion as many theories have this pegged as potentially one cause for unobtainability. Once timer counts down you will be back in menu screen. Repeat step and all players choose a new map under custom. Repeat until this player has all 6 wins in first place.

    #2 - IF you already know your achievement is glitched or it becomes glitched from boosting this part is for you.


    I'll try to help with this indefinitely, but I can't guarantee any specific cut off date at this time.


    So i've made a new best friend. They work for DICE. They helped me unlock my achievement on November 1st, 2015.

    This a for the Medal of Honor: Airborne "MP - World War II Victory Medal" Achievement.
    (Came in first place on every map in any game mode in ranked matches). This solution has been created if you have already "Glitched" the achievement and it has become unobtainable for you.

    With the help of a lone DICE Employee, working on their own time we looked into this achievement. In early November 2015, successful troubleshooting of this achievement occured. We discovered that some # X of 6 categories of the stats listed as Map A (i.e. Insert Map name) Highest Rank i.e. "MAP_AVA_BESTRANK" (Avalanche) had values from "1st" to "12th" (indicating the highest place you came in on this map match-leaderboard) instead contained values of "0th" place. We then solved how to unglitch all the "0th" places and this allowed them to revert to the previously attained "1st" places (or highest places previously attained) on any glitched map categories. Then once 1 map was played on ranked, and we obtained first place, it allowed the achievement to finally unlock. It is not 100% known what causes a stat to get glitched to "0th" place. Maybe it is quitting a match early or pressing the "B" button upon a match completion rather than letting the count down timer go, or it could just be issues with the patch that was released shortly after the game came out. They do not have access to the code and EA has given up on this game, so the chances are we will never really know and there will only ever be theories.

    Leaderboards can not be reset, but instead individual gamertag unglitching of the vital statistics can occur. As there is no way to know with 100% certainty that our process will not have adverse effects on other achievements, it is HIGHLY recommended that you complete ALL MP achievements prior to this unglitching in order to not make something else unobtainable. Although many gamers have "rolled the dice" so to speak and had no issues.

    ONLY Once you've gotten the other achievements completed, send me a message and request your stats to be unglitched. By sending this message you are acknowledging that we have no way of knowing if other achievements could become unobtainable due to our unglitching process. AGAIN - finish all the other achievements then message me requesting an unglitching. I'll forward groups of handful or so to the DICE contact and message you letting you know that you should be good to go. Once you're unglitched, you should only have to come in first place on any 1 map and the achievement should unlock (takes 5 minutes for 1 win). Many have reported that they did not even have to win the match and that they also did not use a secondary account and it still unlocked for them.

    STEP 1 - READ Solution Description ENTIRETY
    STEP 2 - PM Request that your stats be unglitched (PM: Example)
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    STEP 3 - READ AUTO Msg
    STEP 4 - REPLY to AUTO Msg
    STEP 5 - WAIT for 2nd AUTO Msg with Greenlight
    STEP 6 - READ Greenlight Directions
    STEP 7 - FOLLOW 2nd AUTO Msg Greenlight Directions
    STEP 8 - DONE

    When you are ready to PM me, your PM must contain somewhere in the body of your message.

    It shows me you have read and understood everything outlined.

    TROUBLESHOOTING (Section) / Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

    What happens if I don't reply to the auto msg in a timely manner?
    Essentially if a reply is not received to the first auto msg #1, then you will not be pooled to that queue and a second auto msg #1 will be sent once the next queue is up for processing. Further no replies will push you "down the ladder" so to speak and you will continue to receive auto msg #1 until you have replied correctly.

    What's the normal turn around time for this process?
    Currently pools are small and you should be queued in under one weeks time.

    I still haven't gotten my stats unglitched...what gives?!?
    If it has been longer than 1 week and you still have not received a PM with the heading "Airborne - Greenlight (Directions)" then one of the following has probablly occurred. 1) You did not follow rules listed above to obtain an unglitching 2) We are waiting for more gamertags to be ready in order to pool a larger group 3) Your request for an unglitching was hidden inside your random PM and most likely overlooked or 4) Your PM was not received for whatever reason. Re-start at STEP 1 to remedy.

    What do I do if my achievement re-glitches during my boosting session?
    In the event that it re-glitches (more common with -998 groups) a second or even third unglitching may be required for the achievement to unlock properly. Simply send a new PM request for an unglitching each time and you will likely get the achievement after 1 to 2 additional unglitchings. Attempt to play on the Map - "Destroyed Village" if you fall into this issue.

    What if I don't have a secondary / dummy account?
    Many have reported that they did not use a secondary account and even lost the first match of their boosting session and the achievement still unlocked post unglitching. In the event that yours does not when using your primary an additional unglitching may be required and when attempting to boost the second time, I suggest that you work it out with the group to allow you to "go first".

    Can your friend at DICE help with other games?
    They have now successfully helped with Battlefield: Bad Company 1 & Medal of Honor: Airborne. In the future, I may attempt to contact them regarding similarly coded glitched achievements. That is to say achievements that have a "glitched" counter issue and can be simply fixed with a +1 code segment to the category. Need for Speed: Carbon and Army of Two: The 40th Day are potential candidates. Any games / achievements that are unobtainable as the result of a server shutdown would be beyond the realm of realistic fixing.

    My [insert achievement name] achievement has also become glitched. Will this unglitching make other glitched achievements obtainable?
    As far as I know, no other achievements are legitimately unobtainable or glitchy. This process should only unglitch the specified glitched map ranking stats categories. Therefore no other achievements should be effected. However, as previously stated, we do not have access to the programming code. Therefore, I still highly encourage this unglitching only after you obtain all other achievements.

    I just got a PM saying "my soldier was not found". What does this mean?
    This means that we are unable to find you as having played the multiplayer for Medal of Honor: Airborne. This is either because you have not played the multiplayer or more commonly you have changed your gamertag since you played the multiplayer last. The system does not seem to automatically update with gamertag changes. In order to remedy this you will need to complete one match of ranked multiplayer for your new gamertag to be force recognized as having changed. Once you have played one match of ranked multiplayer, search in your inbox for the auto message "MUST READ…" and re-reply with the correct message. This should force a 2nd auto scan and subsequent 2nd "GREENLIGHT" auto message. However, IF you don't receive a 2nd "GREENLIGHT" auto message within 48 hours, send a PM and it will be looked into.

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    Burty JrThis man and his awesome friend at DICE are heroes, no question. Thank you so much for doing this still toast
    Posted by Burty Jr on 05 May 21 at 13:15
    Callsign ReconWe had randoms land in our matches. Dashboarding or closing the application while in the pre game lobby (not in game) didn't negatively affect the achievement or bug it out
    Posted by Callsign Recon on 17 Apr at 01:39
    a fat turkeyNot sure if this is still being done. Sent a message, but probably screwed something up writing it lol. Might eventually try running through a rotation again and see if anything works. Tried a few times in Objective Airborne and once through TDM.
    Posted by a fat turkey on 01 May at 13:09
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  • Mikhail KrauserMikhail KrauserThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    13 Jun 2012 13 Jun 2012
    29 3 28

    Alright, so it's obvious this achievement is glitchy, I got it last night (from the time I write this obviously) on June 13th 2012. Because there are so many variables to take into account, i'll explain what my situation was, how I got my achievement, then i'll go on to explain the additional details.

    READ THE ENTIRE GUIDE IF YOU'RE USING THIS TO GO THE SAME WAY I DID BEFORE DOING ANY BOOSTING. I will also add a summary of the boost at the end of the post.

    So to start off, I never played this game until tonight. I did have one achievement prior:

    Medal of Honor: AirborneGo Go Go!The Go Go Go! achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne worth 6 pointsGet pushed out of the plane in any mission

    Had a buddy come over and put it in to try it while I was doing something. But that's neither here nor there.

    Case in point, I never played online at all. So I updated the game, and got on for the session I joined. In the session, there was me, another guy, and another guy with two consoles (basically him and a dummy account... Obviously).I was up first to do mine. Here's what we did:

    1. We jumped on Ranked, Team Objective

    2. We did every map in reverse order (because of randoms playing on Remagen at the time. The order was:

    The Hunt*
    Destroyed Village

    *Look at ** at the bottom

    3. All we did was run the flags. Basically, my teammate would run to the middle-2 person flag, while I captured Flag 1, then I would meet him at Flag 2, then run to Flag 3 to capture. I did this on all the maps ensuring that the flag captures made me be in first place EVERY ROUND. I DID NOT get kills every round, only the couple maps I have starred. And I also did all 6 maps CONSECUTIVELY.

    WE DID NOT hit B at the end of the match or quit any matches. We just sat and waited for timers to run down.

    NOW, im going to explain some variables.

    ** These three maps, we had done the following achievements:

    Medal of Honor: AirborneMP - Pistol WhipThe MP - Pistol Whip achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne worth 38 pointsKill an enemy with a pistol melee attack

    Medal of Honor: AirborneMP - Paratrooper's BadgeThe MP - Paratrooper's Badge achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne worth 45 pointsKill an enemy with a melee kick

    Medal of Honor: AirborneMP - Human Flak GunThe MP - Human Flak Gun achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne worth 29 pointsKill an enemy player with a grenade while he is parachuting

    Medal of Honor: AirborneMP - Combat Infantryman BadgeThe MP - Combat Infantryman Badge achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne worth 40 pointsKill an enemy player while he is parachuting

    Medal of Honor: AirborneMP - Purple HeartThe MP - Purple Heart achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne worth 29 pointsRecover full health after being in verge of death state

    I still ensured I was in first place every round by adding a few kills to my count.

    Also, I believe it was on Neptune, NORMALLY the guy on the opposite team would kill my teammate once making sure the leaderboard was:

    1st: Mikhail Krauser
    2nd: Booster 1
    3rd: Booster 2
    4th: Booster 3


    During this Neptune match, I did see the leaderboard as

    1st: Mikhail Krauser
    2nd: Booster 1
    3rd: Booster 2
    3rd: Booster 3

    Because no one got points on the opposite team. So this happened once as far as I noticed.

    I also wanted to note that I popped these ALL AT THE SAME TIME which I think is necessary. So if you're hosting a boost session and someone hasen't started the online, LET THEM GO FIRST:

    Medal of Honor: AirborneMP - EAM Campaign MedalThe MP - EAM Campaign Medal achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne worth 141 pointsPlay every map at least once in a ranked match

    Medal of Honor: AirborneMP - American Campaign MedalThe MP - American Campaign Medal achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne worth 0 pointsBe on the winning team for every map in ranked matches

    Medal of Honor: AirborneMP - World War II Victory MedalThe MP - World War II Victory Medal achievement in Medal of Honor: Airborne worth 0 pointsCome in first place on every map in any game mode in ranked matches

    Once I popped these achievements, the other two boosters attempted this method (they had previously done some boosting or had some achievements for playing the maps) and neither unlocked it. Meaning this could prove my method that you need to assault these achievements all at once, or it could just be luck.


    I DID:
    Come 1st on all 6 maps
    Did all 6 maps back-to-back
    Start Fresh (meaning never played online)
    Do the kill/health achievements during two or three games
    Come 1st every round
    Captured all the flags without the enemy doing so
    Wait at the end of the match for the timer to end the game

    I DID NOT:
    Get kills every round
    Have a perfect leaderboard of 1st, 2nd, 3rd, 4th. Once had a tie for 3rd.
    Quit any matches

    This may still be luck based, or I may have found the way for new people to the game unlocking it. Regardless, don't be selfish if you're boosting a session, if one person has not done any online, LET THEM GO FIRST.

    I appreciate any comments anyone can give, if you vote negatively, please explain why. If you want to vote negatively because "This isn't a proper solution/exact way to fix this achievement" well too bad. This achievement is glitched, that's obvious, and so you have to get lucky. I explained how I unlocked it, and it's a higher chance than most guides i've seen for new people.
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    EthigyGreat solution. Jumped straight into the multiplayer, won each map while coming in first and popped all three achievements after the final map.
    Posted by Ethigy on 19 Feb 20 at 21:09
    Mikhail KrauserGood to hear!
    Posted by Mikhail Krauser on 20 Feb 20 at 01:33
    lethelerrorworked a charm thanks
    Posted by lethelerror on 05 May at 13:36
  • Holiday9357Holiday9357575,850
    19 May 2012 26 May 2012 13 May 2015
    14 1 4
    When my boosting group of 4 people ran through the maps for WWII Victory Medal, 3 out of the 4 of us unlocked the achievement. This is the process we followed:

    1. Only one person went at a time. I started on Remagen and went through the maps. I didn't do Avalanche because I had boosted many times on there before. However, the achievement didn't pop after doing the 5 other maps (though American and EAM did), so I did Avalanche once more and got my achievement.

    2. The second guy had never played the game before at all. We ran through all six maps and he got American and WWII at the same time.

    3. The third guy had boosted kills and objectives before, like me, and probably had only played on Avalanche. We went through all six maps and his achievement popped.

    4. The fourth guy had tried to get WWII Victory many times before. He had all other achievements except it. We still ran through all of the maps, hoping the fact that we all had it would help, but he did not unlock the achievement.

    So in theory, there are several factors that influence your chance of receiving this achievement.

    1. If you played the game before the update and received the American or EAM achievements, you probably won't get it. This means that you should try to get WWII Victory Medal at the same time as American and EAM.

    2. Try to boost WWII Victory Medal earlier rather than later. The three people who got it in our session had all started boosting the game in 2012 and had never touched the multiplayer previously. We also had only boosted kills and objectives previously, meaning we never played the game with randoms.

    3. When boosting the achievement, do each person’s six maps in a row.

    4. Do everyone’s turns in the same session, with no one leaving to go to the Xbox Dashboard. This may well tie into Shin Gatsurai’s theory that having other people with the achievement in your games increases the chance of it popping.

    5. For the actual winning of matches, you only need to capture all of the flags in Objective Airborne; no kills are required.

    I hope this helps some more of you get this very elusive achievement. If you have any questions, please PM me!
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    Holiday9357So, just to clarify, are you asking a question, or just saying something to say it?
    Posted by Holiday9357 on 02 Sep 12 at 00:13
    Holiday9357If there is an error associated with my solution, or if you have a problem with my solution, please let me know by commenting, rather than just downvoting!
    Posted by Holiday9357 on 27 Nov 12 at 02:17
    Homunculus FuryIf you are new to this game, when going for this achievement. I will assume you are boosting with a group of 4 people.

    most likely you are going to screw one of you out of the achievement.

    The reason being the only way to ensure you unlock this achievement is you have to unlock it at the same time as the American Victory medal.

    There is no way around this. The best way is to use a dummy account until it's your turn. Or make sure that you are not on the same team as your partner when they get their last win. Remember the name of the map and just replay with the partner that just won.

    This is only guaranteed for people who have either not finished all the other MP achievements or have not started this game yet.

    If you have unlocked all the MP achievements and not this one. I'm sorry but you are not guaranteed to unlock this. I don't think you will ever unlock it.
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 05 Nov 13 at 17:16
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