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Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty

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Captain Scarlett and her Pirate's Booty

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Treasure Hunter

Complete the mission "X Marks the Spot"

Treasure Hunter0
21 January 2020 - 1 guide

How to unlock the Treasure Hunter achievement

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    *NOTE: This solution contains spoilers about the DLC.
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    Start by purchasing the Borderlands 2 Season Pass (2400MSP/$30) or the Captain Scarlett and Her Pirate's Booty DLC. (800MSP/$10)
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    After the download finishes, find the nearest Fast Travel station and head off to "Oasis". An introductory cutscene will ensue promising new enemies, challenges, locations, and loot!

    This is a story related achievement and cannot be missed as you progress through this DLC. With that being said, here is all the additional info you could possibly need.
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    You will need to complete the first 8 story missions before the "X Marks the Spot" mission becomes available. These are:

    Chapter 1: A Warm Welcome
    Chapter 2: My Life for a Sandskiff
    Chapter 3: A Study in Scarlett
    Chapter 4: Two Easy Pieces
    Chapter 5: The Hermit
    Chapter 6: Crazy About You
    Chapter 7: Whoops
    Chapter 8: Let There Be Light

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    Upon accepting the mission "X Marks the Spot", you will be told to rendezvous with Scarlett. Naturally, that won't last long as Scarlett's long awaited betrayal finally comes to light. Defeat the baddies that Scarlett sends your way and then follow your objective back to Wurmwater. Continue toward your objective until you find yourself at The Leviathan's Lair (whether you like it or not). I don't want to say much more for fear of some serious spoilers, but needless to say, this is Borderlands and you will be ending this DLC by fighting a giant monster. As usual, aim for the glowy spots. The achievement will unlock when you turn in the mission to Shade at Oasis. Good luck!

    *HINT: Run across the dead monster to get to the secret loot room.
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    Wynnloss Is this meant for high level characters or is this doable by anyone?
    Posted by Wynnloss on 13 Nov 12 at 00:50
    MissFuchsiaFire I'm pretty sure it scales to the level of your character. Anyone wanna confirm or correct me on this? I was level 50 and on playthrough 2.5 when I did this so I'm not 100%.
    Posted by MissFuchsiaFire on 13 Nov 12 at 01:33
    Wynnloss It does scale. I started the DLC at level 20 and finished at level 24. The final boss was scaled to level 26.
    Posted by Wynnloss on 07 Mar 13 at 00:34
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