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King of the world

Achieve the maximum rank on Xbox LIVE.

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Achievement Guide for King of the world

  • MarzinhoMarzinhoThis gamer has had their achievements removed from the site
    02 Sep 2013 28 Oct 2014
    24 5 15
    Servers shutting down on 10/28/14

    The best way for boosting are Handicap 1 vs 3, just 2 players are required not three, the other slot are the A.I. The first player take CM Punk for the first slot and the second player take Big Show in the second slot
    ex: CM Punk vs Big Show, Mark Henry and Brock Lesnar
    The player controlling Big Show take a chair and strikes CM Punk, CM Punk win by discalification.
    The player who wins gets about 1750-1800xp
    This method take 15 second per game and steel cage take 1-2 min and 1200-1250 xp
    It's very long but the handicap match are more profitable than steel cage match.
    just have to be motivated toast
  • archangel162archangel162175,333
    07 Mar 2013 07 Mar 2013
    19 19 31
    Hey everyone am here to leave the most detailed and answered method and questions on everyone's mind when they play WWE'13 online for "King of the world" achievement.

    First things to know before boosting online the comparability of the people trying to boost:

    NOTE: First connection issue to be solved is going to Player Match and sending the other player a invite to a game and if the player can connect then you guys are set to boost but if the player cannot connect then it will be that one player has DLC the other doesn't.

    Note: If you cannot connect then its a DLC issue. Meaning DLC you download affects the connection between gamers. The only DLC you should both have is DLC pack 1. If the person has fan axcess then he will have to delete pack 2/3.(Note:sometimes it may be superstars as well that you download that has to be deleted) It is esstentail to keep DLC 1 because it has your online pass to play. Don't worry if you delete your DLC you can always re-download them.
    NOTE: One thing that happens when deleting your packs, i believe DLC pack 2, is that all your created content gets deleted as well.

    BOOSTING: I've heard alot of boosting methods like the steel cage method(waste of time and retatred if you do it) or royal rumble(it is the second helpful) but doing 3-on-1 Hanicap torando tag team is the BEST METHOD OUT THERE HANDS DOWN.

    -Start with CM Punk and Big Show
    -CM Punk in the one slot and Big Show in the three slots)Doesn't Matter which of those three slots)
    -Match starts CM Punk leaves ring from ropes behind him/Big Show as well/Punk runs around ring to announce table and by the time he arrives the Big Show should have gotten a steel chair and chair shot Punk for a DQ
    -CM Punk wins averaging 1740xp or if one person is a high tier and the other lower it will average to 2000+
    -Simple method takes only 10-15 seconds of match time for a good amount of xp, instead of doing a Steel cage match where you average 1,200 and a minute to do it. THESE OTHER METHODS BELOW ARE JUST DUMB AND A WASTE SO DON'T TRY IT #Dumbass

    Note: you can use different superstars in the one slot instead of CM Punk like Rey Mysterio but I wouldn't so just stick to CM Punk/Big Show

    The Royal Rumble method is a good one but the hassle of getting all 6 players to be in the game, plus I don't recemond to boost Royal Rumble without all slots being filled because then you just wasted time receiving xp and losing it to penalties. But on a average session of this it takes about 17 minutes and the winner about 10,000 where the losers average about 4,000-5,000.

    If boosting you should change the search settings so both players can find each other faster it helps when other people are online.
    NOTE: THIS GAME HAS ONE OF THE WORST SEVERS EVER SO THE BEST WAY TO BOOST IS IN THE EARLY MORNING OR LATE NIGHT : Don't bother boosting in the day it will be a complete waste of time, you will be there sitting down waiting just to get in the game.
    -----> In the day i average about 10 games an hour
    -----> In the early morning/late night i average 30 games an hour.

    It takes 1,162,500 xp to hit max rank, which is Hall of FAME (level 14)

    --->DON'T WORRY ABOUT BANNING EITHER THAT'S JUST A WAY TO SCARE YOU GUYS! I've been boosting like crazy and i know others who have too and no one has been banned so its alright.<---


    If this guide has helpful, like and if it was not helpful then leave a comment in ways it wasn't {Archangel162 Ranked 16th in TA leaderboards for King of the World achievement}
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