Colonel achievement in Call of Duty 3


Receive 20000 total points in ranked matches. (Multiplayer)

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How to unlock the Colonel achievement

  • FafhrddFafhrdd262,478
    12 Jun 2009 03 Mar 2010 04 Mar 2010
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    Since there was no achievement solution listed and I obtained this achievement I just wanted to post a solution for this one, the way I got it. There are some real nice one's listed under this achievement for your viewing pleasure:

    Call of Duty 3GeneralThe General achievement in Call of Duty 3 worth 798 pointsReceive 40000 total points in ranked matches.(Multiplayer)

    Of course to unlock this one you must obtain a total of 20,000 points in ranked matches. You can check your status by going to the Leaderboards inside the Multiplayer menu and looking at the global all-time standings.

    There are several methods on how to do this without boosting, which is still possible because there are still plenty of players on this game however doing this method will take a VERY long time.

    To reduce this time I will suggest boosting which will greatly reduce the time to get 20,000 and then 40,000 points that is required to unlock General.

    I hosted my own boosting match which I believe was VERY successful. We had a total of 24 boosters which unlocked over 80 MP achievements for COD3 including 14 people unlocking the General achievement.

    The most common boosting method is flag tossing, which is how we did it. You will need to start a RANKED CAPTURE THE FLAG (CTF) match. You need 8 people to start a match but can have up to 24 players in a single match. What seems to work out the best is between 8-10 people.

    The setup is quite simple, the teams are auto-balanced and randomly placed into two sides; Axis & Allies. One person from each side will be flag tossers and must travel the board to the other side and find the flag to the other team. The remaining team members are the flag returners and will huddle around their own flag. The elected flag tosser is not a very liked position since they WILL get less points and they will do the most work, however it is the most IMPORTANT job since the rest of the team relies on the flag tossers ability to get the points to them.


    To capture flag press X button. To toss the flag press the RIGHT TRIGGER. When you toss the flag make sure it lands near the middle of the enemies or behind them and it will immediately disappears back to the flag pole base if you did it right. If it lands on the floor it won't disappear, they don't get points, and you suck. Rinse and repeat as fast as possible. It is best to hold down right trigger to toss the flag as soon as you hit X. Also position yourself to have the flag pole to your back so you can hit X to get the flag faster. You'll get the hang of it.


    To catch the flag, huddle/prone/stand together near the flag but allow enough room for the thrower to be between you guys and the flag base/pole. If done right, everyone in the group will get between 2 and 10 points per catch (on a 4 on 4 only match). Once you get the group positioned correctly, stay together and try not to move. Re-adjust your position as required but try not to get too close to the flag pole. I've heard it's best to form a C cup shape for the flag to land in the middle. Hit the back button to check your progress.


    The game normally works that you will get one point per flag return and the tosser will get one point per flag pickup. This well designed game (ha) has a slight error, the lag that is typical in matches makes the scoring system think that you have returned multiple times the flag producing the effect of multiple returns which net you anywhere between 2-10 points per flag return, the amount of points depend on the amount of lag between you and the host.

    Whoever is in the area RIGHT next to the person returning the flag will score, so everyone on the team that is flag returning will get the points as long as they are in a tight group.

    If you picked up the keyword lag above you are on the right path. The more lag in the match the more points everyone will get. So the key is to have the HOST lag the match up. Without lag and with a good connection everyone in my match was getting around 350-600 points (most ppl got 400ish). With the exception of oversea players (more lag) was netting around 800ish points.

    When the host increases the lag he will also increase the points. You will want to lag out your network with UPLOADS (host needs to increase upload traffic). You can use MANY methods but I just used hotmail. You can upload 10 meg files and multiple files as well. I was composing 3 e-mails with two 10 meg files each, which lasted the whole match.

    After adding the lag I was seeing points in the range of 2,000 to 2,500+. The max points ever was the overseas players were getting 3k points and more (record was 3,200 points).

    Points will be different based on the quality of the hosts connection, quality of boosters connection, and the distance between them.

    A warning here. You don't want to lag too much, after you get to a certain point you will start dropping people. If someone gets dropped out they lose all the points (you have to finish a match before your points are added) and people tend to get upset. Your going to have to play around. I started dropping my overseas players when I started up my fourth upload.


    The host should ALWAYS be the flag tosser. Period. Why? The points are based on lag as explained above. The host has no lag so he will be getting one point per return so he might as well toss the flag and get one point that way someone else can get the 2-10 points.

    Use the Xbox Live Party Chat. It allows 8 people to chat so it's the perfect tool.

    Unless you have a well dedicated group of 8 people I suggest you have at least 10 people on your boosting group. That way if everyone shows up you all can still play but if a few log on late or don't show it will not ruin your night.

    If you have time and if your just setting there collecting points prefer everyone while your in the ranked match, this helps out a TON when finding boosters. If your the flag tosser just wait until the end of the match. Remember you can't prefer a person unless you played with them before.

    If someone from outside this group starts killing people or messing up the boosting match just give him negative feedback, this will help you avoid him while searching for future matches. You can also team kill him and keep on reviving him/her over and over again until they quit.

    There is NO reason to kill anyone. PERIOD (unless it's someone messing with your boost). Switch to your weakest weapon just in case you hit the wrong button and shoot someone.

    I know everyone starts to get bored after a few hours but try to keep goofing off down. Talking and joking are greatly encouraged but goofing off and killing people or not doing what your suppose to do just makes everything go longer and screws it up for everyone.

    COMMUNICATE - If you don't know people well enough talk in the third person, its very hard to see who is speaking unless your watching the party window and for the flag tossers it is not going to happen. Talking in the third person will help EVERYONE out allot.

    If it takes more then 10-15 minutes to start a match it is taking too long. I know it may sound harsh but waiting 10-20 minutes for just one person to find the group not only slows everyone down but you can cut the tension with a knife.

    The host is one flag tosser and for the other one TAKE turns. So what we did was going down the list of people making one person doing the flag tossing at least once. By everyone I mean it, it takes time to be a great tosser but as long as everyone understands that you should be okay.

    The best location to stand enough distance from the flags location where the flag tosser only has to take 1 step to toss it into the group of people and then take one step back to grab it again. STAND IN A GROUP AND LAY/KNEEL DOWN TO COVER MORE AREA. Try not to move all over the place, position is key so STAY close to the other people. Lag is also key, the more lag the less points, the less lag the less points you get.

    Note to the flag tossers, you do not have to look at the flag to grab it, just back up against it and you can hit X to grab it (make sure to HOLD DOWN the right-trigger button to TOSS it right when you pick up the flag with X).


    The primary goal is to get points however while boosting you can get the secondary achievements at the same time but you should only do this if THIS DOES NOT SCREW EVERYTHING UP. So here are the steps in getting the supplier and medic achievements:

    FIRST: Before the game starts let everyone know you want either the medic or supplier achievement. Communication is the key.

    MEDIC: STAY WITH YOUR TEAM getting the flag. Let the flag tosser know that you want the achievement. What the flag tosser will have to do is, in between tossing the flag, shoot someone (that is not getting a secondary achievement) and you revive him. Repeat. STAY CLOSE TO THE FLAG TOSSER (close enough to catch the flag).

    SUPPLIER: Have one or more of your team mates fire their weapons in the BACKGROUND UP HIGH (don't try to shoot anyone or see how close you can shoot someone, also use the PISTOL). Keep on supplying the person/people with ammo and your done.


    I hope someone can find some use out of this! It is a hard and time consuming achievement however your going to love it when this one pops... Keep it up and best of luck!

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    RisottoRageI hit 20000 but didn't get colonel. What gives?
    Posted by RisottoRage On 30 Jun 14 at 18:26
    IronInvoker47Yeah same here, didn't get it.
    Posted by IronInvoker47 On 16 May 16 at 15:59
    Dr MartyDidn't pop for me either until I reached 28000 points

    I was flag-boosting and everything unlocked on time up to the 8000 point achievement. After I reached about 15000 points, I switched from the X1 to the 360, because we lost one booster and I wanted to add a dummy account on the X1. At that point the CoD3 leaderboard must have lost track of my progress.
    When we started another boosting session the week after, the achievement popped right after the first round.
    Posted by Dr Marty On 19 Mar 18 at 03:13
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  • coinfrenzycoinfrenzy767,040
    01 Jan 2020 15 May 2020 15 May 2020
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    Hi there TA community.
    I’ve finally earned the infamous “General” achievement in Call Of Duty 3.
    05/08/20 😭
    I’ve met some really cool people while running sessions so I’m going to be doing it regularly now to help others and to meet other achievement hunters like me.
    I do have more xboxes I could use to help sessions go even longer as I’m currently using 4.
    So with that being said to anyone who is willing I’d gladly appreciate a donated copy once your journey is over to continue helping others with the many more xboxes I have.
    I do buy, sell, & trade video games. Hobbyist.
    You can find me on Instagram @coinfrenzygames

    I want to start off with 3 key things to think about when starting CTF boosting sessions. Let’s go 🤓

    1. YES!!!
    This game will absolutely dull your senses if you don’t turn off the volume. Please do so even if you’re a fearless warrior ready to listen to hours and hours of what sounds like a “demonic flag ritual”. Literally my mother’s words. I say this because some people in sessions will have it blaring through their mic and therefore punish everyone. As well don’t be scared to strike up a conversation about other games you may have with other boosters in the party / session. I’ve learned simply looking at each others games a lot of interesting conversations come up and other achievements are able to be worked on together after regular session. Again. Just network and be courteous :)

    2. THROWING!!!
    I “would” <—- notice what I did there?
    I “would” throw every round if it ever became an issue with someone while already having the achievement myself. Throwing should not be frowned on as much as it is.
    Is it tedious? Yes!
    Is it necessary? Yes as well!
    My sessions will consist of volunteer throwing or who is lowest on leaderboards. You can check by seeing who doesn’t have the lower point achievements on TA in the actual sessions. I know theoretically if everyone has the 20K achievement you wouldn’t be able to tell as everyone would only need general. Let’s not get into all that and just please be ready to volunteer. Again I will throw if necessary but people with a big heart for the achievement are greatly appreciated as I’m doing this to extend boosting sessions. I hope to have 6 Xboxes total soon so stay tuned. I might be open to letting them run if anyone else has more boxes or there’s at least 2 people that will throw to each other.

    I cannot stress enough how imperative it is to have a good C-Formation. Kind of like how they stand for an NBA foul shout.
    T = Thrower
    C = Catchers
    XXX = flag throw location
    If during any session anyone wants to break formation they will first be warned, then removed from current session if they continue and it seems necessary by party rule. Any second violation in future sessions will be again party rule to result in permanent session removal! It’s 1 thing to accidentally move your controller or try to get into a little better position. But standing in front of others on purpose, killing others, or trying to push others out of the way for better scoring is grounds for a violation warning and further penalty.

    Last but not least in time I will be editing these solutions to have info such as date I reach “x” rank on the leaderboards, physical game donation shoutouts, “currently @retrocarruthers” donated 2 digital copies to help me utilize 4 of my xboxes, and stuff of that nature.

    Call Of Duty 3 *Capture The Flag Boosting*

    Will be every Sat + Sun @ 12:00 NOON PST

    *Note per Sunday sessions!
    We will have 1-2 games at approximately 2 hours after session start to go for the Non point related achievements such as medic heals, ammo supply, & MVP etc...
    Those sessions will be in a different post so please don’t join here if you can’t boost CTF for these 2 scheduled hours.
    If you wish we will try to continue CTF boosting by rolling this session in to that one as some people will have to leave but some new boosters may arrive.

    Anyhow cheers and grind on!

    Session Time - 12:00 PST (sat+sun)
    Session Length - 2+ Hours (minimum 2)
    People Required - 8 (less if people double box)
    * I myself @coinfrenzy can quad box*
    *Second account is @sandyfatcheeks*
    I have 2 more.

    If session runs over the time and people are still interested in boosting further; I’m more than happy to continue quad boxing.
    If any others want to continue we can grind any and all of the 40,000! I’m up for that as well.
    I’m rank grinding at this point and making friends.

    As per the session we will be going for a minimum of 2 hours on both Saturday & Sunday 12:00 PST!
    Throwers will be on a volunteer basis or whoever has the least points on leaderboards. Again I’ll throw if necessary. I am “technically” getting points as well.......
    This is to be more fair to people who have been grinding this for quite some time already.
    Like me.... ;) lol
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