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Receive 40000 total points in ranked matches. (Multiplayer)

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How to unlock the General achievement

  • Mr FiddlerMr Fiddler441,342
    04 Jun 2009 18 Oct 2009
    150 5 37
    Flag boosting is by far the fastest way to earn points. It will only really work if everyone in the session is up for it so be prepared to quit and start up a new session if you cannot get universal agreement. You need a minimum of eight people (who should all be party chat together) to search for ranked capture the flag games at the same time.

    Once you have all found each other you will have to hope that you don't get any legitimate players join the lobby whilst the countdown is active. It might be worth one person in the party dropping into game chat to try and talk some of the non-party members into playing along.

    When the game starts you need all players to gather closely near their own flag (but not on the flag spot). Then one player from each team needs to go to the other teams flag to be the thrower. The thrower should stand almost exactly on the flag spot (perhaps with it a little behind them) such that they can pick up the flag and then immediately throw it forwards into the opposition group and it will reset. Try to find a position that requires you to do the minimum amount of movement when doing this to save time. Each time the thrower picks up the flag he will get 1 point and each time the group resets it they will get between 1-5 points each depending on connection quality.

    Keep doing this until the end of the match for between 500-1500 points. The thrower will generally earn less since they only ever get 1 point per cycle. Alternative the thrower each game to keep things fair.

    Note that when doing this you are quite vulnerable to legitimate players coming in and wiping everyone out. Remember that they are perfectly entitled to do this, it is really down to you to ensure you either don't start if you can't get agreement or leave early if things start going wrong.

    Here's a video that showing some flag boosting in action:

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    HaloGuy12Willing to do this! add me haloguy12
    Posted by HaloGuy12 on 21 Apr at 00:25
    Devil Warr1orHappy to do this any other mp achievements. Add me

    Devil Warr1or
    Posted by Devil Warr1or on 14 May at 18:45
    xBKellyIn need of 8k 20k and 40k. Message me on xbox. GT is xBKelly
    Posted by xBKelly on 21 May at 04:01
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  • JerkkhammerJerkkhammer455,981
    11 Sep 2009 27 May 2009 25 Jan 2011
    70 9 6
    If you are going to flag boost this achievement it helps tremendously to have the host create lag. Every flag caught will be worth more, sometimes MUCH more, if the host is lagging. Obiously don't do this unless everyone in the lobby is a booster so that nobody's game is disrupted.

    You can tell who's host simply by looking at the second player down in the lobby. If he appears in the 2nd position for multiple players, he's the host.

    It's easier to create significant lag via uploading as opposed to downloading. Go to gmail and upload a huge attachment (up to 25 MB), discard it and do it again. If that's not enough fire up hotmail and do the same thing, though the file size limit for hotmail is only 10 MB.

    For easier results go to a photo site like Kodak Gallery or whatnot and upload a huge amount of digital pictures. The upload should run for a decent amount of time, hopefully for the duration of the match. Just do it again for the next match.

    With the host creating lag the flag catchers will get 1000-2000 points per game. Only the host needs to create lag, though. Other players creating lag will have no effect.
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    I was thinking about doing this soon. My question is, if the host won't get the lag bonus points for tossing. Then would he get the extra points like the other players would when he is the one receiving the flag?
    Posted on 02 Feb 10 at 04:20
    JerkkhammerNo, the host will not receive any point bonus at all, regardless of lag, either throwing or receiving the flag. If you are the host your best bet for points is to throw the flag for that match. At least then you are guaranteed points each time you pick the flag up, whereas if you are "catching" sometime the flag will miss you and you'll get nothing for that flag.

    Just make sure the group you are boosting with mixes the host up, so that everyone has a chance of getting the big lag points.
    Posted by Jerkkhammer on 25 Jan 11 at 17:10
    JamPound32The best thing to use for lag is uploading videos to OneDrive, no file limit and it seems stable enough to not kick people.

    Also regarding the above I was both host and throwing and I got 900 points so if you can lag it properly the host can get decent points.
    Posted by JamPound32 on 25 Jul 15 at 22:06
  • Feend ReturnsFeend Returns660,850
    14 Dec 2010 15 Dec 2010 17 Dec 2010
    54 11 7
    I'd like to share some tips with you lovely people as this is the second time I bagged this achievement and there's a few things to note along with the above solutions.

    1. Have more than 8 people on your friend list that are boosting this. It's a necessity simply for the fact that you will need to work on this achievement constantly for a few hours a day for 10 or so days running. Having a mix-match squad online at most times will account for missing players on different continents, and its great to have a team ready to go quickly. This is actually not as hard as it sounds as approximately 3% of people you run into play this game legit, and most you run into will be down with boosting. Just simply send a message saying "Flag Boost" in the lobby, and they will let let you know.
    2. Check your NAT. If your NAT ain't open, correct it. This can affect if players can join each other in the CTF lobby, and it can extend the time you need to search for a game dramatically.
    3. Keep it 10 player minimum a game. The reason for this is that if there are more than 4 people around the flag, someone will lose out on points.
    4. Start up other peoples games if they are not boosting, then quit. As stated in the above solutions, the host is the second person down, and if your sure the guy is an anti-booster, start up his game, quit, then search again, and you should be anti-booster free.
    5. Take note of who isn't an anti-booster immediately and try to convert them / give them the "Treatment". The "Treatment", is where one person kills him, and someone else revives him, constantly. People will eventually get annoyed and leave.
    6. Punish those anti-boosters. There are some seriously sad, sad people that roam the lobbies of Call of Duty 3 looking to ruin your boosting sessions. These people are Bonafide Jerks, and they generally have a bio that clearly states "Modern Warfare is a load of crap, CoD 3 forever!!". You have every right to file a complaint against them and (hopefully) get them banned for a day or two, because if you have 9 people boosting, and 1 guy running around messing it up, then that's 1 guy affecting 9 other peoples game. Get him banned, people! Don't feel hard on yourself, about 4 people play this game legit anymore, and I think it's so ungrateful these guys hang around on here instead of playing the newer games that get made for us.
    7. When the host is creating lag, don't over do it. Have a few windows open, or if you have Fiber-Optic broadband, upload a torrent. You don't want to lag out the game.
    8. Install the game to your HDD. The game has a tendency to freeze up mid-game and mid-lobby so ripping it to the hard drive will reduce the risk of this happening.
    9. If your friends snag General before you, have them hang around as "ABP", the Anti-Boosting Police. Responsibilities include monitoring checkpoints when a randomer is running around the map, Giving the treatment, Flag throwing if needed, and just generally to keep the peace. There's nothing more intimidating for an anti-booster than to be set upon by your cohorts, as there ain't much he can really do that will affect them.
    10. *Don't be Racist*. It might seem like a good idea to massacre that one French kid on your team repeatedly, or to run over the Czech guy in a tank just because he wont understand when you say "Flag Boost", but hold on first. This achievement is sought after by Boosters from all over the globe, give them a second to show you their intentions, or let them catch on to what your doing.
    11. If you happen to have the easy job of sitting round the flag collecting those juicy points, Show some courtesy. DO NOT CONSTANTLY MOVE AROUND. Your position and stance have absolutely NO Bearing on the points you will acquire, that's all down to your connection to the host. Ideally, you should stand in a C shape in front of the flag thrower, and crouch just in case the thrower lets of a shot by accident.
    12. If your the flag thrower, then you need to perfect your skill to maximize your points per game. Look for the "Sweet Spot". There is a spot by the flag in which you don't have to move back and forth to grab it, you can simply hold the Right Trigger and tap the X button to grab it. Also, swap to your pistol, you can throw the flag much faster as opposed to having your shotgun out.

    I hope these tips will be helpful along the road to achieving General and the other rank-based achievements. Good Luck Guys!
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    Rheinadlerwow, could this solution be any more condescending?! "that one French kid" - really?! and you tell people not to be racist. i think you're the one who's racist, man. incredible...
    Posted by Rheinadler on 11 Jul 13 at 08:24
    Wow points 5 and 6 ....Are they for real ! Totally agree with Flosta....this guy is living in a dream land.
    Posted on 01 Aug 16 at 04:06
    HealttiFunny as hell, and informative too.
    Two thumbs up.
    Posted by Healtti on 03 Jan 17 at 00:51
  • coinfrenzycoinfrenzy380,293
    08 May 2020 15 May 2020 15 May 2020
    5 0 0 New


    Hi there TA community.
    I’ve finally earned the infamous “General” achievement in Call Of Duty 3.
    05/08/20 😭
    I’ve met some really cool people while running sessions so I’m going to be doing it regularly now to help others and to meet other achievement hunters like me.
    I do have more xboxes I could use to help sessions go even longer as I’m currently using 4.
    So with that being said to anyone who is willing I’d gladly appreciate a donated copy once your journey is over to continue helping others with the many more xboxes I have.
    I do buy, sell, & trade video games. Hobbyist.
    You can find me on Instagram @coinfrenzygames

    I want to start off with 3 key things to think about when starting CTF boosting sessions. Let’s go 🤓

    1. YES!!!
    This game will absolutely dull your senses if you don’t turn off the volume. Please do so even if you’re a fearless warrior ready to listen to hours and hours of what sounds like a “demonic flag ritual”. Literally my mother’s words. I say this because some people in sessions will have it blaring through their mic and therefore punish everyone. As well don’t be scared to strike up a conversation about other games you may have with other boosters in the party / session. I’ve learned simply looking at each others games a lot of interesting conversations come up and other achievements are able to be worked on together after regular session. Again. Just network and be courteous :)

    2. THROWING!!!
    I “would” <—- notice what I did there?
    I “would” throw every round if it ever became an issue with someone while already having the achievement myself. Throwing should not be frowned on as much as it is.
    Is it tedious? Yes!
    Is it necessary? Yes as well!
    My sessions will consist of volunteer throwing or who is lowest on leaderboards. You can check by seeing who doesn’t have the lower point achievements on TA in the actual sessions. I know theoretically if everyone has the 20K achievement you wouldn’t be able to tell as everyone would only need general. Let’s not get into all that and just please be ready to volunteer. Again I will throw if necessary but people with a big heart for the achievement are greatly appreciated as I’m doing this to extend boosting sessions. I hope to have 6 Xboxes total soon so stay tuned. I might be open to letting them run if anyone else has more boxes or there’s at least 2 people that will throw to each other.

    I cannot stress enough how imperative it is to have a good C-Formation. Kind of like how they stand for an NBA foul shout.
    T = Thrower
    C = Catchers
    XXX = flag throw location
    If during any session anyone wants to break formation they will first be warned, then removed from current session if they continue and it seems necessary by party rule. Any second violation in future sessions will be again party rule to result in permanent session removal! It’s 1 thing to accidentally move your controller or try to get into a little better position. But standing in front of others on purpose, killing others, or trying to push others out of the way for better scoring is grounds for a violation warning and further penalty.

    Last but not least in time I will be editing these solutions to have info such as date I reach “x” rank on the leaderboards, physical game donation shoutouts, “currently @retrocarruthers” donated 2 digital copies to help me utilize 4 of my xboxes, and stuff of that nature.

    Call Of Duty 3 *Capture The Flag Boosting*

    Will be every Sat + Sun @ 12:00 NOON PST

    *Note per Sunday sessions!
    We will have 1-2 games at approximately 2 hours after session start to go for the Non point related achievements such as medic heals, ammo supply, & MVP etc...
    Those sessions will be in a different post so please don’t join here if you can’t boost CTF for these 2 scheduled hours.
    If you wish we will try to continue CTF boosting by rolling this session in to that one as some people will have to leave but some new boosters may arrive.

    Anyhow cheers and grind on!

    Session Time - 12:00 PST (sat+sun)
    Session Length - 2+ Hours (minimum 2)
    People Required - 8 (less if people double box)
    * I myself @coinfrenzy can quad box*
    *Second account is @sandyfatcheeks*
    I have 2 more.

    If session runs over the time and people are still interested in boosting further; I’m more than happy to continue quad boxing.
    If any others want to continue we can grind any and all of the 40,000! I’m up for that as well.
    I’m rank grinding at this point and making friends.

    As per the session we will be going for a minimum of 2 hours on both Saturday & Sunday 12:00 PST!
    Throwers will be on a volunteer basis or whoever has the least points on leaderboards. Again I’ll throw if necessary. I am “technically” getting points as well.......
    This is to be more fair to people who have been grinding this for quite some time already.
    Like me.... ;) lol
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