General achievement in Call of Duty 3


Receive 40000 total points in ranked matches. (Multiplayer)

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How to unlock the General achievement

  • Mr FiddlerMr Fiddler464,128
    04 Jun 2009 18 Oct 2009
    174 5 53
    Flag boosting is by far the fastest way to earn points. It will only really work if everyone in the session is up for it so be prepared to quit and start up a new session if you cannot get universal agreement. You need a minimum of eight people (who should all be party chat together) to search for ranked capture the flag games at the same time.

    Once you have all found each other you will have to hope that you don't get any legitimate players join the lobby whilst the countdown is active. It might be worth one person in the party dropping into game chat to try and talk some of the non-party members into playing along.

    When the game starts you need all players to gather closely near their own flag (but not on the flag spot). Then one player from each team needs to go to the other teams flag to be the thrower. The thrower should stand almost exactly on the flag spot (perhaps with it a little behind them) such that they can pick up the flag and then immediately throw it forwards into the opposition group and it will reset. Try to find a position that requires you to do the minimum amount of movement when doing this to save time. Each time the thrower picks up the flag he will get 1 point and each time the group resets it they will get between 1-5 points each depending on connection quality.

    Keep doing this until the end of the match for between 500-1500 points. The thrower will generally earn less since they only ever get 1 point per cycle. Alternative the thrower each game to keep things fair.

    Note that when doing this you are quite vulnerable to legitimate players coming in and wiping everyone out. Remember that they are perfectly entitled to do this, it is really down to you to ensure you either don't start if you can't get agreement or leave early if things start going wrong.

    Here's a video that showing some flag boosting in action:

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    lowman90PLLeadboards down...
    Posted by lowman90PL on 17 Dec 21 at 20:25
    FTW IGotChukedLeaderboards for tons of Xbox 360 era games are down currently, i hope they get this fixed because i was at 24K point on this game and it would suck to lose it all, also Wolfenstein leaderboards are down.. What is happening???
    Posted by FTW IGotChuked on 19 Dec 21 at 06:06
    Sydnes95Msg me if you want to play
    Posted by Sydnes95 on 30 Dec 21 at 19:22
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  • JerkkhammerJerkkhammer504,409
    11 Sep 2009 27 May 2009 25 Jan 2011
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    If you are going to flag boost this achievement it helps tremendously to have the host create lag. Every flag caught will be worth more, sometimes MUCH more, if the host is lagging. Obiously don't do this unless everyone in the lobby is a booster so that nobody's game is disrupted.

    You can tell who's host simply by looking at the second player down in the lobby. If he appears in the 2nd position for multiple players, he's the host.

    It's easier to create significant lag via uploading as opposed to downloading. Go to gmail and upload a huge attachment (up to 25 MB), discard it and do it again. If that's not enough fire up hotmail and do the same thing, though the file size limit for hotmail is only 10 MB.

    For easier results go to a photo site like Kodak Gallery or whatnot and upload a huge amount of digital pictures. The upload should run for a decent amount of time, hopefully for the duration of the match. Just do it again for the next match.

    With the host creating lag the flag catchers will get 1000-2000 points per game. Only the host needs to create lag, though. Other players creating lag will have no effect.
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    JamPound32The best thing to use for lag is uploading videos to OneDrive, no file limit and it seems stable enough to not kick people.

    Also regarding the above I was both host and throwing and I got 900 points so if you can lag it properly the host can get decent points.
    Posted by JamPound32 on 25 Jul 15 at 22:06
    mi2good4ugot this done in 12 hours with the host creating enough lag. was netting over 2000 points per match!!!
    Posted by mi2good4u on 31 Aug 20 at 05:49
    EthigyUploading on a hotspot is the way to go!
    Posted by Ethigy on 19 Jul 21 at 22:31
  • I MFC I TiagoxI MFC I Tiagox181,541
    06 Oct 2009 07 Oct 2009
    54 8 0
    Find at least 8 partners and go to ranked match - custom match - capture the flag. Keep trying until all boosters are in the lobby and avoid people you aren't sure if boosting -- one person can disrupt the boosting for the whole group.

    Before starting the match, note who is the host of the match. The host is the second gamertag in the lobby list.

    Once in the game, have one person from each team go to the other team's flag, capture it and drop it close to the enemy players who should be crouching or prone close to the flag.

    Now that the boosting is going fine, have the host upload a big file to the internet. This will kill the host's upload bandwidth and cause a lot of lag in the match. The lag will trigger a bug that will cause each flag rescue to count multiple times. With this method you can get as much as 10 points per flag, averaging 2000 points per match.
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