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30 January 2013 - 4 guides

Achievement Guide for Instant Millionaire!

  • bigdaddy1622bigdaddy1622704,254
    20 Oct 2012 20 Oct 2012
    19 2 38
    This achievement is more luck based than anything, but if you get the million dollar on your spin, you first have to get the letter correct to pick up the prize, solve the puzzle without getting bankrupt, and for the remaining rounds you should do one spin and than keep guessing to use up your turns. As long as you didn't hit a bankrupt on one of your few spins til the bonus round you will still have the prize. Now the real luck part to this is that you have to get the prize from your spin for the bonus round. This is more to help you when you get it to keep it til the end, after that it is just luck of the draw with your spin and than getting your bonus game correct. Good Luck to everyone trying!!!
  • TwobbyTwobby582,108
    22 Jan 2014 22 Jan 2014
    13 1 0
    1. Start a single player game in the main menu by disabling AI opponents. In order to win this achievement you have to land on the 1 Million Dollar spot between two Bankrupt tiles, guess a letter right, then proceed to solve the puzzle, and not hit a Bankrupt in that round or any other round once you obtain the 1 Million tile. You have three rounds to do this. The first two and the last two (not counting the bonus round) don't have the 1 Million tile.

    2. Before landing on the million tile you should do your best to try to figure out the puzzle. Once you have it figured out get down to one consonant and intentionally guess wrong until you have one attempt left then you can solve. This will allow you to have more chances to hit the million. Once you get the million tile solve the puzzle as soon as possible.

    3. There is a way to guide the wheel where you want to go by knowing where the million tile is and knowing how to use the power bar. Looking at the wheel (when you are powering your spin), if you are directly on the million spot and you land the power directly in the middle, you should land on the same spot again or very close to it. If the million is to the right of center on the wheel, you want the power to be left of center on the power bar. If the million is to the left of center on the wheel, you want the power to be right of center on the power bar. This doesn't always work as the wheel will sometimes just go off to a random tile, but a great majority of the time it will work. I also found it works easiest on Round 2 aka the Mystery Round.

    4. Once you hit the million tile, you need to guess a letter correctly, solve the puzzle, and not hit a bankrupt. Use the link at the bottom for a big list of puzzle answers to minimize the amount of spins that you could potentially hit a bankrupt. It's not a complete list but it is extensive.

    5. Every round after you get the million tile, take one spin, guess a common letter (RSTLN) and then attempt to solve the puzzle and fail. Keep repeating solve and fail, because if you hit a Bankrupt you will lose the tile and will have to restart the game. You will fail the puzzle and move on to the next one. On that one spin you have to take use the guide for spinning the wheel I wrote above only this time doing the opposite so you avoid your target (the bankrupt tiles).

    6. Now you're at the bonus round and you have to pick the million tile. The only problem is it's completely random. Use this list to try to solve the puzzle and this site will help you figure out single words You can pause the game using the start button to look at the list. Once you solve the puzzle if you selected the million tile you will unlock the achievement.

    Good luck
  • acedawg4acedawg41,503,674
    05 Nov 2012
    16 9 3
    Fastest way to do this is with 2 controllers. You can keep spinning with your main account until you land on the spot (Usually the 1 million prize is in the 1st or 3rd puzzle, but it is random).
    If you dont just try to solve puzzle which will skip your turn to the 2nd player. Have the 2nd player do the same. This way you get more chances of spinning.
    Also once your main account lands on it and gets a letter correctly, have your second account try to figure most of the puzzle out until you know what the answer is and skip over to the main account to solve!!!
    It will still take a few tries to get it done, but you will have lots more odds of getting it done this way.
  • SmebesSmebes645,820
    02 Sep 2016 18 Oct 2016
    0 1 0
    luck based achievement I've managed to get it twice after 30 games won make sure once u obtain the million edge to let the second controller do all the work then swoop in with player 1 to solve and carry it with u to the bonus round
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