Artful Dodger achievement in Nike+ Kinect Training

Artful Dodger

Survive for 20 seconds in sudden death in a Dodgeball challenge

Artful Dodger+0.1
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How to unlock the Artful Dodger achievement

  • litepinklitepink295,366
    18 Aug 2013 20 Aug 2013
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    This game doesn’t have too many workarounds or tricks, but I figured out one for this achievement.

    You’ll want to select the Dodgeball game from the Challenges menu. Sometimes Dodgeball shows up during a regular drill session, but it’s a shortened version without overtime so it’ll do you no good.

    For the initial 60 seconds your performance does not matter. Without about 2-3 seconds left in the routine you’re going to want to get in position for this trick. What you’re going to do is move all the way left or all the way right, so that your outline is completely missing from the screen. Don’t stray too far, just enough so that your blue outline is gone.

    Now you won’t be able to stay off screen the whole time: the game will stop the challenge after about 3-5 seconds. What you can do then, is wait for a ball too pass, and then shuffle on screen so your outline shows up again. Once you see your body, quickly shuffle back out of view, and wait for another dodgeball or dodgeballs to pass by. Keep entering and exiting the field of view until you are sure you have gone the extra 20 seconds. I wouldn’t stay off screen for more than one round of balls so that the game doesn’t stop you.

    The achievement unlocks once the challenge is over and not during it. This is something I didn’t know at first so I went well over an extra minute in sudden death with no problem. Once you understand the trick you should have little issue obtaining this achievement.

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    RengraveI got this achievement last night using a similar method. I just moved from one side of the playing area to the other. I didn't completely leave the field each time. It turned out I didn't need to. The dodgeballs come in volleys, and they target your current position. So I would hang out on the left line, and just before balls "launched" at me, I just shuffled over to the right line. Then back again. It took a couple tries to get the timing right, but once you have the timing, you are just shuffling from left to right and the dodgeballs keep launching at your last position with little chance of actually hitting you. I had already done my regular session for the day, so I was already pretty tired, but this side-to-side shuffle is very low impact once you have the timing down.

    Thumbs up, litepink!
    Posted by Rengrave on 08 Jul 14 at 18:05
    xTCxThis doesn't work for me : (

    Luckily I got it legit but I still need the one for not getting hit in the Main event
    Posted by xTCx on 26 Jun 17 at 06:32
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  • X QuisUtDeus XX QuisUtDeus X86,544
    31 Dec 2012 04 Jan 2013
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    Go to "personal training", "challenges", "dodgeball", and start the drill. You can skip the warm-up drills if you want to without it affecting the achievement.

    For this one, like the other "sudden death" achievements, it DOES NOT matter how well you do while the timer is counting down. Conserve your energy while doing the timed part of the drill.

    When the trainer says "get ready for sudden death", prepare yourself. Keep moving side-to-side on the line, and watch out for the red "bulls-eyes" on the wall behind your character. That will give you a head-up of where the ball is going to hit. There is no real trick to this one. Keep moving, duck, jump, and most importantly, don't get hit by a dodgeball!

    Key Points:
    1) keep moving as much as possible. This helps you "stay on your toes" and you will dodge some balls inadvertently just by doing so.
    2) move AS SOON AS you see the red bulls-eye on the wall behind your character
    3) save some of your energy during the timed portion of the drill so you can keep going when it sudden death

    You just need to keep moving and not get hit by a dodgeball 20 seconds after entering sudden death. The achievement will pop after a ball hits you and the drill ends (as long as you stayed alive for more than 20 seconds in sudden death).
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