Heaven or Hell achievement in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

Heaven or Hell

[Arcade] Complete in difficulty level MANIAC (with any character)

Heaven or Hell0
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How to unlock the Heaven or Hell achievement

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    Warning!: You cannot let time run out, so when it comes to I-No you cannot use the keep away method, it is best to set your time to infinity so this isn't a wasted run.

    Anyways, you fight through 10 stages, the first 9 stages are easy enough. You can use Instant Kills which will take a lot of the difficulty away. To do an Instant Kill you have to input this (its the same input for most characters, Dizzy and May have different ones though).

    P + K + S + HS > 236236HS

    This can be done as soon as possible. I recommend using Justice, to unlock Justice, you must complete her Story Mode.

    Then when it comes to the I-No fight, its easy enough, but you cannot use Instant Kills, her worst attacks are the ones she does at certain points of her health, you can get lucky with these where she does the easily avoid one. There is three types, one where she covers the screen, it is best just to block here. One where there is a opening in the middle, when it starts you have to start walking slowly towards her. I found it easier just to block this one too but if she does three of these on you, its impossible to win that way. Then there is the easiest to dodge one which at the far side there is a opening, just go there and crouch and it shouldn't hit you at all.

    Very rarely, she'll change the pattern before she unleashes the move so be prepared to move just in case.

    You can change characters during this and the achievement should still unlock, you can use as many continues as you want.
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    VixyNyanHm I already unlocked the achievement before reading this, and I did it with Infinity time and with Sol Badguy. :3
    Posted by VixyNyan on 24 Oct 12 at 15:37
    NeoStrayCatI did the same, Time Outs do not count, so it either has to be set at 99 sec. or Infinite. With 1 round set.
    Posted by NeoStrayCat on 24 Oct 12 at 21:55
    EdgeZephyrIt's actually much better to dodge the screen filling Megalomania than to block it. Just stand right in her face. As soon as she's about to fire (there's a slight flash in her animation I believe), jump straight up and then use your double jump as you're coming down. You should dodge the shot with little issue. (Note that this is significantly harder with Order Sol, since he has a lower jump height than other characters)
    Posted by EdgeZephyr on 25 Oct 12 at 16:46
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