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Die Hard479 (25)

[Survival] Complete Classic Survival.

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Posted on 24 November 12 at 10:02, Edited on 10 December 12 at 20:05
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Well, this has to be the hardest achievement I have ever seen, in any game.

And... I finally got this one! So, here was my secret: I used Justice, and I abused the pause button. Previously this solution had tips on beating it with Potemkin, which is still a valid legit strategy, since the computer has no idea what to do against Slide Head. However, that's still too reliant on luck. Being a dirty cheater and pausing the game constantly is much more reliable, and Justice is perfect for it. So one quick edit later, and here's how to use Justice:

On a grounded opponent, for a combo do some variation of close Slash, far Slash (let it hit four times), 5H, 2D, then 421 S. As you release that final fireball, hold down the Punch button. When it creeps near the opponent as they wake up, release Punch. Now run in behind the explosion and combo them again. Quite often the computer will try to jump over the fireball, but they won't make it out of range. In that case, as they're stuck in the air, just run up and do close Slash and jump cancel it into an air combo. Even if they're blocking the fireball in the air, they often fail to FD the Slash.

For an air combo, Justice basically should just do Slash (2 hits), Hard Slash, and then Dust. And then jump cancel and do those three buttons again. And then jump cancel again. Justice has two double jumps and three air dashes, so she can keep it going for a long time. If you get the opponent into the corner, or are out of double jumps but still have an air dash left, then just cancel the jumping Dust into air dash, H, D, air dash, H, D, so on until you're out of dashes. In general, just use your eye during the combo to see how far away the opponent is, and what moves you should do.

For some excellent damage, run right up to the opponent and do her giant sword super, 632146H. The computer hates blocking this for some reason, and never correctly FD blocks it if they're in the air. Knocking the computer down, running over their body, and then doing this move on their wake-up is hilariously effectively. It rarely ever fails to work. If they get hit for a Counter Hit, you can combo 6H, and then jump cancel the second hit and go into an air combo. This combo also has a good chance of instantly stunning the opponent. If it's not a Counter Hit hit, the 6H may or may not combo, so you might be better off just jumping immediately after the super and hitting Slash. Practice, practice.

Now the beautiful part of using Justice is that she does a lot of stun damage on every hit. Her sword super in particular does a ton of stun, and I'm pretty sure that close standing Slash does extra stun damage too. And just in general, since her air combos go on for so long, they will also add a good amount of stun. When fighting Gold characters, it's very common for them to get stunned long before they run out of health. In which case, stop comboing them, let them hit the ground, and activate IK Mode. As soon as they wake up, do the Instant Kill. Justice's IK zooms across the screen, so it'll hit from pretty much anywhere. I end up Instant Killing almost every Gold character, which is awesome. It doesn't matter how much health they have, because as soon as they get their first stun, you win.

Otherwise, when not fighting a boss character, I just try to build 50 meter and then hit them with the rotating beam super. 641236S. This builds about 15 to 20 levels each time it's used, and it's excellent for quickly getting to the next daredevil. If you do it slightly after the opponent's wake-up, they will also fail to block it a lot. Not as often as the other super, but still a lot.

So, the other part of my strategy: The Pause button. Use it and abuse it. The computer likes to read your moves, so return the favor. If the computer is on the offense, just pause repeatedly and see what they're doing. Your defense will be unstoppable. Wait for them to do something unsafe, and then punish it.

Also, some characters don't really do unsafe moves, but here are some good chances to turn around the pause defense into some offense. The simplest way is to throw your opponent. If they are right next to you during the pause, and not doing anything (or just running), just hold Back, unpause, and immediately hit H. Nothing is faster than a throw. It's also great if the opponent is landing from a jump right next to you. And Justice can also combo off her throw, easily. Other than that, you can also wait until your opponent is in the air, and try to anti-air them with close standing S, or 6P. This can be much riskier than waiting for a throw, though.

And in general, it's better to be really cautious when on defense. Pause frequently, and make SURE you won't get countered if you press something. Like, if you're not sure if a move is punishable, just don't try. It's better to be safe then to die in one combo.

And you know what, who wants strategies for each boss? Why not! Here goes (in order):

Shadow Anji: He's very easy. He hates doing reversals, and hardly ever uses supers. One really good time to throw punish him is after his stomp move, either version.

Shadow Venom: He also will not do wake-up reversals. At a distance he likes to stand around and set up balls. If you also back up and do the 421S (hold P) fireball, it will actually chew through any of his own balls if he shoots them. So just throw the fireball, wait for it to slowly creep in on him, and then run up behind it.

Shadow Faust: He might do reversal supers, but not too often, so it's not a big concern. He also likes to blow himself up, so if you wait long enough he'll make his own openings for you. It's very nice of him.

Shadow Baiken: Also doesn't do reversal supers much. Since this is EX Baiken, she doesn't have the usual Guard Cancel counters. You can just go in on her relatively worry-free.

Shadow Bridget: Again won't use reversal supers, so again very easy. Though she does have a super grab, so be a little careful when on defense. She doesn't use it often, though.

Shadow Potemkin: He will reversal a lot. And with Judge Gauntlet, oddly, instead of his real supers. It's very annoying. A good idea is to back up, release Justice's fireball, watch Potemkin cower in fear from full screen as it slowly approaches, and then run up behind it as it's about to hit.

Shadow Ky: This man LOVES his supers. He can be dangerous if he gets spammy about it, but overall you should be fine if you are cautious. He also has a few special move overheads, which are excellent times to punish him after you block them.

Shadow Testament: Also loves random supers. Just hope he doesn't do it too much, and you should be okay. Still slightly dangerous though.

Shadow Millia: Rarely does reversal supers, and has really low health. Not much of a problem, though it can be annoying when she starts running around. She also seems to like to do 2K, 2S, command roll as a blockstring, which is an excellent time to throw her.

Shadow Zappa: Won't reversal super that much, but might do the cage summon special move. But that's weak, so whatever. Just in general he's pretty annoying though since he's so small.

Shadow Chipp: Won't reversal super, and bad health also. He also likes to spaz out during the fight, jumping and teleporting constantly, so be patient. Though if he teleports above you, that could be an excellent chance to anti-air him into a combo. His EX super is also unblockable, which is slightly dangerous if you're being defensive. He doesn't use it too much, though.

Shadow Eddie: Another big fan of the random reversal super. He'll do the EX Eddie Car one, which doesn't do much damage itself, but again he might get spammy with it. If he's flying he'll probably do the ground teleport and pop-up attack. Just wait for it and punish him good.

Shadow Axl: Very rarely does reversal supers, and pretty easy overall. If he's getting annoying with the pokes, then just back up full screen, out of his range, and release the fireball.

Shadow Slayer: Very rarely does reversal supers. He can do high damage though, and he's hard to predict, so he can be slightly dangerous. He's definitely a good candidate for waiting if you're not sure you can actually punish something.

Shadow Jam: Very rarely does reversal supers, and they barely hurt anyway. Be careful of her EX command throw, though.

Shadow May: Very rarely does reversal supers, but if so it'll be the whale. She's not too hard, but can get annoying if she spams the flying anchor move.

Shadow Johnny: Rarely does reversal supers, though if you do block one don't try to punish him. It's a trick.

Shadow Dizzy: Loves random supers, and loves doing her counter super. She's pretty dangerous overall, so be careful. Luckily her health is low. And don't be afraid to wait out her summon if you have to.

Shadow Robo-Ky: Unlimited meter means his special moves are always full-powered, which can very bad, especially if he spams missiles. He's also fairly fond of reversal supers. Also, be careful of him sneaking in for a command throw. Slightly dangerous fight.

Shadow I-No: Absolutely loves supers. Both her EX ground one on wake-up, and her air one when she feels like move-reading. The air one is also plus on block. She dies fast though and isn't too bad, but she can pull off some amazingly strong combos sometimes. Oh yeah, and if she randomly does her air straight-forward head drilling move, wait for her to land and punish it for free.

Shadow Order Sol: He loves to run around and spaz out with special moves, and he can also reversal punch super you. When fighting either Sol, I actually find it best to just go full-defense. Luckily, he will randomly throw out unsafe moves a lot, such as his uppercut. Patience is the key. Also, be careful because he does like to throw.

Shadow Sol: Even more spazzy than the previous Sol, and still with the occasional reversal super. Just like the Sol above, it's a pretty good idea to just wait for him to do something stupid like an uppercut.

Shadow A.B.A: Never does reversal supers, and she's pretty slow too. Fairly easy overall. Just remember that her moves work differently from regular A.B.A. She has two overheads that have the same animation as mids from the regular version. Very annoying.

Shadow Kliff: He has two excellent supers, that he will use occasionally. His health is extremely bad, though. Just be careful when he's in the air, because he can change his momentum with many moves, and he'll often trick you and pretend to be vulnerable. He's pretty dangerous overall.

Shadow Justice: Surprisingly easy. She's easy to combo, and rarely will do reversal supers. If she randomly breaks out a Gamma Ray, just super jump and then air dash once or twice to get behind her.

Now for levels 500 to 620, it's all Shadow characters as random enemies. They will randomly be either EX or regular. The above strategies are still true, though the non-EX ones might be a little nicer if they have worse supers. Just in general, I tend to grind for levels during this part. However, if I see the following characters I will kill them ASAP (can't trust them): Testament, Dizzy, Robo-Ky, I-No, Kliff. I will also immediately kill these ones if I feel like they're acting up: Potemkin, Ky, Eddie, Sol, Order Sol, Justice.

Just in general, the Gold characters behave similarly to the above Shadow ones, unless noted. Some are actually a bit easier, since most of them DON'T have infinite meter. You can look at their meter to get an indication of how dangerous they are at the moment. Sometimes they even like to drain their own meter by mashing on FD or Slashback. Also keep in mind that if I say that someone has low health or normal health, maybe it's actually normal health or slightly above average health. But compared to other Gold people it's low, and you'll definitely see a nice chuck of their life go whenever you hit them. Though keep in mind that you'll probably be Instant Killing most of these characters anyway, so don't worry if they have more health remaining than you do. One good counter hit combo, and you'll win no matter what.

Gold Anji: He still will not do reversal supers, and ultimately will do nothing but lie there and die. Poor Anji.

Gold Venom: He's still bad at defense, and will never reversal super. His health is absurdly high though, so he'll probably end up getting IK-ed. And if you need to get some momentum, just remember to back up and release the fireball.

Gold Faust: He does have infinite meter, which is always a concern. He doesn't random super too often, but if he does, it'll be the scalpel one, and it'll take off a ton of your health. Also know that if he throws any item, it will always be a meteor. Get ready to block!

Gold Baiken: Still won't reversal super, so ultimately she's still pretty easy. She can guard cancel now, but at this point you should be much more defensive than offensive. Her command run is also an excellent time to throw her.

Gold Bridget: Has extremely high health for some reason. She still won't reversal super, and she loses her grab super, so beating her is usually just a matter of time.

Gold Potemkin: He moves forward at an incredibly slow speed, so just back up and release a fireball. As it slowly moves near him, follow behind it and get ready to combo. Just do this repeatedly and this fight should be okay. He has no chance of ever catching you if you run backwards.

Gold Ky: He hits extremely hard, and still loves his supers. Luckily he won't have the meter to use them much. Note that his regular stun edge fireball does three hits now, and his charged one hits... I don't know. Forever. His fireballs hurt really bad too, even the regular ones. Do NOT try to punish him if he is still able to cancel into a fireball, air or ground.

Gold Testament: He's actually easier than Shadow Testament. He still loves supers, but he can't spam them anymore. And even if he does do one, it's not any stronger than the normal version. Just be careful about getting cursed, as that can really mess you up.

Gold Millia: She hits much harder now, but still has bad health. Ultimately she's pretty easy. Just be patient as she runs around.

Gold Zappa: He is in permanent Raou mode, and he will hit like a truck. It's also hard to tell where he is and where Raou is when it comes to hitboxes, so squint hard at your TV. Luckily his only use of meter seems to be blowing it all doing easily blocked full-screen supers. However, he does have a Raou DP special that he will use, and it hurts a lot. This is an easy fight to lose at. If in doubt, go into Training mode and look at his Raou animations.

Gold Chipp: His health is still lousy. I usually kill him before he even builds 50 meter, so I don't even know if it is a problem. Even if he does get one off, you should live, and he shouldn't ever build another one.

Gold Eddie: Slightly dangerous. His health is stupidly high, and he still loves his supers. His super will do about 60-65 percent of your health. Don't do anything risky, and remember that you only need to IK him.

Gold Axl: Still easy. He still hardly ever supers, and he's easy to combo. He has normal health, too.

Gold Slayer: He auto-heals constantly, and he'll ALSO get back health every time he hits you. Usually one of worst fights, but IKs make it so much better. Don't worry if he has way more health than you. Just be patient, and once you get that one dizzy, you'll win.

Gold Jam: I honestly forgot all about this fight. She's easy. Won't super, will die fast. Not much to say.

Gold May: She's not that bad, and very rarely does reversal supers. If anything, just respect her dolphin hoop. It will always drop the full amount of dolphins, with no charge time needed. It will also hurt a lot. Be careful of her sneaking in command grabs, too.

Gold Johnny: Yes, his Mist Finer does a ton of damage. It will literally kill you in one hit. Just be extremely cautious during this fight, especially because he'll switch sides with you with every dash. He's also pretty hard to throw, and most of my openings come from anti-airing him. And hey, even if he does beat your anti-air, at least he can't Mist Finer you from up there.

Gold Dizzy: Another hard one. She's actually Boss Dizzy. She auto-heals, and still loves supers. In fact, a full-screen ride on the ground flame will absolutely wreck you. If she does her boss super (It has a long charge time, but is invincible. She'll fall down and kind of look like her head is hurting), DO NOT stand next to her! It is unblockable at close range! Run away! And then block. Luckily, Dizzy also has very low stun tolerance, so her annoying health won't be a problem.

Gold Robo-Ky: I actually think he's easier than Shadow Robo-Ky. He builds meter fast, but can't abuse it since it's not infinite. Still a little dangerous, especially because of his command throw, but this fight is a welcome break from the others at this level.

Gold I-No: She's actually not too bad if you're patient, since she does a lot of unsafe moves. She still loves to spam out supers though, and she can easily kill you in one combo. She auto-heals also, which is usually very bad, but it doesn't matter at all when we're just waiting to land an IK anyway.

Gold Sol: He will still spaz out all over the place, and he loves to move-read with his super uppercut. He also has infinite meter, and is not afraid to use it. I recommend pausing frequently, and pressing nothing until you are positive it will work. He still likes to do unsafe moves, which is great, and as always you are only one stun away from a guaranteed victory.

Gold A.B.A: I've only been to this fight a few times, but I've never had a problem with her. She doesn't seem to focus on transforming, so often she just remains super slow. Releasing a fireball from far away is a good way to get her on the defensive and get some free hits in.

Gold Kliff: So this guy, he's got infinite tension, unlike regular Gold Kliff. I think his health is slightly better, too. He also moves forward extremely slowly, just like Gold Potemkin. Running away full screen and releasing a fireball isn't a bad option for going in. However, be VERY respectful of his supers. His single fireball super will do about 98% of your health, and he can easily tap you afterwards for an instant unburstable death. I recommend being extremely respectful during this fight. He's a hard one, and losing at 980 is extremely heartbreaking. (It's happened to me twice.)

Gold Justice: Technically she's still not that hard, but since you're this far it's way better to be cautious at this point. Still though, she won't super much, she's easy to combo, and the usual stun tactics still work great on her.

Gold Order Sol: I didn't exactly take notes during this fight, but I have fought him in Arcade Mode a ton of times, so if he's anything like that, he auto-heals, builds meter extremely fast, and spazs out in the typical Sol tradition. He also goes into Dragon Install mode all the time, for no good reason, which makes him heal even faster. Also, he loves to reversal you using his Deadly Rave style super. This will take away 100% of your life, and he'll never mess it up. But I never saw much of these things, because I was being an absolute defensive wall. I was extremely nervous, and I was taking ZERO chances against him. I did a couple throws against him, punished an uppercut, and then did a Counter Hit sword super during his wake up. There was a stun, an IK, and I noticed that my heart was trying to leap out of my chest.

So yeah, that's it. I hope you all enjoyed the novella. That's how I did it, and hopefully it will help you all. Also, if anyone's curious, this took over an hour and a half in real time. And like two weeks overall, counting all the times I failed. So... yeah. Have fun with this one. And a whopping 25 Gamerscore! Hahaha.
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