Perfectionist achievement in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus


Get all character illustrations.

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How to unlock the Perfectionist achievement

  • Zenn PZenn P499,375
    07 Mar 2013 07 Mar 2013 11 Dec 2014
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    Guilty Gear XX Accent Core PlusPerfectionistThe Perfectionist achievement in Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus worth 338 pointsGet all character illustrations.

    This achievement unlocks upon accessing the Gallery with all 154 unlocked content in the game. Just like in the BlazBlue series, the Gallery in Guilty Gear XX is a place where all of your stored unlocked Movies, Artwork, Voices etc. can be viewed. You will need to unlock all 154 of these items by performing specific in-game tasks. This is an extremely time consuming achievement as you will need to do the following:

    º 100% Clear every character's Story Mode
    º Clear Arcade Mode with all 25 Characters
    º Clear EX Arcade Mode with all 25 Characters
    º Clear Arcade with all 25 Characters in their EX version
    º Obtain a GGXX Rank for all 30 Missions in Mission Mode
    º Clear all 30 Missions in Mission Mode with all 25 characters.
    º Complete Non-Classic Survival Mode
    º Surpass Level 500 in Classic Survival Mode
    Once you meet the following requirements be sure to select "Gallery" from the main menu. Look at the number unlocks you have at the top-right corner of the screen. If you have 154/154 of the unlockables then this will unlock. Now here's a guide to getting all of these objectives done:

    [Story Mode]
    This is a time consuming but simple portion of the Gallery. There are 25 characters in the game and the majority of them have 2 different branching story-lines. Order Sol, Kliff, and Justice all only have 1 story path. To get started, go to "Story" from the main menu and select a character to start their Story. Once you have cleared all paths it will say "All Clear" when you highlight them. Most stories branch out when you: choose certain dialogue options, defeat specific opponents with an Instant Kill, win with a certain amount of time on the clock, win or lose by time out, and fulfill other requirements. Some stories, such as Faust's and I-No's, also require you to complete specific prerequisite paths for other characters in order to unlock specific branches.

    Kliff and Justice can also be unlocked by clearing one of their Story Paths. If you set the difficulty to Beginner under Help & Options, it will make this step very easy for you. To save time, you can skip through dialogue by pressing the start-button. Every fight in Story Mode is only 1 round, and you can even try to land your Instant Kill for quick victories for most fights. For a full Story Mode FAQ, simply click the link below on how to 100% Story Mode with all characters:

    [Arcade and EX Arcade Mode]
    This is a very easy step but may take quite a bit of time. Go to Help & Options from the main menu and set the difficulty to Beginner and Rounds to 1. For Normal Arcade Mode, you can go about completing with all 25 characters normally, after that there is EX Arcade Mode. Since you will need to clear Arcade with all EX versions of each character you can knock 2 birds out with one stone by finishing EX Arcade Mode with each EX character. EX Arcade can be accessed by highlighting Arcade and holding down LT then pressing A. To select EX characters simply select them with START button and select EX to play as their EX version. EX versions are unlocked by defeating their Shadow character in Survival Mode or clearing a path of their Story. Kliff and Justice do NOT have an EX version, so just complete Arcade and EX Arcade normally as them since their is no EX option when pressing start on them. You are also permitted to use the beefed up Gold or Shadow characters for this step to make it easier to win matches. So long as you have them unlocked, hit RT until you see the words "Slash", then select your character with RB.

    Gold Johnny Method
    A fast method for this step is selecting the Gold version of Johnny. He is unlocked by defeating him in Survival Mode. While in Arcade, use his Mist Finer move (QCF+P). It one-hit kills any opponent permitting you to clear Arcade in a considerably swift fashion. Once you get to I-No you can intentionally lose and then select the character you wish to clear Arcade with. You should also be able to use that character's Shadow or Gold form to make the boss fight easier. Credit for this method goes to Arcane Insanity.

    Potemkin Method
    There is an optional hassle-free way to do your arcade runs (especially if you have a Turbo controller). By selecting Potemkin, you can breeze right through Arcade mode by selecting him with START and choosing GG. You may want to re-map P+K+S+HS to a button such as LB or LT in options to make this easier. Once the match starts simply hit P+K+S+HS for a punch attack. If it connects, you have a fairly good chance of automatically getting an Instant Kill. Even if unsuccessful just keep spamming this punch attack until you get an IK on your opponent. This can even be assigned to a Turbo controller so that you can get to I-No without doing anything. On Beginner you should have few problems landing this move, this method can also be done with anybody else in the cast with good reach for their IK animation. Once you get to STAGE 10 against I-No lose on purpose then select the character you need to beat Arcade Mode with, EX version or not(since this can be done for your normal Arcade runs as well). This method usually causes you to have the hidden fight against Order Sol after I-No, however, you do not need to defeat him. Win or lose, everything will count. You will still get an ending and completion toward the gallery regardless.

    This method eliminates the need to viably use all characters in Arcade and without having to be too attentive in getting this step done.

    [Mission Mode]
    This will be the most absurdly time consuming step of them all. First, you will need to get GGXX Rank on all 30 Missions in Mission Mode. Make sure you go into options and have the difficulty setting on Maniac or else a GGXX Rank will not be possible. GGXX Ranks usually require you to clear each Mission within a strict time limit and without ever losing any health (Perfect). Please refer to SolidSnakeHayter's and Setsuna's guides for help with the GGXX Ranks and Mission Mode. Honorable credit goes to them:

    Further, you'll also need to clear all 30 of the missions from Mission Mode with all 25 characters in the game. This means there are a grand total of 750 missions for you to complete. The game helps you keep track of your mission progress too. Every time you clear a mission with a character a chibi icon of their head will appear at the bottom of the mission screen. This will help you keep track of which character you've beaten a mission with. To make this step easier, make sure you have the difficulty set to Beginner to make the missions more tolerable. Most of the missions aren't too bad however you may struggle with Mission 17, which is the 19+ hit combo mission. Some character Overdrive moves will easily land you over 19 hits such as Venom's Death Ball. These do not have to be legitimate combos, you can even use your Dust Attack[RB] and hit lots of Jabs then juggle Gold Potemkin on the ground to clear some of them. See the following playlist for help with this Mission:

    Pressing RB to Dust your opponent into an easy air combo as well as doing X,A,Y,B combos up close will help with a good portion of these missions. Mission 21 will also require combo knowledge since only 6+ hit combos will inflict damage on Gold Chipp while he's constantly healing. You will need to have a fair amount of usage experience with the game's entire roster to clear all of these missions. You will need to know 6 hit combos to defeat certain enemies, Air-only combos, and improvisation to be successful. You can pause and go to Command List if you ever get stuck with a character. Overall, your fighting game knowledge and intuition will need to be applied for some missions, especially for characters you may not be the best with.

    For the record, highlighting "Mission Mode" and holding down LT then pressing A will allow you to use the EX version of the characters for the Missions.
    Some EX characters have completely different move sets that enable you to use abusable moves such as I-No's Megalomania attack. It makes the 19+ hit combo missions easier for characters such as Zappa, Faust, and Baiken as well.

    [Survival Mode and Classic Survival]
    This will be the more difficult step towards obtaining 100% of the items for the Gallery. You will need to fully complete Survival Mode all the way to Level 1000 and surpass Level 500 in Classic Survival Mode. Classic can be selected by highlighting the mode and holding down LB then pressing A. Normal Survival Mode is pretty easy because upon defeating each Daredevil you can select upgrades that put the fight heavily in your favor. For more info see the Survival FAQ link below:

    Classic Survival, on the other hand, is just like normal Survival Mode except you receive NO upgrades after defeating daredevils. Using Justice for this step is the easiest option. A personal tip I can give for Classic is that you can practice against the Gold characters that appear between Levels 620 to 1000 by going to Help & Options, setting the difficulty to Maniac. Then Highlight Arcade and Hold LB then press A. Fighting opponents in Arcade with these settings helps you learn the CPU a bit better so that you'll you stand a better chance against them in Classic Survival. You can also practice against them in 1P vs CPU Mode. You'll have to have the Gold Forms unlocked though and you must select them by pressing LT until it says Slash, then pick the character with RB. For more information on Classic Survival see MajinLegacy's solution here on TA for his Die Hard achievement strategy involving Justice.

    Solution for Die Hard In Guilty Gear XX Accent Core Plus

    Other helpful links for completing the gallery and other miscellaneous tasks have been listed below.
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  • Xerox1919Xerox191937,521
    07 Dec 2012 13 Nov 2012
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    To get every illustration, do as follows:

    - Complete all Story Mode paths.
    - Complete Arcade Mode using every character. (Beginner difficulty with 1 round is fine, and you do not have to reach Order Sol.)
    - Complete EX Arcade Mode with every EX character. (Hold LT when picking Arcade from the main menu, press Start when selecting a character.)
    - Complete Survival Mode.
    - Get to at least level 500 in Classic Survival Mode. (Hold LB when picking Survival on the main menu.)
    - Complete every Mission with every character.
    - Get a "GGXX" rank on every Mission.

    For Mission Mode, the game's difficulty does matter. In fact, you cannot get a GGXX rank on anything less than Maniac difficulty. Note that you only need to get a GGXX rank for one character each mission. All other characters are free to beat that mission on Beginner difficulty.
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    Xerox1919Yeah, I just said EX characters in EX Arcade for the sake of simplicity. Since you have to beat EX Arcade with all characters, and you need to also use all EX characters (in either mode), you might as well just do both at once.

    And great find on the Shadow and Gold characters! That would definitely make things quicker.

    And yes, when going through Arcade mode, the only thing that actually matters is which character beats I-No at the end. (At least, it was that way on the PS2 version.) So if it's easier for anyone, it's totally doable to play through Arcade mode with any character, lose at I-No, switch to the character you actually want to complete the mode with, and then beat her.
    Posted by Xerox1919 on 17 Nov 12 at 19:48
    I Nevan IJust got the achievement and I want to add that it won't unlock until you go to the Gallery itself where it should state 154/154 illustrations unlocked. Just if people should get curious.

    If anyone's having trouble with missions (mission 17 or GGXX rank) just tell me which character you're having trouble with and I can make a video if needed.
    Posted by I Nevan I on 23 Nov 12 at 19:19
    Zenn P+1
    Also to speed up all the Arcade runs switch the difficulty to Beginner and Rounds to 1. Then go to Controller settings and set P+K+S+HS to LB. Start up Arcade Mode(or Ex by holding LT and pressing A) and select Justice with start button then choose GG Mode. Once the fight starts press LB for a tail attack. If successful, it will result in an Instant Kill. May take several tries but you'll get in on Beginner fairly easily. Once you get to I-No lose on purpose and select the character you need to clear Arcade with and defeat her. Each run barely took me 5 minutes with this trick. You can even Turbo down LB until you get to I-No to make it even easier.
    Posted by Zenn P on 03 Mar 13 at 22:20
  • NeoStrayCatNeoStrayCat281,750
    27 Oct 2012 05 Nov 2012
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    In order to get all character illustrations, you must...

    1. Complete Arcade Mode 25 times, then again 23 times in their EX movesets (except Kliff/Justice, which don't have a EX moveset).
    2. Complete all 30 Missions.
    3. Complete everyone's Story and their paths. (All characters except O-Sol, Kliff and Justice have 2 paths.)
    4. Get all 19 Special Illustrations. (That includes clearing Survival Mode and its 1000 levels, and more ridiculous requirements.)
    5. Get all 7 Secret Voice interviews (which are done by completing Story Mode fully).

    A story guide on paths and such can be found here.
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    VixyNyanSP Illust 1 - Automatically unlocked
    SP Illust 2 - Survival Mode, LV480+
    SP Illust 3 - Survival Mode, LV500+
    SP Illust 4 - Survival Mode, LV520+
    SP Illust 5 - Survival Mode, LV540+
    SP Illust 6 - Unlock all EX characters
    SP Illust 7 - Unlock all SP characters
    SP Illust 8 - Clear Arcade Mode or M.O.M Mode with all normal characters
    SP Illust 9 - Clear Arcade Mode or M.O.M Mode with all EX characters
    SP Illust 10 - Survival Mode, All Clear
    SP Illust 11 - Classic Survival Mode, LV500+
    SP Illust 12 - Clear EX, SP or EX SP Arcade Mode or EX, SP or EX SP M.O.M Mode with one character
    SP Illust 13 - Clear EX, SP or EX SP Arcade Mode or EX, SP or EX SP M.O.M Mode with every character
    SP Illust 14 - A-rank all missions or better
    SP Illust 15 - S-rank all missions or better
    SP Illust 16 - GG-rank all missions or better
    SP Illust 17 - GGX-rank all missions or better
    SP Illust 18 - GGXX-rank all missions
    SP Illust 19 - Clear every mission with every character

    Secret 1 - Obtain all Story Mode endings for at least 2 characters
    Secret 2 - Obtain all Story Mode endings for at least 4 characters
    Secret 3 - Obtain all Story Mode endings for at least 8 characters
    Secret 4 - Obtain all Story Mode endings for at least 12 characters
    Secret 5 - Obtain all Story Mode endings for at least 16 characters
    Secret 6 - Obtain all Story Mode endings for at least 20 characters
    Secret 7 - Obtain all Story Mode endings for every character
    Posted by VixyNyan on 29 Oct 12 at 00:41
    NeoStrayCatThanks Vixy, but that's not saying much on Ranks for missions...GGXX rank...>_>
    Posted by NeoStrayCat on 29 Oct 12 at 03:40
    TsubakiCalamityHoly crap, I never knew this achievement is hard. I thought the game was just plain hard but it is really, really hard (though possible to get 100%). >_>
    Posted by TsubakiCalamity on 31 Oct 12 at 21:39
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