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The Modfather

Unlock 3 Pro Mods in Multiplayer

The Modfather0
10 November 2012 - 4 guides

How to unlock the The Modfather achievement

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    Mods and cars in multiplayer are separate from the singleplayer. You'll first have to unlock Standard Mods by completing certain milestones in each car. After unlocking a Standard Mod, a new milestone for unlocking the Pro version will appear. Unlike the singleplayer Pro mod achievement, you only need to unlock 3 in multiplayer. Choose 3 that look easy and go for them.

    The majority of them can be unlocked without much effort, just by playing in public games online. I was able to unlock all the Standard Mods after playing for a few hours without going out of my way.

    Standard Mods
    Off-Road - Jump 1,500 yards with Reinforced Chassis equipped.
    Track - Drive 25 miles.
    Reinflates - Drive 50 miles.

    Burn - Free
    Powershot - Drive 100 miles.

    Lightweight - Get 60 Near Misses with Short Gears equipped.
    Reinforced - Drive 200 miles.

    Aero - Drive 5 miles.
    Impact Protection - Get 10 takedowns with Powershot equipped.

    Long Gears - Drift 5,000 yards with Track Tires equipped.
    Short Gears - Drive 10 miles

    Pro Mods
    Off-Road Pro - Drive 60 miles Off-Road with Off-Road tires during Speedlists.
    Track Pro - Drive 80 miles above 100MPH with Track Tires during SpeedLists.
    Reinflates Pro - Reinflate 32 tires during SpeedLists

    Burn Pro - Get Perfect Ntrious 40 times with Burn Nitrous during SpeedLists.
    Powershot Pro - Get 50 Nitrous-powered Takedowns with Powershot equipped during SpeedLists.

    Lightweight Pro - Jump 15,000 yards with Lightweight Chassis during Speedlists.
    Reinforced Pro - Get 50 Takedowns with the Reinforced Chassis during Speedlists.

    Aero Pro - Slipstream 20 miles with Aero Body during SpeedLists.
    Impact Protection Pro - Get 20 Slam Takedowns with Impact Protection during SpeedLists.

    Long Gears - Go through 40 Speed Cameras above 100MPH with Long Gears equipped during SpeedLists.
    Short Gears - Record a 100 yard Drift 160 times with Short Gears equipped during SpeedLists.
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    WickedD365 TIP - To do the Speedlist required mods set up a friends game, invite everyone, start a custom Speedlist. We did 5 events of Arch Angels. DO NOT GO TO MEET UP! If one person goes to meet up it will eventually drag everyone there. Can be down with just 2 people. (did mine last night)
    Just drive around town and boost mods. i.e. powershot takedowns, drafting, re inflating tires. Keep doing these until everyone gets the mods they need.
    I would recommend then doing the Speedlist to ensure you keep your mods.
    Posted by WickedD365 on 15 Jan 13 at 17:09
    Xonatron Add me if anyone wants to do this with me. I currently have no friends playing the game.
    Posted by Xonatron on 07 Sep 13 at 02:55
    ROBBOTS12311 looking for players to boost this with my gamer tag robbots12311 send me a message on xbox live
    Posted by ROBBOTS12311 on 04 Jun 15 at 01:24
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