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Lexus Ranger

Shut down Most Wanted car number 7: Lexus LFA (Single Player)

Lexus Ranger0
03 November 2012 - 2 guides

How to unlock the Lexus Ranger achievement

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    I used the Bentley Supersports ISR with a Burn Nitrous Pro mod for this race.

    The Lexus LFA is a fast bugger that needs a takedown or two to slow him down long enough for you to get ahead. But don't try for him immediately at race start. The mountain road you start in is pretty precarious at high speeds. At least on the side you're on. ;)

    At the start of the race immediately switch into the oncoming lane to give you a safer experience. And if you make it through the first stretch to the overpass onramp without crashing, you may just get your chance to takedown the Lexus and give you some time to get ahead.

    Taking the bend, you should come upon a dirt path shortcut to your left that should give you a straightaway to speed on and save you some drifting on the main road. But dirt does slow the car down a little. So take it or not per your preference and skill.

    As usual, your opponent isn't the only one you need to worry about. The cops in this race are much more ferocious with their spike strips so best to stay to the side of them and look out for the telltale yellow flashes.

    After the first tunnel, keep to the sidewalks so as to dodge the spike strip road blocks. Sidewalk cement will be slightly slower than asphalt but they're spike strip kryptonite. Not even the police car drops would slide out onto them.

    And blown tires are a more permanent slowdown that should be avoided. ;)

    You'll see a gas station come up on your right but unless you've got blown tires, I recommend you ignore it as it requires you to slow down and make a time-costly turn to go through it.

    Once past the next underpass, turn left past the police car road block and go to the rightmost lane to go down a narrow stretch of road, staying on the sidewalk to again avoid any spike strip surprises.

    After the road widens a bit, you'll see a highway below you on your left. Keep your eye out for a spike strip roadblock and get ready to go down a narrow lane checkpoint down to the highway's tunnels and underpasses.

    Here is a great place to regain any lost distance between you and your opponent using nitro, since the stretch is more open and straighter than most. Once you're back on the open road, however, you're chances of catching up will slim as a couple of winds and turns will slow you down again.

    When you come close to another roadblock at an underpass, you're almost to the finish. Take the offramp to the right and speed on to the onramp across to avoid the police car blockade.

    Then just speed on through to the dirt road on your left and keep oriented on the ledge (and billboard, if the Lexus isn't ahead of you) so that you cleanly jump to the finish line below.

    (Jumping on a building mostly ends in crashes that could slow you down, often critically.)

    Then if you've gotten first, congratulations!

    Otherwise, you can easily retry in your Easy Race menu either immediately with Retry Last Event or anytime at Most Wanted 7 -> Start Race.

    Good luck!
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