Ace of Frames achievement in Zone of the Enders HD

Ace of Frames

Beat the game with a ranking of A

Ace of Frames0
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How to unlock the Ace of Frames achievement

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    Beat Zone of the Enders- The 2nd Runner with a rank of A

    This one is pretty easy. At least if you play on Easy difficulty. It will be harder on higher difficulties but this is a guide for getting a cheevo not rising to a challenge ;).

    Anyways, do the game on easy, if you already have unlocked Naked Jehuty use it and unlocked subweapons. Speed through the game as fast as you can. I'm not sure if they count Cutscenes against you but if you've already beaten the game skip those (I didn't but it couldn't hurt). Without skipping any dialouge I got through the game in 4 hours. With Naked Jehuty I estimate 2.

    Save as rarely as possible. I recommend saving only before tricky parts such as boss battles and the two Rescue Missions. If at any point you happen to die, exit out and reload your last save.

    Save duing the two ranked missions. You need at least an A (what I got), if you get B or lower , reload.

    Playing on Easy the game is so simple that this achievement should be fairly simple.

    Please leave a comment as to why if you decide to vote down this solution. Thank You!

    Edit: I have been told that this achievement does not stack with the S ranking achievement. I recommend going after this one on the first playthough and making sure to get A rankings on this missions and not S and getting the S ranks on your 2nd playthough. Possibly with Naked Jehuty.

    Edit 2: Or you could just aim for the S rank, making a separate save when you past the hyperspace battle. After completing the game with an S reload the save before the final boss and die a few times or save the game a few more times. I have been told that you get ranked down for saving the game more than 15-29 times, That should do it. Let me know if this doesn't work.
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    Korthia Vorthexgood guide I actually had a gard time getting this cause I had an ss rank on BOTH ranked missions so I had to use like 12 continues and 25 saves....reloaded so many times to make sure I got less than and S rank lol(was hard to suck that much)
    Posted by Korthia Vorthex on 23 Dec 12 at 23:32
    Dragon NexusGood spot to save if going for this achievement is on the path to Phobos against Anubis. He kills you pretty quickly so you can rack up continues.

    There appear to be several tiers for saves that will rank you down.

    I got SS rank in both missions and a final time of less than 2 hours with 53 saves...and still got an S rank.
    After continuing 19 times I got it down to an A. I'd suggest making a seperate save when adding up continued to the racking-up-the-saves save, that way if you somehow continue so many times you get a B you can start at 0 continues and fine tune it, rather than having to do the game from the beginning.
    Posted by Dragon Nexus on 25 Jan 13 at 02:32
    EenieakaneThis is actually annoying me more than most the other achievements! I got SS on one mission, S on the other. I am currently trying to fine tune it, my latest one was 6 Continues + 25 saves and I'm still on an S with that. I heard a level will get dropped every 5 continues so I will get to 10 and see if that drops it to an A rank.
    Posted by Eenieakane on 27 Aug 15 at 15:14
    ZikoLogiKaIn order to lower my rank from S to A , I had to save 73 times and use 13 continues. I read of someone who lowered his SS rank to A , with 53 saves and 35 continues, this means it'll always be possible to rack up saves and continues during the final boss fight to get that A rank.
    Posted by ZikoLogiKa on 10 Jan 16 at 22:00
    Senryu BRI make all my game to first obtain the all A raking but in the ending for my surprise i obtained S raking (I played this game in PS2 now in the remake they give S; general ranking; like candy!)
    I will put my stats; but glive a warning; i believe the deciding factor for rank is rescue mission plus continues the saves discount so litle...
    My stats
    Time: 5 hours 48 minutes and 42 seconds
    Enemies: 3484
    Max Atack combo: 332
    Points: 483905
    Continues: Zero (i played hoping the saves be reduce my rank but for my surprise)
    Saves: 45
    Event V: A
    Event M: A
    Rank: S
    Posted by Senryu BR on 03 Apr 17 at 06:05
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