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It's Over

Defeat Anubis

It's Over0
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How to unlock the It's Over achievement

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    You get this one for defeating the penultimate boss Anubis.

    FAQsimile put it better than I could hope to.


    | Anubis |--------------------------------------------------------
    | Pilot: ??? |
    | You're once again fighting Anubis, and this time you |
    | have to bring it down to half of its health in order |
    | to proceed further. |
    | This can be done fairly easily now that you have the |
    | new upgrades and Jehuty Ver. 2. Use ZERO-SHIFT when |
    | Anubis moves away, and just slash away using Melee, |
    | and you should be fine. The battle will end shortly |
    | and you'll move on. |

    Once you finish the battle, you'll see some more CUTSCENEs, then move on to
    the next area.

    6.13 Compressed Space

    When the CUTSCENEs end, you will be forced into yet another BOSS battle.
    From here on out, there will be mainly BOSS fights, so be prepared to fight

    --\\ NOTE \\---------------------------------------------
    | During the CUTSCENE, ADA will inform you that many of |
    | Jehuty's SUBWEAPONs and features are now destroyed. |
    | This version of Jehuty is called Damaged Jehuty. |
    | The only SUBWEAPONs you will have are ZERO-SHIFT and |
    | GRAB; GRAB is not very useful. BURST, SLASH, and DASH |
    | will be the only normal functions of Jehuty that you |
    | will be able to use; hence, no long-range attacks |
    | anymore. |

    | Anubis |--------------------------------------------------------
    | Pilot: Nohman |
    | This is a tough battle. Anubis will be out of range |
    | most of the time, and Jehuty is Damaged so you'll be |
    | able to use ZERO-SHIFT as your only Subweapon. |
    | The general pattern of this battle is as follows: |
    | - Anubis appears, calls out, then disappears. |
    | - Anubis reappears and fires a BURST attack. |
    | After Anubis reappears, you can see him charging his |
    | BURST attack. When he does this, you must DASH to |
    | the side and avoid it, then use ZERO-SHIFT to get in |
    | close to Anubis and begin using SLASH on him. |
    | After a long, long time of doing this, after Anubis' |
    | health is past halfway, his armor will break up some |
    | and he will begin to focus more on battling you with |
    | Melee Attacks rather than BURST. If you dodge first |
    | then attack, you can sometimes slip in a hit or two. |
    | You may also want to use a DASH-SLASH combo (hold R2 |
    | and press Square) to hit him. |
    | Once you get Anubis' health past 1/4th of the way, |
    | more armor will shatter and he will focus more on |
    | evading you and doing sharp, quick Melee Attacks. |
    | Anubis may also use regular SHOT Attacks, which you |
    | should use R1 DEFEND against. DASH away from them |
    | if he begins to charge up a BURST. |
    | Keep up the fight, and eventually, after a somewhat |
    | long and tiring battle, you will defeat Anubis and |
    | arrive on Phobos/Aumaan. |
    | Don't throw the party just yet, you're not done. |
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