The Great Rescuer achievement in Zone of the Enders HD

The Great Rescuer

Earn a Ranking of SS at Aumaan Crevasse

The Great Rescuer0
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How to unlock the The Great Rescuer achievement

  • De4th By ToastDe4th By Toast282,400
    01 Nov 2012 02 Nov 2012
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    To get a SS in this ZOE 2 Rescue Missions you need to save all LEVs (40 of em) from a whooping minutes long barrage of what feels like the entire BAHRAM Fleet!!!

    In addition to attempting this on EASY, and with a stronger version of Jehuty like Jehuty V2 (more homing lasers from option floaters) or Naked Jehuty (infinite SUB-weapons) on subsequent playthrus there are two things you should keep in mind to make this ALOT easier on yourself....

    Geyser can be used to immobilize friendly LEVs (since they get ignored more easily if they aren't fighting back-as well as the fact that ViC Viper will come up and HEAL a unit you have flagged with Geyser) and is CRUCIAL for using to save the LEVs in S.O.S. status before they die. Also, Homing Laser, Halberd, and Comet are fairly accurate, effective ways of killing enemies without doing too much damage to your own troops accidentally. I recommend using Halberd here as it is actually great at cutting down a swathe of the enemies especially when the send a "fierce wave" of enemies your way (this is a notification ADA gives that means you are about to fight a ton of Reapers and Panthers and are halfway through the mission).

    Final note: USE THE MINIMAP!!! It is actually great at telling you when/where your troops may be falling into SOS status and past the halfway point you will be playing MEDIC more than actually trying to fight the Bahram army on your own as they will be taken care of by VicViper and your NPCs as well.

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    Dragon NexusI lost an LEV to the last enemy on the battle field. After I'd tagged him with Geyser.

    To answer Chosen One 41's question, you don't heal them yourself. Select Geyser in your subweapon window and the game will allow you to target LEVs more easilly. Hold B to throw a more focussed Geyser attack rather than the scattered version from tapping it once you've locked onto a samaged LEV. Leo will then come to help in his Vic Viper, healing the marked LEV.
    Posted by Dragon Nexus on 22 Jan 13 at 03:53
    DemonDuffehThank you thank you thank you tachikoma shell i dont know y but i dint get far with the full out assault tactic then i swopped to always medic and it work after few tries id just like that add that you shud mention that you can keep tapping rt and ull boost twice as fast to a destination with lock on off i did not know this at first so couldnt get to targets before they died also i had trouble with lock on so id land near target and geyser in there direction out of lock on that way i dint spend too long trying to hit them and id also hit enemies so they wud not attack target before vic viper arrived to heal. Great guide and tips thanx :)
    Posted by DemonDuffeh on 07 Feb 13 at 14:29
    Senryu BRThe HD version has a plus...
    The LEV´s help´s then self´s (only in a group of two or three) not only Leo!
    The best way to make that archivement is first half bombard the enemies whif homing missile and the second half abandon the atack and only help Lev´s (belive me in the second halk they aim perfect and clean then selfes the map!) when throw geiser if Leo or other LEV help a green light emerge when the LEV is "fixed", The prioty number one in the second half is help the LEV´s whif a large number of enemies around then.
    I sugest that video from youtube that helped me a lot and follow his method i did i the second try whif Naked Jehuty: (and the method is similar of De4th by toast write, but the visual make more easy to understend)
    Posted by Senryu BR on 04 Apr 17 at 09:37
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  • a Fi1thy Casuala Fi1thy Casual286,816
    16 Mar 2016 16 Mar 2016 16 Mar 2016
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    The guides above are great, but I just wanted to throw my two cents in after doing this (for the 2nd time - did this years ago on the PS3) to give people a hand.

    1.) Save before the event. This should be a no brainer. If you are worried about the S Rank achievment for the game in regards to "too many saves", don't be. I think I had 7 or 8 saves, and still got an SS rank overall.

    2.) Do this on your 2nd playthrough with Jehuty Ver 2.0 or Naked Jehuty. I chose 2.0 simply because I wanted to get all the frames in a run, and to be honest not having unlimited subenergy was moot considering a lot of the enemies will replenish your subenergy with that or metatron drops on kills.

    3.) Homing missles, homing missles, homing missles. This is the only thing I used. Seriously. Do not use anything else.

    4.) Do not lock onto an enemy. Shinerbock is spot on with this - locking on is a waste of time here, especially if you are firing nothing but homing missles. They will find their homes without any worries wink.

    5.) Stick to high concentrated areas. You are going to see enemies scattered about, and a lot of them are fairly spread out. The LEV's will fight back, and they will actually kill things, so if you see two or three in a group of 5 LEV's, let them be. Yes, they will cry and boo hoo about the 3, but if you see a clusterf*ck of baddies coming down on the left, then leave those guys to clean up their own crap, and thin out the herd elsewhere. This is seriously crucial - if you are trying to kill everything in one area yourself, then you are going to lose LEV's. Let them do some work if the numbers are in their favor.

    6.) Geyser is a waste of time. If a LEV goes SOS, you will have Leo screaming at you to geyser him. Don't. You will burn valuable seconds trying to get to that one LEV, lock on, switch to your other subweapon, and geyser him all the while watching your lock on bounce all over the place. Do yourself a favor, and stick with homing missles.

    Random Gamer: But Casual! If a LEV is down, we need to make certain it doesn't die! You are stupid!

    Yes, I understand that, but while you are trying to rush over and protect one LEV, others are getting wrecked (i.e. REKT). If that one LEV is isolated, then clear out the enemies, and then move back to protecting everyone else. LEV's in an SOS state will not ruin this achievement for you; LEV's that go boom will. And eventually (if this LEV is isolated) other LEV's will get to his location.

    There is a bit of luck involved here, but I had a few too many runs where sh*t just went sideways because I was wasting too much time trying to geyser downed LEV's. I secure one, and another two go down, so instead of focusing on enemies, I was trying to protect others. What is it they say about a good defense again? wink

    7.) Naritas and Leopardos are Priority Numero Uno. Seriously, these guys will wreck the LEV's without mercy. If you see enemies on the ground, they are Leopardos. If you see flying V shapes, those are Naritas. If you see orange balls flying at you, those are Raptors.

    Raptors are pansies. Do not worry too much about them in reagrds to the hurt they may put on the LEV's. The other two will piss in your cornflakes. Seriously, their melee's alone are OP as hell for the poor LEV's. If you see a cluster coming down the line, and it is sparks on the ground, or flying V's, they need to be disposed of quickly. If they are orange balls, then toss a few missiles and let the LEV's earn their living.


    Playing the game on Easy with Ver 2.0, this took me 4 attempts, with the first 3 attempting to save downed LEV's with geyser. I went full offensive on the fourth run, had 5 or 6 LEV's down (SOS State), but none exploded. You need to save all 40 LEV's. If they are SOS, and you have all 40, then you are golden. If at any point ADA says "A LEV is destroyed. A pilot is dead" then go back to title and reload your save. Even 1 LEV destroyed will remove the SS rating.

    Questions, corrections and neg vote justifications below.
  • Shinerbock88Shinerbock8888,383
    05 Nov 2013 05 Nov 2013
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    I'm gunna try and get right to the point here with this achievement and try to break it down step-by-step. It's actually quite simple once you get the hang of it.

    1. Turn your sound off for this fight. All the crying and hollering about needing help does is add to the confusion. Most of the LEVs whine when they don't even need anything. So just mute this part of the game.

    2. Learn to hold the B button to get max Homing Missiles while moving by TAPPING (not holding) RT. Tapping RT is much faster boosting than holding. This is actually kind of awkward believe it or not, but you'll get the hang of it soon.

    3. Use the mini map. The only time you should actually be looking at the game itself is when looking for an SOS'd LEV. When firing Homing Missiles, keep your eyes glued to the mini map and loose the missiles in dense patches of red dots (red dots = enemies) when you (blue triangle) are in the middle of them.

    4. The only subweapons you need here are Homing Missiles and Geyser. Fly around into large groups of BAHRAM forces and unleash Homing Missiles (you do NOT have to be locked on in order for Homing Missiles to hit their target.)

    5. Keep Lock On DISENGAGED at ALL TIMES unless you need to target an SOS'd LEV. Homing Missiles will find their target just fine. There is absolutely no reason to lock onto anything other than a downed LEV.

    5a. DO NOT LOCK ON UNLESS GEYSER'ING A DOWNED LEV. It's worth repeating. To disengage lock on simply hold down LT.

    6. When you get to an SOS'd LEV, swap to Geyser and then tap LT to lock on. This will lock on to the closest LEV (again, this is ONLY when you have Geyser as a subweapon - VERY important.) Then just toss Geyser on the downed LEV and maybe fire off some more Homing Missiles if there are a lot of enemies around.

    7. When the second wave of BAHRAM forces arrive, you'll see a nearly solid red line of red dots coming from the top of the mini map. At this time go into full-on rescue mode. Again, watch the mini map and fly left to right following the light colored dots (indicating LEVs.) Do this non stop. The only time you should fight here is when there are many enemies around a downed LEV. Even then just let off a load of missiles and be on your way.

    And that's it. That looks like a lot to remember there, but it's not. You'll get the hang of it soon. The hardest part about this achievement is learning to only lock on when you're Geyser'ing a LEV and the fact that your first LT press after swapping to the Geyser subweapon will target the closest LEV. Those two things alone will get you through this achievement. Good luck!
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