Trialist achievement in Marvel Avengers: B4E


Finish every Trial.

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How to unlock the Trialist achievement

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    In order to complete this, you will need to purchase/download the 8 extra challenges from Uplay.

    I tried doing the initial 12 that come with the game, but once I finished them, the achievement did not unlock.
    Another indicator is that it lists 20 Trials on the challenges screen, so in order to get all 20 you need to get the extras from the Uplay area.

    UPlay can be accessed from the Main menu, and these can be purchased for 40 UPlay Points. If you don't have any UPlay Points previously, don't worry, you'll unlock some through the course of this game by completing these achievements:
    10 points - Here I Am
    20 points - King of the Hill
    30 points - Earth United
    40 points - Earn "Closure

    -- For Trial 18, this was the hardest one I found. You face off against Captain America and Storm, as Spider-Man and Venom. The enemy cannot be damaged, but has a draining health bar, but can steal health whenever their attacks make contact.

    It seems impossible at first but here's my tips:
    -Dodge like crazy, and properly, get used to dodging right as they attack.
    -Counter their attacks with your own. Buy more time this way so they do no damage.
    -Attack with Launchers and keep combos going so they can't get up and attack you. The longer they are incapacitated, the better.
    -Save up your Super Kick and Ultra Attacks, those two alone can drain the enemy's health bar 66% in the amount of time they take to go through the animation.
    -Hope these help, good luck!

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    DigiTekhThanks for this update I actually put this game down for a long time due to the game freezing and could not find a good support channel to solve it. Good to know this is now addressed, time to get my fat ass up and exercise again
    Posted by DigiTekh on 30 Mar 17 at 23:16
    MathGuy42I'm working on this and have completed Trials 1-16. Maybe I'm the last one to try for this, but here are a few ideas.

    Trial 16 (Can only hurt with Tag Combos, Phoenix & Dr. Doom vs Dr. Strange & Captain America): Raise your right arm before the match. As soon as the announcer says Fight, lower your arm. Hopefully you'll get a free Launcher on Dr. Strange.

    Try to dodge all 3 Super Attacks, then attack with your Launcher.

    I had more luck starting a combo with Dr. Doom than with Phoenix.

    Trial 20 (Win 5 rounds of Iron Man & Hulk vs Super Skrull & Queen Veranke): Using a controller, you can Pause with the Guide button. Trying to pause during a round wasn't helpful, but pausing at the end of a round can give you time to catch your breath.

    I haven't beaten Trial 20 yet, but at least that strategy helped with Trial 12 (Survive 5 rounds against Medium opponents without getting all your health back).

    Crossing my fingers to get 17-20 done!
    Posted by MathGuy42 on 26 Jul 18 at 15:39
    MathGuy42Trial 18 The guide is right on. I never got good at dodging Storm though. I finally got lucky that Captain America didn't tag out when his health was orange. I did a Breaker, then a Super Kick. By the end of the Super Kick, he was down.

    Since the description says, "Land the final blow," I made sure to throw a few punches during the Super Kick.

    Now 1-19 are done. Hope I have the perseverance and skill to get through 20.
    Posted by MathGuy42 on 26 Jul 18 at 23:46
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    27 Sep 2017 12 Sep 2019
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    Here is a really simple guide to unlocking the extra trials through UPLAY.

    I only logged into this game for the first time on the 28/9/2017.

    Your UPLAY account is linked to your gamer tag and although when you try to load UPLAY through the game it tells you that the service is unavailable, it still actually connects to the UPLAY servers.

    Here is what you do:

    Load up the game and attempt to load the UPLAY service from within the game FIRST.
    This will connect the game to your profile.
    Next, sign into the Ubisoft Club website and navigate to the games page.
    This will show all of the games on your profile.
    Scroll down and find Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth and go into the game page. In the game page you will find the suggested UPLAY rewards which will include the extra trials.
    Redeem the extra trials reward and any other rewards you are interested in (grab the extra XP reward for good measure).
    When you load the game back up your rewards will be unlocked in game. If they are not unlocked straight away just attempt to log into UPLAY again through the game although they seemed to already be unlocked for me.

    Good luck and hopefully this helps everybody out.
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    VesperiusThis solution no longer works. Marvel Avengers: Battle for Earth is not listed on the Ubisoft Club website. I could not find anyplace to download the extra trials. This achievement now appears to be unobtainable. If anyone finds a way to download these trials, please contact me.
    Posted by Vesperius on 12 Sep 19 at 15:23
    KEOLIVEatHOMEYes, it is true that this solution no longer works. I created it in the final couple of weeks before Ubisoft severed this games UPLAY connection. There were a handful of people at the time who were confused as to how to add the content into the game before it went away. This was just added to clarify the steps to get it downloaded in game.

    At this time I still have not unlocked the achievement as I never cleared the trials but I can confirm that if the content is still downloaded, then it appears in game. Your best bet would be to have somebody who has the content on their main home console, load up the game and clear the content on your profile but I in no way recommend giving out your account details to strangers.

    I never updated the solution to say this does not work as it was common knowledge at the time that UPLAY was going to be an issue but thanks for bringing it to my attention.
    Posted by KEOLIVEatHOME on 12 Sep 19 at 17:50
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    22 Jun 2016 23 Jun 2016
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    For what has happened with this game, this achievement is in need of a new solution.

    This achievement has become PARTIALLY DISCONTINUED/UNOBTAINABLE.

    Due to the latest update/patch, the game now freezes at the Main Menu if you are online and have ever had your Gamertag linked to Uplay. (Thanks to MathGuy42 for the info).
    • You can play if you disconnect your Internet; no need to delete the patch by clearing your cache
    • You can play if your Gamertag has never been linked to Uplay, the freeze will not occur in this case
    • If your profile has previously been tied to Uplay, and you try to unlink it, the game will still freeze.
    • Read more here:

    Like I stated above, this issue only seems to occur if you are online and your Xbox is connected to the internet, so if you are willing to earn some achievements offline, it is still possible, however this one may still remain unobtainable for you.

    As Freeleeday mentions above, the game comes with 12 of the available 20 Trials.
    The remaining 8 needed to be downloaded from the in-game Uplay store. This is no longer possible.

    If you managed to purchase the extra Trials from Uplay prior to the latest update, you will still have access them. I have them, and they are still playable while offline.
    For those who did not, this achievement is sadly Unobtainable, and I do not know of any workarounds.

    The game's Uplay page can be found here:!/en-GB/game/marvel-avengers-battle-fo...

    I theorized that this following strategy might work, but it has been tested and found that it does not sadly:
    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***
    I also was interested in whether or not blocking your IP when loading the game up and the unblocking it while in the game would gain you access to the trials, but that also failed to work. Thanks to MathGuy42 for testing both of the above theories.

    I know this situation sucks, and this may make you really unhappy, but I'm just the messenger and I'm trying to be as helpful as possible. Please refrain from downthumbing this solution.
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    Jimbo LaFleurDoes this problem still exist? I checked the linked xbox-support-page and it reads like the problem has been fixed by now?
    Posted by Jimbo LaFleur on 24 Mar 17 at 08:25
    MathGuy42The problem has been fixed as of October 2016. See my comments on the other solution. I also commented in the achievement flag thread that the PDU flag could be removed. I suppose I needed to do a new flag submission of the TA staff to see it. I'll do that now.
    Posted by MathGuy42 on 24 Mar 17 at 12:01
    Homunculus FuryProblem still solved as of today Sept 13 2017
    Posted by Homunculus Fury on 13 Sep 17 at 16:50
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