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Memory Collector achievement in Pid

Memory Collector

Collect 5 secret souvenirs.

Memory Collector0
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How to unlock the Memory Collector achievement

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    18 Dec 2012 18 Dec 2012 18 Dec 2012
    There are a total of 12 souvenirs you can collect throughout Pid. For a breakdown of the locations for all 12, see
    Solution for Bag lady In Pid For
    PidMemory CollectorThe Memory Collector achievement in Pid worth 124 pointsCollect 5 secret souvenirs.
    you must collect any 5 of the 12 souvenirs. While searching for souvenirs in general, note that each souvenir is located in an area that thematically matches it (e.g., the Bus Ticket is found near the bus station, the Dinner Menu is found in the Dining Halls, etc).

    The first chance you have to unlock this achievement comes once you reach the Rooftop City, where the 5th and 6th souvenirs are located. The achievement will unlock as soon as you collect your 5th souvenir (you don't need to get to a checkpoint or clear the area). The first 5 souvenirs are located in the following areas; subareas (e.g., 1, 2, etc.) are denoted by "Loading..." screens in game.

    1. Bus Ticket
    Located in Reception 1, right above where you get prompted about souvenirs.

    2. Dinner Menu
    Located in Dining Halls 2, look for the gap in the floor behind the pitcher in the foreground.

    3. Pillow
    Located in Dormatory 1 (yes, Dormatory is an alternate spelling; what can I say, Might & Delight is based in Sweden). This one requires two Timed Bombs, which you acquire in this area for the first time.

    4. Children's Book
    Located at the end of Library 1, this one is arguably the hardest of these 5 (since it's on a timer) and is certainly one of the hardest of the 12.

    5. Miniature Planet
    Located in Rooftop City 1, this one requires two Burst Beams, which you acquire in this area for the first time. The Miniature Planet is challenging as well (mostly in just getting up to the damn thing), but you have plenty of time and resources to practice so keep at it and you'll get it eventually.

    Videos of each of the above (besides the Bus Ticket, which is trivial) are provided below. Video credit goes to cirby88TNG.
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