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No Man Left Behind

Rescue Woods.

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    Achievement is unlocked through normal progression of the campaign on any difficulty. Below are the challenges that are associated with this mission.

    Mission Challenges:
    1) Eliminate 15 enemies with a machete - Can be completed throughout the mission. Use your melee attack button.
    2) Destroy all MPLA Tanks - Completed at the beginning when the battle in the field is happening. You can destroy the Tanks with the helicopter rockets. There are four tanks on the first pass, and 9 the second time you call in the air support.
    3) Eliminate 5 enemies with one mortar explosion - Can be completed throughout the mission.
    4) Sink 5 enemy vessels - This is completed while you are on the ship. Use the two mounted turrets to sink the 5 ships pursuing you.
    5) Dive prone on a grenade and survive - Need to pick up a flak jacket located on the barge where you find woods. This is the only way to survive a grenade while laying on it.
    6) Eliminate 10 enemies with animal traps. Completed after the assault on the radio tower when you start moving toward the river. Animal traps are located in the locked shed before the radio station. Traps primed with mortar shells that get you multiple kills with one trap count towards the 10 kills.
    7) Kill 4 enemies with one mortar primed animal trap - You will pick up the animal traps in the locked shed. Once you place the trap, hold X to put a mortar shell under the trap. It is best to put it in a position where there is a bottleneck that forces the enemies to travel one way.
    8) Used elevated positions for 20 confirmed sniper kills - There is a dragonov in the shed with the animal traps. You need to be sitting in the little tree stands during the escape and kill 20 enemies. There are 3 stands, one at each defensive location.
    9) Collect all 3 intel locations - First is located next to the turned over truck that has the mortar rounds, says 'Access' in the field near the beginning of the mission. Second intel is located up the left ladder on the boat. Third intel is located in the tree stand to the left at the second defensive location.
    10) 100% survivability rating - Complete the mission without dying

    I remade my video since audio was crap last time.
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