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Complete all challenges in Black Ops II.

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  • ErnaPErnaP762,313
    16 Nov 2012 15 Nov 2012 31 Mar 2016
    339 14 248
    Hello Everyone

    Here I will provide Information on the Challenges in the Campaign and how to get them.

    WARNING: WHATEVER YOU DO, NEVER SELECT "NEW STORY" FROM THE MAIN MENU! IT WILL RESET ALL YOUR CHALLENGES! Thank you DarkLordRaptor for this important Information. He was screwed in every Hole possible by this.

    However, you can use RB to Rewind the Story WITHOUT resetting Challenges. Doing this will also allow you to restart at Checkpoints.

    Before we start, you should do all these on the Easiest Difficulty Setting, makes it a lot easier.
    Also, always take the Access Kit with you on every Mission (The first extra that is unlocked from the beginning). You will need it for many challenges.
    If you want to check which Challenges you´re still missing, go to the Mission Select Screen in the Menu and press X. Every Mission will be listed here. Choose one with A and then press RB once to see all the Challenges for the Mission.
    In order for the Challenges to be saved, you need to finish the Mission! NEVER just quit out after you get a Challenge!
    Another Tip: Install the Game to your Hard Drive. It reduces the load time. Also, I had a minor bug where the game Froze up for about 1 second 4 times in a row sometimes. This hasn´t occured anymore after I installed the Game.

    spxyu02 pointed out something very interesting: "To confirm a general behavior for these challenges, if you complete a challenge, then die, but don't complete it again on your "next life", it will still be complete when you finish the level. e.g. on Achilles’ Veil I used the turret to kill soldiers with vehicle explosions, then the turret was destroyed so I had myself killed by the enemy. Upon respawn I was two steps from the turret, and this time I concentrated solely on the quad drones, got that challenge, and when I finished the level, both were complete."

    P.S.: This will contain Spoilers. You have been warned.

    Mission 1: Pyrrhic Victory
    Note: If you don´t want to use the Dragunov for the Sniper Challenge, take your Favourite Sniper Rifle along for this Mission.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mission 2: Celerium
    Note: Take the Titus-6 Gun along for this Mission. You need it for one Challenge and you can use it for another one, too. The Titus-6 is the Secondary Gun in the Standard Load-out for this Mission. Also, take EMP Grenades with you.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mission 3: Old Wounds

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mission 4: Time and Fate

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mission 5: Fallen Angel

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mission 6: Karma

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mission 7: Suffer With Me
    (This Mission is truly worthy of this name. You will get angry while going for the Challenges.)

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mission 8: Achilles’ Veil
    Note: Take a strong Weapon with a lot of Ammunition like the MK48 Light Machine Gun with you for this Mission, it will help. Also, take EMP Grenades with you.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mission 9: Odysseus
    Note: Take along your favourite Sniper Rifle for the "Protect SEAL Team" Challenge. You can also use the Storm PSR Gun, which is the Gun I used for this. You can find it under "Special" in the Weapon Selection Menu. Also, take along EMP Grenades.
    WARNING: A Bug accured for me once in this Level. NO Enemies spawned anymore after I got out of the Bridge. If this happens to you and you want to do the Kill related Challenges, you can just start the Level again from the Beginning.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mission 10: Cordis Die
    Note: Don´t change your Secondary Weapon for this Mission, which is the Storm PSR. There is no Challenge for this Weapon, but it will help with a few of the Challenges.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Mission 11: Judgement Day
    Note: Again, take along the Storm PSR with you for this Mission, it really helps a lot. Also, take EMP Grenades with you.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Strike Force Challenges

    Note: CraftyZach man pointed out that, even If you fail a Strike Force Mission, your Challenges will still be saved.

    Note: Easy Mission with easy Challenges.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Note: This Mission can get a little annoying because of one Challenge, but other than that, it´s extremely easy.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    FOB Spectre:
    Note: Easy Mission with Easy Challenges.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Second Chance:
    Note: Mostly Easy Mission. 2 Challenges can be Annoying, if you don´t act quick.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Note: Another Easy Mission. Challenges are not too challenging.

    *** Spoiler - click to reveal ***

    Well, that´s it People. I hope this Guide helped and I also hope you have as much fun with the Mission "Suffer with me" as I did.

    If you have suggestions for any of the Solutions or the Guide in General, please leave a Comment or send me a PM.
  • Jett EdgeJett Edge190,220
    25 Nov 2012 27 Nov 2012
    24 2 3
    Now I don't take credit at all, not in the very LEAST for this challenge guide, but a link is below to a great guide i found while raging on the "Second Chance" challenge for killing 5 enemies with car explosion. It is a work in progress, but I will copy and paste the hardest ones, or at least the ones I had the most trouble with, for each mission, remember NONE if this is mine, all credit to NakedAssassin at

    Main story missions:

    Mission 1 Pyrrhic Victory:

    Dive to prone on an enemy grenade and survive
    - There is a flak jacket on the ship, in a crate just by the right hand MG. Then at the very end of the mission, when your friends are waiting for you by the beach. Hide behind the tree that is directly to the right of them (Don't go so far towards them or you'll end the level). Use your weapon to clear out a few enemies as even on recruit they will kill you quickly. Then just hang around and wait for a grenade to be thrown at you, try to spot it coming in so you can move away, then sprint at it and hold down the crouch button (Default B) to dive onto it. On recruit and using the flak jacket, this should be easy. Just be patient. A note as well, you must be at full health to not die, hence clearing a few enemies from the area is advisable.

    Mission 2 Celerium:

    Eliminate 4 enemies with one round from Titus weapon
    - Note that the Titus has 2 fire modes, buckshot and explosive, use explosive. Try this throughout the mission. Possible the easiest place is just after you rescue Erik in the container, when the attack comes. (I [the TA User] found that the best place is to get to the elavator inside the base before all your allies, then as son as the doors open, fire the explosive rounds, it should impale and kill one or two guys then kill the others for the challenge)

    Mission 3 Old Wounds:

    Eliminate 15 enemies with pulwar sword
    - After the opening scene and BEFORE you get onto the horse, look to the back left of the area and there is the sword sticking out of a skeleton. Use this throughout the mission to get 15 kills.
    Destroy enemy helo with a mortar
    - After the meeting in the cave, the mortars are to your left by the exit. Get back on your horse and ride to the exit, after your horse rears there is a helicopter that comes low to drop off some troops. Spam your mortars at it to destroy it.
    Destroy 4 enemy helos at North Pass
    - After blowing the arch, you will jump back on your horse. Head to the left and you will see some tanks rolling over the hill. Go over this hill and you will see 4 helicopters, wait a few seconds and they will be targetable by your stinger. Take them all out.

    Mission 5 Fallen Angel:

    Burn 10 enemies with flamethrower attachment
    - When you get spotted by Menendez, you will take control of a CLAW. Use the left trigger to incinerate 10 enemies. Also at the start of the mission, you can run up to a CLAW on the left and access it to enable the flame-thrower, not sure if this is needed or if once activated, any flamer kills from it count, but doesn't hurt to turn it on here.
    Protect 2 CLAWs from destruction
    - When using the CLAWS to aid your escape, make sure to kill as many enemies as possible and switch to the next one in good time. When you're controlling the 2nd CLAW, shoot the drone helo's down first, then there are a few RPG troops that come in on the rooftops and ground. You can also switch back to the 1st if you need to.
    Deploy SOC-T boost to find 2 alternate routes
    - When you're driving the car at the end of the mission, do not follow the other vehicle, instead go to the other side of it. There are a few areas here, for instance one where you will jump over the highway, use your boost before jumping and whilst passing these areas.

    Mission 6 Karma: (This one is easily the most annoying because of the long *** walking scene you can't skip at the beginning, combine that with the ziggy challenge and you got yourself an anger stew)

    Obtain retina scan in less than 60secs
    - When you use the little robot 'Ziggy' at the start, race through to the objective to get the scan, use jump to get extra speed (Don't jump in the small pipe), may take a few attempts as timing is tight. There is a mission clock in the lower left which you can use to gauge your time. Apparently Ziggy can sprint however I've not noticed a speed difference. There is also a checkpoint as you enter the pipe room, if you get to the grate at the end that you must shoot to open, and the clock is past 52 seconds, you're probably best to go back and check out Ziggy's flying mode in the pipe room instead of opening the grate. It will take a few attempts so it has been mentioned that as soon as you control Ziggy, if you sign out of XBL then back in, you will save that checkpoint, then if you're failing, sign out/in to reload that checkpoint. (here is a tip I found on YouTube "

    GUYS: 4 ways to increase your ziggy times:

    1. look in the video and jump when this guy jumps its faster than walking

    2. hold down L3 to increase speed it does work

    3. in the pipe room just before you finish strafe jump onto the pipes

    4. when youre running down to the? grate at the end instead of walking to it and zapping it jump and let gravity drop you down to the grate then zap it and kill the guy u fall onto"
    The YouTube video link is

    Eliminate 5 rappelling enemies
    - There are a couple of enemies rappelling in the mall towards the end, and a few more outside coming down from a helicopter.
    Eliminate 25 enemies in the outdoor area
    - When you start chasing Defalco, there are plenty of enemies to kill throughout this area. Make sure you kill every one you see.

    Mission 7 Suffer With Me:

    Perform a knife throw at enemy guard post
    - This is done at the very start as you climb the ladders.
    Survive an enemy RPG blast which causes enemy collateral damage
    - You need to be shot at by an RPG and have it kill a nearby enemy. The first place you can do this is by Noriega's jet, if you throw down some Nightingale's and try dancing with a few enemies, you may get lucky and be shot at by an RPG. Otherwise keep your eye out during the level for RPG enemies, and stand near others when you see them.
    Distract 8 enemies at the same time with Nightingale grenades
    - You get the Nightingale grenades just before you enter the airfield, there in a crate near where you see a propeller plane. A note is that you can throw several in different areas, you don't have to use just one. Can be done as soon as you head down and outside, by Noriega's jet, throw a few down. Easiest done as you're escorting Noriega though the area, you will come to a park area, throw one in there and you should get it. Otherwise keep using them when you see a group of enemies and restock ammo before you run out of them.
    Destroy Noriega's private jet
    - On the airfield as you head outside, there is a Jet on the runway and you're told to destroy it. Shoot it with grenades or any explosive you have.
    Destroy 1 enemy ZPU
    - Located in the outside area, after Noriega's receives a pistol. Keep your eye out for it. It's an Anti-Air gun located on top of one of the buildings. Should get it when spamming the IR strobe. Will update with a better location description.
    100% survivability rating
    - At the end of the mission a IR strobe gets thrown in and a gunship arrives. This can be very frustrating, if you move too fast you will be shot, too slow and the same will happen. Try stay just behind Noriega, and make sure you don't jump too soon or you will simply fall to your death.

    Mission 9 Odysseus:

    Direct CLAW to eliminate 25 enemies
    - At the very end of the level, you go up on one of the plane lifts. At the top to your left there is an access room, use this to get the CLAW, then use it to kill 25 enemies as your make your escape.

    Mission 10 Cordis Die:

    100% impact ratio with SAM engagement on highway
    - At the very start you will have to use the SAM. Wait for the missiles to say 'Lock' and for a clean shot before shooting. This one can be a pain and seems reliant on luck, they tend to always come behind you, so keep scanning the skies and wait a few seconds for the lock, then shoot. There are a couple of obstacles you should be wary of before shooting rockets. May take a few attempts so be patient.
    Rescue trapped SSA in damage vehicle
    - When you encounter the 2nd CLAW, ahead of it to the right there is an access area you must use to rescue the SSA.
    Protect G20 cougar at intersection
    - After the mall area, you will head outside and down some stairs. Ahead of you is the truck you need to protect. Behind it and on the roof are enemies with RPG's, try to take them as soon as possible.
    Destroy 3 drones with one shot
    - Appears when flying the Jet, and you split from the convoy to take out drones, you can destroy more than 1 with a missile, if you hit one in a cluster. Try using the skyburst missiles (LB), and you should unlock it. dieredsparowes has pointed out that you will need to replay the mission on the difficulty you originally completed it on in order to use the skyburst missiles, however goregutts has said that if you rewind the story, then complete it on recruit, the next time you play it, they should be available. A little confusing but if you're having problems, see if that is relevant to you.

    Mission 11 Judgement Day:

    Destroy ALL laser turrets
    - These are scattered around the starting area. There are 2 up high to the left on a building, another 2 to the far right. Then a few scattered around at the very back and one just up in front of you. They look like normal search lights, and a few shots from a sniper will destroy them. Get up high on one of the buildings and keep searching till you see "Career Record Updated" appear.
    Eliminate 5 enemies with one strike of the kinetic projectile weapon
    - From the start of the mission, head up the stairs and keep going straight. The weapon will be behind the building in an access area. There are a few areas to use this but luck will come in, just keep it at the ready for when you see some enemies bunched up.

    Strike Force missions:


    Destroy CLAWS (x2) using only soldier
    - You may be lucky and find a soldier with a SMAW, if not, there are a few enemies using RPG's, try take them down and steal their weapon. Takes a few shots from an RPG to kill them, but explosives are probably easiest. An LMG may also work but takes a few rounds. (Most of the soldiers have a grenade launcher/noob tube on their gun)


    Eliminate enemy personnel (x3) while they are planting IED
    - If you use the Quad Drone and stay ahead of the trucks. The one's you're looking for are enemies running then standing still in the middle of the road. Shoot them when you see them crouching. Not too hard but may require a couple of play throughs.

    Second Chance:

    Eliminate enemy personnel (x5) by exploding vehicles
    - This one can be annoying I grant you. As you check the locations, more and more enemies will spawn in. Once you have checked at least 4, switch to the VTOL and find some vehicles. Then be patient and wait for them to pass by vehicles.


    Complete the mission in "tactical view" only
    -This one will be MY actual advice, since the challenge guide isn't very helpful w/this one, and this is the hardest one to get tactical view, So as you begin immediately go into tactical view, direct your troops to the left of the direction you start off facing, go through that alleyway. Since the AI is retarded, make sure you mark each soldier individually as you see them, only move them up once you KNOW every one is dead, then kill the turret. Next, slowly take out the ASD units one by one, if your lucky the AI will be smart and kill 2 with one rocket, before you move into the open make sure the ASDs can't get you so easily then quickly take out the two sentry guns, next kill all ASDs left after placing the hacker to move it along quicker. Hopefully your AI will be smart the first time as mine was utterly stupid and I had to retry at least 3 times before they said to themselve "Huh, I wonder what would happen if I kill the ASD units?"

    If you followed this guide, all the hard challenges should be done.
    there are more video guides coming by the user who made the challenge guides, so watch for them, again I DON'T OWN ANY OF THE GUIDES!!! I am simply spreading them around
  • Gregest GregGregest Greg372,890
    09 Jan 2013
    18 3 2
    This is just a little tip to help with getting the challenge: 100% Impact ratio with SAM on the mission Cordis Die.

    I was having a bit of difficulty with this and was getting frustrated immensely.

    When the drones first appear they will fly over you. I waited for every set of drones to fly overhead, followed them until they were high in the sky again, waited for a lock on all targets and fired. I did this with every wave of drones. Sometimes you will see two waves at the same time but it seems the SAM turret will only lock onto the wave that was there first so don't panic if you see them.

    I did this twice and it worked both times. The first time I did it I tried to save and quit right afterwards so I didn't have to play the whole mission, sadly that did not work. I should also note that I did this on Recruit difficulty.

    Hope this helps. If you need anything clarified, leave a comment and I'll get back to you.
  • Howling Mad DocHowling Mad Doc319,100
    16 Nov 2012 16 Nov 2012 16 Nov 2012
    17 5 2
    Firstly: Thanks to ErnaP for the majority of this list.

    Help with the difficult challenges in a little bit more detail.

    Mission 6: Karma
    *Obtain Retina Scan in less than 60 seconds:

    You do not actually have to "attain reina scan" within the timeframe. The challenge popped up for me because the mini-cut scene started before I fell on the guard. To achieve this; before you even take full control of Ziggy, just start mashing "A" to jump forward. Jumping is faster than walking. And try to jump everywhere (with the exception of climbing vertically). When you get into the pipe room, try and jump from one pipe to the next rather than walking around corners. A straight line is always fastest.

    Suffer with me

    Eliminate Enemy Personnel (x8) in the Clinic:

    On this objective, I used a shotgun (S12) with Laser Sight, Long Barrel, and fast mag. Just make sure you hit everyone before Mason does. There's probably about 10 enemies, so there is a little bit of space to spare. And, I don't know if if would help, but you could always try to stand in front of Mason to prevent his shots.

    100% - Obviously, the Gunship is a pain. But, if you lose you're head you will die over and over. I kept trying to sprint straight through and would die over and over (for some reason if you go full speed you're more likely to die). I took a different approach. When you turn down the hallway to begin running, don't sprint right away. Walk a few steps and then sprint. If you're lucky then you'll hit it on the first jump. (I did this on Veteran but kept dying in Recruit using the sprint for your life method).

    Mission 9: Odysseus
    Direct CLAW to eliminate Enemy Personnel (x5):

    Before you walk onto the lift, shoot both of the AI american troops to make sure they aren't killing your additional body count up above. As the lift is coming up, there will be several people attempting to shoot you. Do not kill them, just wait by the edge of the lift to sprint directly to the Access Point. When you open it up, turn your CLAW targeting to the enemies on the edge of the lift. I managed to get this challenge in one shot.
  • AksharrAksharr176,907
    03 Dec 2012 02 Dec 2012 02 Dec 2012
    20 8 0
    This is not a complete solution. for that look up the guy at the top...he did a great job.

    This is just a trick TO FINISH MISSIONS FAST.
    most likely you guy will be able to finish only few challenges per mission. and it sucks to complete the whole darn mission with the cutscene. do yourself a favour and equip this class and just keep running.

    Primary weapon : M27
    Weapon perks: millimeter scanner, grenade launcher, and extended clip.

    Secondary weapon : Assault Rifle ANY (I like scar) same perks as above.

    Perk : Access kit, ammo pickup (finish 5 challenge in cordis die), and fast mag. also if you don't need access kit use longer sprint for that

    Basically you can pick up any weapon you like per mission requirement....but this set up will save so much time. 2 assault rifle....20 n00b tubes...and scavenger perk (ammo pick up) with fast reload. you will finish missions so yourself some time from aiming down sight. and good luck
  • Flame Zero 1Flame Zero 1461,246
    27 Dec 2012 18 Dec 2012 21 Dec 2012
    17 5 4
    Just a couple small tips that I have come across and would like to share with everyone.

    Karma - Obtain retina scan in less than 60 seconds.

    -In "Karma" while controling Ziggy, you can make him sprint by pressing and HOLDING DOWN the left stick button. Unlike while playing as a human character, simply clicking the left stick once will not put Ziggy in sprint mode. I'm sorry to say that it took me many tries before I made this little discovery, and no guides explane that in detail. And trust me, making him sprint in areas where you can't jump helps alot with you time.

    Cordis Die - Destroy drones (x3) with one shot.

    - In the misson "Cordis Die" you get access to the Skyburst Missiles after you protect Anderson's ambulance in the same manner that you protected the G20 vehicals. If she survives, she will give you the code to use the Skyburst Missiles so you can complete the "Destroy drones (x3) with one shot" challenge. As far as the Skyburst Missiles being glitched, I think people just lack understanding how to unlock them.

    All missions - 100% survivability rating.

    -Are you having trouble making it through a mission with "100% survivability rating"? Come on, I know your out there. It's nothing to be ashamed of. Instead of using the mission select option, use the rewind option to reset the story to the desired mission of you choice. This way, when your getting close to a part of the mission that you know you may die in, "save and quit" then continue the story. If you do die, immediately jump to dashboard then restart game and continue story. When you return, you will be at the same checkpoint that you saved a before and your death will not have been recorded. This is a life saver for those tricky portions at the end of some levels like the slow motion shooting on Judgment Day.

    Although no where near a full guide, I do hope these three tips will make you challenges a little less challenging.

    *If you found my solution to be helpful or if you found a problem with it in any way, please leave a comment or send me a message conveying your thoughts.

    Thank you,
    14 Jan 2013 07 Jan 2013 02 Aug 2013
    18 7 1
    First of all, I'd like to thank ErnaP for providing such a thorough guide. For the most part, my guide will be a video representation of what is described in ErnaP's guide.

    My videos are best watched on youtube, as I provide links in the description to specific times in the video.

    Generally, I will only type up where I slightly differ or disagree from other guides. Everything else will mostly be within the videos.

    *This is a work in progress*
    I will be editing this guide as time goes.

    Mission 1: Pyrrhic Victory

    Mission 2: Celerium

    Mission 3: Old wounds

    Destroy enemy helo with a mortar:

    ErnaP is mistaken about having to destroy a particular helicopter with a mortar. You CAN destroy the one that briefly lands in front of the compound, but you can also try to get 2 of the 4 at the North Pass. Two of them land to drop off troops, while the other 2 have troops rappel down.

    Destroy tank with anti-tank mine:

    I try to get as many challenges as possible in a single mission playthrough. If you go after the helicopters at the North Pass, then the tank and BTR might already be in front of the compound. I have found that there will be either 2 waves of armored vehicles (tank & BTR) or 2 waves of Hinds (helos). Either way, what you can do is lay the mine next to the tank, and shoot the mine w/ your primary weapon.

    Misc kills:

    I got my horse, stinger, and pulwar sword kills in the area where you had to take back the ammo cache. There will be an ifinite amount of enemies spawning here. Make sure to take out the enemy Hind (helo) as it will keep firing rockets at you. There isn't much room to work with while riding the horse, but as long as you're on recruit, the enemies shouldn't kill you.

    Mission 4: Time and Fate

    Eliminate PDF Enemies (x8) with Truck mounted MG:

    If you feel it necessary, you can shoot your ally, in order to get him off the MG. I've killed many allies as Menendez w/o any issue on this, but CoD is iffy when it makes you restart due to friendly fire, so do take this with a grain of salt.

    Mission 5: Fallen Angel

    Avoid Damage from large Debris in Streets:

    Simply avoid the floating cars and trucks. Stay to the left side of the streets, and wait for the vehicles to crash into something.

    Mission 6: Karma

    Kill Enemy Personnel with headshots (x5) in Club Solar:

    What I did was equipped a red dot sight and extended magazine (referred to as extended clip in-game) to the recommended secondary weapon.

    Ensure Zero non-Combatant Casualties:

    I always get this w/o much difficulty. As far as I can tell, you just have to avoid being trigger or grenade happy when you see civilians around. If you have your access kit equipped you can have Farid highlight enemies in red. This happens while inside the server room.

    Mission 7: Suffer With Me

    Distract Enemy Personnel (x8) with Nightingale Grenades at the same Time:

    I got this while at the location where Norigea's private jet is. After killing the guy on the truck mounted mg, I spammed nightingales, and everyone was focused on the smoke and popping sounds. If you don't get it here or at any of the other open areas before you enter the clinic, I would suggested spamming them inside the clinic. Throw them into the hallway, and your enemies will run toward the smoke. You might get lucky.

    Mission 8: Achilles' Veil

    Mission 9: Odysseus

    Mission 10: Cordis Die

    Random Tip: I recommend having an underbarrel grenade launcher on your assault rifle.
    100% Impact Ratio: pay attention to the HUD on the SAM turret. It points to the direction where the drones are. there is also a red bar at the bottom of the screen that shows blips representing the drones.

    Mission 11: Judgement Day (last mission)

    Strike Force Missions
    Second Chance

  • StressyGit XxStressyGit Xx140,375
    01 Mar 2013 29 Dec 2012 17 Mar 2013
  • AxGryndrAxGryndr452,247
    15 Jan 2014 09 Jan 2014 14 Jan 2014
    6 1 0
    The challenge I was stuck on was surviving an RPG blast in Suffer With Me. Here is what works. Grab the flak jacket (you get this at the end of the hall after you jump in through the sky light so this means you need the access kit with you). Kill of the next guys until you get to the stairs to the jet. I ran straight down the stairs and past the truck. I headed for the far side of the jet and waited near the tip of the wing (do not go past the wing). If you look at the top of the corner of the building there is a guy coming down the ladder (he has the RPG). I waited until he got off the ladder and then I moved forward in front of a box where a guy was shooting at me. The guy with the RPG fired and I got the Career Updating message.

    Here is a link that follows this same path.
  • OtooooOtoooo218,837
    11 Aug 2014 11 Aug 2014
    6 1 0
    In mission Cordis Die - Challenge: Destroy Drones (x3) with one Shot, there is no glitch (in wich you can't get skyrocket missiles), you just need to keep Andersson alive after you take over the plane. Make sure you that you have a visual over that reclessly driving ambulance. When the convoy turns to a larger area (somekind on parkinglot) that mad driver in ambulance steps on in and tries to collision to couple of trucks, shoot the trucks and you should be fine. Game difficulty doesn't matter at all. (I played through on veteran the first time and completed this challenge on recruit)
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