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Tower of Babble

In TranZit, obey the voices.

Tower of Babble-0.5
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How to unlock the Tower of Babble achievement

  • EvilMoominEvilMoomin316,884
    18 Nov 2012 18 Nov 2012 07 Dec 2012
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    I want to make a guide that is less ambiguous than many others I've read, so here is my attempt. You need to be on Original difficulty level. This is all we did to get this achievement, we didn't assemble any obelisks or super weapons. This guide does assume you have some knowledge of how to play Zombies.

    Step 1:
    You need four players. In the bus station EVERYONE needs a windmill turbine. One player needs to have an EMP grenade. So keep using the box as soon as you start. Let one player kill all the zombies for the first 2 rounds and you should have enough money for three turns on the box at the Diner. If you don't get EMPs then restart the game.

    Step 2:
    Then at the end of the second round leave a couple of zombies alive and have one player look after them at the Diner so the rest of the players can go off to the power room (including the player with the EMP grenades), which is two bus stops after the Diner. Turn on the power by assembling the switch, then turn it off again after the voice tells you to (this step has created the electrical man that you need to kill with an EMP in step 4). Use a turbine to leave the power room and get back to the bus, but don't forget to pick it up again. Two players then walk back the way the bus came to get back to the cornfield and the overhead power line pylon that is there. One player needs to get back on the bus and ride it to the town where the bank is.

    Step 3:
    Once you have found your way to the pylon through the corn field, knifing the little goblins on the way when they jump on you (Don't hate them, they just want a little love), you need to put 2 turbines down inside the base of the pylon, you will be safe from the goblins here too. When the electrical storm is overhead at the cornfield, kill the remaining zombies to start a new round. (Some guides say that doing this when the storm is overhead guarantees that the electrical man will appear in the cornfield, though in my experience this hasn't been the case, but it doesn't hurt to wait until the storm is overhead, just incase).

    Step 4:
    You may need to fight a few waves of zombies until the electrical man appears, but when he does, wait for him to get into the centre of the pylon base, then EMP him to kill him. Loads of weird stuf will start happening then at the pylon. The player at the Diner should then put down his turbine under the street light outside the shed with the white doors at one end of the area, this will turn the light on. The player at the town should run back down the road the way they came on the bus (knifing goblins that jump on you) until they get to a street light and put the turbine down under it. Achievement Unlocked.

    This address is to an article that I used to get this achievement:

    EDIT: You don't necessarily need four players, or four turbines, but my guide just explains how I managed to do the achievement. Also why do some people call this an Easter Egg? If there is an achievement for it it's not an Easter Egg.

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    audgattilooking to do this add me GT: audgatti
    Posted by audgatti on 03 May at 13:22
    THE MEEK JOKERneed help with this
    Posted by THE MEEK JOKER on 31 Jul at 01:10
    BILLION PLAdd me: billion pl
    Posted by BILLION PL on 07 Nov at 17:37
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  • Games MasterGames Master810,620
    05 Dec 2012 05 Dec 2012 07 May 2014
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    This achievement may take upwards of an hour and can be done with either 2, 3 or 4 players (Not solo).

    NOTE: I've added a video from NGTzombies (Richtofen's and Maxis' paths) for those that would rather a visual instead. I take ZERO credit for the video.

    Before you begin it might prove useful to have persistent super revive and 200% health. These upgrades can be earned whilst playing on tranzit, die rise and buried (NOT grief, survival and turned modes). They are not displayed like normal perks but somewhat do the same job and can also be combined with the normal perk for a substantially better effect for specific perks (quick revive and juggernog).


    The player can earn faster revives (revives are twice as fast). The effect can be stacked with Quick Revive for an almost instant revivification.
    The revives are fairly easy to do with a second controller or a friend willing to help. Leave the last two walkers of wave 1, place the second controller (or that eager friend) in the lava and just revive away! You know when you have done enough as you will see a puff of green dust appear (you will see this with every persistent perk/power-up upgrade).
    To lose it, a player must try and fail to revive a downed person, even if said person is later revived. Even an accidental fail (such as being knocked out of the way) will cause the upgrade to be lost.

    >200% HEALTH (300% HEALTH)
    The player can earn more health (4 hits like Juggernog). The effect stacks with Juggernog, allowing the player to have a maximum of 300% health (6 hits).
    The exact way to how to obtain this upgrade is still unknown, but the most commonly used way to obtain it is to consistently buy Quick Revive in solo play and letting yourself to be downed both times by the SAME zombie.
    This perk is disabled but not lost on round 15. The player will not lose the perk by dying from fall damage/falling off the map, explosive damage, or bleeding out and dying prior to the start of round 15; after round 15 however each of these factors will cause the perk to be lost, unless the player is the last in the party to go down.

    If you're wanting to know the less helpful but still somewhat useful persistent upgrades check out the call of duty wiki here:

    Step 1, PREPARATION:
    Accumulate a total of a good 20,000 points in each of your banks. If you are unsure where you can store your cash, then you will need to first make your way to the town (the last stop with a pool of lava in the middle and good old JUG nearby!) where you will enter the bank (right in front of you when you get off the bus). Once inside you should notice a vault door across the room. Simply toss a grenade towards it and it will be blown to shit. Upon entering the vault you will see 2 keys on the right (deposit and withdraw). ENJOY! smile

    Start a custom tranzit game on original difficulty (NOT EASY DIFFICULTY!)warning.

    Like Die Rise and Buried, if one of you already has the achievement you won't be able to do the first significant step, in this instance powering the obelisk for either side. The workaround for this is to start the game without the player(s) with the achievement and then invite them into round 1. They will then be able to spawn in once the next round begins.


    Step 3, POWER:
    From the spawn assemble the turbine (manikin, fan and tail fin). All the parts can be found in the spawn room. The manikin is resting against the map of the bus route in the middle, the fan is on a chair right next to the bench and the tail fin is on the floor by the telephones. Remember to pick up one each! This turbine can be used to power the doors that you can't buy like the ones right next to the bench.

    From the bus depot take the last crawler/walker from wave 1 on the side of the bus and traverse all the way to the power station. Once at the power station you will notice a lot of scrapped cars and an outhouse straight ahead. Buy open this door (750 points) and drop down into the power room.

    To be able to turn on the power you must first build the power switch (switch, control panel and zombie forearm). All of the parts can be found in the power room. Now you must turn on the power and TURN IT BACK OFF!

    Step 4, EMPs:
    Arrive at the town to collect all those points you earned and stored previously. Then, waste all of those hard earned points on the box until one of you eventually get EMPs.

    Make your way under the pylon in the corn fields between the farm and power (from the road you will see an entry next to a car from there you will need to take a left, then a right and then a left once more). Place both of your turbines at either corner of the pylon's base, proceeding to hold out until the electric dude decides to turn up. (usually is between rounds 4-9). Once he is within the vicinity of the pylons base throw an EMP and collect your turbines.

    Place your turbines at any two street lamps. (The easiest are probably the diner's and the bus station's as they are within the "safe zone") clap *ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED* clap

    You will now receive a power up at the base of the pylon and an additional one every five minutes or so and should now see orange lights traveling to the top of the pylon. If you want to help out with someone else's easter egg run, you will need to make sure that they're the host and that you join their session in progress (If the host has the easter egg completed, nobody in that game can earn it). However, the game you complete this easter egg in can also give out a free-of-charge acheevo to anyone that joins.

    If however you are wanting to complete Richtofen's path then here you go;


    Step 3, OBELISK TABLE:
    The first thing Richtofen wants you to do is build the obelisk table (made with the meteor rock, table, radio and electric box). If THE HOST has built this before it will already be built (if any other player has previously built it, the table will still need to be built again for the host regardless).

    The meteor rock can be obtained from the small crater left in the side of the bus depot at the start(to the left as you exit). The table can be found in the power station once you drop down from tombstone (either in the dark corner or on the crates) or the tunnel in between the bus depot and the diner. The radio can be found on a cabinet in the garage at the diner or in Nacht der Untoten which is located in between the power and the farm, across the corn field (on the other side of the road from the pylon). The electric box can be found in the farm house to the left of the refrigerator or at town besides the dumpsters, the mystery box can spawn by.

    Step 4, POWER:
    Since the obelisk table is now permanently built, I recommend restarting to make it easier on your team. From the bus depot take the last crawler/walker from wave 1 on the side of the bus and traverse all the way to the power station. Once at the power station you will notice a lot of scrapped cars and an outhouse straight ahead. Buy open this door (750 points) and drop down into the power room.

    To be able to turn on the power you must first build the power switch (switch, control panel and zombie forearm). All of the parts can be found in the power room. Now you must turn on the power and leave it on.

    Step 5, JET GUN:
    Like all zombie easter eggs, you will need the wunder weapon. The jet gun (made using a coil of wires, jet engine, handle and a gauge) can be assembled at the bench in the bar at the town across from the bank.

    The coil of wires can be found in the same area as the table of the obelisk table (down from tombstone) either on a barrel, the box right as you drop down or on the floor near the crates. The jet engine can be found in the tunnel in between the diner and the bus station. The handle can be found in Nacht der Untoten which is located in between the power and the farm, across the corn field (on the other side of the road from the pylon) on either of three shelfs. The gauge can be located in the hunter's cabin in between the power and the town (stay hugging the right side as you approach town and you won't miss it).

    To power the obelisk you must use your jet gun on the obelisk table(seems to work best on the meteorite). Then Richtofen will complain how there still needs to be more power. So, you will have to hold out killing hoards of zombies underneath the pylon (making sure the zombies actually die under it) until you hear Richtofen say "too much power is flowing into zee orbit, you must reduce zee incoming power by a factor of four".

    For this step you will have to throw an EMP at four different street lamps within a short time of one another. If you are playing in four player it will be as simple as co-ordinating the throws simultaneously. However, in two player you will have to both have a teleporter ready under your street lamps so that you both can throw an EMP, teleport, turn around and then proceed to throw another. clap *ACHIEVEMENT UNLOCKED*

    You will now receive a power up at the base of the pylon and an additional one every five minutes or so and should now see blue lights traveling to the top of the pylon. If you want to help out with someone else's easter egg run, you will need to make sure that they're the host and that you join their session in progress (If the host has the easter egg completed, nobody in that game can earn it).

    Credit to MG Dano296 for additional perma. perk info! Also, credit to NGTzombies for the amazing video guide, be sure to check them out for anything zombies related.

    If there is anything you are unsure about or just simply wanting to know about zombies feel free to PM me and I'll be sure to get back to you ASAP.

    Hope this helps.
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    Dynasty HeroesWhat about public match will everyone get the easter egg and achievement done or is it the same scenario
    Posted by Dynasty Heroes on 09 May 13 at 01:24
    K1LL3R BEEZ^ if a person has the achievement already they cannot host the game. Great solution by the way. Me and a friend did the Richtofen way. You have to hold out under the pylon longer (we got to round 15 before he started talking), but I found it easier, especially since you can buy perks.
    Posted by K1LL3R BEEZ on 18 Jul 13 at 20:05
    Games Master@Dynasty Heroes K1LL3R BEEZ is right and something to check to be 100% sure is the pylons. If they're lit then the achievements a no go.

    @K1LL3R BEEZ This is exactly why I've listed both. Different people have different strengths, weaknesses, preferences etc. Glad it was of help.
    Posted by Games Master on 22 Jan 14 at 05:41
  • ZOMBl3 KlLL3RZOMBl3 KlLL3R381,050
    22 Nov 2012 25 Nov 2012 10 Feb 2014
    35 7 9
    There are already good guides for this achievement but i am going to share with you my own guide that is on youtube and a few written tips.

    Just a few tips/suggestions:
    Number of players- 2, 3 or 4 (easier with 4);
    Difficulty: Original;
    Make sure when you turn on the power, you have to turn it off again;
    Use EMP Grenades to the electric zombie in the tower;
    The easy way to get the EMP grenades is to play one game just for ROUNDS and put the money in the bank so you get lots of money and in the next game you go back to the bank to get the money back and after go lots of times to the random box.

    Now for all the steps and even more tips (how to spawn the electric zombie) check the video bellow!
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    Noodle 011this guy says you DON'T NEED 4 PLAYERS. is this confirmed as I know you need 2 turbines under the pylon active and 2 at any individual street light active?
    Posted by Noodle 011 on 14 Jul 13 at 19:47
    ZOMBl3 KlLL3Ryou don´t need 4 players for the Easter Egg. (place 2 turbines in the tower and then pick them up and put in 2 other locations (EX: town and bus depot)
    Posted by ZOMBl3 KlLL3R on 14 Jul 13 at 20:31
    BILLION PLAdd me: billion pl
    Posted by BILLION PL on 07 Nov at 17:37
    28 Nov 2012 28 Nov 2012
    18 7 6
    All these solutions are great just want to add that going for emps as early as possible is the best solution, also would like to confirm something, new i did this with only 1 other player we placed our turbines down when he spawned and once he came under the tower zombies destroyed our turbines so we thought we failed so i chucked an emp and killed him we then grabbed new turbines and placed them at the diner and bus depot at the sametime and "achievement unlocked" hope this helps
  • sjpsjpsjpsjpsjpsjp699,918
    05 Dec 2016 05 Dec 2016
    10 0 0
    I can confirm that this achievement can be done with three players.

    Quick guide:
    1) Build Turbines
    2) Hit box to get EMPs
    3) Turn on power to free Electric Man
    4) Turn off power after Maxis (the voice) tells you do to so
    5) Kill Electric Man under Pylon, using established instructions (2 turbines + EMP)
    6) Make sure the Maxis (the voice) says, "great, but we still need more power!"
    7) Turbine @ Bus Depot & Diner. Turbines are no longer needed at the pylon
    8) Achievement Unlocked

    We ended up completing it by round 7, including ~30 minutes where we had one person babysitting one final zombie around while the other two of us (who had died in previous rounds) to get new turbines. We had followed the steps 1 - 6 above, and as soon as we co-ordinated and dropped turbines at the Bus Depot and Diner (at the streetlights which are firing sparks) at the same time, within 2 or 3 seconds the achievement unlocked.

    (The primary intention of this solution posting is to show that it can be done with three players. Vote with that in mind!)
  • KawaSimo81KawaSimo81190,077
    08 Dec 2012 08 Dec 2012 08 Dec 2012
    20 10 3
    Well, today i have completed the easter egg in splitscreen with my cousin (only 2 players):
    1 build turbines
    2 find the emps in the mistery box (we restart the game if we don't find them at the diner)
    3 find 2 good weapons (we had both hamr and the pistol in the bus roof)
    4 turn on power, wait the avogadro birth, turn off and wait for maxis tells you can continue
    5 go to the pylon and kill last zombie when thunderstorm is above you and you ear big thunders to spawn avogadro (we tried it from round 5 and he is spawned at round 8)
    Place 2 turbines and kill electric zombie by emps under the pylon as described in all guides, then grab turbines.
    6 i went to the lamp in the road near the pylon and my teammate in the farm, we placed turbines (you don'need to place them in the same time) and achievement unlocked.
    A tip: you can activate a sort of permanent quick revive if you re-heal more or less 20 times your teammate, so in first wave you can stay in front of a window and the last zombie "kills" you many times, your teammate can re-heal you. You understand that quick revive is activated because after a certain number of revives, you will see a greenflash, such as you grab instakill or ammos or 2x.
    Hope my guide helps and sorry for my english, i am from italy and i try to write the best i can do.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    9 1 2
    There IS a solo method to do this, somewhat. Solo in the sense that you can do it by yourself but you have to do it in two player split screen. I won't go into too much detail as other solutions exist, so I'll assume you have an understanding of how to do it.

    0: Prerequisites
    - You need money in the bank. 7000 should do it.
    - You need an understanding of the map. If you get lost in the corn field like a dumbass, as I did, try to run it in solo play to figure out what you're doing.

    1: Getting going
    - Build the turbine and give both players one, get on the bus
    - Make sure you kill enough zombies to have 1000 points
    - Leave one zombie prying at the window and just keep holding X to repair
    - Do NOT get off the bus until the bank
    - Once at the bank, take as much money as you need
    - The second player should be doing NOTHING except repairing the window

    2: 2nd rotation, power
    - Get both players out of the bus at the diner, bus stays longer if nobody is in it
    - Hit the box until you get the EMP grenades and/or decent weapons. If the box disappears before you get what you need, it's your call whether to hit it at the next location or just start over. I'd suggest the latter but I've done the former.
    - Consider starting Wave 2 at the farm, again leaving one zombie at the end
    - Have player 2 jump out of the bus and get to the pylon, leave him there
    - Player 1 needs to turn on the power (and subsequently turn it off) and motor back through the fog to the cornfield. If the last zombie is chasing player 2, just try to fidget around to avoid hits. Or if player 1 gets close enough, let player 2 be downed and pick him up afterwards

    3: Electric Zombie
    - Wave doesn't really matter here, ideally the lower the better, but depending on your weapons you may be alright
    - Player 2 doesn't do a damn thing. He can get downed but he MUST NOT die or you have to get that turbine all over again
    - Leave one zombie and wait for the skies to get lit up COMPLETELY by lightning, not just in one spot. This raises the chance of the electric zombie spawning. I've also found that he spawns almost everytime IF
    A) The skies are lit up with lightning
    B) The character(s) comment on it. Something like "no good can come from a storm like that"
    - Once he spawns, throw down your turbine with each controller. Do NOT let them get destroyed, this is easier if the electric zombie comes near the end
    - Use the EMP grenade on the electric zombie in the center, so he gets sucked up the pylon

    4: Conclusion
    - PICK UP YOUR PYLON. I forgot to do this and it ruined the whole thing
    - You want player 2 to die. You read that right, BUT NOT BEFORE HE PICKS UP HIS TURBINE I ALMOST RUINED A WHOLE RUN HERE. If he leave the field and he dies, his turbine will go untouched and you'll get an "already have one" message when you try to get a new one.
    - Get back to the starting point, the bus station, however you see fit. You may get lucky with the bus coming as soon as you leave the cornfield or a teleport, or you could just motor to the farm or power station and wait from there
    - Once back at the bus station, open the front door
    - Create a teleport in front of the flashing lamp. If you don't remember how to do that, place a turbine in front of it to turn it green, go into the fog, get one of the goblins to jump on you, then run back with him and he should jump off automatically near the turbine, creating the teleport
    - Finish the wave and spawn player 2 back in
    - Get him a turbine ASAP
    - Grab your own turbine and get player 2 in the portal
    - It doesn't matter where he pops out as he will pop out at ANY lamp post. Place both player 1 and player 2's turbines and their respective locations at the same time
    - Boom

    This was the video I based this off of. The only reason I myself don't have it yet it because of a lot of stupid mistakes. I should have it by the end of the week at the latest.
  • TheAZNmikeTheAZNmike177,509
    17 Jan 2013 18 Jan 2013 05 May 2013
    14 6 2
    I Just want to clarify some rumors people have heard having trouble with this achievement as i just unlocked it right now:
    You can do this on custom game and you can do this with people who already have the achievement.
    All thats required if your friend does already have this achievement have them join in after you start the match so your tower won't be lite up. So you'll be able to actually complete the egg
  • Mild GonoliniMild Gonolini347,684
    18 Feb 2013 24 Feb 2016
    7 1 0
    This is the main easter egg for for the zombies map tranzit. There are two paths you can take to complete this. Either following maxis or Richtofen. This guide is just for the Richtofen side, as I find it much easier and less random. As well, you need 4 players for the maxis side, but it is possible to do the richtofen side with as few as two. Have a good understanding opf the map layout, if you have money in the bank you can do this on as early as round 4 or 5, so you really dont need to have a group of fantastic zombies players. A prerequistite for this easter egg is you build the navcard table. This is built under the electrical tower between farm and the power. There are 4 pieces needed to construct it. This can be constructed in a prior game and still appears in subsequent games. The pieces can change positions, here are the possible locations of the 4 pieces:

    Meteorite: in bus depot right beside the mystery box spawn, in a hole in the wall
    Wooden plank: In the Tunnel between Bus Depot and Diner or in the Power Station on a platform beneath the Buildable Bench by Tombstone
    Radio: In the garage by Diner (in the room with the car) on top of a shelf. It must be picked up while jumping. It can also be found in the Prototype.
    Electric Box: In Town between the dumpster and Mystery Box spawn, or in Farm, inside the house next to Fridge, or behind the Bus Depot.

    I recommend you spend a few games saving money into the bank. This money transfers between games,and it means you can get this done on a much earlier round as you need alot of points for hitting the box. The bank is located in the town part of the map (the final bus stop before it starts over) as you enter town coming from the power enter the first door on your right. There is a large safe directly in front of you, cook a grenade and throw it at the safe, busting it open. Enter the safe and will see two keys on the right wall, one for giving moneyn and one for taking money. Put as much money as you can into here at least 15000 points)

    So now we're ready to start. Start up a greenrun: Tranzit private game with either 2, 3, or 4 players (4 makes it easier). If you are doing this with less then 4 people, 1 person needs to be the character samuel Stulinger. He's the white guy who always talks about cheese. He is the only one who is able to hear Richtofen speak, so the easter egg wont work without him.

    Step 1: turn on the power

    Pretty simple, save 2 or 3 zombies on round 1, build the turbine so you dont have to open the spawn door and take the bus to the power (the third stop). Open the outhouse door and build the power, then turn it on. Maxis will ask you to turn off the power but ignore him, as we are not following him. About a minute after you turn on the power stulinger will start hearing richtofen speak to him.

    Step 2: build the wind turbine

    Richtofen asks you to build the wind turbine. This is the new wonder weapon to tranzit, and can only be obtained through crafting, You must craft it in town in the room across from the bank by stamin- up. There are 4 parts required and they are scattered all around the map. They always appear in the same general area, so just look around the area and you will find the piece.

    The jet engine is found under the tunnel between bus depot and diner 4 possible locations:

    Near the first window on the left.
    Beside a car near the railing of the Colt M16A1.
    Between the first window on the right and Colt M16A1.
    Between the cars to the left as you enter the encampment

    The wires are found in power area. In the room that opens after the power turns on
    On the lower floor near the collapsed cat walk on the electric box.
    On the lower floor near the collapsed bridge on the ground.
    Near the Tombstone Soda.
    On the lower floor in the small room with the window on a barrel.

    The handbrake is found in nacht der untoten, a recreation of the first zombies map which is located between farm and power. Look out the right window of the bus heading to power and you will see an opening in the corn. Jump out and enter the corn field, hug the right wall, making sure you keep knifing the denizens jumping on your head, and you will soon make it. Has 3 locations
    Near the lamp.
    In one of the cabinets.
    On the stairway, on the right side behind the desk.

    The pressure gauge is found in the hunters cabin. This one is kind of tricky to find, it is located between power and town. I find the easiest way to get there is running from town to power hug the left wall, until you see a light meaning you are there, it has 2 locations
    Near the fireplace.
    On the bed near the back door.

    You can only hold one piece at a time, so it can take a while to build. Once built, one player needs to grab it.

    Step 3: shoot the turbine under the tower

    The tower is located between the farm and power. If you take the bus from farm to power and look out the left window you will eventually see an opening to the left cornfield with a small patch of lava beside it. You enter the cornfield here, knfing denizens as you do. If you look along the floor you will see a crack, follow this and it will take you underneath the tower, the same place you built the nav table.

    Only the person with the jetgun needs to be under the tower, simply pull out the jetgun pressing cn_up and aim straight up into the top of the tower, hold down the trigger until the jetgun breaks, its okay you dont need it anymore.

    Step 4: explosive kills under the tower

    For this step, you need to kill a number of zombies under the tower with explosives. This includes stuff like the RPG, mustang and sally, grenades and the raygun, the raygun being the best option. Whether you want to hit the ox for the raygun or just upgarde your pistol for mustang and sally is up to you. It has been proven that any type of kills like buellet and knifing count. But, it seems like it takes a large amount more kills not using explosives, so I recommend stick to explosives. It should be a decently early round, so surviving under the tower is pretty easy. Its your choice whether you want everyone under the tower, or have just 1 guy or any combinations, it really doesn't matter. You will know you have enough kills because stulinger will hear richtofen say something like "We have too much power you must decrease it by a factor of 4" and you're onto the final step!

    Final step: EMP the lanterns

    Now is when you need to start really hitting the box, you are looking for EMP grenades, a minimum of 2 people need them, but the more people with them the better chance you have of doing this. Around the map there are a number of these kind of streetlight thins. They glow green and are pretty easy to spot. What needs to happen is you need to throw an EMP under 4 different lights. the easeist option is for all 4 people to get EMPs and go to different lanterns. Heres 4 locations (there are other locations):
    In bus depot a few meters away from the mystery box spawn
    In diner on the far side next to a truck
    Heading from town to bus depot before crossing the bridge on the left side
    Heading from power to town, on the left side of the street about half way between the two.

    So simply have 1 player go under each of these lanterns and throw an EMP all the same time and boom! achievement unlocked!

    However, this can also be done with 2 players, both using EMPs heres how:

    If you let a denizen jump onto your head and get underneath a lamp before it kills you, it will jump off your head and dig down underneath the lamp making a portal. If you stand on this portal and jump, you will be teleported to a random lantern somewhere in the map. So, you have 2 people, each with 2 EMPs form portals under their respective lamps. Then, at the same time, they both throw and EMP, at the ground, jump inthe portal, and throw another EMP as soon as they reappear. 4 EMPs under 4 lights. There is a possibility that a person teleports to the lamp that the other already hit, and if this happens you must play until you get a max ammo, and then try again.

    This method is not guranteed, but because it makes doing this possile with 2 people its helpful if you're not able to find more people. The tower will light up blue and you'll get the 75 GS. In any future gmes you play on this map the tower will stay blue. The only way to undue this is by either doing maxis' side or pressing the button in buried having done the buried and die rise easter eggs as well.
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    14 8 7
    Ok first off everyone's making this sound so complicated.
    Easier than you think.*Also like to add you do NOT need the obelisk table. That is for something entirely different.
    Alright here's my solution.
    1. Everyone grab a turbine jump on bus while round 3 is starting.
    2. Go to the garage at diner and use mystery box for EMPS
    if you dont get EMPS by round 5 restart the game and repeat till you have them.
    3. Get to power room. Find the panel, switch, and arm. All easy to locate. (in circular white room) turn on the power... Wait for a VOICE to say shut down the power. Then do that. Use a turbine on nearby door go up stairs back down where bus will come. Keep a crawler or 2 Alive.
    4. Take bus to cornfield. Jump out when you see cars on road. Navigate through to the pylon you must all 4 be there or the electric boss may spawn elsewhere. Now wait till you hear a huge crack of thunder and see lightning. Ull know. Then kill last remaining zombies. He will spawn near pylon, now 2 people set up their turbines one on each side of the pylon. DO NOT throw emps just yet. Dodge him for a minute and kill the zombies leave a crawler if you can. Once you hear the VOICE say destroy him or w.e throw the emp at him. Boom. Now you need to walk out of cornfield. There is a lamp post nearby one person sits there. Another heads to the town.
    5. Once in town and you find the lamp post there. The person at post in cornfield and post in town must set their turbines down simultaneously. Boom. Achievement should pop. You dont need the table and you dont need more than 2 fans going at a time.
  • Col CoffeeCol Coffee189,773
    18 Nov 2012 11 Sep 2013 11 Sep 2013
    8 3 0
    This guide is based solely on the way I achieved it and have continued to use said guide to help many others after.

    It's true, some things are considered not necessary, like building the Navcard Tables although everytime I have helped someone, I have always made sure to build it for them, just so that they have it built for future references.

    So, assuming that you know where all the parts are and you know how to build the Table, Jet Gun, Power Switch ect. (If not, message me for a quick tutorial.)

    Maxis - Upon spawning in on round 1, build the turbine, have everyone take one and do one of two things. First, either head back the way from the Depot to the Town to get money from the bank or have everyone head to a place they will be comfortable surviving for a few rounds to rack up some points. With the points in hand, you are going to want to try and buy the Galvaknuckles or spam the box until you get Emp Grenades. (Emp Grenades are more effective in this instance.) After that, you're going to want to head to the Power and turn it on. After turning it on, Maxis will then ask you to turn it back off. After turning it off you want to head over to the Tower in the Cornfield and place 2 turbines under it. Then you want to wait until the Electric Man spawns in. Get him under the Tower and then kill him by using your Emp Grenades or Galvaknuckling him. You must be quick. After killing him, you want two players with two turbines to head to two separate lampposts.(The teleporters do not have to be activated for this part.)Place the turbines down and the achievement should pop up.

    Richtofen - Starting out the same way as before, have everyone head to the bank or to a place they can survive to rack up some points. In this case, a lot of points per player is needed. Unless you get very lucky. You can build the turbine although it's not needed for this side of the easter egg.
    Now, the first step is that you have to turn the power on and this time leave it on so feel free to buy perks. After a while, Richtofen will ask Samuel to build the Jet Gun. Upon building the Jet Gun, head to the Tower where the Navcard Table is and unleash the full power of the Jet Gun upon the table. Just hold the trigger down until the gun explodes. The next step is to power the tower with zombie souls. The way I have always done it is with the Mustang And Sally so make sure to keep your starting pistol and pack a punch it prior to this step.
    You want to head to the Tower and round up a group of zombies, I tend to get the group as big as possible, 15-20 zombies at a time and kill them all in one go with one shot from the Mustang and Sally. If after one group you do not get a quote to move onto the next step, kill another zombie crowd using the same method. After completing this step, you will hear Richtofen telling you that you have to reduce the power by a factor of four. This is where your points come in. You need all players in the game to procure Emp Grenades from the box. Unless you're very lucky, it can take a long time. After getting them, you want all players in the game to create a teleporter from seperate lamp posts and at the same time, have everyone throw an Emp Grenade into the portal. If done correctly, the achievement will pop up.

    There are many different ways to complete this achievement and both sides to it can be completed with 2-4 players. 4 players are not necessary.

    Message me if you need any extra help or personal guides from any step.

    This guide may be similar to others but it was simply the way my friends and I completed it at the time. We knew about some of the steps but this is the way we strung them together.
  • QuiCkz NinjaQuiCkz Ninja1,429,086
    07 Feb 2013
    8 3 1
    Step 1 - Get a Turbine

    The Turbine is a Buildable Piece of Equipment. It is constructed in the lobby of the Bus Depot. Place a fan, mannequin body, and tail fin together to create the Turbine. Have all players to grab the turbine from the workbench.

    Step 2 - Get EMP Grenades and/or Galvaknuckles

    This step must be done before step four!

    Use the Mystery Box until one player gets the EMP Grenades. The Mystery Box is first found in the Gas Station at the second area of Green Run. If you plan to take Richtofen's instructions, all four players will need to get EMP Grenades from the box.

    The Galvaknuckles are said to work as well (unconfirmed). Obtaining the Galvaknuckles is a bit difficult. Use Turbines to open locked doors around the map. Inside one of the doors is a hatchdoor for the bus. Instead of using it on the ceiling of the bus, use it on the ceiling of the diner to reach the roof. On top of the roof is the spot for the Galvaknuckles. They cost 6000 points.

    Step 3 - Visit the Power Lab

    The next step is to turn on the power. Travel to the Power Lab, which is the fourth bus stop in Green Run. Enter through the shed and assemble the power switch seen in many Zombies Maps. All three parts are in the white Power Lab. The parts are a power board, power switch (lever), and a severed zombie hand.

    With the power on, Him will be released from the device in the middle of the room. After awhile, Dr. Maxis and Dr. Richtofen will speak over an intercom. Follow whoever your team wishes.

    Dr. Maxis' Instructions
    Dr. Maxis will tell you to turn off the power after turning it on. With the power off, you will need a player to use the Turbine to open the door nearby, allowing everyone to leave the Power Lab.

    Step 4 - Go to the Transmission Tower

    Remember, Steps two must be done before doing this step!

    The transmission tower (Commonly called an Electricity Pylon in some countries) is a large steel structure in the Corn Maze. The Corn Maze is an area between Bus Stops three and four, which is the Farm and Power Lab. Since it's between bus stops, Denizens will attack everyone. The Galvaknuckles are very useful against these guys. If you get lost, look into the sky for the large tower.

    Step 5 - Kill Him

    Survive until He comes to the tower. Once he shows up, use two turbines near the tower and kill him inside the fence with an EMP Grenade or Galvaknuckles. All of these must be used to fully kill it. Maxis will say you need more power if done correctly.

    Step 6 - Use Turbines

    The final step is to send two players to two different street lights with their turbines (you can remove the turbines from the tower if you only have two players). Have two players place their turbine next to a street light, and the Achievement / Trophy should unlock. The players may need to go at specific street lights. The ones we've seen were at the Rest Stop (gas station & diner) and at the Bus Stop (starting location).

    For those who don't know, there are several street lights on Green Run. They are located at and in between bus stops. Using Turbines on the street lights will turn a green light on. If a Denizen walks under it, a portal will open, allowing players to jump from one spot on the map to another.

    Dr. Richtofen's Instructions

    Step 4 - Start Building Special Equipment

    Special equipment can be built at the fifth bus stop (Town) before taking on Him. Unlike all the last Buildable Equipment, these pieces must be collected between bus stops. It's best to collect them after getting decent perks and weapons. These two items are the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 and the Navcard Usage Machine.

    Use the Thrustodyne Aeronautics Model 23 on the Navcard Usage Machine until the Element 115 rock is heated up. Dr. Richtofen will tell the team to go to the Transmission Tower (AKA Pylon) next.

    Parts Location
    Wires Near the Electric Trap
    Jet Engine In Tunnel (Between Bus Depot and Rest Stop)
    Gauge In Cabin (Between Power Lab and Town)
    Handle In Nacht Der Untoten building beyond Corn Maze (Between Farm and Power Lab)
    Parts Location
    Element 115 In hole in wall beside mystery box location at the Bus Depot
    Control Panel In demolished building (Nacht Der Untoten) in corn maze between stops three and four.
    Wooden Board Under the stairs by the work bench at Power Lab / Demolished Building
    Control Panel 2 Leaning against dumpster beside mystery box location in the Town (Area 5).
    Step 5 - Kill under the Transmission Tower

    The transmission tower (Commonly called an Electricity Pylon in some countries) is a large steel structure in the Corn Maze. The Corn Maze is an area between Bus Stops three and four, which is the Farm and Power Lab. Since it's between bus stops, Denizens will attack everyone. The Galvaknuckles are very useful against these guys. If you get lost, look into the sky for the large tower. Kill many, many zombies until Dr. Richtofen speaks again. Mostly Just 1 Round Should Be Enough or Less.

    Step 6 - Reduce Power

    Richtofen will say there's too much power and it needs to be reduced. All four players must now go to four different street lights around the map. There's one at each bus stop and sometimes one between bus stops. Some may require a turbine to turn the light on, and some are always on. Each player must take a Denizen underneath the lit street light to create a teleporter in the ground. When all four players have a teleporter next to them, they must all throw an EMP Grenade inside at the same time. If this is done right, the light from the teleporter will glow blue and swirle around the light and the achievement / trophy will unlock.


    Thanks to zsnkhn for video
  • Fishie PenguinFishie Penguin203,229 203,229 GamerScore
    24 Nov 2012 24 Nov 2012 07 Feb 2013
    13 8 8
    These other guides are useful in getting the Tower Of Babble Achievement it is a confirmed fact that you don't have to have 4 players after killing the electric man you can take your turbines to the Diner & Bus Depot to light up the green street lights. Thanks to our group Macd50, MMFQ Vash 202, and x MaStErTaTeR x.

    Quick How To:
    1.) Build Obelisk Table
    2.) Hit box to get EMPs
    3.) Turn on power to free Electric Man
    4.) Turn off power
    5.) Kill Electric Man under Pylon
    6.) Turbine @ Bus Depot & Dinner
    7.) Achievement Unlocked

    *New Note for anyone who is having problems understanding this guide:

    You don't have to use the table, this guide never said you HAD to have the table just that these are the steps we used and it did not require 4 players. Had 2 turbines @ the pylon after killing the Electric Man under the pylon. We took those 2 turbines to the Bus Depot & Diner showing that you don't need 4 players or 4 active Turbines at the same time. Either way can be done it just depends on the skill of the gamer whether or not your a good zombie player.

    *Additional Note as Wireless Yoshi has stated in the comments:
    If your not able to get EMPs by round 5 it does become harder and harder to get them, while getting the Electric Man to spawn & the damage he inflicts on you is alot, and dealing w/ zombies at the same time.... So if you don't get them...restart, restart, restart.

    Having the NAV Card from this game as well as having the table build will carry on to the "Die Reise" Map for the Revolution DLC.
  • o Akumu oo Akumu o65,144
    09 Feb 2013 01 Jun 2013 01 Jun 2013
    7 3 0
    This achievement is a lot easier than it seems or people try, im going to use a method ive seen and ive perfected it, ive done this achievement around 6-10 times for friends so im pretty experienced in how to do it.

    My method is to do it with only two people, and requires you both to play the map at least twice, which ill explain further down the solution.

    The Method

    First Game - Preparation
    This first game is to allow you both to make the achievement happen, otherwise you will be spending roughly 4-5 hours failing hard trying to do it. This is because this game you aim to gather as much point as you can without failing, or even multiple games to maximise your chance. Id say to gather 35,000 Pts Each, this isnt a joke seriously do this, since if you have any less and somehow fail the achievement first time, you would of spent around 17,500 points.

    Step One
    Within round one make the fan and use the bus, gather enough points to open the Diner door (750Pts) and both buy a weapon each hopefully your lucky and get a decent weapon, Alternatively skip this step and move to Step Two.

    Step Two
    Still in round 1-3 Turn the power on, if you skipped Step One, buy the AK-74u on the wall before dropping down (1200)pts

    By turning on the power you have a better chance in survival in the next and final Step of the first game.

    Step Three
    From turning on the Power, progress to the town/Bank area, this is where you will stay for the remainder of the game.

    This may sound daunting at first but its a lot easier if you can play Zombies well, allowing two people to simultaneously train zombies in two different areas. If worrying about ammo you regularly get max ammos as we noticed ever 1-3 rounds you will get one so dont worry.

    After every round bank all your money even if its just a thousand, this is cause you may need that last thousand for the achievement.

    Second Game - Tower of Babble Achievement

    From the peparation you should eb at a point to be ready for this achievement. im going to write it in small steps then followed by detailed steps for those who want a more detailed overview.

    1) Construct the Table
    2) Then Restart Game since Table saves
    3) (OPTIONAL) The Bus part for the roof must be found in the first two locations
    4) The Power should be turned on and off by round 2
    5) The Bank Withdraw
    6) Purchase Juggernaught
    7) Spam Boxes till obtain EMP's and a good gun
    8) (OPTIONAL) Purchase galvaknuckles
    9) Kill Lightning man under the tower with fans
    10) Goto Bus stop and diner area place fans in spots.
    11) Achievement Unlocked!

    There thats the list in order.

    Now for more detailed analyse on the steps.

    Step One

    There are four parts dotted around the map:
    Moon Stone - Located bus station soon as you walk out turn right and theres a hole in the wall
    [u/] Table - Located in the Power area, after turning on the power its in that area
    Radio - Located in the secret Kino Der Tutan area in the opposite side of the corn fields
    Located in the diner area in the garage
    Red Box - located in the Farm area in the house on the wall next to the fridge

    Once obtaining a part each move pylon located on the left side of the cornfields you should be able to look up and see it.

    NOTE: You can only carry one part a once.
    NOTE: Do not withdraw any money from the bank.

    Step Two

    Once you construct the table it should save this progress automatically so once it has leave the game and start fresh.

    Step Three (OPTIONAL)

    There is a bus part which allows you to get on the roof, you can skip this step IF, you do not wish to purchase the galvaknuckles however it does make the achievement a little easier.

    If you want the knuckles you should start the game make the fan ASAP, and then check that room, if its there goto the diner area an check the shed, if it is NOT there restart, if it carry on :D

    Step Four

    Hopefully you havn't gone mental and killed every zombie, so if you have unlucky, im kidding.

    You want to turn the power on and off by round 2 or 3, earlier the better, it requires 750 points to open the door, i advise one to go and make the panel as quick as the can as the other player just trains the 4-5 zombies that are alive. Once done move on.

    Step Five & Six & Seven & Eight

    Im including all these since its pretty self explanatory, so from turning on the power goto the bank area, this requires another 750 points to open so make sure you have enough, once here throw a grenade open the bank vault and withdraw a decent chunk of money around 15,000 or 17,500 (i recommend 17,500)

    go and rush an purchase juggernaut this helps soooo much since your pretty much invincible.

    Then Spam the boxes till you obtain EMP's and a decent gun.
    NOTE: if you want the knuckles get them in this point too after you get your EMP's/

    Step Nine

    This is just a really anoyying part of the achievement and the part where you might just die, but you should be good with juggernaut.

    Goto the pylon and kill your zombie you have been training under the pylon WHEN! your character mentions something to do with the bad weather, then the electric man will appear within the next 2-4 rounds

    When he appears you should here maxis say something, place your fans on the table at either side of the table, and listen out the the Phrase > "KILL THE BEAST NOW" maxis should scream, at this point you throw an EMP and kill the electric man, he should be in the area of the Pylon your stood in.

    You know if you have done it since maxis will say "great, but we still need more power!"

    Step Ten

    From here kill the remainder zombies apart from two to three.

    This is the easy part, wait for the bus to take you to the bus shelter, you should see a light flickering off and on. One of you wait here.

    The 2nd rides to to the diner (ONE STOP) and gets off, where the shed is where the part is located you should also see a light flickering off and on, all you need to do is plant your fans here at the same time or near the same time and BAM!

    Step Eleven

    Achievement unlocked!

    you know you have done it since the lights send some mad beam to the pylon and then you can see fireworks and the pylon lit up like MAD xD and maxis will praise you for this :)

    Enjoy the achievement.

    If you would like to give me some tips where i can say put more detail or missed a point please comment and ill update.

    Happy Achievement Hunting.
  • rekcor813rekcor813161,408
    11 Dec 2012 11 Dec 2012
    8 4 0
    ok, so we tried this 2 nights in a row. first night... We get everything going and correct, 2 turbines break and we have to run back to the Bus Depot to get new ones. Not a Problem. We place the turbines at the lamp posts and the tower... Nothing. then the Zombie bleds out.. and the next round goes to crap.

    4 players
    Get turbines
    on round 1 go to bank get stashed cash
    have one person run back to power and turn it on he should stay there as to the fact it needs turned off
    have one of your strong player activate portals at a few different light poles.
    have one palyer turn power off.
    go to box and spin till you get a EMPs
    a bonus if you have monkey bombs and also ray guns
    go to corn field between farm and power and kill the zombie. place 2 turbines and kill a boat load of zombies.
    after a few round mister electric man comes
    get him under the tower... not beside... behind... under... EMP him. you will hear maxis talk and say about activating nodes.
    have 2 players stay at the tower with a walker zombie and the other 2 go to the light poles you have portals on.

    communicate and put down turbines... boom. pop. achievement.
  • abtimbadabtimbad17,100
    16 Nov 2012 03 Dec 2012
    26 22 24
    EASIEST WAY although there are 2 ways. Ill put up a video but just a TIP- when you have the Electric guy, have at least 1 zombie left and 1 guy at the diner so he can follow him(stays at the diner because of the light post) . remember everyone needs a turbine. Now after that, the Electric guy follows the bus. (2 guys)At the corn field you wanna jump out of the bus in between the farm and the power place going away from the door, the electric guy will follow you there. The last guy will jump out in between the power place and the town, there will be a light post there. After you kill the electric guy the other two should put down there turbines at those light post.

    EDIT: you can go to any light post instead of the ones I named, and for all who keep asking NO you do not need the table for Maxis side of the easter egg.

    For the Electric Alien thing to spawn you DO NOT need to be underneath the pylon you can camp out wherever you seem comfortable and move there later for that step

    "Hey I noticed that you can get the electric zombie to spawn pretty much when you least starting on the 4th round. We would turn on the power in the first round then during the third round leave one zombie. When the lightning storm would kick up all around us and get loud, we would kill the zombie and he'd appear at the start of the 4th round. We just got it 4 times in a row, once at the corn field and three times at the diner. I think it doesn't matter where you are as long as its at least the third round and you time the last zombie kill with the storm. I am pretty sure this works all or almost all the time." - Thanks to NJDuke007 for that input

    The second video is Richtofen's Easter egg if you decide to do it that way.

    For both Easter eggs you need 4 people.
    EDIT: it is possible to do Maxis Easter egg with 2 people, not sure about Richtofen's though.

    I have noticed that people say you can't do this with somebody that has the easter egg done. That is false. If you let the people without the achievement start the game you can join in progress and still help out.

    Thanks to MrChampbaileys24 & MrRoflWaffles for posting the videos to youtube
  • StressyGit XxStressyGit Xx156,513
    09 Feb 2013 11 Feb 2013
    9 7 0
    Please check out my 2-player guide below. This is the most detailed guide on YouTube in my opinion including what to do with the turbines and emp grenades. Please take the time to follow this guide. It's the best method to completing the achievement. I did it in 45 mins with my partner.
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