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Don't Fire Until You See

In TranZit, have all doors opened without being set on fire.

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Achievement Guide for Don't Fire Until You See

  • HiddenPrecisionHiddenPrecision859,733
    15 Nov 2012 15 Nov 2012 25 Nov 2012
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    You must open every door including the doors that need power using the turbine without catching on fire. There are a total of 18 doors to open.

    - 3 in first area (Includes 2 power doors)
    - 3 at the Diner (Includes 1 power door)
    - 4 at the farm (Includes 2 power doors)
    - 2 at the power area (Includes the spot where you plant the turbine in the video)
    - 6 in the final area (Including the 2 safe doors)
    TOTAL COST - 7000

    This achievement is easier with the more people you have. (They can open all the doors for you while you stay away from fire) You can do it solo though. Put the difficulty to whatever you feel comfortable with and load up TranZit.

    1. At the start grab quick revive if playing solo and buy an M14 off the wall. Continue to knife all zombies until there is 1 zombie left on round 2.

    2. Grab the 3 parts and build them on the table near the power door. Before you build the last part knife the last zombie. (Locations for parts are in the video below)

    3. Now once its built, grab it and go up to the power door and hit up on the D-PAD. Then tap RT once to the left of the door so that it opens the 2nd door at the same time like the video. Grab the turbine you built as soon as both doors open and go outside by the bus. Finally for the first area open the main door by the bus and get on the bus to the next stop.

    4. On your way there you wanna try to have 1500 points to open the next 2 doors at the next stop. Try to save a couple zombies before round 3 ends.

    5. Once there get out of the bus on the right side and open the Diner door and the door with the mystery box in it after you leave the Diner. Continue left and open up the power door with the device you made. Now kill any remaining zombies and get back on the bus the way you came. When leaving the area to the next stop again try to save up to 1500 points by killing zombies on the windows of the bus.

    6. Once at the farm open the gate and then quickly open the power door straight ahead. Plant the device to the right side of door so it opens both doors. Now watch the video to find a easy way to jump on to the house surrounded by lava cracks to open the door and to leave the house. Make sure you have 750 points or more when you get to the next stop.

    7. Once there buy the door leading to underground and find all 3 parts to build a power switch. (Locations in the video) Once built turn on the power which may kill the remaining zombies, and go back to where you jumped down. There is a door there. Plant the turbine there for about 3 seconds and then grab it.

    8. Now go outside through the metal door that opened when the power turned on. Carefully cross this area and land outside where the bus is. Go to where you opened the door in this area buy the AK74u on the side of the door. Survive in the spot where you bought the AK74u until the bus arrives. You should have at least 2250 Points when you get on the bus to the final area. Save 1 or 2 zombies when you leave.

    9. Once in the final area open the first door where you get out. Throw a frag at the safe door, walk in and throw another at the second safe door. Now leave the building to the next door to buy which is across from the safe building. Once you buy it turn around and carefully cross the lava cracks to the next door up some stairs. (Watch the video if you get lost) Once you open it go through the door and through a hole in the wall. Once you drop down cross 1 more lava crack on the right and use the device to open the final door for the achievement.

    - Watch the video if you are confused on what to do or where to go.

    - With 4 people it doesn't affect the achievement for you if they step in a lava crack.

    - Buy the nice pistol on the ceiling of the bus if you run out of ammo on the bus.

    - If you save at least 2 zombies before killing them all the last zombie will not run.

    - Open the doors quickly at Diner and at the farm before the bus leaves.

    - With multiple people you can all grab the turbine to open the power doors in-case one of yours breaks.

    - Also if a zombie on fire explodes on you it doesn't affect the achievement.

    If you are going to give me a negative vote please comment below on how I can improve and I will fix it or help you.
  • Zasta 360GameTVZasta 360GameTV138,546
    16 Nov 2012 16 Nov 2012
    38 1 3
    Hi Guys

    Here is my Solution for this Achievements. You need to open 19 Doors which cost only for the Doors 7000 Money and 2 Grenades, with 2 Weaponloots from the Random Box are 8900 total.

    You need ca 5-6 Rounds when you are a good Player.

    The First Step is build the Turbine. The Turbine open some Doors. When your Turbine is broken, drive to the first Station (Bus Depot) and build a new one.

    Here are all Doors with Cost, Location and timelink for the Video below:


    00:50 - Door 1 - Cost 750
    00:57 - Door 2 - Cost 0 - Turbine
    01:04 - Door 3 - Cost 0 - Turbine


    02:15 - Door 4 - Cost 750
    02:30 - Door 5 - Cost 750
    02:37 - Door 6 - Cost 0 - Turbine


    04:00 - Door 7 - Cost 750
    04:20 - Door 8 - Cost 0 - Turbine
    04:30 - Door 9 - Cost 0 - Turbine
    04:37 - Door 10 - Cost 750


    05:27 - Door 11 - Cost 750
    06:00 - Door 12 - Cost 0 - Build the Powerswitch and turn on to open
    06:23 - Door 13 - Cost 0 - Turbine


    07:55 - Door 14 - Cost 1000
    08:00 - Door 15 - Cost a Grenade
    08:07 - Door 16 - Cost a Grenade
    08:24 - Door 17 - Cost 750
    08:40 - Door 18 - Cost 750
    09:05 - Door 19 - Cost 0 - Turbine

  • SquareHeadKillrSquareHeadKillr475,610
    15 Nov 2012 16 Nov 2012 18 Nov 2012
    25 5 8
    I found an easy way to unlock this. You must play coop with friends over the LIVE (custom games - TranZit). Just open all doors except one. Then, all players must leave the game one by one EXCEPT the host and then join the session in progress (yes you can) and when you will be in, you will be in viewer mode (leave --> join session --> next player leave --> join session...). Whats important is not to let the host drop to solo. All your stats will be erased and you will have only 500 points. The game wont save what you did before you leave even if you have walked on fire. When all players are back in viewer mode, the host open the last door and everyone gets the achivement except the host.
  • De4thM4chin3De4thM4chin3391,072
    14 Nov 2012 14 Nov 2012 15 Nov 2012
    18 1 3
    Just wanted to add that you can definitely do this solo as you don't need to have someone stay at the power room for the turbine pack-a-punch door. I did put my turbine in front of the door after I turned the power on just in case it was required. As long as you pick up your turbine right after it opens a door it will last for every door you need. Also, my achievement popped before I was able to open the second vault door so I doubt either one is counted for this. You might have to open the pack-a-punch room but you definitely don't need to be there to witness it. Here's the exact order in which I opened the doors.

    STOP #1
    1 - Turbine doors 1 & 2
    2 - Bus station door
    STOP #2
    3 - Diner door
    4 - Magic box door
    5 - Turbine door 3
    STOP #3
    6 - Farm gate
    7 - Turbine doors 4 & 5
    8 - Farm house door (jump up to front porch from behind parked vehicle)
    STOP #4
    9 - Outhouse door
    10 - Turned on power to open shutter
    11 - Put turbine in front of power door (behind you as you drop down from outhouse) which opens the pack-a-punch door
    STOP #5
    12 - Bank door
    13 - Vault door x1 (ran out of grenades)
    14 - Bar door
    15 - Door to jug
    16 - Turbine door 6 (Achievement popped)
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    14 3 6
    This is the EASIEST and FASTEST way to get this Achievement!

    What you'll need:

    - A host who is kind enough to help the other player get the Achievement
    - A decent connection, although it doesn't matter if you're disconnected
    - Up to three other friends who can help open the doors

    Note: This achievement will unlock for everyone besides the host, however you can get someone who already has it to host, and then use this method to quickly get it for them.

    Here are step-by-step instructions to help you understand the easiest way to get this achievement. There are only 5 easy steps!

    1) Firstly, DO NOT worry about getting set on fire, just play the game normally and try to get all the doors open, this does include the power doors so make sure to bring a turbine!

    2) Once you are sure that you've opened every door (A trip or two around the map whilst someone keeps a walker or two occupied is recommended) get the host to wait at spawn.

    Important Note - It's best that the host is the one who keeps the Zombies occupied as that way you can be sure that once you complete the next stages, the zombies won't disappear, and the round won't start.

    3) Have the other players disconnect, you can do this my simply pressing the 'start' button, and selecting quit. I also suggest that you have two players leave instead of three, that way it's a little bit safer than everyone leaving at once. Once the first two have done the next steps, the third player can do the same thing.

    4) Join back to the Host's game, because it is private, no one else would have filled the slots. Once you join back, you should be in 'Spectating Mode'. Have the host to open the power door with the turbine in the first spawn area, which you should already be standing at.

    5) The Achievement should have just unlocked for the two players who disconnected!

    Now rinse and repeat with the third player, you can also go back again and do this for the host!

    If you have any questions please ask in the comment section below!

    Note: If you are wondering how many doors there are in each area, I will list them below.

    - Spawn Area (Bus Depot -

    1 Door
    2 Power Doors - Turbine

    - Second Area (Diner) -

    2 Doors
    1 Power Door - Turbine

    - Third Area (Farm) -

    2 Doors
    2 Power Doors - Turbine

    - Fourth Area (Power Room)

    1 Door
    1 Power Door

    Pack A Punch Door can also be opened in town from here, use the turbine and follow the instructions below.

    (To open the pack a punch door follow these simple instructions)

    Once you drop down after opening the shack in the fourth section, turn around and you'll see a door with a lightning bolt on it. Simply leave a turbine there for a couple of seconds, and this will open the Pack A Punch door in town.

    - Fifth Area (Town) -

    2 Doors
    1 Power Door
    2 Bank Doors
    1 Pack A Punch Door

    To open the first bank door, throw grenades at the keys on the floor in the bank room.
    To open the second band door, throw grenades at the door at the end of the hallway.

    Thank you, I can confirm this has worked for me and my friends THREE times now.
  • DaOriginalNutahDaOriginalNutah31,690
    23 Nov 2012 23 Nov 2012
    10 1 0
    Best way I think to do this is to use 2-4 players. Each have about 3000 in the bank.

    Part 1: First knife the zombies in the first round but leave one zombie. Make the turbines and go through the doors. Open the door you have to pay for before getting on the bus.

    Part 2: With the zombie from the first round still trying to get into the bus just keep repairing the windows it takes down, and get off the back door of the bus at the Diner. Open the door to go through, then open the door where the box is. If you have enough money at this time, all buy a gun from the box. Then open the door with the turbine, finish the round off and start round 2. Try to leave 2 zombies this time.

    Part 3: Miss the farm stop and the power stop, go straight to the town with the 2 zombies and open the bank, get your money out then carefully open all the doors at the town. Get back on the bus and head back round.

    Part 4: If round 2 has ended by now, make sure to get leave 2 zombies again at round 3-4. Get off the bus at the farm, open the gates to get onto the farm and open the door with the turbine. Make sure you open both doors with the turbine. Now go to the back door of the house and jump over the lava crack to open the door. Then jump back, and go back to the bus again.

    Part 5: Get off the bus at the power, open the door to drop down and find all the parts to turn on the power. After the power is turned on you can put a turbine down at the pack-a-punch door. You will then get the achievement after a few seconds of the turbine being down.

  • S1D92S1D92171,907
    13 Dec 2012 15 Jan 2013
    8 3 2
    Solution in German:

    Ganz einfache Lösung.

    Verabredet euch mit einem 2. Spieler und nutzt eine Neuerung in Black Ops 2.

    Der Spieler der den Erfolg schon hat öffnet alle Türen bis auf eine (Strom darf nicht eingeschaltet werden) und der 2. Spieler kann ja mitten in ein laufendes Spiel einsteigen. Nun beendet Spieler 1 die Runde bspweise am Dinner oder bei der Farm und Player 2 wird dort ebenfalls gespawnt und kauft nur noch die letzte Tür und bekommt den Erfolg.

    Wer Probleme hat schreibt es drunter.

    Rückmeldung ob ihr es geschafft habt wäre auch nicht schlecht ;)
  • Life On SaturnLife On Saturn52,842 52,842 GamerScore
    18 Oct 2014 25 Oct 2014
    4 0 0
    For this achievement you will have to play on the map Tranzit. You'll have to have a turbine. DO NOT EVEN THINK ABOUT LOOKING AT LAVA!!! And, DO NOT forget to get on the bus

    BUS STOP(2 Total doors)TIP=Don't walk in fire.
    1. Bus Station Door-750 points)
    2. Door to the right of Bus Station Door, needs turbine

    DINER(3 Total doors)TIP=When arriving, get off bus from south side.
    1.Door to gas station(750 points)
    2.Door to diner(750 points)
    3.Door to abandoned tool shack/cabin, needs turbine

    FARM(4 doors)TIP=Be careful when going in and out of the house.
    1.Gate to farm(750 points)
    2.Door to farm house(750 points)
    3.Door to the shed, needs turbine
    4.Second door to shed, needs turbine

    POWER STATION(3 doors)TIP=Power door doesn't open, don't worry, it still works.
    1.Door to secret Power Room(750 points)
    2.Power door, behind you upon entering, needs turbine
    3.Door beside power build, open once power is turned on

    TOWN(4 doors)TIP=Really watch out for fire here!!!
    1.Door to the bank(1000 points)
    2.Door to bar(750 points)
    3.Door to upstairs apartment(750 points)
    4.Door to bookstore, needs turbine

    Hopefully this guide helps. Credit goes to Ray from Achievement Hunter!
  • MrCaffiene82MrCaffiene8254,165
    01 Mar 2013 02 Mar 2013
    5 1 0
    Black Ops 2 Zombies Dont Fire Until You See Achievement

    This Achievement/Trophy requires you to open every door on tranzit without getting set on fire. This video will show you all the doors and the easiest way to complete the achievement
  • ll Lone Wolf lIll Lone Wolf lI301,271
    21 Nov 2012 19 Nov 2012 19 Nov 2012
    10 10 0
    This can be done solo and is a lot easier than you may think. You will first need to log in a second account and plug in a second controller. Once you have that done start up tranzit and put your main account (The one that needs the achievement) in a corner away from any of the lava pits. Play with your dummy account and try to stay in the spawn building up points and also build the turbine while you are at it. Once you have about 7000-8000 points kill all but one zombie and start opening all the doors. There are 3 at the bus stop, 3 at the dinner, 4 at the farm, 2 at the power station, and 6 at the town. What I did was stay in the spawn until halfway through round 5 and then I opened the 750 door and killed all but one zombie. Then I opened the remaining two doors with the turbine let the zombie break the turbine and I grabbed a new one. Your main account may die but this is okay. I then started opening all the other doors and hit the box once (If you do this you are going to have to have 8000 points as the doors cost 7000 all together). Once I got to the power station I quickly put the power lever together and turned on the power and put my turbine by the green lightning sign for a couple of seconds to open the pack-a-punch. By that time the bus was honking so I rushed to it and headed to the town. At the town I opened the 2 safes, 2 regular doors, and the one turbine door. You should have the achievement by now, but if you had a turbine break and didn't get one of those doors you will need to get a new one and head to whatever door you haven't opened. If at any time your zombie dies you need to make sure that your main account is put in a place where he cannot be pushed into lava by zombies so that you don't get screwed and have to start over. Be careful with your main account when you are in the spawn farming your points at the beginning, as this is the place where most people will mess up on. If your main account dies make sure to get him to a safe corner again after he respawns at the beginning of the new round. With this method I got the achievement on the first try and it took less than 20 minutes to do.
    P.S. I have been offline for the past week so that is why the achievement is not showing for me.
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