7 Day Survivor achievement in Dead Rising (Xbox 360)

7 Day Survivor

TYPE: 1 Play REQ: Survive for at least 7 days.

7 Day Survivor0
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How to unlock the 7 Day Survivor achievement

  • jaganshihieiyyhjaganshihieiyyh335,346
    28 Aug 2009 28 Aug 2009 28 Aug 2009
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    Go here: http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Dead_Rising/Infinity_Mode

    The page contains all the information you'll need to plan out an efficient 7 Day Survivor run. It features:
    A schedule of every survivor and psychopath's appearance and disappearance, and the food they drop.
    A list of all food that can be found around the mall
    A list of safe places to hide in every area.
    A list of clocks so you can tell the time – Frank's lost his watch in Infinity Mode.

    You'll notice by reading the schedule that the survivors tend to spawn and despawn in groups (That is, at the same time, not the same place). So your plan of action should be, every time a new group appears, go around killing them and collecting their food. Once your inventory is full, wait until your health depletes and then use the food before moving on. If you've killed all of the survivors currently available, wait somewhere safe until a new group spawns, and only leave when you've recently healed yourself.

    In order to get the most out of your food you will need the 3 health books, whose locations are listed in the article. You also need to know how many squares of health each item restores so that you do not waste anything. To find out, go here:

    (multiply all values by 3 if you are carrying the books – which you absolutely should be)

    If you are killing enough survivors and not getting hit excessively then you will be accumulating full-heal items faster than you use them. I am not very good, getting grabbed by zombies fairly often, but I ended up hauling around three pizzas I got on day 1 for the entire game. So don't panic about running out of food. In fact, don't feel that you need to kill absolutely every survivor, either. Many of them only drop a 1-health item, which is hardly worth the trip depending where they are. The guide helpfully highlights the ones carrying a significant amount of food.

    Make sure you don't pick up larger healing items that are lying around the mall unless you really need to. As I just said, your inventory will likely be well stocked with the spoils from killing survivors. Picking up the static items just means you have to schlep them around with you instead of having them waiting for you in a predictable place. Picking up the smaller things that only heal 1-2 blocks (sans books) is okay. You'll use them more quickly so they won't clog up your inventory too much.

    Special notes:
    1.Heed the schedule's warning about the Food Court bug. You don't want to lose your progress half way through.
    2.As it says, when you unlock 5 Day Survivor the laser sword is there right away, so use it. If you quit the game without dying you will not be able to use it in future games, though.
    3.The page is wrong about this at least: you can kill people more than once. I've done it with at least Kent and the sniper family.

    Anyway, this isn't too hard, just time consuming. Good luck and I hope the information is useful to you. Armed with exact knowledge about where and when every enemy spawns, I'm sure you'll agree this mode is a lot less intimidating than it might have otherwise been.

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    Octobot SuperIs the real mega buster absolutely 100% required? I unlocked it, my save got erased, then I attempted to get it again and lost about an hour and a half of zombie killing progress so I'm pretty fed up at this point trying to unlock the damn thing
    Posted by Octobot Super on 17 Aug 19 at 10:32
    peeveen@October Super: I wouldn't want to do it without it.

    I would suggest that the "non-confrontational" bit of this guide is slightly alarmist. Most psycho's or survivors are dispatched with 1-5 shots of the Megabuster, which is like 2 seconds of fighting. Even if they get a few lucky shots into you, the food they give out (tripled in effectiveness with the books) is usually way WAY more than enough to make it worthwhile. I only fought about six of them and got the achievement with a full day's worth of OJ in reserve, and I didn't even need to go into the park to risk a run-in with the convicts.

    In ascending order of threat, the biggest dangers in getting this achievement are: survivors, psychos, zombies, boredom.
    Posted by peeveen on 01 Nov 19 at 10:05
    Callsign ReconThis was far, far less difficult than i thought it would be. With a mega buster and a level 50 character, You shouldn't have any issues. Just for perspective, i didn't touch a single food item in the mall until 8d - 22h - 20 min since that's when the psycho food ran out, and then off of the mall food i lasted until 14d - 0h - 2 min but then died after falling asleep on my keyboard since i had been awake for 28 hours (I didn't even get to the food in the north plaza/tunnels). The hardest part is finding the time to do it, along with trying to stay awake.
    Posted by Callsign Recon on 27 Jan at 13:26
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  • MakeMeACoffeeMakeMeACoffee1,083,047
    21 Jul 2012 08 Mar 2009 02 Jan 2021
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    Loosely follow "DrNewcenstein's Non-Confrontational 5 & 7 Day Survivor Guide for Dead Rising" which can be found here

    That guide will enable you to get all of the static food with minimal confrontations.

    Use Hoddans Survival tool, a mirror of which can be found here

    Use it to check off the food as you collect it, and keep easy track of the in game time (you don't have a watch in infinity mode). By selecting food from the drop down box, you can see how many health blocks you will gain from consuming it (remember to to put a tick next to the health books you collected).

    Additionally, you can see which psychopaths and survivors are active in what location at what time and tweak the Non-Confrontational guide accordingly. The psychopaths in particular give out huge amounts of food, so even if you take a beating from them, the reward should far outweigh it.

    Lastly, use the dead rising alarm timer by dyxtra, which can be found here

    I would advise setting a conservative time to ensure you have the food ready and don't die a silly death. You could also use a wireless controller, which should switch off with plenty of time to spare, BUT ONLY IF you are at full health when you put the controller down!

    This achievement will take 14 hours of real time to obtain, there is no way to save, but you can pause.
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    If you use the Survival tool with the Dr's playthrough your guaranteed success..
    Posted by ShadowMonkey987 on 30 Oct 10 at 00:20
    Pedle ZelnipI just got 5/7 day survivor mostly using this guide, however, I'd agree with the others who say that following the non-confrontational guide to a T is definitely not the easiest.

    I followed the NC guide for the first 3 days or so, and then started using the list of survivor's/psycho's at:


    Whenever there was an easy survivor/psycho who had a big payoff I'd venture off to get his/her stuff. In the end I had over 12 hours of food left after 7 day survivor popped, and I never entered the park to take on the convicts (this is the part of the NC guide I think is the most problematic: on day 7 it'd suck to get killed by the convicts).
    Posted by Pedle Zelnip on 23 Dec 10 at 11:50
    Hunter KahnI know some people have been critical of DrNewcenstein's Non-Confrontational Survivor Guide in the comments, but I personally found it to be very helpful. I agree that it should be followed loosely and you should feel free to pick off the occasional psychopath here and there to get a little extra food, but having a loose guide that could help me find all the food in such a way as to avoid the chance of getting killed in some fluke moment was really helpful to me. I was a little stressed about whether I was keeping up with the right time, but found I didn't have to constantly keep watching the clock, just follow the guide loosely and I was always a little AHEAD of the specific times in the guide. It worked for me, anyway!
    Posted by Hunter Kahn on 17 May 16 at 13:14
  • Mr FiddlerMr Fiddler451,575
    12 Sep 2009 13 Sep 2009
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    This guide will require that you battle some psychos, but will avoid the Food Court crash that occurs on day 5. You should be level 50 and have the mega buster from the getting the “zombie genocider” achievement.

    Print out these two guides (or be near a PC to access them).

    External image

    [Don't eat any food until you have all the books]

    Get the mega buster from the security room.
    Go onto the rooftop, kill Otis then pick up his raw meat.
    Head back into security room then into the entrance plaza and pick up the health book from "The Sinister Read".
    Head back to the security room, through the rooftop and into the warehouse.
    Grab all food in the warehouse (including Susan's cookies).
    Head into Paradise Plaza and go cook the raw meat in "Jill's Sandwiches".
    Take the bathroom shortcut to Wonderland Plaza.
    Pick up the other health book from "Sir Book A Lot" on the upper floor.
    Head to North Plaza via the lower level passageway.
    Loop around North Plaza counter clockwise collecting all the food and the final survival book (in the room next to Crislip's). I didn’t actually bother getting the food in Crislip’s itself.

    [It's now ok to eat food so if you need a top up eat something of low value first like the cookies. Chances are you will need to eat at least one item in order to be able to carry everything at this point.]

    Once you have all the food, head back to Wonderland Plaza and climb on top of the beauty kiosk (there are two in front of the bathrooms), drop most of your food in this safe spot and then use the food map to go around the rest of Wonderland Plaza, collecting everything and returning it to this safe spot with your other items.

    Stay here on this spot eating only when you need to - I would recommend eating the smallest value items first, but keep at least one low or medium item value (e.g. an apple or cookies) in case you need to heal when you are travelling from one area to another (less likely to waste the valuable items that way).

    Once you have eaten enough such that you can carry all your remaining items then move on to the next area: Food Court (we're going in a counter clockwise loop around the map BTW).

    When you enter you should be faced with SMG Carlito, but he’s pretty easy to kill with the mega buster. You can try and shoot him from afar or just climb up the crates around the back onto his level, keeping the other side of the corner from him and wait for him to stop shooting before popping out to kill him. Carlito is actually located in the safest area here so drop your food items there and go collect all the food in Food Court and return them back here like you did for Wonderland Plaza. Sometimes Carlito’s box will throw things over the ledge when it opens so be sure to check you have gathered all three items.

    This will form the basis of the pattern for each area we will visit, i.e.

    - Deal with any psycho(s)
    - Collect all the mall/dropped food
    - Camp in a safe place until you can move on to the next area

    To keep this guide brief (since it’s mostly just a pattern to follow) I will just list the subsequent areas that I went to and who I fought there:

    Al Fresco Plaza [Isabela – camp in fountain or “Flexin”]
    Entrance Plaza [(nobody) – camp in “Ned's Knicknackery”]
    Paradise Plaza [Ross – camp on Blue ledge by stairs over “Kids’ Choice Clothing”]
    Movieland [Heather – camp behind behind counter in concession area]
    Entrance Plaza [Hall family – camp in “Ned's Knicknackery” again]

    You can find the specifics of where to find each of those psychos in the list at the top. Timing can be important and if you don’t fancy taking on the Hall family for example, there are other decent alternatives on day 6 such as Carlito, Kent or Cletus, but the advantage with the Hall family is that they are there all day. Chances are you’ll gain more time that you lose from the odd sniper shot. Brock might be a good target on day 7 should you find yourself short of food having avoided them.

    You will also probably need to get a new mega buster from time to time. I think I went back twice. The first time I went to Entrance Plaza I went right through to security room (via second level shortcut) and came straight back. Another good opportunity would be either just before or just after you go to Movieland.

    I didn't end up needing to go into Crislip's, the Leisure Park or the Maintenance Tunnels, but after fighting the only the above additional psychos I had enough food to not need to do anything on day seven and had three wines left at midnight.

    Thanks to “DrNewcenstein” for the maps and list and “G0NE R0GUE” for the original idea for basis of the map loop.
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    RecentRealityI love you, Mr Fiddler. This is a perfect solution.
    Posted by RecentReality on 10 Jul 14 at 02:08
    HYBRID HIVEAwesome guide! Got it with no trouble at all using this!
    Posted by HYBRID HIVE on 26 Aug 14 at 16:31
    BRARROWused this today, went for the kill Kent not the snipers on day 6, then just hung around the warehouse, security room, rooftop areas...no sweat even though I got grabbed a lot in the beginning and ate a couple things early by mistake. Seems like this guide leaves a lot more leeway in it, no clock watching at all, I like.
    Posted by BRARROW on 22 Sep 14 at 02:34
  • xFallenCastielxxFallenCastielx9,503
    28 Feb 2010 12 Apr 2011
    40 7 10

    I just wanted to share this great little tool for this achievement, it keeps a clock for you, and lets you know where food in various areas are,as well as where psychos and survivors are at the current time, and what food they carry.

    EDIT: All food items ARE shown, I originally reported two items were missing, i was mistaken.

    For those of you having problems keeping the clock syncronized, remember to click the pause button on the survival tool whenever you look at your map or pause the game, and hit the map load button whenever you change areas.
    22 Apr 2009 23 Apr 2009 24 Jan 2015
  • CatapultNinjaXCatapultNinjaX75,429
    08 Sep 2013 08 Sep 2013
    16 0 1
    7-Day Survivor Run:

    first of all, great posts above ... here's documentation of my run at 7-Day Survivor and some additional stuff that hopefully helps ...
    secondly, this tool is amazing and super useful - use it for sure!! http://hoddans.com/tool/drsurvival/
    ... you basically just need to use the tool and move in a well organized fashion around the mall while being patient ... you can do it!!!
    you also definitely need to be lvl50, and have the real mega-buster to go for this ... the 12 inventory slots are pretty much requisite in my experience
    lastly, as mentioned in above posts, i found these two sites very helpful as well:
    map with food:
    External image

    lots of pertinent info: http://strategywiki.org/wiki/Dead_Rising/Infinity_Mode

    Day 1
    -Began by grabbing the real mega-buster and killing Otis on the rooftop, took his raw steak (he didn't need it anymore)
    -Grabbed cabbages on rooftop (x2) and headed into the Warehouse via the door (not the elevator)
    -Snagged a squash in the Warehouse then grabbed Susan's cookies
    -Headed back into the Security Room and took the (usually) welded door to the Entrance Plaza
    -Headed to 'The Sinister Read' and grabbed the health related book there
    -Went back into the Security Room (avoided Paul entirely) and went into Paradise Plaza
    -Ran over to Jill's Sandwiches and cooked Otis' raw meat in the microwave
    -Ran to the bathroom shortcut and shot over to Wonderland Plaza
    -Went to 'Sir Book-A-Lot' and got my second health book
    -Took the middle passage to the North Plaza
    -Headed to storage room next to Crislip's for the 3rd, and final, health book
    -Went into Crislip's and grabbed the Japanese Raddish and Orange behind the counter
    -Went out into the Leisure Park and killed the 3 snipers, they carry tons of food
    -Gathered some other food from the Leisure Park, all except the apples because they are a PITA to knock out of trees and not worth the trouble and/or risk of zombie molestation
    -Camped on the roof of the gazebo (used zombie ride to get up there) and ate food accordingly until about 10pm on Day 1; used sniper rifle to read clock tower and synch-up clock
    -Headed into the Food Court and killed Carlito, he dropped a well-done steak, snack, and yogurt ... sweet!

    Day 2
    -Collected all the food and camped on the rafters until around 2pm on Day 2 - at this point I still had 3 cooked pizzas and 3 bottles of wine
    -Headed to Al Fresca Plaza and killed Isabella for her food (cookies, milk, energizer)
    -Collected all the food in Al Fresca and ended up with a veritable buttload
    -Camped in McHandy's Hardware behind the counter for a loooong time ... I had a lot of food at this point, feeling good
    -WARNING - it is possible for zombies to jump the railing at McHandy's ... so pay attention!!! it's not as secure as say, the blue awning in Paradise Plaza, for example

    Day 3
    -Spent the ENTIRE day at McHandy's with a plethora of food ... used clock in Flexin' to synch time
    -Decided to leave for the Entrance Plaza around 10am on Day 4

    Day 4
    -Passed through Entrance Plaza to Paradise Plaza for quick access to Security Room
    -Grabbed a squash by elevator in Warehouse that I missed before. Ran up to the Security Room for a new mega-buster ... cutting it close on ammo!
    -Took (usually) welded door to Entrance Plaza
    -Killed Sniper Carlito for his corn, snack, and well-done steak; easy to kill at long range with mega-buster
    -Set up a camping spot in Robsaka Digital behind the counter; gathered all other food in Entrance Plaza; there's a clock behind the counter too
    -Spent the night in Robsaka Digital; improved barricades a little for fun ... like McHandy's in Al Fresca - technically zombies can hop the counter, so be cautious

    Day 5
    -At 6am on Day 5, I took the door to the Security Room right next to Robsaka Digital and then zoned right back into the Entrance Plaza to find and kill Simone, who carries milk but I couldn't find her (didn't spawn?) so 1t 7am I went back to the Security Room, got a fresh mega-buster and killed Chris for his melon
    -After Chris' demise, I went into the Warehouse and killed Natalie for her corn
    -Went out into Paradise Plaza and headed over to Colby's; in Colby's I killed Heather for her baguette
    -Headed back into Paradise Plaza and set up my favorite camping spot on top of the blue awnings where the Uzi is located (use stairs to jump up to blue awning and walk carefully over to where the Uzi is)
    -After gathering all the food in Paradise Plaza, I was sitting on 8 OJ's, 2 baguettes, and 2 pies ... about 36hrs worth
    -Spent the night on the blue awning listening to the hum of zombies below; 5-Day Survivor Achievement (and laser sword spawn in Security Room)!

    Day 6
    -Around 4am went into Warehouse and killed Kent, rewarded with pie, coffee creamer, well-done steak
    -Headed up to Security Room (laser sword is now next to mega-buster!) and then to Helipad to kill Burt for his coffee creamer
    -Made my way over to Colby's Movieland and set up camp in theater #2
    -After collecting all of the food in Colby's, I had enough to make it through 7 days with a few in-game hrs to spare

    Day 7
    -Entire day spent hanging out in theater #2 eating hoarded food ... 7-Day Survivor unlocked!

    *NOTE: I'm not the first to mention this, but be sure to let yourself die after you get the achievement (i.e. DON'T just turn off your console), it's the only way to save and ensure that Arthur's Boxers and the Laser Sword are available in future games/modes!!!
  • Removed Gamer
    Gamer has been removed
    15 3 0
    I'm throwing this up here because it helped me out a lot and I didn't see it on any of the other guides.

    This is a health timer that you put in the amount of health bars you want to expire before you are warned. After the time goes by you will get a pop up message on your computer saying time to eat. Very useful if you don't want to have to pay attention to the game that much.

    It isn't something I made but found when I was trying to get this achievement.

  • MrGrinch989MrGrinch989178,081
    11 Apr 2013 11 Apr 2013
    8 0 1
    Don't let the 14 hour requirement scare or discourage you, because quite frankly, this achievement isn't hard at all. Yes, it technically does take you 14 hours to obtain, but out of those 14 hours you will be just standing for about 10.

    Anyway before you start this, I highly recommend being level 50, getting the Real Mega Blaster, and having a well ventilated room or something to cool your Xbox (the old white one) because it's going to get hot!

    As for tips on how to survive 7 days, well it's pretty simple. Grab your Mega Blaster, get the 3 health boost books (you may also want to grab the one for blade weapons) and then go hunt for psychos / survivors and take their food. I usually had to take out 2 to get enough. When you get at least 4 food items that fully heal you, find a good hiding spot (which is usually a store where you can close the doors) and then you play the waiting game. When your health reaches one bar eat something and then wait again. Eat your smaller items first (cookies, corn, lettuce,...) and then eat your full restore items (OJ, Cooked Meat, Pizza, Milk, Juices,...). When you are left with 1 full health item, go out and hunt again (I always kept 1 full health item just in case anything should go wrong during hunting). As for the food lying around the mall, I wouldn't bother taking it until at least day 4, since that food doesn't respawn, only take it if you really need to. Do this for 14 hours and your achievement will pop.

    Seriously, it's not hard at all. The biggest problem is figuring out what to do while you wait for your food items to run out. May I suggest reading a book?

    Also, don't do this in one sitting. When you get tired / bored, pause the game, turn off the tv and leave your xbox on. Mine was left on for over 30 hours.

    Anyway, like I said before. Nothing to be afraid off. So go and get this chievo :)
  • MtldMtld1,860,900
    22 Sep 2019 22 Sep 2019 04 Oct 2019
    3 0 0
    Dead Rising Infinity Mode – 7 Days – Here’s my experience with the non-confrontational guide, and without the Mega Blaster (because my game did not save after I got Zombie Genocider).

    Globally, I always followed advice taken from the non-confrontational guide at https://steamcommunity.com/sharedfiles/filedetails/?id=80879...

    Follow this guide and you will go through the game without too much hassle. However, here are a few steps I took to make my life easier.

    Day 1 –

    ASAP - Get on the rooftop early and kill Otis. He only has a frying pan as a weapon, and will give raw meat. Cook this meat at Jill’s Sandwiches (Paradise Plaza) for a nice 6 HP item (tripled with books).

    Between 7h00 and 19h00 - Go to Kid’s Choice Clothing (Paradise Plaza) to kill Dana. She only gives thawed vegetables (1HP) but is an easy kill. If your inventory is full, don’t bother, or wait until around 18h30.

    Day 2 –

    Around 15h00 – 19h00 : Go kill Tad (Cheese = 2 HP) in Marriage Makers, and kill Rich (Milk = 4 HP) by coming back to the food court before 19h00.

    Day 3 –

    I spent the whole day in the Fountain of Al Fresca Plaza. Just stick to the guide.

    Day 4 –

    Go straight from Entrance Plaza to Paradise Plaza before 19h00 on the fourth day, and kill Ross in TuneMakers (OJ = 4 HP) (unless your inventory is already full. He disappears at 3D19h00).
    Camp on Paradise Plaza’s awning (I arrived around 3D16h00 and I stayed until 4D12h00)

    Day 5 –

    I entered the movie theater around noon to kill Heather (Baguette 1 HP). I stayed behind the Food Court for ~24 hours.

    Achievement pops at 0h00 on beginning of Day 6 (which reads 5D:00H00).

    Day 6 –

    I waited another ~12 hours (3 OJs) in the movie theater after getting the achievement, then I went to the maintenance tunnels (using the white car) for the 3 milks that were left. I camped for some time on top of the fridge next to the steam tables in the Meat Processing Area, then left with a full inventory. I used the Paradise Plaza maintenance door to enter the tunnels, and I came back using the same door. I did not want to go outside while the convicts were there, so I skipped this part entirely.

    I was back in Paradise Plaza around 15h30 on the 6th day – I regrouped, and made calculations to make sure I would get over the 7-day mark. I had enough items for ~32 hours, and I had 2.5 hours left in health, putting me above the 7-day mark with only 2 hours to spare. I decided to prepare steps 1-4 just in case something went wrong.

    Step 1 : 5D07h00 to 5D19h00 = Kill Burt (at the Helipad) for a Coffee Creamer (4 HP) (Do not enter Entrance Plaza because the Hall family is there).
    Step 2 : 5D19h00 to 6D00h00 : Kill Janet at Beautification (Wonderland Plaza). Use the shortcut and kill her for a Milk (4 HP). Come back in Paradise Plaza BEFORE 6D00h00 or else Adam the Clown will be waiting.
    Step 3 : 6D07h00 to 6D19H00 : Go to Security Room and kill Sophie for a Coffee Creamer (4 HP). Stay in a safe spot until the end.
    Step 4 : 6D19h00 to 7D00h00 : Go kill Zombie Jessie on Rooftop for the equivalent of a full 4hr in items.

    I ended up not using these 4 last steps. I found Ronald hanging around in the Paradise Plaza and killed him for his frozen veggies, which I immediately ate for the added bonus (2 HP when frozen, only 1 HP when thawed).

    I died around 7D05H00. Good luck !
  • Disco SithDisco Sith257,951
    11 Jan 2008 19 Jan 2010
    4 4 0
    my advice for this pain in the butt achievement is to have a clock
    ready and start the at an even :00 mins (example 8:00 or 9:00)

    at a full health bar (and taking no damage from zombies), it takes aprrox. 20 mins. for him to run completely out of health.
    find the magazine that doubles food/health and just make sure
    you eat something to max out your health every 20 mins.
    (example: 8:00/8:20/8:40/9:00)

    i started at 8am and finished (with a few pauses) just after 10pm
    i also suggest doing it all at once, because if you pause the game to sleep, you risk the game freezing.
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