Kingpin achievement in Saints Row


Reach a TrueSkill rank of Kingpin in any multiplayer mode.

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How to unlock the Kingpin achievement

  • Corby20Corby20217,613
    25 Apr 2008 24 Feb 2009
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    As stated you need to get to a truskill rank of 31 to get this achievement. The first time you get to 31 or higher, the next game you play will unlock the achievement.

    You can check your current truskill by checking your position on the leaderboards.

    About Truskill

    Truskill averages your performance over the games you have played to calculate an estimated ranking. So if you have already played a lot of games it will be harder to increase your rank, as each game will only have a small effect on your "average" performance. If you have only played a few games then each game will have a big impact on your average and the achievement will be a lot easier. It also takes into account the ranks of other players which plays an important factor in ranking up. Each different game type has its own truskill rank so try to concentrate on the one game type when trying to rank up.

    Checking your progress

    To check your process towards the achievement go to the leaderboard of the game type you are doing and take note of your current ranking position, then scroll all the way up until you find the lowest person with rank 31 as this is where you need to get to for the achievement. After a match see how many ranks you have increased on the leaderboards.

    If you need to move up 1000 positions and you are moving about 50 ranks per match you will need around 20 matches to get to kingpin. You will generally move up quickly at first but more slowly once you get to the higher ranks. This is not an exact calculation but it will give you a general idea.

    To go from 29 to 31 it took me about 30-40 matches as I had already played many games of Big Ass Chains, if you have only played a few it will go a lot quicker.

    How to achieve Legit

    Pick a game type and become very good at it, you must win almost every time to keep your rank increasing. If you lose to a low ranked player it will greatly decrease your ranking, and will take a lot of games to get it back up. I would recommend playing an individual game type as you cannot be matched with poor players that will make you go down in ranks for losing. My personal preference was Big Ass Chains, as you can work towards collecting 500 chains as well. I was able to get to Truskill 29 legit, but being from Australia I had lag issues and couldn’t win regularly enough to keep it moving upwards.

    How to Boost

    You need at least 4 people to start a multiplayer game so if you can find 4 other people who want the achievement it will work the best.

    As 3 of the players have to lose for the 4th to rank up it is the best if everyone has a 2nd xbox live account on which they can have the losses allocated to so that there main profile is not affected.

    As I said earlier the truskill’s of your opponents effects how quickly you rank up, so if everyone is ranked 1 to start with it will take a long time. So before the boosting session play a few matches to get your truskill up a bit, to at least 15-16 which should not take long.

    When you are all ready to boost all get into an xbox live party together so that you can communicate during the matchmaking process.

    The hardest part of this process is to get matched into the same room as the game uses a matchmaking system. So all pick the same game type (as with the legit option big ass chains is my recommendation) and start searching, talk to each other about how many people are in the matchmaking screen via the coloured silhouettes and when you are seeing the same number you are likely to be in the same room.

    Some tips for the matchmaking are to have one person search first to establish a room and then have the others try to find the room. You will probably spend more time matchmaking than playing but if you want it you will have to stick with it.

    As there are not many people playing this game now you are highly likely to get the 4 of you in the one room, so have the person who is ranking up go to the drop off area and have everyone keep running over to it, once they have 10 chains drop them off and repeat until the game is over.

    If you come across other players, you should send them a message to say sorry about the boosting and get ready for the abuse, which is deserved.

    Once you get to 31 help your friends using your main profile as your high rank will help your friends rank up quicker.

    All I can say now is good luck.

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    ^ Don't think you have an overall TruSkill, they are specific to game types. Good guide, and we do not deserve abuse for boosting one of worst MP games of all time though.
    Posted on 28 Jan 13 at 18:49
    R4AssaultRiflei got this problem where i was boosting with a Kingpin on Ranked Match: Big Ass Chains ,played and won 5 games in a row, but the TrueSkill server is not updating. Any ideas?

    EDIT: i have 0 wins or losses on Big Ass Chains, i am a level 0 and i boosted against a level 29,on that Big Ass chains mode. Any ideas?
    Posted by R4AssaultRifle on 21 Sep 18 at 00:34
    ONE CEL JUGGALOI'm at lvl 28 on big ass chains. If any still plays and is willing to help pls hmu.. GT: One Cel Juggalo
    Posted by ONE CEL JUGGALO on 13 May 20 at 00:43
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  • The GlobalizerThe Globalizer1,289,900
    19 Dec 2009 21 Dec 2009 29 May 2018
    64 5 35
    This method worked super-fast for me.

    1. Assemble an XBL party of 4, 6, or 8 people. Determine the order of boosting. Divide the group into two teams of even number (2, 3, 4). Identify the order in which you will boost. Make sure that the highest rated players are on the team opposite of the booster at all times.

    2. Load up Saints Row, go into the multiplayer area. Have the first boosting player set up a party in Saints Row, and have a player from the non-boosting (dying) team set up a party as well. Each person setting up a party should invite the other members of the party using "Invite to game" or the in-game functionality.

    3. Once all players are in their respective parties, each team should search for a Ranked Team Big Ass Chains match.

    4. Once in the match, the other members of the booster's team should wait 10-15 seconds, then drop out of the game (either quit out or dashboard). The non-boosting team should run to a designated point (drop-off, center of map, etc.) and allow themselves to be killed by the booster. Repeat until the match ends or the points total is met. This will result in a "no deaths" win by the booster and will gain a multiplier due to the lopsided teams. Zymotic reports that this will reduce the number of matches to reach your first Kingpin from 8-10 to 5-6 matches.

    5. Repeat the same matches over and over until the booster reaches Kingpin.

    6. Repeat the entire process, with the new Kingpin now on the non-boosting (dying) team.

    This goes a lot faster if you have some ranked-up players already in the match. Note that this will rank down the members of the other team, so as PDwizzle notes, you should use alternate gold accounts in any match where you are on the losing team.

    *** EDIT 2018/5/29 - Now that this game is quite old, it may be hard to find Kingpins. bblcreator8790 gives some thoughts on self-boosting or boosting with rank 1 players in the comments. As always, in games where ranks can go up and down, I recommend using your main for wins and an alt for losses. ***
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    Jay InsomniakI'd say if you're quad boxing to do it in Blinged Out Ride. By the time you've done the upgrades you should hit Kingpin. After playing a few games of the mode years ago I actually hit Kingpin the same game that finished my upgrades.
    Posted by Jay Insomniak on 22 Aug 18 at 02:26
    ONE CEL JUGGALOAnyone still trying to get blinged out ride and protect the pimp? Need those two and kingpin,which I'm at lvl 28 for kingpin on team big ass chains. Anyone down to help ill help back Hmu pls. Gt:One Cel Juggalo
    Posted by ONE CEL JUGGALO on 13 May 20 at 00:45
    Mittens2317I can confirm that the method posted by bblcreator8790 is the way to go with quad-boxing. Only takes 7 matches.
    Posted by Mittens2317 on 12 Jul 20 at 03:50
  • Sandwich LadySandwich Lady552,289
    08 Nov 2012 10 Nov 2012
    26 3 9
    I managed to get Kingpin in two games of Team Big Ass Chains after reading the above solutions- This is how I managed it.

    1) I had never played it before - so i didn't have any losses which helped me rank up uber quickly.

    2) I set up a 2v2 Team Big Ass Chains with two players who already had the Kingpin achievement in this mode on the other side.

    3) When the game started up my teammate quit so i got an uneven side multiplier.

    4)I killed the other team and collected all the chains in the match therefore winning it

    After the game I had a Trueskill of 38! But the achievement does not pop until you have completed another game and that is how I got this achievement in two matches.
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    VoragaI need a kingpin to help me boost in any game mode. Anyone with a heart?
    Posted by Voraga on 12 Jun 16 at 22:00
    napoearthThis is an awesome solution if you know two people with Kingpin, otherwise its useless.
    Posted by napoearth on 26 Oct 16 at 14:13
    ONE CEL JUGGALOAnyone still trying to get blinged out ride and protect the pimp? Need those two and kingpin,which I'm at lvl 28 for kingpin on team big ass chains. Anyone down to help I'll help back. Hmu pls. Gt:One Cel Juggalo
    Posted by ONE CEL JUGGALO on 13 May 20 at 00:46
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