Pimp Killer achievement in Saints Row

Pimp Killer

Kill the Pimp in Protect Tha Pimp 50 times in ranked matches.

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How to unlock the Pimp Killer achievement

  • LSDintensityLSDintensity126,096
    22 Apr 2011 22 Apr 2011 22 Apr 2011
    40 6 22
    "Pimp Killer" 20G

    Protect tha Pimp or "PTP" remains the most played game mode, as players who still play this game, who are mostly veterans, play this game type more than "Blinged Out Ride" or "Big Ass Chains" or "Team Big Ass Chains" basically meaning if you are going for this legit, you WILL have trouble, as the players who play today will team kill, even you! right off the bat as soon as they get the chance, making this very difficult by yourself.

    The objective of this game mode is to Assassinate the Pimp (if your team are the hitmen) before the Pimp escapes to a certain destination or before the timer runs out. The game is split into 5 rounds, and 2 rounds for each team, if the game is tied it will carry onto the 5th and final round. Now, as I have stated before, mostly everyone who still plays team kills, so you have a couple of choices if doing this legit..

    -Kill your team mates before they kill you (giving you a greater chance of Assassinating the Pimp instead of one of your team mates)
    -Stay behind and let your team members get killed by the other players as they will also kill the other team members, and there is a high chance of their Pimp sticking back to not get killed, if you are lucky the only players remaining will be you and the Pimp on the other team, now, be VERY cautious, most players who are veterans while as the pimp WILL use glitches to their advantage making it a pain for you, if they are glitching, they will teleport around the map getting to you and killing you when you don't even know they are around, you can even get pimp slapped when they are not even close to you, so when you see the pimp near, make sure to keep a great distance, MY suggestion to you is that you either -A tap with the AK-47 (rapidly tapping the Right Trigger and the A button simultaneously while clicking the left joy stick making your character bounce, what this does is it makes the bullets do more damage killing them much quicker) or you can "Switch kill" what this means is you have the "T3K Urban" which is the SMG and the "Tombstone" which is the shotgun and you hold the Right Trigger fire button, while getting their health down to about half way keep holding the Right Trigger and hit down on the left joystick while pressing the B button at the same time WHILE STILL holding the Right Trigger, if successful, you will quickly switch to the Tombstone shotgun while firing the SMG, and since you are holding the right trigger the shotgun will fire immediately which should finish them off, this IS the QUICKEST way to get kills in this game if you can master this technique properly, even faster than AK-47 A tapping. If you are good enough, you probably would end up killing the pimp, netting you 1 pimp kill. Congratulations, 49 more left to go.

    Create or join a "Pimp Killer" boosting session, or simply organize one with your friends, now, the ideal amount of players you want is 5vs5, do NOT do 6vs6, because for some reason if you do 6vs6 it usually doesn't pair you up against the other team, so do 5vs5. Decide who the 2 party hosts are going to be, the party hosts will invite 4 players on each side, (make sure the party host has the game mode set to "RANKED MATCH" and "PROTECT THA PIMP"
    now, communication is key here...the 2 party hosts should cooperate with eachother and tell eachother when every player is in their lobby and ready, when both parties are ready the party leaders should tell eachother to search at the SAME time, if done correctly, you should be at the matchmaking screen, if you see 10 filled spaces out of 12 then the two parties should be paired up with eachother let the match lock in and let the game start (if you end up getting 2 random players in the game don't worry, when the match begins each team should kill their random as quickly as possible) now, if both parties are successfully in the same game then decide who is going to be getting the kill first and take turns, rinse and repeat.
    *some quick notes and tips*
    -if you are not paired up with eachother in match making for ex. party leader of party 1 says he has 5 out of 12 on the match making screen, and party 2 leader says he has more than 5, then get the party with more than 5 to back out to Pre-Game lobby, (make sure all party members reconnect (they will automatically)) then research again until you are paired with eachother
    -Each party leader should tell eachother how many out of 12 is on their match making screen, ENSURE that you have 10/12
    -If you have 11/12 in matchmaking don't worry, it should boot the random and start the match.
    -When sprinting in the game (right bumper), do not hold it, simply tap it to run longer.

    I did this in 2 sessions, netting 17 pimp kills the first session, and the rest in another session. On the second session it was 2vs2 (I know we got very lucky and had to deal with ALOT of randoms but we are experienced players and dealt with the randoms easily. We had to constantly back out of matchmaking to ensure that it was 4/12 players in match making.

    I wish you good luck going for this Achievement either Legit or Boosting, either way it's a tough Achievement and requires alot of dedication. Stick with it. Worth the time, trust me.

    Lastly, if you have any questions regarding the solution, or about Protect Tha Pimp, feel free to message me and I will get back to you shortly.

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    I ailurophile IAs of today I can't even match 2v2, both teams just keep finding thier own separate lobby
    Posted by I ailurophile I on 07 Jan at 16:53
    ChUcHoX^same here, previously we could join without problem and suddenly nothing, It is the only game type that I cannot match ranked, in other modes we can join without problem (2vs2).
    Posted by ChUcHoX on 06 Mar at 17:47
    HolyHalfDeadDo not search at the same time.
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 04 Jun at 21:27
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  • ReliantGung hoReliantGung ho564,056
    04 Aug 2013 04 Aug 2013 20 May 2018
    13 1 1
    Me and a bunch of fellow gamers followed LSDintensity's boosting method strategy with some modifications of our own based on our own experiences.

    1. Boost this achievement in the early morning hours on the weekdays and weekends (6 am - 9 am Pacific Time / 9 am - 12 noon Eastern Time / 2 pm - 5 pm Greenwich Mean Time (UTC)). You'll deal with less random and modders.

    The later you play this game - the more headaches you'll have fighting off the randoms and modders (ridiculous speed, near-infinite health, unlimited ammo, and gold chains).

    Don't boost this achievement between 6 pm - 12 midnight Eastern (GMT - 5), everybody plays during that time and you'll be lucky to get more than a couple of pimp kills.

    2. Search as two different private parties (groups) to keep all your boosters together in the same matchmaking lobby.

    If you got a second console and copy of the game, you can use it to run interference to start a more heavily populated game to clear space for your boosting match or get your odd-numbered game started.

    Otherwise, one party does a quick look to see if anybody is in a lobby, while the second party wait for the all clear to join the other party in the matchmaking lobby.

    If for some reason, you get a even number of people including one or two randoms, that's ok. Develop a quick strategy on how to beat the randoms for a pimp kill. If necessary, team killing the randoms is justified. Just remember, the random(s) will be looking for revenge during the next round and the rest of the match.

    3. You should do it 3 vs 3 to maintain an even balance of kills among boosters. Not to say 5 vs 5 or 6 vs 6 isn't doable - but not everybody got a second console and copy of the game. You can do 2 vs 2 as well, but it takes at least a couple of minutes to start a match and the random/modders will appear out of nowhere and fill the lobby.

    Be mindful that odd-numbered matchmatching lobbies can cut off a random and/or a group of players more likely than not if you got six or more players waiting to start a match - so patience could work in your favor.

    4. If you have trouble connecting the two parties to each other, change party hosts depending on geography does help. For example, two party hosts that are in New York City and Chicago got a better chance connecting than party hosts in Los Angeles and Moscow.

    5. For this game type, Protect Tha Pimp - you got three levels, Airport, Hospital, Record Building.

    For the hospital level - three levels exist (if the walls are red, you're on the top floor, blue is the middle floor, and green is the bottom floor).

    For the record building level, the penthouse is the top floor, the cubicles is the middle floor, the cafeteria/entrance is bottom floor.

    The airport is based on the distance, so the closest you are to the main escalators, the closer you are to the pimp you need to kill.

    Have the hitmen team call out which floor/position they're on. It will reduce the time needed to get pimp kills and end the match by knowing who's closest to get the pimp kill. The pimp always spawn on the top level (except for the airport level, the pimp is farthest from the exit).

    With luck, a 3 hour session can get you between 10 - 20 pimp kills. Good luck with the achievement, you'll need it. Any questions, please feel free to ask.

    A special thanks to the original creator of the solution: LSDintensity.

    Additional thanks for twitchinmonkey, ShimmeringCube, Delta381, Ray Jerkins, Mindful Force, Super Erik NL, Zogias, SebVin, My Name is BaRt, IX iC0n1k XI and everybody else who participated in getting this achievement with me.
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    HolyHalfDeadQuad boxed this in just over 2 hours. If the Pimp is on your team, kill them to end the round in a few seconds. If you are the Pimp have your teammate kill you.

    You will get 2-3 kills per match, so it takes around 20 matches for the 50 kills (worst case is 25 matches).
    Posted by HolyHalfDead on 05 Jun at 10:59
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