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Perfectionist in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two

Perfectionist613 (75)

Finish all quests

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A Batwoman
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A Batwoman
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20/20 Quest - Missable Achievement if not done right!


Either way you’re ganna have to do two separate play thoroughs one for the “Perfectionist” and one for “Off Track”. This achievement is time consuming and it’s very picky on how you do some of these quests and some of them you have to do a certain way. Some of these quests help you get achievements I used IGN’s Guide and the videos to help with these quest:



To view your quest log: [Press Start] – [RB] – [RB] – [RB] – Then Quests. (These quests are in the ABC order of the quest log) I suggest watching the Perfectionist video at the bottom to do them in a certain order. Some quest need to be done in a certain order. You can click on the quest it will show the detail of them. Always want to pick the good side of quest as well. PLEASE READ ALL OF THIS BEFORE DIVING INTO THE GAME OR ACHIEVEMENT. YOU CAN GO BACK AND COMPLETE THE REST OF THE QUEST AFTER BEATING THE GAME.

NOTE: No matter the choices you make (But you wanna be good), the pins you miss will be in the pin trader's shop. You can activate the 'second visit' and still not progress through the story if you want to get the quests done as quickly as possible.

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A Captain’s Life for Me:
Start: Speak with either the pirate Damien Salt or Beluga Billy in Ventureland. You’ll want to do the quest for Damien Salt NOT Billy!
1. Salt wants a Pearl go to the shop in Ventureland and buy it for 1000 Tickets.
2. Put the pearl in the Tiki Tree.
3. Paint in the mirrors. - Mirror 1 - Above the train station. Can be painted in from the roof of the train station. Mirror 2 - On the tree at the top of the lift (on the end of a protruding branch). Mirror 3 - On the tree with the construction site entrance.
4. Enter the Tiki Tree and get Hooks Treasure.
5. Give Treasure to Damien Salt NOTTTTT Billy!!

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A Friend in Deed:
Start: Bog Easy second visit.
Areas covered: OsTown, Fort Wasteland, Floatyard, Autotopia
Task: Help Sparks refurbish a building, while choosing who gets the building
Reward: Help Metairie (Get Pin from Pin Trader) and:
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoPicture PerfectThe Picture Perfect achievement in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two worth 67 pointsGet all three of Metairie's pictures

How To;
Part 1 - Speak to Sparks who can help repair the building - if you reprogrammed all three Beetleworx Replicators in your first visit to Bog Easy, the building is finished for free. If you didn’t reprogram some of the Beetleworx, you have to pay extra Scrap Metal for each one you didn’t reprogram.
Part 2 - Sparks gives you the deed to the new building and you must decide whether to give it to Bertrand or Metairie. Give to Metairie then meet her in Bog Easy in her new home by the Graveyard.

Choice Metairie not Bertrand - Wants you to fill her picture frames. The photo locations are;
Fort Wasteland: The sleeping bear (Reward: 50 E-tickets)
Floatyard: The eye in the Alice Area spying you (Have to use Oswald to change the camara)
Autotopia: Gilda driving over the bridge (Second visit in Autotopia)

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Clothes Make the Splatter:
Start: ONLY available if you take a 'friendly' route through Blot Alley. DON’T THIN ANY SPATTERS! If at the end of Blot Alley Ian the Ghost is annoyed, or says 'you didn't do so good' then you won't get it. He has to be satisfied with the way you played so don't destroy any enemies or get detected through Blot Alley. To start, speak to Ian in your second visit to Blot Alley.
Areas covered: Mean Street South, OsTown
Task: Use your 'cloth' to make clothes for blotlings or flowers at the Mad Hatter's shop farm at Bog Easy if you need Cloth.
Reward: The Green Thumb Pin (if you help Clarabelle)
How To: Make the clothes for both but take the costumes to Clarabelle you don’t have to give them to Ian instead sell them to the museum for “One Toon’s Trash”. There are two choices in this quest, either makes clothes for the blotlings as Ian asks or go see Clarabelle in OsTown and help her with flower costumes. Again, the second choice is only available if you help Clarabelle in the quest 'Horace's Assistant Assistance'.

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Creative Threedom:
Start: Speak to the Fifer Pig in the Movie Cinema in Mean Street North.
Areas covered: Mean Street North, Fort Wasteland, Ostown, Ventureland.
Task: Help Fifer Pig find his brothers, be on the look out for toon phones and find the fiddle for Practical pig.
How to; Find his brothers:
1. Fiddler – In Fort Wasteland in the area where the Projector Screen to the Float Yards is, thin out the big pile of dirt to the right of the building, and it'll reveal a door that can be entered to find this pig.
2. Practical Pig – Located inside Mickey’s House in Ostown. Complete Goofy’s Fountain Mishap Quest to go inside.
3. Speak with Practical he’ll be in Ventureland. DON’T GIVE HIM 5000 TICKETS (You’ll need tickets for later roughly 8000 near end of completing quest SO SAVE or Farm Tickets in Bog Easy.), instead find the Fiddle in the Goofy’s Fountain Mishap quest or buy one from the Tiki Shop.
4. Also if you haven’t you should of found and Tooned all the phones, they would be by buildings or on them all over Wasteland.
5. Go to Ostown and go to Mickey’s House and talk to his phone. “Hello, Hello.”
6. Then in Ostown find the Fiddler he’s in Ortensia’s house playing with the bunnies I think after you do “the Bunny Wranglers Quest”
7. Then find the other Pig Fifer in the Disney Gulch yes you have to go back and find the pigs again. (Use the DEC in Ostown (Under Fountain) – Rainbow Falls Projector – Rainbow Caverns Projector {By Angel Statue} – Disney Gulch )

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Donald’s Date:
Start: Speak to Donald in Bog Easy. He’ll be there after third visit to Bog Easy.
Areas covered: Bog Easy (Numerous visits), Ventureland
Task: Help Donald fix his boat, and help Sparks in order for him to fix the boat
Reward: Pins but depends on how you do the quest.
How to:
1. Visit Gremlin Sparks This requires that Gremlin Sparks has been freed (part of Operation Gremlin Drop). He's on the roof in the first section of Bog Easy. Once freed, he can be found in the somewhat egg shaped hut in the second area of Bog Easy.
2. Get an Extra Gear for Gremlin Sparks. See Gilbert, he can be found in the cemetery section in the third area of Bog Easy. DON’T GIVE GREMLIN SPARK THE GAG GEAR INSTEAD SELL IT TO THE MUSEUM. Arrange the stone heads over the wooden coffin tops in the ground to get the real gear. When the correct head is on the correct coffin, it will slide into place behind the coffin. The order, from left to right, is: Hitchhiking Ghost, Top Hat, Woman, Bald Guy. Take the real gear to Gremlin.
3. Power up the Forge. In order to repair Donald's boat, the Gremlin will need his Forge repaired. If Mickey has 100 scrap metal to offer DON’T GIVE HIM THE SCRAPS! A generator pops up near Louis' hut (on the other end of the second area of Bog Easy). Oswald will head there automatically to zap it - Mickey need not follow. Next, hop up on the roof of the Forge and paint in the contraption up there. Wait for Oswald to come back and zap the screen there. Visit Sparks.
Speak to Donald (Bog Easy) then Daisy (Ventureland)

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Finding the Hidden Heroes:
Start: Speak to Seth near the pool in the center of town in Mean Street South. (He moves to under the train station near a garden still in Mean Street South)
Areas covered: All over Wasteland. GO FOR OSWALD!
Task: Take pictures of Oswald since he’s for an achievement to match Seth’s Garden and fewer photos.
Reward: Pins and it will help you get these achievements:
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoHeads UpThe Heads Up achievement in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two worth 142 pointsMatch Seth's flowers to OsTown's statue

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoHeroes of WastelandThe Heroes of Wasteland achievement in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two worth 123 pointsBuild both statues in OsTown

How to: I’d suggest finding Oswald pictures since there are fewer but it’s up to you just keep coming back and forth with Seth. Use the IGN guide for all locations has pictures:

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Goofy’s Fountain Mishap:
Start: Speak with Animintron Goofy in Ostown. (Second visit)
Areas covered: Ostown
Task: Help Goofy recover the pieces of the statue that fell when you helped him in the first
Reward: 'Heroes of Wasteland' achievement and 'Good Head on His Shoulders Pin' with the Oswald head. Achievement:
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two worth 35 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

How to: Explore the sinkhole in the middle of the map and recover the statue pieces by moving them to Transport Tubes. At the bottom of the sinkhole, you find two paths: one leads to a Mickey head and the other (opened by Oswald only) leads to the original Oswald head.

Preferably you'll want to put Oswald's head on the statue, because in the third visit to Ostown you can go to the gag factory where a gremlin will offer to build a Mickey statue to go with Oswald. This gives you the 'Heroes of Wasteland' achievement and you can get the pin you missed from the pin trader.

IGN’S Guide or use video:

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Horace’s Assistant Assistance:
Start: You can pick up this quest in the Assistant office next to the Museum in Mean Street South. Speak to Horace and Tedworth.
Areas covered: Blot Alley, Ventureland, OsTown
Task: Speak to Horace at the detective agency, help him get rid of his assistant and then to find a new assistant
Reward: 'Exorcised' Pin for Part 1 completion. Part 2 - if you helped Barnacle Jones then 'Lost and Found' Pin. You can also get extra pins from Scurvy Pat in Disney Gulch if you gave the compass to Horace but didn’t thin out Scurvy Pat. If you helped Clarabelle then 'Beautiful Friendship' pin.
How to:
Tedworth wants you to find his Teddy Bear. ALL 6 pieces are in Blot Alley:
1: Teddy bear body in the alley behind a ¬thinnable wall to the left of the starting projector.

2: Teddy bear head on the upper platform along the right wall before the fountain.

3: Teddy bear arm on a platform in the market square.

4: Teddy bear leg in a room at the top of the winding staircase at the end of the alley.

5: Teddy bear arm behind the gate past the destructible door.

6: Teddy bear leg on a platform next to Club 13.
I used IGNS guide as well as the video to find them:
Return to Tedworth and turn in.
Horace wants an assistant you must:
1. Barnacle Jones- This can be started at any time. Go to Ventureland and find Barnacle Jones (He’s a pirate with a sword walking around), who would love to work for Horace as soon as he gets his compass back from Scurvy Pat. DO NOT thin Pat to get the compass, Horace will refuse to work with your methods and you will be unable to finish the quest. Follow Pat around after you ask about the compass and snap a pic of him with it. Show him the pic and take the compass from him and give it to Horace instead of Barnacle Jones.
2. Clarabelle- At the start of episode 3, Clarabelle has taken a Spatter into her home and wants clothes for him. This starts the Clothes Make the Spatter quest if you don’t have it. After you give the first outfit she will give you a "Thank You Note" from the Splat. You also need to retrieve the compass from Pat and give it to Horace instead of Barnacle Jones. This will cause Horace to reassess his judgment on who to choose for an assistant. Show the letter from earlier to Horace to show him how caring she is and he decides she would be the best assistant.

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Much Ado about Blotlings:
Start: Ventureland talk to Pan Pete, second visit
Areas covered: Ventureland (This will probably be 19/20)
Task: Dependent on whether you destroyed the crane or not in your first visit.
Reward: 'Blotyard' pin from Daisy and can purchase 'Recycler' pin from Tiki Sam, or 'Taking out the Trash' pin from Starkey and can purchase 'On the House' pin from Tiki Sam
How To:
Go to Ventureland on your second visit. Distract Pete by putting a TV in front of him. Then Fix or destroy the crane. I fixed it. If you destroyed the crane speak to Starkey, if you didn't, speak to Daisy. That's it. (There is a Pin inside a Spatter house, if you thin out the Spatter Houses by the waterfall in Ventureland.)

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One Toon’s Trash: (MISSABLE)
(Remember you can enter and leave Ventureland, before completing Bog Easy, to get items or buy an anvil.)
Start: visit the Museum in Mean Street South. Talk to Laralee at the Museum
Task: She wants you to find unique items throughout the game. FIRST off before fixing the icecream shop in Main Street North grab the melting icecream from the shop owner this is the only time to get this! Here is a list of items and 20 you’ll need:

DO NOT SELL because they may cause a glitch, later:
THE TEDDY BEAR. I had to give the Teddy bear to Horace’s Assistant to get the spatter flower costumes / discount tickets.
ORIGINAL FLOWER COSTUME from the Fort battle; give it to Clarabelle to get access to more costumes;
You can sell:
Ice Cream/Melted Ice Cream - Can be purchased in the Ice Cream Shop in Mean Street North, depending on whether you fixed the air conditioner or not.
b][Gag Gear- Received from Gilbert the ghost during the Donald’s Date quest. You have the option to use the real gear or the gag gear to finish the quest, allowing you to sell the second gear.
Part 79-B- Not a quest related item. This is found in a treasure chest near the D.E.C at Mean Street North. Can be given the Jamface to connect a tunnel from the roof of the Arcade to behind the D.E.C. building. Not very important.
Violin- There are two violins in the game, one found in the Underground, and the other is a fiddle can be bought in Ventureland. One of these can be turned in for the Creative Threedom quest, the other can be sold.
Two Clock Hands- These two clock pieces can be picked up on your playthrough of Fort Wasteland
Hook's Hook, Hat, Coat, and Rapier- During the third quest in Ventureland you can gather these items to give to Daisey or Smee to get into the construction zone. If you opt for the tunnel entrance or do the Make Your Own Way challenge, you can sell all five items and not need them again.
A Very Messy Thank You Note - Received from a splatter (by way of Clarabelle) as part of the Clothes Make the Splatter Side Quest. You won’t have to buy it back if you made Barnacle Jones the assistant.
Africa Costume - Can be purchased from the Haberdasher as part of the Clothes Make the Splatter Side Quest.
Costume - Can be purchased from the Haberdasher as part of the Clothes Make the Splatter Side Quest
Jester Costume - Can be purchased from the Haberdasher as part of the Clothes Make the Splatter Side Quest.
Manor Costume - Can be purchased from the Haberdasher as part of the Clothes Make the Splatter Side Quest.
Pearl of Wisdom - Found in the quest A Captains Life for me.
Discount Coupons/Flower costumes (5 or 10)- found in the Clothes make the Splatter side quest. Flower costumes from the Mad Hatter for Clarabelle OR the discount coupons she gives you (everytime you give her a costume, she gives you a discount coupon for a particular store)
White Pearl of Wisdom – found in Autotopia; (Once you drop down a hole from blowing up the thinning machines. It will be behind you after falling in the hole and then behind two Autotopia cars)
Thank you note - via Clarabelle if you don’t want her to be the Assistant
Map of Tortooga – ?
4 Tires - Autotopia (I know for sure you can sell one don’t sell more not sure.)
Make sure you have at least 15,000 E-tickets to buy back all these items. after getting 20 so you can finish other quest such as buying the Fiddle back for Creative Threedom. Farm Bog Easy if needed.

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Operation Gremlin Drop:
Start: Underground (Near Main Street), first visit. Gus will point it out.
Areas covered: Rainbow Falls, Disney Gulch, Bog Easy, Blot Alley, Train Tunnels, Fort Wasteland, Floatyard, Ventureland, Autotopia, Mad Doctor’s Attic
Task: Rescue 11 Gremlins (Rescue them asap when you reach each of these levels)
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoWho Left These Lying Around?The Who Left These Lying Around? achievement in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two worth 63 pointsRescue all the gremlins

1. When you first come to the Underground you'll have to cross a large area using three 'pillars' of wind. As you come to the other side a quest will trigger called 'Operation Gremlin Drop'. Free the purple gremlin by allowing Oswald to shock the cage, you'll then need to use Mickey and spin attack the cage to free the gremlin

2. The second gremlin is in Rainbow Falls behind a wall that you'll need to 'thin'. As you progress through the level you'll come into a tunnel where a huge paint stream shoots up. Jump on this stream and then jump straight to the tunnel on the other side. Between here and the next stream further down the tunnel is a 'thinnable' wall on your left, behind the wall next to the purple gemstones is a blue gremlin

3. The third gremlin is in Disney Gulch. Take the elevator up to him next to the pin box. You can find him quite easily as he is on the ledge above the huge floating boulder

4. Next, you'll need to wait until you reach Bog Easy. When you first get to Bog Easy and defeat the first set of Spinners you can go around the back of the shop, up on the roof to rescue the gremlin

5. The next gremlin is found in Blot Alley. Right near the entrance is the gremlin, free him and he'll help you out later down the line

6. Once you're in the Train Tunnels level you can find the next gremlin in a secret room that can be accessed by thinning a small area of toon on the right wall of the Clock Diorama

7. The next gremlin is in Fort Wasteland. At some point you'll come to a large Ox's head, in front of him is a tree chunk that you can paint. Once painted, jump on the tree and then jump onto the last tree and paint the nest. Jump of this nest to reach a higher ledge where the gremlin is trapped

8. In Floatyard you'll find the next gremlin. You will come along a path where a cave is being blocking by two large cuckoo clocks, before you come to the cave's entrance you'll see the gremlin on a nearby ledge

9. Ventureland is where you'll find the next gremlin. You'll find him inside a cave right next to the construction site

10. When you get to Autopia you'll eventually come to a large garage that's locked. Open it by thinning the control box on the right side and having Oswald reprogram the console, this will cause damage depending on whether you restored the race track in the previous visit. Another way to open is to spin the large wheel in front of the door and then to push the slider below into the tumblers to pick the lock. Either way, the gremlin is inside

11. The final gremlin is trapped in Mad Doc's attic. After you reprogram the last Beetleworx Replicator, Jamface's snow globe crashes and breaks him free, he thanks you for freeing him which counts as a freed gremlin.

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Out of Toon:
Start: Bog Easy (Third visit) Speak with Rolly the Ghost in front of the animatronic jug band.
Areas covered: Bog Easy.
Task: Fix the jug band next to him and paint all of Bog Easy Toon (Blue Paint)
Reward: Music Pin
How to: Fixing the jug band requires painting in all the instruments, then using the big lever to move the characters to the correct instrument. Do a spin attack on the lever to move the characters. Look at the hand positions to figure out who should be playing which instrument, or hit the lever 3 times.
Speak to Rolly again. Paint all of Bog Easy toon which is blue paint. You’ll have to talk to Gremlin Spark (Same area) in his shop and then fix his house. Also a “Friend in Deed” Quest requires for painting toon. Also if you go back to where Donald is there’s a firework there drag that to the graveyard there is a big door to blow up. This is probably very MISSABLE! There is poster you have to paint then you should be done. Turn in to Rolly.

Rebuilding Autotopia:
Start: (Probably the last quest to do) Talk to Gilda in Autotopia (Second visit)
Areas covered: Autotopia
Task: Help repair the racetrack.
Reward: Pin and Achievement:
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoSecret AchievementThe Secret Achievement achievement in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two worth 58 pointsContinue playing to unlock this secret achievement

How to:
1. Find Gremlin Stuffus – Thin out grove tree up top (North of the map)
2. Meet Gremlin Stuffus outside the garage and unlock the door.
3. Give Gremlin Stuffus scrap metal.
4. Hit the Cars’s Tires in Autotopia for Gremlin Stuffus to fix a car.

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Thanks for the Memories:
Start: Speak to Moody in his house in Ostown. He wants you to take pictures of memories of Ostown you can get this in one go if you wait for the Ortensia’s quest The Bunny Wranglers then take pictures of everything. Not sure if you have to speak to his brother outside, Rigger Greene I did just in case. DON’T DO GREENES QUEST FOR HIM ONLY TAKE PICTURES FOR MOODY. This can be done in one go in Ostown:
Areas covered: Ostown
Task: Moody wants good pictures of Memories of Ostown there are three to take.
Reward: Pin
How to; Take pictures of:
*His blue house – Turn in.
*Of bunnies outside Ortensia’s House [Note; Have to do some of The Bunny Wranglers quest for them to show up outside] – Turn in.
*The Oswald Statue [Part of Goofy’s Mishap]
*Restored Oswald Sign [Requires you to talk to the Gremlin in the Gag Factory make sure you have enough Scrap Metal. Talk to him and have him repair it] – Turn in to Moody.

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The Bunny Wranglers:
How to: To get this quest you have to talk to Ortensia she’s in her house in Ostown and then the icecream shop owner he’s in Main Street North (Where the projectors are). BUT you want to help Ortensia instead because it’s the “better/good” choice. There are bunnies scattered throughout the game in the perfectionist videos it will show where they are all at. Reprogramming the Bunny Transport Tubes and that will send the bunnies to Ortensia’s House.
Locations: Mean Street South, Disney Gulch, Blot Alley, Train Tunnels, Fort Wasteland, Floatyard. (5 bunnies per area some can get stuck or glitch or be ontop of things listen for them and hit them if they glitch)

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The Enxyclopaedia Wastelandica:
Start: Speak Adelle her camara shop is in Main Street North.
Areas covered: Rainbow Falls, Rainbow Caverns, Disney Gulch, Blot Alley, Train Tunnels, Fort Wasteland, Floatyard, Autotopia.
Task: Take pictures by the stands of the photo signs in Wasteland.
b]Rewards: Pin “Research Assistant Pin”.,Tickets, and Achievement:
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoStaff PhotographerThe Staff Photographer achievement in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two worth 201 pointsGet all Adelle's photos from the official Picture Spots

How to:
I used the video and IGN’S Guide for the photos Adelle wants:

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The Other Side of the Screen:
Start: Speak to Gremlin Flynn in the Arcade in Mean Street North.
First Pin Set
-Friendly Dragon - Received after defeating the Blotworx Dragon at the end of Episode 1.
-Ring of Fire - Purchased from the Pin Trader in Mean Street North.
Second Pin Set
-Napolean Complex - Awarded for defeating the Episode 2 Boss - Prescott's Mechanical Creation.
-Second Chance - Purchased from the Pin Trader in Mean Street North.
Third Pin Set
Down With the Mad Doctor - Awarded for defeating the Episode 3 Boss - Mad Doctor.
Trust the Mad Doctor - Purchased from the Pin Trader in Mean Street North.

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The Wasteland Limited:
Start: First visit to Mean Street South
Areas covered: Mean Street South, OsTown, Bog Easy, Ventureland
Task: Speak to each train conductor
Reward: 'All Aboard Wasteland' pin.
How To:
1: Repair the Mean Street Station. Use the Watch Sketch to slow the fan above the Station and then toss up Oswald to fix the clock.
2: Repair the Station in Ostown by stretching out the house/train station.
3: Repair the Bog Easy Station. Use the TV Sketch to power the station and lure the Conductor back to work.
4: Repair the Ventureland Station. Use the Anvil Sketch to crush the collapsed roof blocking the station.
Go back to the Mean Street South for a pin and to complete the quest, do these quests as soon as you get to each area if possible.

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Watch the Skies!
Start: Speak to Laralee in the Museum.
-Bottle Cap: In Disney Gulch, up by the left ear of the Pig's Head (if facing the pig).
-Fan: Rainbow Caverns - Angel Side by a sweeper on one of the small rock pedestals below and to the side of the sword walkway.
-Pete's Dragon Lunchbox: On a ledge just above the bottom level where the Blotworx Dragon is battled in The Mad Doctor's Lab.
-Pirate Sugar Bowl: In Blot Alley, near Club 13, behind a broken wall just above a dumpster.
-Milk Bottle: In Fort Wasteland, on top of the barrier between the heavily wooded area, and the area with the projector screen to the Float Yard. Rescue the gremlin and then, using Oswald, fly over to where he goes, which is right next to the object.
-Pocket Watch: In Episode 2 - The Floatyard, on a ledge that looks like the mouth of a strange animal, just above two large giraffes. It's reached from standing on a ledge with a picture of Alice in Wonderland.
-Race Car: In Autotopia, through an opening behind one of the siphons.
-Snow Globe: In the Mad Doctor's Attraction (Boss Fight). When thinner is rising during the second phase of the boss fight. It’s on a platform just to the left of the ramp between the two levels. Left of the huge boxing glove when you’re jumping from platform to platform.

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The Spirit of Wasteland:
Start: Speak to the Spirit at the end of the Museum (Mean Street South).
Areas covered: All over Wasteland you need mostly Pins for this!
Task: Only have to wake up one Spirit but there is an Achievement for waking up all.
Reward: Pins and Achievements:
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoStatue GardenThe Statue Garden achievement in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two worth 414 pointsAwaken every Spirit

Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoWe've Got Spirit, Yes We Do!The We've Got Spirit, Yes We Do! achievement in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two worth 42 pointsAwaken a Spirit

How to: Doing other quest and finding throughout Wasteland for Pins will help complete this quest. Look at your log if need.


This video also helps you with Master Pin Collector:
Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of TwoMaster Pin CollectorThe Master Pin Collector achievement in Disney Epic Mickey 2: The Power of Two worth 630 pointsCollect 176 Collectible Pins

Credit goes to myself, IGN, and Lumpycheesegaming and Xbox360Achievements:
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