Xzibitionist achievement in Saints Row


Get your team car to level 4 in the Blinged Out Ride mode a total of 50 times in ranked matches.

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How to unlock the Xzibitionist achievement

  • The GlobalizerThe Globalizer1,290,755
    21 Aug 2010 26 Sep 2010
    58 2 6
    First off, hat tip to Telexen0 and his solid solution; however, I did want to provide an updated solution that reflects the current situation online. Hat tip also to Manifest95 for his boosting sessions, where this method was developed and refined.

    To get this achievement, you have to complete 50 level-3-to-level-4 upgrades in the Blinged Out Ride game mode. To upgrade your car, you need to acquire money, which you can do either by killing your enemies ($100 each) or by destroying the enemy team's car ($500 each). Note that teamkilling people or cars does not drop cash; only killing the opposite team works.

    It costs $500 to upgrade from level 1 to level 2; $1000 for level 2 to level 3; and $2000 from level 3 to level 4. When a car is destroyed, it reduces one level -- as you will see, this is critical to know when boosting this achievement.

    I generally recommend assembling a group of 8 boosters to work on this. 6 will work, but you may have trouble starting a match without randoms. 10 or 12 will start faster, but you may have issues matching up and it may stretch out the time involved.

    First, divide the boosting group into two groups of 4. Each will want to determine a host, have that person set up a party using the in-game functionality under the Xbox LIVE menu, and invite the other 3 members of their team. The party system allows the boosters to play on the same team in the same game. The game will not start without uneven teams, so do not worry if you get a single random, they will be kicked when the match begins.

    Each host will want to simultaneously search for a Ranked Blinged Out Ride match. It is helpful to assemble all boosters into an Xbox LIVE party, as the matchmaking does not indicate who you are paired with. I recommend that the hosts tell each other how many people are in their matchmaking lobby, to confirm that they are together. Once you have a match with both parties and only 8 people, wait and eventually the match will begin. (I do not recommend playing this gametype with randoms. They can, at times, be managed, but they have a habit of teamkilling, blowing up the team cars, and generally getting in the way and ruining the rhythm.)

    I recommend establishing a boosting order. The first person to get upgrades should immediately take the car to the upgrade shop (follow the green wrench indicator); the last person should drive to the opposing team's base to start killing at the spawn points (recommend to use the AK or SMG); the other two team members will stay their base and die. The dying boosters should collect the cash drops, which will allow the upgrader to upgrade the car. $500 and $1000 are pretty quick to obtain; I do recommend that the upgrader return to base to help get to the $2000 for level 4, by allowing themselves to be killed as well.

    Once the upgrader successfully gets the car to level 4, they should drive the level 4 car to the opposing team's base. At that point, the other team should blow up the car and kill the previous killer. The former upgrader becomes the killer, the former killer respawns at the home base to be killed, and one of the people being killed becomes the upgrader. The blown-up car will reduce to level 3 and respawn at the home base.

    Continue this cycle until the match ends.

    This method will generally allow each member of each team to get about 2 upgrades per match. At 20 minutes per match and 25 matches required, it will take you over 8 hours of in-game time in even the best case scenario (no randoms, no disconnects, etc.) Given the horrid matchmaking system in this game, you should expect to spend a few additional hours just getting into matches.

    I hope this solution helps; please let me know if you have any questions and I'll do what I can to improve the solution.

    Good luck!

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    mitkohalo3How you check how many upgrades you have
    Posted by mitkohalo3 on 09 Aug 13 at 21:48
    The GlobalizerSee above. The leaderboards, but it shows all upgrades, not just level 4 upgrades. There is no visible tracker for level 4 upgrades that I'm aware of.
    Posted by The Globalizer on 10 Aug 13 at 00:01
    KitShicker43For anyone still trying to get this after so many years: Took me exactly 70 total upgrades to unlock this just today. So you can figure roughly as long as you had decent length quality sessions where you get 7-10 upgrades (so 5-8 level 4 upgrades, since the total counts levels 1, 2 and 3 as well) per turn you'll hit it around then as well +/-10ish.
    Posted by KitShicker43 on 20 Apr 18 at 00:30
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  • DrSawDrSaw316,537
    23 Sep 2011 23 Sep 2011 03 Jan 2012
    22 0 3
    Thought the community might appreciate an updated solution with what you'll hopefully agree contains a few handy time & pain saving pointers. I always try to Boost as effectively as I can & with as few people as possible to speed the Boost along.

    With that in mind I would recommend working on this as just two people with Doubles on Saints Row to provide the required Matchmaking minimum of four A/C's. At the time of writing there are very few people attempting to play this mode legit on Xbox LIVE, This is both a good thing & a bad thing as I'll explain.

    It's a good thing as it makes meeting up with your Boosting partner easy, Don't forget to call out how many in the lobby every time A/C's join the lobby you're in so that you'll know if it's each other joining or randoms.

    Can be a bad thing having so few people playing legit as there is often not enough randoms to start even one game on this mode so then as a result they will be in your lobby no matter what you do. If you do manage to find four randoms in a lobby choosing to play this then let them start a game together, Wait at least ninety seconds back at your party Crib(not in a matchmaking lobby)for their game to start & then head back in to matchmaking with the knowledge that the the randoms should now be tucked safely into a twenty minute game of their own.

    That strategy worked well for us. Can join one game with the randoms that are playing(quit as soon as it starts)this at a time when you want to purely so as you can then check whether they are in matchmaking etc by looking on your recent players list, Using that information also helped us.

    Remember that your boosting partner must be on the same team as yourself for this boosting method to be effective. Once you're both in a game head on over to the enemy(your pair of Dummies)base in the designated Pimp car, The Pimp car will be highlighted on the mini-map near your spawn. Once at the enemy base kill the dummies until your team has $300 banked.

    At this point the designated driver should hop back in the Pimp car & start driving towards the nearest garage, These will only be highlighted on your mini-map once you have the required amount to upgrade your Pimp car but you'll soon learn where they are, The idea is that you're already headed to the garage while your partner finishes the required kills as you drive & thus making best use of time.

    Once your car is upgraded to level 2 drive it back to your buddy & help him with the kills until reaching $800 banked. As before head to the garage & make the Pimp car level 3. Then join your buddy again & resume killing until your banked tally reaches $1700 & then head to the garage to make the Pimp car level 4.

    As soon as the Pimp car is level 4 reverse out of the garage & hop out of the car, Equip the shotgun(use this for killing the dummies also)& start shooting the engine compartment with you stood touching the front of the Pimp car. The slightly smart bit here is that you'll want to destroy the Pimp car & kill yourself at the same time, If you're directly in front of the car then you'll go up in flames with the car.

    The reason that the above is a liitle bit smart is that it helps with the spawning as you will spawn back at the primary spawn very close to the Pimp car. The Pimp car will be reduced by only one level to level 3 so all you have to do is take the Pimp car back over to your buddy & help him with the kills until reaching $1700 again. Then rinse & repeat with the garage, Pimp car destruction & suiciding until the game time(20 minutes)runs out.

    The boosting partner who is not driving can keep earning cash with the kills anytime the Pimp car is not in the garage or when the required upgrade amount is already reached so everybody should be kept decently busy at all times.

    Out of the three maps we were able to reliably bag seven level 4 Pimp cars on two of them & six level 4 Pimp cars on the other. You should be able to do exactly the same with this information & boosting method. This method could of course be used with three or more people with Doubles but as a rough calculation I think the achievement is earned fastest with just two Doubles & only having to do the achievement requirement twice by creating 100 level 4 Pimp cars.

    I hope I have been comprehensive with this guide but I am only human, Please submit any information that you regard as important or relevant that is not currently in the guide & I will gladly add it. Hope this guide helps people out with this achievement.
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    DrSawCan only give a rough guide as your fate is in the hands of the randoms when Boosting this, If you're lucky then two people with Doubles can both have this done in six hours. For the sake of your sanity I would reccomend allowing at least two hours slack on that time primarily because of the randoms. Best of luck.
    Posted by DrSaw on 15 Oct 11 at 11:16
  • TelexenTelexen72,220 72,220 GamerScore
    25 Mar 2009 25 May 2009 28 Sep 2010
    26 6 11
    *NOTE* As of late 2009 the gang servers for SR have been shut down. My guide was written based on being able to use gangs. I have not played the gametype since writing this guide, so I'm unable to comment on the new best way to boost this. I will leave the guide as it was intact below as a reference, but keep it mind it was written for gang based team play. "The Globalizer" seems to have a very well written guide to boost for the current situation. I ask you kindly to not vote my solution down - but to just vote his up so it will replace mine at the top.

    Best done with 5 people boosting. The person who's getting the upgrades rides around in the car picking up and dropping off chains when they have time, while the other person stays at the other team's base.

    The teammate at the base needs to kill the other team and get $100 for each kill. You can also have the other team bring out their level 1 car and blow that up as often as possible, which will give you $200, so long as they do not blow up their own car.

    Once you get your upgraded car to level 4, bring it to the base so the other team can blow it up. Make sure the other team blows it up, if they do it drops $500.

    Have the team which is getting killed make sure they help out by getting their car damage close to destroyed, and to pull out their AKs so it drops ammo.

    Stats at the end of game show total upgrades, not level 3 to level 4 upgrades, which is what you need 50 of. A decent game should yield 10-12 LVL3 - LVL4 upgrades, meaning the person getting the upgrades can get the achievement in about an hour and a half. Upgrades only count if you're the only one in the car.
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    TelexenAt the time I posted the solution, it did because it allowed gangs. Now that they've removed that aspect, I'm not sure how it works out.

    So I won't call you wrong, but you used to be able to set up a gang of 2 and a gang of 3.
    Posted by Telexen on 15 Aug 10 at 23:26
    NZ DeadMan NZIf anybody wants to boost and needs another player.
    Gamertag: NZ DeadMan NZ
    this is my last achievment, id kill to have it
    Posted by NZ DeadMan NZ on 14 Dec 10 at 02:17
    NZ DeadMan NZNOTE: dont try doing this legit. too many people wilil purposley screw it up 4 you
    Posted by NZ DeadMan NZ on 17 Feb 11 at 10:51
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