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Be on the winning side in 250 multiplayer matches

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How to unlock the The Don achievement

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    >>I did not come up with this idea and don't take any credits for it; I just wrote it down for you<<

    How to boost for this one:
    (works best with 2 players)
    Set up a custom player match.

    Mode: Deathmatch
    Map: DM_Death
    Points to win: 10
    Auto-Aim: YES
    One Shot Kills: YES
    Weapons: SMG

    One person has to stand on the ledge with the armor, overlooking the street.
    The other person must let him/herself get killed by the guy on the ledge.
    The killed person will always spawn on the same position (near the hydrant) on the street - which you can see and hit from the ledge.

    The guy in the street hits RT frantically to respawn ASAP.
    The one on the ledge gives continuous fire onto the other's spawn place.

    A match should take around 30 seconds.
    Rinse and repeat.

    >>I did not come up with this idea and don't take any credits for it; I just wrote it down for you<<

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    Dark Devil Wolf+ 1 just to let you know if you are not the host but you are getting the wins it is not guaranteed it will count towards the percentage of the achievement stats on the extras menu.
    Posted by Dark Devil Wolf on 01 Jan 15 at 19:46
    RhyoliticThese MP achievements have the online/offline flag. Is it possible to do these in local co-op or something with Guest controllers? Or does it have to be done over live with two tags?
    Posted by Rhyolitic on 27 Aug 15 at 20:56
    ^ I believe it can be done in System link, two consoles, two copies of the game, and an ethernet-ethernet cable.
    Posted on 28 Aug 15 at 01:03
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  • Pr0jectMichaelPr0jectMichael733,140
    22 Nov 2011 22 Nov 2011 26 Mar 2013
    42 3 12
    I found a way for 15-20sec each match (excluding loading times)
    Do this with 2people (including yourself)
    => Multiplayer => Custom Player Match
    Select Game Mode = Deathmatch, Shapeshifters
    => Advanced Settings
    Private Slots = 1 (I boosted it today and there where still players who played this and ruined the boosting)
    Score Limit = 10
    Auto Map Cycle = No
    One Hit Kills = Yes
    Join Game In Progress = No
    Auto Aim = Yes
    Maximum Players = 2
    Weapons = SMG
    => Next
    Select Map = DM Death

    Now invite the other player and if he's in the lobby start the game.
    Do this in the warm up!!!
    If you're the host you'll start on the street, directly go to the right
    corner behind you (walk backwards and right) do this before the other player get's in the room.
    If you did so the other player will spawn left to the hydrant, shoot him and make sure he doesn't push the respawn button! (take your time you have 5sec)
    If you didn't move and he didn't push respawn, you will both spawn at the same location if the timer reaches zero and if the game realy starts.
    All you have to do now is walk back to the corner and start killing him.

    If you're the host and kill him quickly and he respawns quickly this will take 15sec.
    If you're not the host you'll have to switch sides witch takes 5sec and bring the total time up to 20 sec a match.

    I've found out this method myself by accident, I did it 100+ times and it only failed once cause I wasn't all the way in the corner.
    Good luck, be patient and happy boosting.

    EDIT: Toombs2008 gives us these tips in the comments:
    Yeah, and sometimes you don't have guns in your hands. Just shapeshift into Darkling and back to Human. Now you have your guns and you can shoot.

    One more thing. If I go to my boosting buddy during the countdown and shoot him he will spawn at the fire hydrant and the host will spawn where he started in the warmup.
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    Pr0jectMichaelThanks Toombs2008
    I've edited the solution ;)
    Posted by Pr0jectMichael on 26 Mar 13 at 10:06
    Achilles8249Omg thank you for writing this. Thumbs way up!
    Posted by Achilles8249 on 01 Apr 18 at 04:14
    Thrawn526The only alteration I would make is to switch the weapons to Guns (pistols). They're usually 100% accurate with the auto-aim and with one hit kills on, you only need a single shot to kill the other player anyways.
    Posted by Thrawn526 on 15 Mar 19 at 02:34
  • ZordnilZordnil449,929
    22 Apr 2011 26 Jul 2011 09 Sep 2012
    23 2 5
    Thought i would clarify some things regarding boosting this achievement, get everything in one place.

    K Toffel is right about most in his solution, i voted positive on it myself. However, it can be done even faster with more players.

    The ideal number of players is 5, 4 on the winning team and 1 on the losing team. This way you get a lot more wins before its your time to lose.

    Set up a custom player match. Make sure its private so you dont get trigger happy guests ruining your boosting.

    Mode: Team Deathmatch
    Map: DM_Death
    Points to win: 10
    Auto-Aim: Yes
    One Shot Kills: Yes
    Weapons: SMG

    Also choose to NOT balance the teams.

    When you're all in the game the players on the winning team should get up on the ledge with the armor, overlooking the street or stand in the right corner (with your back to the wall) directly under the ledge.
    When you're all there you can start shooting the player who is going to lose (who just has to keep hitting RT) and he will then respawn near the fire hydrant almost every time. In most cases when he doesnt its because a player on the winning team is positioned wrong.

    I've read comments saying you have to be host for the wins to count. Thats wrong.
    But the game is a bit glitchy. I actually lost 80 wins after a brief single player run in between boosting sessions.
    Another solution by Efford says you can get your wins back by joining a ranked match and then quit as soon as it starts. I have not tried myself.

    I strive to make my solutions the best they can be so please leave a comment if you have any feedback, good or bad, and i will try to improve it.
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    Mr GranstaffThumb's up from me, but why 5 players? Couldn't 7 or 8 players be better?
    Posted by Mr Granstaff on 20 Feb 13 at 14:05
    ZordnilFrom what I remember the limit is 4 players on each team. Having more then one player on the losing team is of course not a good idea.
    Posted by Zordnil on 20 Feb 13 at 14:31
    Mr GranstaffAh! I figured as much. I knew there was a reason! ;-) Thank you for the quick response. Will be trying this out this Sunday. 250 wins are taking much longer than I thought.
    Posted by Mr Granstaff on 20 Feb 13 at 14:33
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