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Coastal Collector achievement in Jet Set Go (WP)

Coastal Collector

Deliver 1 of each sea shell in Barcelona.

Coastal Collector0
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How to unlock the Coastal Collector achievement

  • olanmillsolanmills
    12 Nov 2012 15 Nov 2012 12 Jun 2013
    You almost can't miss this Achievement, and you don't have much control over it anyway. (<-- not so sure about that anymore) When you're playing the Barcelona game, customers will ask you to bring them shells. Pick up the appropriate shell and bring it to them.

    Eventually, you will be asked to retrieve each different kind of shell at least once. There are three different kinds. Once you deliver the third type of shell, you'll unlock the Achievement; you don't need to complete the game to earn the Achievement.

    EDIT (AGAIN): It seems like you might need to deliver the three unique shells in a row, without delivering drinks in between. In the comments, M0NKEY R4NGER provides the best way to do this: Wait until two guests request two different shells. Deliver the shells, and then don't deliver anything else until a guest requests the third type of shell. Obviously, there's a little luck involved. Moving guests between the chairs and the pools is okay. Just don't deliver drinks or duplicate shells.

    EDIT: It seems like some people are having trouble unlocking this. It is possible that you may need to deliver each of the three different shells in a row (as opposed to, for example, two sand dollars, three starfish, and then the other shell). However, that is not confirmed. I wasn't really looking out for that when I earned the Achievement. I'll update the solution if anyone else is able to confirm one way or another. Of course, it's also possible that the Achievement is buggy, which in the worst case, you might need to uninstall the game and reinstall it and work you way back up to Barcelona.

    FWIW, U2NUMB says,
    "Mine was glitched for a while but after my 5th time trying this it unlocked. I did them in this order.. Sand Dollar, Shell, Star"

    So if it doesn't unlock at first, keep trying.
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    HexxxWorking on this now. First time as like Bumbera, I didn't get either.
    Posted by Hexxx On 18 Dec 12 at 16:09
    olanmillsHmmm, okay well I'll update the solution with a note about the uncertainty.
    Posted by olanmills On 18 Dec 12 at 18:25
    U2NUMBMine was glitched for a while but after my 5th time trying this it unlocked. I did them in this order.. Sand Dollar, Shell, Star.
    Posted by U2NUMB On 08 Apr 13 at 12:37
    kingrich064 tries and didn't pop
    Posted by kingrich06 On 11 Apr 13 at 17:36
    M0NKEY R4NGERI just got this on my third try. First try, I gave one of each kind to different people, but not in order. I served drinks in between. Nothin' popped. Second try, the people only ever asked for two different kinds of shells and not the third, so that one was a waste. Third try I was trying to do something specific. I waited until two people requested two different kinds of shells. Whenever one did I just didn't serve him/her until a second person wanted one that was different. As soon as two people wanted two different shells I gave them the ones they wanted, and didn't do anything else until someone requested the third shell which luckily they eventually did. As soon as I handed that person the last shell it popped. (*side note* - although I didn't serve any drinks between giving out shells, I did put people from the seats to the water area without it affecting the sequence/order or whatever you want to call it. And chievment still popped). Only thing I can guess is you have to hand out one of each shell in order without handing out any drinks in between. Hope this helps people.
    Posted by M0NKEY R4NGER On 12 Jun 13 at 10:55
    olanmillsGood tips. I added them to the solution.
    Posted by olanmills On 12 Jun 13 at 18:33
    KaibaChaosM0NKEY R4NGER's comment worked for me, thanks :).
    Posted by KaibaChaos On 23 Jun 13 at 17:00
    mmcqueenie90I got this no problem. Delivered two shells then a few drinks then the third and it popped. Guess I was lucky.
    Posted by mmcqueenie90 On 15 Jul 13 at 13:11
    porschephiliacFirst time i tried it, I did what Monkey Ranger said, cheevo popped. Done. Thanks all!
    Posted by porschephiliac On 12 Sep 13 at 22:37
    planchetflawFinally got this one just before 5 starring Sydney. Had to do all three in a row. Moving customers to the pool was allowed. No drink service in between.
    Posted by planchetflaw On 25 Nov 21 at 03:17
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