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Abu Dhabi Expert

Win an Abu Dhabi event at 3,000cc (no teams)

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Achievement Guide for Abu Dhabi Expert

  • CaptainAdeCaptainAde363,743
    15 Jan 2013 15 Jan 2013
    4 0 1
    I personally found that the easiest set up was to do a custom slalom race under the following settings:

    Slalom race
    10,000 target
    No specials
    No damage

    The best thing about the slalom race is that you don't have to be at the front to win, as if you stay with the other racers, you will get bounced around a lot making you miss your gates.

    It can actually be beneficial to drop back from the pack and make sure you hit the same colour gates each time. The key to success is being consistent. If you keep away from the main pack of racers you should complete this before finishing the first lap.

    I just went through all of the tracks using this tactic, and I got all the achievements on the first or 2nd attempt.
  • Chris8875Chris8875494,850
    20 Nov 2012 18 Nov 2012
    5 1 3
    All right, I'll let you in on a little seecret for getting all the 3000cc achievements on F1 All Stars - you can modify the race set-up entirely and the achievements aren't disabled.

    So, load the game, choose "Single Race" or "Quick Race" and you will be prompted to choose your track, car and whether you wish to play in 1000cc, 2000cc or 3000cc category.

    But tucked away down in the bottom right hand corner is a prompt for you to hit your "Y" Button to customise the race.

    Hit the Y Button and set up the race to suit what you want. Personally, I leave the power-ups on - it is a cart racer after all - but switch the damage off.

    (As a sidelight, the key problem with this game - and one that stops it being quite brilliant) is that the power-ups are way overpowed - they hit you and slow you down, and also damage your car badly - forcing you to pit and the like, hugely frustrating when you've run a great race, lead, hit all the KERS corners, slipstream, etc and get hit by a rogue power-up and drop back to 6th in the blink of an eye).

    But I digress.

    Also I'd advise you to switch the number of laps to one to make the race short. Ensure you choose 3000cc as well!

    So, now you have a one lap race with power-ups on, but no lingering damage. In other words - a proper cart racer.

    Now, get to it and win the race.

    Of course, you can also turn power-ups off too to ensure you win on racing skill alone, but there's no fun in that!!

    Seriously though, this modification should allow you to get all the individual 3000cc race achievements, as well as:
    F1 Race StarsAround the WorldThe Around the World achievement in F1 Race Stars worth 136 pointsWin an event on every track at 3,000cc (no teams)

    as well.
  • PixelPusher87PixelPusher87607,861
    21 Nov 2012 22 Nov 2012 22 Nov 2012
    2 1 0
    when i was going for the achievement i tried something similar to chris8875's solution but couldn't find a bulletproof set-up.

    when i knew where the locked shortcut was it was much easier. each track has a locked shortcut, you need to find the key then the gate to go through. often it gives you a big enough lead that the rest of the race you have to just hold on.

    i completed mine with the default set-up, but would re-try if i didnt get the shortcut, its important to note that the key only shows up if your 2nd or below, so sometimes it is even worth stopping completely if you know your next to where the key should spawn.

    BTW, i recommend using a Red Bull, the slipstream boost power up is really useful

    for Abu Dhabi:
    Key- after a small red arrowed boost jump up into a building it is a sharp left
    Door- just before the exit of the building which takes you onto the girders you want to go to the left through the last shop window
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