Collector achievement in Vampire Rain


Earned by collecting all medals.

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How to unlock the Collector achievement

  • Atomic Clutch XAtomic Clutch X403,431
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    Collector - 50G
    - Earned by collecting all medals

    I found another useful video walkthrough for the medals. I was having trouble with the written guide and couldn't use the link. Heres the link and enjoy!

    Credit(s) go to Plasma SKX and NeedtoAchieve for creating/recording the video walkthrough!

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    Atomic Clutch XYou're welcome! Glad you found the video walkthrough helpful!
    Posted by Atomic Clutch X on 04 Jan 13 at 03:57
    Plasma SKXThis is my guide haha headspin You sir need 1 more vote to be top Guide on here me and my friend just voted up
    Posted by Plasma SKX on 29 Jul 13 at 18:14
    Atomic Clutch XReally? Haha it's a great guide and thank you for the up-votes. I'll add credit to you on the solution!toast
    Posted by Atomic Clutch X on 29 Jul 13 at 22:15
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  • Doctor LollypopDoctor Lollypop447,684
    22 May 2011 22 May 2011 01 Jun 2011
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    Doctor Lollypop’s OMGWTFBBQ Super Ultra Vampire Rain Medal Compilation Data Base Archive
    x360A Version

    There are atleast 2 methods/guides for each medal

    I just recently 1k’d Vampire Rain and got all the medals and found that everyone was too lazy to make a more permanent guide and just directed people to go here ( but alas Xbox just recently created new forums and left all the old posts to be examined by “TOP MEN”. But after doing some research I found the old forums ( and since it is really a mess and disorganized I figured I reorganize all the helpful posts into one guide before it is lost forever when its packaged up next to the Indy ark in Microsoft’s Warehouse. I really only added a few notes to this guide and organized it so 99.99% of the credit belongs to the people listed below:
    Nixedantur, DROGTURIST, Doominatorx6, Septicschizo, Park Diesel, Eddo36, Aberrant Simon, Breeze Makai, DeadReckoning, Keith84, teehee23
    If you want to use Doominator X6’s Jap translation Guide feel free I glanced at it a couple of times as well during my hunt. (

    If you want to use the Jap Site itself and translate it here you go ( good luck its harder to crack then the Davinci code)
    I might one day actually make videos for the medals but right now I’m on the fence.

    ***What you will need to use with this Guide is the S rank Walkthrough Videos on YouTube by Jhon Lloyd ( even though some of the medals don’t say follow the video (b/c of the repetition) it’s generally understood that you are/should be following the video.****

    ***Doc’s note***
    - I did stages 1-4 last year so I can not 100% confirm the accuracy of the locations ( I did remember having some difficulty with 1 or 2) but this is what I used to help me get all the medals. Levels 5-24 I can confirm as accurate.

    Stage 1
    (Eddo36’s Method)

    Medal #1 - Right when you gotta peek to see cops in that accident, turn around and there's a crawlspace, go thru it and see a box with medal
    Medal # 2 - In sewers, you gotta go through a crawl space to get it, and one of those boxes have a medal

    Medal #3- Right before end of level, one of the boxes on a roof

    (Aberrant Simon’s method)
    Medal #2- There are 2 crawlspaces down the sewers.
    I think is after the corpse, there is a little way where there is a box. If you smash the box, there is a crawlspace. "You know you to long, when you find a crawlspace without a box."

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1- Nuketa box just down the street just pass through the first pipe
    (I dont remember the exact location, but when you have to turn around, i think it's after you see the cops, go under a platform into a crawl space. There is a box with the medal)

    Medal#2-Pass through the street where you can get out of the sewers and destroy the box, I box it went(In the sewers there is a box you can break, and it hides a crawlspace. In this crawlspace is the medal)

    Medal#3-After climbing the ladder in a box right outside either two single sewer

    Stage 2
    (Nixedantur’s Method)

    Medal #1 - At 4:24, in this courtyard there are 4 boxes. A medal is inside one of them.

    Medal #2 - At 6:20, you automatically get a medal for saving the girl by cutting down this vampire.

    Medal # 3 - At 6:43, instead of going straight here for the gate, go right. [For the rest of this I will rely on teehee23's post on GameFaqs because I have already put this game away and don't feel like figuring out the directions now.

    ---- "then another right and then a left (easy because it's the only route you can go). There's a ladder to the right that curves around the side of the building. Climb up, shimmy around and pull yourself up @ the opening and then keep jumping across where you can. Keep going and you'll see a vamp in a boxed area with the Medal in the area next to him. Snipe the vamp and grab the Medal and go back to gate for stage end."

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-Communications tower after the movie show, without the wires, boxes set out on a vacant lot after repeated climbing down a ladder near
    After destroying communication towers, there are places we climb to the left and right in the trash as much an alley without an exit at the front of the wire.

    Medal#2- Vampire slaying there with a sniper rifle you've got to help him with women automatically (After you pick up the sniper rifle, use the youtube videos to find it, you'll see a woman being chased by a vampire. Kill the vampire and you get the medal.)

    Medal#3-After destroying communications tower, turn right into the alley in front of the exit points down on the wire, Vampire close watch of climbing the ladder of which went ahead (Instead of heading to the gate to end the level, head up the buildings. It's hard to describe but you'll see a vampire on top of one of them. Snipe him and collect the medal right near him.)
    Stage 3
    (DROGTURIST’s Method)

    Medal # 1 - this medal is complicated to get to and is long off the regular way to travel, but is actually much safer. At 1:07, instead of going back down the ladder, let the nightwalker leave. Go over the connector to the next roof. Go right and jump down onto metal grate. Go around this area, and go up the ladder/emergency stairs. Use the wire to go across the street. Go up the ladder in front of you. Left on roof top and go down the stairs. Keep going straight on this roof, then, with your back against the wall, slide step right to metal grate. Using the bar above, go to the next metal grate. Go up this ladder, but watch out for the patrolling nightwalker. Follow him around the rooftop until the next ladder on you left. Up here should be a medal.

    Medal #2 - at 6:27, instead of continuing to the switch, open the door on your right and go up the stairs, and exit out onto the rooftop. Immediately go left and around the side of the building. The medal should be laying here.

    Medal #3 - at 7:38, on the right of the paused screen should be a moderately high stone colored structure. Climb this and the last medal should be laying here. This is before you use the jump wire off the roof.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-After the movie becomes a female vampire, go climb up the trash from the roof just went down stairs

    Medal#2-And can you get to be coming down the pipe, so there is a place we go forward in the walk go directly to the wall without getting out of

    Medal#3-Climb the ladder in place so that its orbit where the Vampire Women
    I've got the edge of a ladder hanging down to the courtyard of the security company have been and continue to move to the right
    Without entering the door, and we also go over the wire to go further back, there can drop the roof so that wire
    Stage 4

    ***Medals 2 and 3 are only accessible after sniping all nightwalkers and getting the call that the rest of the squad need
    help in the car park.

    (DROGTURIST’s Method 1)

    Medal #1 - on rooftop...access ladder behind the ladder where u climb to snipe all the nightwalkers. Can only access that area after u get the call to go to the parking area to fight nightwalkers.

    Medal # 2 in open car park by one of the lamppost. Car park has a human walking back and forth.

    (DROGTURIST’s Method 2)

    Medal #1- If you follow the path in the YouTube-videos until the end of the sniping session, you'll end up on a rooftop with seven big vents and a "descend wire" post. Behind one of the vents furthest from where you climb up is a medal. This is the same rooftop as where you found medal #3 according to the description for LEVEL 03 above.

    Medal #2- Go back to the spawn point and climb the ladder you and Kelly originally scaled when the mission started. Climb the same ladder, and go left and drop down two rooftops until you're on the same roof as the metal staircase/catwalk thing leading to another roof. With the catwalk on your left, head forward and to the right of the big box thing on the next roof. To the right and hanging off the corner of this roof is a metal balcony of sorts. Medal is on there.

    Medal #3- Head back to the garage where you originally spawned, and where you climbed a ladder with Kelly. Look at the ladder and pan the camera to right there, there's an alley that swings to the left there. Follow it and turn right when you hit the street and you'll be where the first zombies you sniped were, on a downward slope with a white van on the left side. Head down the slope until there's a large exit ramp heading upwards to your left. Up there is a parking lot with a dude walking around (just a human) and the medal is right by one of the closest lamp posts from where you entered the parking lot.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1- Corner where the second sniper 7

    Medal#2- Go east one where the second shot, because there down the south side of the innermost location (after all from the sniper mission)

    Medal#3- 5 near the center of a vast parking lot just east and just Zutsu the second shot from the location (after all from the sniper mission)
    Stage 5
    (DROGTURIST’s Method)
    Medal #1 - In the northwestern corner of the parking lot where the west-most bodies are stashed, there is a box. Inside the box.

    Medal #2- Following the YouTube videos, you'll come up on a roof where the blonde little girl shows up.
    After that clip, turn right where the video turns left. Turn two corners and the medal should be right there.

    Medal #3- After finding all bodies, you get a call to meet up with the team at a certain spot. Beside both entrances to the alley where the team is waiting for you, there are hooker vampires standing on guard. One of them is thin and standing behind a white van, the other is fat and standing by a box. Snipe the latter one and smash the box.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1- Box in the northwest of the westernmost parking lot of the body

    Medal#2- Turn right and proceed in the way the girl after the breakdown of the movie

    Medal#3-The woman behind the Vampire box opposite the confluence of the last location (? Kill the sniper to go in)
    Stage 6
    ***note Drog’s Medal 3 guide is very hard to follow; just follow park diesel’s method***

    (DROGTURIST’s Method)
    Medal #1 - Knife the first enemy and climb down the ladder and work your way around to the second UV knife. Run past it and straight forward, look down from the roof and see a box beside two garbage bins. Smash box.

    Medal #2 - After meeting up with Harrison in the small shack where you find the transmitter, climb the red container and get up on the rooftops. Skip the cut scene and climb the first ladder, then turn to the right and walk up to the edge of the roof and look down and left. There's a box in a tiny little hiding spot there. Climb the second ladder up to the second roof, run straight across it and climb down and turn the corner and run to where you saw the box.

    Medal #3 - Follow the videos and you'll climb up a tower staircase and work your way down some catwalks and around some rooftops until you eventually knife a cop by a red car (there's also some crows further down the road to the right). After killing the cop, turn the corner and when the guy in the video runs straight towards the When it comes to the 3rd floor, turning left, passing entering the room which is in the left hand, furthermore corner of the room of next door black truck, stop and turn right and you'll see a box under the metal staircase. Guess what's inside the box?

    (Park Diesel’s Method)
    Medal # 3- Follow the video after killing the cop by the red car- past the birds and turn right. The guy in the video crosses the street, DON'T. The third medal is on the right side of that street, under a staircase. This is near a very large commercial truck and another cop. I had to shoot the box from the street corner because the cop will go up the stairs when you approach because of more birds on the stairs. Or, to put it another way: when the guy in the video passes a black pick-up truck, turn 90 degrees right, cross the street, under the stairs.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-After I got off the ladder and defeat the enemy first with a knife, got out of the box office in the south where there is a knife in front of the fence along the road go left

    Medal#2-Position in the box to be visible from the ladder on the way down to the warehouse to the east of the east, the location is adjacent to the tower around you

    Medal#3-Box under the stairs near the vampire and police crows
    Stage 7
    ****Note from Drogturist*****
    - “The Japanese descriptions for this level were very hard to understand with machine translations, as there are no guidelines (like east warehouse, west ladder, etc) and I had already gotten 2/3 medals. Sorry about the crappy descriptions.

    (DROGTURIST’s Method)
    Medal #1- I think this crappy translation means it's inside the room on the second floor that's highly under
    construction (with building racks and pipes everywhere).

    Medal #2- Central room on the third floor, where there's a patrolling vampire.

    **** Doctor Lollypop Note*****
    - For medal #3 you can go there as soon as you get to the third floor however there will be a nightwalker standing right over it. You can try to kill him but it’s very hard I suggest to get this medal go collect the ammo cache first and when you’re on your way out grab it because then he’ll be gone.

    Medal #3- Upon reaching the third floor, turn right in the hall, then left, then left again through a doorway. There's building racks and stuff in here, crawl under the one to the left. The medal is in a corner on the opposite side of the room.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-Filled the room with an iron pipe

    Medal#2- Three were in the room containing the central floor Vampire

    Medal#3-Enter the room on your left and turn left when you come to the first floor corner of the room next to pass through further
    Stage 8
    (DROGTURIST’s Method)
    Medal #1 - Run around the corner from the starting point, but where the guy in the YouTube videos climbs a ladder to the right, you keep going forward, following the fence to the left until you reach a second ladder on the left of the road. Up on the roof, behind one of the vents furthest from the ladder, is a box.

    Medal #2 - Follow the YouTube video path up the first ladder and fire escape, drop down to the lower roof on the right and then follow it to a pipe on the left. Drop down and smash the box.

    Medal # 3 - Follow the YouTube path over the first few rooftops until you climb down a ladder that lands on a set of stairs. Head down the stairs and around the corner/railing, as in the video, but don't turn the corner to the right when the guy in the video does. Instead, turn to the left and run towards two humans chilling by a tiny alleyway. Inside the alley is a box.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-In a box and climb the ladder to the roof in the last minute and you come to the northwest along the boundary line from the starting

    Medal#2-North office box off the pipe you come down the ladder to the roof of the south near the starting point to climb the ladder

    Medal#3-?Ritara the ground go up the ladder from the roof of the starting point, because the box in the back passage to promote the two people in the street near the northeast
    Stage 9- Boss fight no medals
    Stage 10
    (DROGTURIST’s Method 1)

    Medal # 1 - From the start, do not cross the street, on your right there should be a white van parked in a courtyard. This is where one medal is located. It should be up the ladder on a platform NE in the yard. Sneak around the nightwalker. He may see you but he should not attack if you sneak around quickly enough.

    Medal # 2- At minute 3:00. Here you are going down a short alley, and then going left to go under a crack in a wall. Instead of going left, go right, then immediately left. Careful, there is another nightwalker down this back alley. Bypass him and go up the water drain pipe to the roof. Here, shoot the lock. On this roof shortly on your right should be the
    second medal.

    Medal # 3- At minute 5:00 in the vid, you should be sneaking up on a walker. Kill him, but instead of going up the ladder, go left. Down here should be a crate to break with the third medal inside. Careful again because I think this causes another walker to come on the scene.

    (DROGTURIST’s Method 2)
    ** note on the forums in Drogturist’s 2nd post on 08-17-2007 11:36 AM He Lists his 2nd method this as Level 9 but it is an error (that’s a boss fight) it should be level 10**

    Medal #1- From the start, turn right towards where Harrison is waiting and instead of following him, enter the security company courtyard (entrance with white van) and knife the vampire standing around smoking. Climb the ladder in the furthest right corner from where you came in, and the medal is on this tiny little metal balcony.

    Medal #2- After exiting the parking area that was locked until you sniped a vampire, head left and knife the vampire standing around by a car and head right into the alley. Where you would normally turn left and crawl through a hole, head right and snipe the fat zombie patrolling the small alleyway here. Climb the pipe behind him, shoot out the lock on the fenced door and the medal is just a few meters ahead behind the first square structure.

    Medal #3- Following the YouTube videos, you'll end up behind a very slowly walking vampire in an alleyway where there's a hooker vampire up ahead. Knife the vampire and head left into the alleyway and you'll get a cut scene and get cornered by a vampire. Snipe him, break the box and collect the medal.
    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-I climbed the ladder in the back yard right direction to reach the security company

    Medal#2-After leaving the parking lot, then take the front left, climb the pipe on the roof in the dead end I lapped the Vampire

    Medal#3-Go two second through the parking lot, look for a box of waste places across the old man stopped walking slowly
    Stage 11
    **note on the forums in Drogturist’s 2nd post on 08-17-2007 11:36 AM He Lists this as Level 10 but it is an error it should be level 11**
    (DROGTURIST’s Method)

    Medal # 1 - After following the parent walker towards the truck area, wait for him to jump away and turn right towards the little gas station ahead. Knife the vampire guarding it and run up the slope. When you're on the same level as the truck you're supposed to get to, run off the slope and into a tiny alleyway. You can see a part of a box sticking out from around the corner there. Inside this box.

    Medal #2 - From the starting point in the second area of the level, turn right and watch out for the vampire
    patrolling the area around the containers and boxes. Climb the red containers next to the wall, hug the wall and then use the ladder to the right to climb up to where there's two boxes. (This medal may also be inside the boxes on the other side of the fence, under the zip line, where there's a patrolling vampire. Not sure which box on this roof it is.)

    Medal #3 - In the northeast corner of the truck parking area where Kelly is being held (use the pause menu map to get your bearings); there's a little two-story house with a pipe. Climb both rooftops and the medal is around the vents there.

    (Nixedantur’s Method)

    Medal # 1- At 4:12 (Part I), instead of going up onto the roof, go left down below. Here should be a building with a box behind it. Break it and a medal is inside.

    Medal # 2- At 1:15 (Part II), instead of going right at the fence, go left in the opposite direction. You should come to a gray building with a drain pipe. Go up here, then climb up to the next level, and the medal should be behind a vent. Frankly another vid shows u better. In Trial 15 Rank S, at 1:41, the medal is in the same location as the weapon he is about to pick up.

    Medal # 3- At 1:51 (Part II), look straight ahead and there is a box behind the fence next to the guard. The medal is inside here. I recommend climbing the ladder, and when he walks away, dropping down below, and breaking the box. Then stay in the corner and he should not see you. And, when his back is turned, kill him.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-Box next to the eastern slope of the track

    Medal#2- Advanced in the southwest of the roof box to walk up the wall to the east of the iron box full stop (with required flows to pass through the fence to destroy the boxes nearby)

    Medal#3-Roof of the building in the northeast of the site full stop (Climb the pipe from the wall)
    Stage 12
    *** Drougturist Note ***
    -There are no medals up to where you open the big gates and go inside where um, the Professor is at.

    (DROGTURIST’s Method)

    Medal #1 - Anyway, from where the cut scene ends, go to your left, not inside, but to the street. At the street turn right, and follow it. You pass by crates filled with items. At the end of this area, to your right is a Nightwalker cop. Kill him. I stood back all the way to the mission boundary and unloaded the Neolite into him. Anyway, to the right of him is the medal.

    Medal #2- Now back to where you started. There are two guards to the left of you, kill them, in the middle of the fenced in area is a box, medal inside.

    *** Doctor Lollypop Note for medal #3***
    - This one confused me when I looked for it. Essentially this medal is behind a building to the right of where you are supposed to go into to grab the professor. In the same area as medal #2 Watch the video there is going be a catwalk/crane thingy with a pistol on it (and a patrolling nightwalker on the other side) that is what you have to up to find the zip lines.

    Medal #3- Now, climp up, over, etc. When you go down the second zip line, you come above a guard. There is also a van below you and another guard walking it. Kill the nightwalker that is just standing there. Behind him is an empty crate. Go around to the fence, and follow it to the end to another crate. The medal is inside that.

    (Septicschizo’s Method)
    Medal # 2- In the guide up top it says: "Now back to where you started. There are two guards to the left of you, kill them, in the middle of the fenced in area is a box, medal inside."If you watch the YouTube Video at 5:40 you kill the first guard and then at 6:40 you kill the second guard. In between those two guys in a box surrounded by a cage.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-Do not sneak into the warehouse facility, the Vampire Mino Kubo near the tip of the horn and go to the far north
    (Run right of the entrance. In the video, you'll see him break several boxes for ammo. Go past here and to the edge of the screen. You'll see a single vampire. Unload a clip in him and the medal is right of where he was.)

    Medal#2-Immediately surrounded by a fence on the left box in the Research Facility(Hard to miss, this is a box near the entrance.)

    Medal#3-When you come to have a box right next to go since I slide down the ladder when you go to premises Institute (in the northeast more)(To the right of the end of the level there is a building. The box is behind this building. Note to get here you have to climb towers and use ziplines.)
    Stage 13
    *** Doctor Lollypop Note for medal #1***
    -Even though this is listed as Medal #1 this was the 2nd medal I got on the level, but basically once you clear out the outside of nightwalkers you can back track to this medal.
    (DROGTURIST’s Method)
    Medal # 1- One is in the sewer. You know where the 3 vampires chased you and broke down that door? Yea, it’s past that door on the ground. I couldn't kill them, so I continued on and when I got the sniper rifle and then make those other three safe, I went back and the two was gone. Even if they aren't gone snipe their heads off.

    Medal # 2- The second. Remember the security camera office where you had to kill the nightwalker in mission 12? It's in there in a crate.

    Medal # 3 - The third is back at the beginning of where you started mission 12. Remember that Vampire hooker that you stabbed in the back to let your teammates thru on the roof? The medal is in a box on the adjacent rooftop. If all else fails just search each roof type around there (btw there is vamp cops up there now, so snipe their heads off to make searching easier...)

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-After defeating the steam valve has been hit vampire, and back to the door and broke the fences Vampire
    (When you have to open a steam valve after vampires come after you in the sewers. The door they break down has the medal, don't come back here until you have a sniper rifle to fight them)

    Medal#2-Box-house Monitoring
    (Where you killed the vampire in level 12 to disable the cameras. There's a box here with the medal)

    Medal#3-Turn right and proceed west to join Hank, there is a fence on your left. West from the roof of the building roof of a building on the right ? wicket to go to the north fence
    Box where he climbed the stairs to go to the west
    (Again, think of level 12. This is on the roof somewhere, there are cops on the roof if it helps you find it.)
    Stage 14- Boss Fight no medals
    Stage 15
    (DROGTURIST’s Method)
    *** Drogturist’s Note for Stage 15***
    -For this level, make sure you watch the YouTube videos to see where the UV knife is. They're crucial for getting at least one of the medals.

    *** Doctor Lollypop’s Note for Stage 15***
    - You Need 2 UV knife to get medal #3 I put this warning early because Drogturist doesn’t stress this enough in guide and I got screwed and had to start over. So here is what you HAVE TO DO in order to not miss Medal #3: If you follow the video when you enter the compound and Hank tells you to go kill the one nightwalker that stays behind DO NOT USE THE UV KNIFE or you will be screwed; instead go as far back as you can and take out your assault rifle and shoot her down with Hank. Also later on in Medal #1 he suggests you stab the fatty nightwalker DO NOT or you will be screwed; you have to go behind her and drop down from the ledges after u shimmy across the 1st ledge and then grab the medal without getting spotted. Then make sure you pick up the UV knife as shown in the Video.

    Medal # 1 - After you've retrieved the disk and went into the "mountains" with the "obstacle course," you'll find a fat vampire chick right close to where you entered the mountainous area. She's guarding a medal. It's possible to sneak by her quickly and grab it without killing her, but UV-knifing her is a safer bet.

    Medal #2 - At the top of the "obstacle course" mountainous part, at the part where you need to shimmy across a gap (for the second time in the level); there's a cave to the left of where you climbed up. You will actually see the medal through a hole in the wall while making your way up, so there's probably no one out there that has missed this medal... :P

    Medal #3 - This is one of the most obviously hidden medals in the game, but probably the hardest one to actually collect. After Harrison lifts you up to the catwalk (right after passing the "obstacle course"), you'll see two crates on a rooftop to the left. Drop down, get the medal and continue to drop down (as you cannot get back up to the catwalk). Run over to the left of the metal staircase so that the vampire doesn't see you. Run up to the left of him to get his attention and then quickly dash around and up the staircase so you can knife him in the back. At this point, you're pretty much stuck if you already used a knife earlier in the level (ie on the fat chick guarding the first medal), and it's best to get this medal when you're carrying two knives at this point. In other words, don't even attempt S-ranking and grabbing all the medals in one run.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-Female vampire with a right turn and proceed to destroy the box set foot south of the location of the disk opposite (While you are climbing up the rocks, you'll notice a female vampire guarding a medal. This is hard to miss, either kill the vampire or sneak around her to get the medal. Sneaking is doable but not recommended.)

    Medal#2-? went in full swing in the east there is something so close to the climb (the next crack in the rock) (Again, another one hard to miss. As you continue to climb the rocks, after you make a jump, instead of going right and up, go down. The medal should be in front of you.)

    Medal#3-When to go to help the Kerry thing, after clambered in cooperation, because there is a place where the box down the left (While you run along the pipe, after you meet up with your captain, you'll see two boxes. The medal is in one of these. Note you can't get back on the pipe. You have to kill 2 vampires, one on the stairs and one in the open to get out. You REQUIRE 2 knives for this part.)
    Stage 16
    (DROGTURIST’s Method 1)

    Medal #1- After you disarm the first two bombs in the start mission area. Climb up the post where there are two vampires and another bomb, one is stationery until you blow the lock, the other is walking in circles. Kill them both and then stand next to the corpse near the big crate and climb it and then turn around, the medal is on the roof.

    Medal #2- When you enter the sewers first take care of the bomb, in which you can sneak past or kill the fat vampire woman. On the way back you should notice a vampire walking up and down past a cage with a corpse in it. (The door is open). Smash the box in that area to get the medal.

    Medal #3- If you come out the way you went into the sewer, you should notice a car park past the alley. Turn right and run round into the car park. The medal is by a red pickup truck. As you approach it a Parent Vampire jumps down. Either kill him and grab it or just grab it, crouch and run while in line with the truck.

    (DROGTURIST’s Method 2)
    Medal # 1- Climb the pipe towards the first rooftop bomb, very close to the starting point. Shoot out or walk around the locked fence door, and kill both vampires with knives. One of them was standing around a corpse. Close to this corpse, jump up on a container-like grey structure and then jump up on the roof of the larger structure (which is closer to where you came up on the roof). Medal is on this roof.

    Medal # 2- In the sewers, there is a fenced-off central room of sorts, with pillars and control boxes and such. And, of course, a box containing a medal.

    Medal # 3- After having been in the sewer twice, according to the path in the YouTube videos, you'll run to a large parking lot that only has one car on it and grab a weapon there. Beyond this car, by the lamp post, and only a few meters ahead is a medal.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-Near the starting point, go climb a pipe to the roof of the south-east impasse, where he climbed the building next to the corpse dangling from a container near the door lock jump(After you shoot a lock near the start, there will be two vampires up here. Kill them or avoid them, kill prefered, and jump up to the building nearest the gate. Medal is up here.)

    Medal#2-Car parking near the center of a large map of the northwest(Follow the video for this one. It's right in the open, but grab it FAST and hide or the vampires will see you.)

    Medal#3-Room in the middle box sewer(While in the sewer, you'll see what looks like a power station, with a corpse inside and a vampire walking around outside. The medal is in a crate here.)
    Stage 17
    (DROGTURIST’s Method)

    Medal #1- After the first shootout in the warehouse, Harrison will tell you which window to climb out of. Follow him, but instead of going up on the roof, climb over the railing right outside the window and drop down. The medal is between two garbage bins here.

    Medal #2- After Harrison gives you a sniper rifle and you follow him up onto a rooftop, he'll tell you that you need to split up to pick off vampires. From this spot, turn right and head up the metal staircase. On the next roof, climb the ladder up to the big billboard and follow the catwalk around to the other side of the billboard. Medal is here.

    Medal #3- When all the army vampires in the parking lot have been sniped, drop down to the ground level and head towards the southwestern corner of the parking lot. There's big white truck here, and behind it is the medal. It is the corner opposite the one where Kelly is hiding.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-Parking behind the first (broken glass after the event, got off rather quick before hanging from a railing, do not skip anything in the roof)

    Medal#2-After Czechoslovakia split into two groups, the sign went back up the ladder to climb the stairs on the right

    Medal#3-Southwest corner of parking lot last
    Stage 18
    (DROGTURIST’s Method)

    Medal #1- Follow Harrison until he stops and starts whining about ammo, then head straight along the dirt road (as opposed to heading up to the right to start shooting out locks) and go to the left of the box and the car on the road here. Take a hard left and head up a slope and there's a box with a medal inside here.

    Medal #2- Right after Harrison stops, you'll be climbing a few small cliffs and shooting out two locks to advance. Where the patrolling vampire is hanging out between the two locked fences, there is a third locked fence. Scare off the birds on the opposite side of the second locked fence, shoot out the third fence lock and walk around there until the vampire starts heading your way. Go back around him and enter the area you just opened, where there are boxes. Smash boxes.

    ***Doctor lollypop’s note For medal #3***
    - If you follow the videos the last medal should on the 2nd floor of the building on your way back (it has a cracked cement fence)

    Medal #3- When you get the order to go find the advance team's supplies in the residential area, the game tries to be tricky. Whichever third cabinet you open contains the UV mine you need, after which you'll get the order to go back and meet the team. Whichever cabinet you didn't open will contain the medal, so you need to memorize which you've opened and which is left after you're done.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-Because there is something in the back of the box to the left ?Gareru
    (Follow the road until you see a white car, or was it a van? Make a left and you'll find the box. There is a vampire staring at the white... vehicle so keep that in mind.)

    Medal#2-When you come to office in a box car and drive for hours across the North Fence to the north and south doors and proceed to destroy the lock is one where there wandering the Vampire 2, north(After you shoot out the first lock, you'll see a vampire between two locked gates. The gate near him has a box in it. Distract him then smash the box.)

    Medal#3- Two residential buildings in the northwest of the closet floor (? be placed randomly into one of four cabinet?)(When you have to get the items out of the cabinets, there are 4 cabinets. The 3rd you open has the UV mine you need to continue. Whatever cabinet you DIDNT open has the medal.)
    Stage 19- Boss fight no medals
    Stage 20
    (DROGTURIST’s Method)
    *** Doctor lollypop note*** on the forums in Drogturist’s 2nd post on 08-17-2007 11:36 AM He Lists his method this as Level 19 but it is an error (that’s a boss fight) it should be level 20,

    Medal #1- When Kelly, the dumbass, breaks the stump she was hanging from and Harrison, the giant ***, refuses to follow and help you, you'll drop down a few small cliffs and enter a valley-ish area where there are two buildings. The directly to the right of where you enter this area has a box with a medal in it on top of it. Stab the guard patrolling this building and claim your prize.

    Medal #2- From the last building, head northeast to the second building in this area. Stab the two guards
    patrolling this building, and when you kill the second one, he'll drop the medal.

    Medal #3- After the final shootout of the level, around the area with the ammo stash container, you can ignore the orders to rendezvous at the command vehicle and instead head southeast and down the slope. At the bottom of the slope, head left and you'll come to a gas station and a hidden boss will appear. Kill him off and he'll drop the medal.

    ***Doctor Lollypop Note mini boss battle***
    - No one really talks about how to beat him so ill throw what I did in. After you kill everyone in the yard and they tell you to go to the Car there should be ammo laying on the ground from the dead soldiers grab it (especially the 2 shotgun shells) when you trigger the boss fight what I did was run behind the black truck until he gets his firsts shots off now instead of standing back charge him and list lazily to the left or right(basically keep moving left or right as your chasing him) so he can’ t get a clear shot on you. When you get close use your 2 shotgun shells, then use your sniper and no look shoot him. I got this done on my 2nd try with about 25% health left (1st time he killed me with a sliver of health left)

    (Doominatorx6’s Method 1)
    *** Doominatorx6 Note***
    - I used JhonLloyds video for this.

    Medal #1 - where you knife a guy on a guard post, climb up to the top and break a box.

    Medal #2- after climbing to the top of a building and knifing a guy with a sniper rifle (before using zip line) he drops medal.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-Box at the top of a building on the right into the area where the guard(Where you knife the guard on the tower early on, climb up to the top and break the box for the medal)

    Medal#2-down and defeat the enemy at the top of one building in the northeast of (Before you use a zipline at the top of a building, there is a sniper. If you kill him he drops the medal.)

    Medal#3-After defeating enemies, the boss will go to the gas station in the southeast of the container and never returned to the command vehicle? Appeared, and drop down (At the end of the level, BEFORE you head to the command vehicle, head down and left to the gas station. Here you will fight a mini-boss, kill him for the medal.)

    Stage 21
    (DROGTURIST’s Method)

    Medal #1- This was my last medal which happen to be the closest to where you start. From the pizza van climb up the ladder to the cage floor platform on the side of the building. Then up the next short ladder. In front of you should be a big ventilation construct. Run pass it so that you hit the wall and then run left still you hit the vent. Climb on to it then up onto the roof of the building. Turn right and you will see the medal on the building roof next to one you’re on.

    Medal #2- From the last medal jump back onto the previous roof and look at the small building on top of the other roof. The medal is on that roof. There should be a crate to the side of the building in which you can jump onto that then onto the small building. When you go near the area a small cut scene will occur and two vampires will patrol the area. Either kill them or avoid up to you. Afterwards make your away to Harrison.

    Medal #3- Just before you enter the area with Harrison you should take notice of the building with all the crates in the middle of it. It is just past the white mini-van. The medal is in one of the crates on the second floor. After the 1st and 2nd fight with the soldier vampires, climb the ladder by the crate and up the flight of stairs to gain the medal.
    *** Doctor lollypop Note For medal #3***
    - After you fight 2 waves of nightwalker soldiers and is in the same tower and 1 floor below where the crane remote is.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-Climbed more places to go with the roof of the building in front of the duct starting point(Check the rooftops nearby when the level starts)

    Medal#2- When you reach the roof, so there is a box with wires go from the roof to the west, where he climbed to jump from the top of the box without breaking (I can't really point this one out, but there is a wooden box, near some pipes IN THE WALL that you must climb on to get to the roof. The medal is on the roof. NOTE you must not destroy this box.)

    Medal#3-The square tower of three boxes of floor special forces fight
    (While you are fighting the soldiers by the crane, head up the tower with the boxes on each level of the "building." I believe the medal is on the second level of the tower in one of the boxes.)
    Stage 22
    (Nixedantur’s Method)

    Medal #1- From start, turn around and go left. Keep going until you get to the area of the entrance of the building, go down the stairs and there is a medal here.

    Medal #2- At 0:56, instead of going forward, kill the guy in the room on the right, and the medal should be by him.

    Medal #3- At 7:10, instead of going up the staircase, go left to the side of the stairs, it should be behind here.

    (Doominatorx6’s Method)

    Medal #1-Always went back down the stairs from the start, the most southwestern Map (Look around for some stairs at the beginning of the level, head down them to get the medal)

    Medal#2-Special Forces behind the right side of the room, go to the other side of the road you come to the first out of steam (At some point, you'll pass a room with a guy in it. Kill him, and take the medal with is near where he was)

    Medal#3-The last three stairs up to the next level (To the left of the the stairs leading to the end of the level)
    Stage 23- Boss fight no medals
    Stage 24- Boss fight no medals
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