CHAOS Difficulty Mode Cleared. achievement in Bullet Witch

CHAOS Difficulty Mode Cleared.

Unlock by beating all stages in CHAOS mode.

CHAOS Difficulty Mode Cleared.-0.2
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How to unlock the CHAOS Difficulty Mode Cleared. achievement

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    The trick I've found with the Bulletwitch difficulty levels is that your gameplay changes. On the first 3 difficulties, this game is more a 'Go out and get'um' attitude.

    But for the newer gamers out there that might find the last two difficulties (Chaos & Hell modes) too much for them, the trick is to change your gameplay.

    Using stealth, hiding & strategy is the key here. On some of the maps, you'll find yourself hiding for quite a few minutes around a corner or behind a car for example. This gives the baddies a certain amount of time to 'cycle' and change up depending on how the map was written, along with the character movements, etc.

    Using patience, and stealthy killing methods are key to getting through Chaos mode versus the 'kill everything in site' method towards the rest of the game.

    On another note: If you are a completionist, and/or just HAVE to see that infamous HELL Mode 1 (one!) gamerpoint on your card, then know this. The final difficulty level is actually programmed a bit easier than the prior HELL Mode. It will take you a number of hours on this difficulty alone, but, if you're like me, you just couldn't stand the thought of being in the world-famous "Bulletwitch 999' crowd.

    Getting the full 1000 is definitely street cred with other gamers. The devs knew this, and IMO this was quite funny to do to us.

    So play slow, stealthy and especially use your map-memorization to get through these last two difficulties. Strategy and sneakier movements in these later levels is, IMHO, where this game actually shines.

    PS - If you want to really have some hot, HOT eye candy during your play, download the free 'Secretary' outfit for Alicia. This is what actually made the game more interesting for me I swear. It made my hours on this title MUCH more bearable.

    This outfit is amazingly hot to watch. (You'll see). Aside from (playing as) Amanda in Lara Craft: Tomb Raider Legend, Alicia with the secretary outfit is the hottest videogame chick so far. If I had Alicia & Amanda (in real life that is), I would just about die from happiness & protein loss and never leave the house.
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    FlainThe last difficulty i just ran while jumping though the levels to hit the checkpoints. You will die a lot but it doesn't take that long to get all the way to the end just jumping and running trying not to get hit.

    You still need to do the boss fights though.
    Posted by Flain on 01 Mar 10 at 02:53
    ZymoticYeah, it's not too bad. I didn't do hell mode because when I rented it I didn't have time to go through it again. Like Flain said though, you just kinda run through on certain points of the game to reach the next checkpoint. The final boss takes a good while but but isn't too bad. By your first few playthroughs you'll know what to do and this shouldn't be a huge leap.
    Posted by Zymotic on 22 Mar 10 at 07:19
    System of a DomOooo! Running and jumping. Gonna give that a try :)
    Posted by System of a Dom on 21 Apr 10 at 19:59
    birdstudiosdo you have to unlock these difficulties?
    Posted by birdstudios on 28 Jan 13 at 08:47
    WeisGuy9Yes. You have to play each difficulty to unlock the next.
    Posted by WeisGuy9 on 28 Jan 13 at 11:00
    Toombs2008Somehow I liked and hated this game.
    By the way I use the run and jump tactic. :D
    Posted by Toombs2008 on 22 Feb 13 at 22:53
    Mav Ryk 1One of the most under-rated games I have ever played,amazing,alicia is such a cool character,wish we could see moreof her.Glad I fully did it!
    Posted by Mav Ryk 1 on 17 Oct 13 at 16:14
    Angels Kill TooThink they did that because 999 is 666 inverted thus the apocalypse (in game of course)
    Posted by Angels Kill Too on 14 Feb 16 at 04:01
    troyoyI like your solution. You do mention some taste girls. Dead or alive bikini girls and bayonetta are hot as hell too.
    Posted by troyoy on 24 Mar 20 at 16:41
    HerctheheroJust wanted to see the comments afters all these years. This was one of the hardest cheevo I got and really tested me..especially after beating it 3 times prior. Good luck to the future gamers going for this one! I hid ALOT and basically had to learn the enemy and boss movements to the T. Luckily the back to back playthroughs helped.
    Posted by Hercthehero on 25 Mar at 17:50
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