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Firstly, you must make sure you have everything upgraded. You'll mostly be using Element Shot in conjunction with your Rifle, as the fire effect will kill almost anything after it procs. To supplement this, the gatling gun is good for mopping up. It has no recoil and a large clip, meaning you can simply hose down enemies from short to medium range. The shotgun, while good for its knockback effect, does too little damage to be of use on Hell mode. The Cannon must be buffed with Element Shot for it to be effective and is used to picking off enemies from afar (generally the ones behind barricades) and enemy snipers. However, from stages 3 and onwards, it'll take 3 direct headshots to drop most enemies, even with the Element Shot buff applied, meaning if you miss you need to watch your magic meter as you rebuff yourself. You always want to be able to leave enough magic for you to reload your bigger guns, like the gatling gun. Contrary to what people seem to suggest, running through and casting Raven's Panic is not the strategy i used. I strongly suggest taking your time. Use fire bullets and be careful with your aiming. Don't be reckless, make your shots count, and you'll drop the enemies quickly while not running out of magic and leaving yourself vulnerable. Please note that it takes 5 to 10 consecutive hits with the fire bullets to light an enemy on fire, so you do need to be accurate.

Bestiary and tips

Regular Geist
Threat: Minimal
Priority: Minimal

These are the guys with regular M16 assault rifles. They fire slow, they move slow and they have little health. They'll be gone by stage 3. Don't expect them to pose much of a threat, but beware of being complacent. On hell, a good string of hits from even the lowliest grunt will kill you.

Grenade Geist
Threat: Moderate
Priority: Low

Regular geists who use grenade launchers. Luckily the AI is unable to compensate for gravity, so just keep your distance and deal with the more immediate threats. The exception to this is Stage 3, where you're in a confined underground area. A grenade will kill you in a single hit, so make sure to prioritise them immediately.

Quick Geist
Threat: Minimal
Priority: Minimal

These guys are the same as the regular troopers, except they run from point to point very quickly and take potshots at you. You can recognise these guys from their white helmets. If you're having trouble hitting them, either use the gatling gun or cast Raven's Panic.

Muscled Geist
Threat: Moderate
Priority: Moderate

These guys are like the regular geists, except they have strong muscles as opposed to a weak stomach. They come in various flavours. Some use shotguns, some try to charge and melee you, and some act like regular geists. You will want to start using your fire bullets as much as you can to take these guys down.

Suppression Geist
Threat: Extreme
Priority: High

You can tell these guys apart by noticing the gas masks they wear. They carry M60 heavy machine guns and can enter seemingly endless amounts of rounds into you before having to reload. On Hell, three or so good hits are enough to drop you, so you must absolutely focus on these geists when you see them. If a commander gives the order to focus fire, seek cover, or you're almost guaranteed to die. It takes 3 Light enhanced cannon shots to the head to kill them. Fire is necessary to kill these guys with minimal hassle. Please be aware that they do sometimes like to run diagonally to make it harder to hit them while they shoot at you, so Raven's Panic may be a good idea. Otherwise use Rose Spear and hope they're caught in the AoE, as it's an instant kill for any geist troop.

Sniper Geist
Threat: Extreme
Priority: Extreme

It's vital you memorise where these guys appear and eliminate them ASAP. A single hit will kill you regardless of difficulty. Luckily, they give themselves away with the red laser sight and can be foiled via ancient wall. Use Light rounds and go for the head. If you see the laser start to darken, they're about to open fire, so seek cover immediately. It can be a good idea to have a few civilians or marines around, as the snipers sometimes go for them instead and leave you a small window to aim at them with the cannon.

Commander Geist
Threat: High
Priority: Extreme

These squad leaders can give the command to focus fire on you. On Hell, you will likely not survive this assault even if you spam the dodge button, so find cover immediately or try to eliminate him with fire rounds before he can finish giving the order. Chances are that the commander and his squad will be bunched together, so it's a good place to use Rose Spear, especially if they're behind barricades as the spears go through cover. You can recognise these geists by their red berets.

Armoured Attack Vehicle

Threat: High
Priority: High

These armoured vehicles are not likely to go down with a single lightning strike, so use your Cannon to soften them up a bit first. Luckily their main cannon is slow to turn, so you can easily sidestep the machine gun fire. Be careful of your dodging, as the missile will instantly kill you if you're caught in its blast. As the vehicle is immobile, suppression geists and commanders take priority if they are in the vicinity.

Walnut Head
Threat: High
Priority: Moderate

These immobile floating brains will use telekinesis to throw cars and debris at you. While easy to dodge, it will kill you instantly if it lands. Be aware of your surroundings at all times. If you kill a Walnut Head and are below one of the objects it was about to throw at you, and it hits you, you'll die instantly. Due to collision detection this can occur even if you're not directly under it, so please keep your distance. They can go down very quickly with fire bullets, just like all forms of geists.

Angry Spirit
Threat: Extreme
Priority: Low

Screamers spit out these floating heads. On Hell, two ghosts are generally enough to kill you outright. You can avoid their attack by hitting the dodge button right at the moment you see them about to land on top of you. This will also make the spirit disappear. They're hard to hit, so if you must kill them to regain magic the gatling gun is a good choice for its wide cone of fire, but be ready to dodge.

Threat: Moderate
Priority: High

These guys spit out angry spirits and are easily killed with fire bullets. It's important to kill them quickly to stem the tide of angry spirits. If you have no magic for fire bullets, the shotgun or gatling gun is effective up close.

Worm Head
Threat: Minimal
Priority: Minimal

People who are posessed by angry spirits turn into these guys. They're extremely weak and easily dealt with the gatling gun. They luckily telegraph their attacks, so you can simply dodge out of the way when they attack with their ribs or flame breath. Focus on the more dangerous enemies before these guys.

Giga Giant
Threat: Extreme
Priority: High

The best way to deal with giants is to use your flame bullets to light it on fire, then get as close as you can and whip out your gatling gun to shoot at its weak spot until it dies. When the fire effect wears off, quickly switch back to your rifle and shoot it a couple of times to set it on fire again. The fire effect won't do much damage in itself, but it will keep the giant in a stumbling animation while it tries to shake the flames off, leaving it unable to fight back.

Boss Strategies

Boss: Eyeball Serpent

At the start of the fight, cast lightning to do damage before any eyeballs even show up. The best thing i found to do is to dodge up and down the plane to avoid being hit by the eyeballs going directly for me and kill the ones drilling into the plane to regain my magic. Use your rifle for this, as you need the mobility and flexibility it provides. The plane has regnerating life, so don't worry too much if you see flames emerging. When the serpent goes to devour the whole plane, you should have enough magic to deal the final lightning strike and end it. If not, whip out your gatling gun and fire at its mouth to prevent this. Be careful of falling off the plane with excessive use of dodge, but try to keep mobile.

Boss: Demonic Overlord

This boss has three phases.

Phase 1
Do nothing until the marines take the shield down, then cast lightning. After its second shield goes back up, try to shoot angry spirits to get your magic back up. If the shield goes down before you have enough magic for another lightning, don't worry; just take out your gatling and keep firing roughly in the direction of the three serpents and his head so you see white sparks. He should float up, and then it's just a matter of shooting at the snake heads until he flies away for the second phase.

Phase 2:

Keep your distance and go for the snake heads. If he walks past you, shoot at his back, as this will still do damage to him and make the next phase a little bit easier. You will know you're doing damage to him if you see his snake heads wave upwardly in the air. Do not get boxed into a corner, and run past him if you find yourself needed immediate breathing space. It's important to be mindful of your dodging. If he stomps the ground, it'll create a shockwave effect and kill you, so you must dodge right before his foot hits the ground. Kill angry spirits when you have the opportunity, otherwise dodge them to the best of your ability - two or three spirits is all it takes to kill you. When Alicia's companion says "fry those blasted snakes!", you'll start to see their heads pop and end the second phase.

Phase 3

You must shoot the back, but as the boss flies down the entire length of the arena, this is difficult. Don't bother trying to get behind him. Keep in front of him and cast lightning when you have enough magic. He will occasionally shoot out more angry spirits for you to recharge your meter, so just dodge the flame geysers and concentrate on casting lightning. After 4 or 5 lightning hits, he'll be extremely weak and Alicia's companion will say "Finish this behemoth!". You must do your best to stay in front of the boss and occasionally pepper him with bullets, causing him to throw more angry spirits at you. It's a race to recharge your magic and cast a final lightning bolt to end it. If you're too slow, you'll have to wear him down again before you can deliver the final blow.

Things to remember

-Fire bullets work better than anything, but you must watch your magic guage. You need to kill at least two enemies to get back your investment.
-My golden rule for managing fire bullets was "if i have less than 20 rounds remaining, i'm rebuffing Element Shot".
-Don't rely on Light rounds with your cannon. It's expensive to maintain and it takes 3 of your 4 rounds to drop an enemy, and that's if you're able to get headshots.
-Patience is a virtue. There's no need to rush the level and get yourself killed. Take your time, make those shots count.
-Civilians and marines make good meat shields. It's worth using sacrifice to keep them alive, as it keeps the geists focused on shooting them as much as you, which is extremely useful when a few good shots is enough to drop you. If you see injured people, help them out, but don't put yourself in danger to do so.
-Do not bother to try and shoot down choppers with your cannon.
-Try not to use big spells like Tornado and Meteor. It's not worth the magic cost and you can end up killing yourself with the debris from the aftermath.
-Raven's Panic is good for getting you out of a tricky situation, but do not get compacent. It's not flawless and sometimes one or two geists will escape the spell's effect and catch you by surprise. It's better to use the spell defensively and seek cover to recompose yourself rather than offensively to try and jump in a barricade and wipe everyone out.
-Rose Spear is a lot more useful than people give it credit for. It's not expensive to use magic wise, it goes through cover, and it's an instant death for anyone caught in its effect.
-The chain fence at the end of stage 4 provides cover and enemies are unable to shoot through it. Bare this in mind when the choppers come, as you are able to manage the fight better if you keep one half of the enemies on the other side of the fence as you deal with the enemies on your side.
-Keep well away from falling debris and falling giants, as the game can read you as being crushed despite not having actually been hit.
-Use the dodge button often. It doesn't make you totally impervious, but it's very good for getting you out of sticky situations and behind cover.
-Avoid seeking cover from behind cars and trucks as they are liable to explode after enough shots.
-A good trick to skip the reloading animation is to hit X to reload then immediately dodge. The reload animation will cancel but your gun will still be reloaded. You will also sheathe your weapon after using dodge, enabling you to run properly. This is extremely useful in conjunction with the gatling gun, as you slow to a walk with it unsheathed. A good tactic to use is to use the gatling, reload then dodge, run to a new position, fire, reload, dodge run- rinse and repeat.
-If you can beat Chaos, you can beat Hell.

Good luck!
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